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#sth oc
cordate-chordata · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Randomly felt like drawing an old Sonic OC
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finkthecobra · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Name: Ousmane the Octopus
Gender: male
Age: 46
Birthday: May 8th
Birthplace: Blue Marine Zone
Locations Visited: Blue Marine Zone, Turquoise Hill Zone, Bridge Zone, Starlight Zone, Scrap Brain Zone, Underground Transport Line South, Glimmer Bay, Turtle Bay, Mirror Lake, Emerald Beach
Sexuality: straight
Alignment: Lawful Neutral 
Natural Abilities: excellent swimmer, able to climb up surfaces using his suckers, high intelligence 
Developed Abilities: enhanced sight in right eye, able to emit powerful electric pulses from his augmented brain 
Natural Weaknesses: lacks combat knowledge, slow moving
Developed Weaknesses: sensitivity to electromagnetic pulses, weakness in organic body parts, prone to infections near cybernetic implantation sites, extended usage of EMP nodes can damage/temporarily disable his cybernetics 
Weapon: EMP nodes located on the underside of roboticized tentacles and the palm of his hand, can be used to temporarily incapacitate robots, electrocute organic foes at close range and generate a powerful electric current to destroy machinery in close proximity 
DOB: 08-05-19XX
HEIGHT: 1.2m
WEIGHT: 37kg
FILE DATE: 17-07-20XX
NOTES: Location unknown. Suspected to be among those who escaped following the sabotage and detonation of thermobaric bombs in the south armory. SWATbot enforcers are ordered to recapture the escaped prisoners ASAP.
-partially roboticized resident of Turquoise Hill Zone on South Island
-formerly a marine environment economist, was investigating an illegal waste dumping incident near one of Robotnik's many sludge spewing factories in Bridge Zone when he was shot in the left leg by a patrolling Buzz Bomber
-unable to flee, he was easily captured by SWATbots and transported to Scrap Brain Zone for imprisonment, preparation and roboticization 
-has a tattoo reading SBZ-1707R-6631, meaning he was detained in Scrap Brain Zone, captured on July 17th, intended to be roboticized and he was prisoner number 6631
-was able to escape with many others following a massive explosion from a weapons manufacturing plant nearby that blew the prison wall apart, tracking chip implanted at the base of his skull was destroyed by the electric pulses emitted by his brain, Robotnik was unable to finish testing the EMP nodes and failed to notice that the current from his brain could fry the chip after extended exposure
-fled south on foot with the rest of the escapees by following an abandoned underground transport line, was eventually able to return to Turquoise Hill Zone 
-has PTSD from his vivisection and roboticization, has invasive thoughts regarding the incident, night terrors where he's abducted and turned into a soulless shell subservient to Robotnik, has not visited Bridge Zone since the incident
-finds it very difficult to have a positive outlook on life, feels that no matter what happens, Robotnik's total rule is inevitable
-developed a coldness to others and hypervigilance, has difficulty sleeping and staying asleep
-had to move from his nice lakeside home to a filthy "scrapheap slum", a poor settlement of partially roboticized citizens, lives by himself, single, never married, no kids and uninterested
-sarcastic, dry and somewhat morbid sense of humor, flat affect might make you think he's being serious when he's being cheeky
-very well educated and articulate, was always a smart guy and prides himself in his intellect, sometimes a little too much pride
-typically well mannered and poised but impersonal
-though he's grown somewhat emotionally numb since his imprisonment, Ousmane still retains his compassion, shrewdness and gentleness deep down
-generally impatient with those who can't keep up with his brain, has trouble dumbing down his findings for others
-can be irritable and lash out at others even if they aren't the problem, prone to pushing his feelings down until they boil over in a messy outburst
-takes his work very seriously and wants to clean up South Island's bays, rivers and lakes from Robotnik's nasty power plants, garbage dumps and factories
-very insecure about his physical appearance, fears being seen as a monster, covering up does him no good due to the extent of roboticization and the eerie aqua glow of his cybernetics 
-though he retains his free will, his appearance still frightens others, citizens usually associate robots with danger and given the damage Badniks have done to the island, it's understandable that they're apprehensive
-faces discrimination from the upper class citizens of the island in places like Spring Yard Zone, Starlight Zone and Gigapolis Zone, Robotnik generally spares the rich so he can have secure funding, they're left alone as long as they provide Robotnik with money
-fancies himself a synchronized swimming enthusiast, used to be on his school's team as a teenager, also enjoys reading, building model ships and collecting seashells 
-EMP nodes and augmented brain are somewhat unstable, occasionally gets hit with sudden, painful surges of electricity in his body
-cybernetic eye is equipped with night vision and infrared sensors, has a dark circle under his organic eye due to lack of sleep 
-frown lines and marionette lines, unconcerned with looking his age
-has a reactor located in the middle of his chest, able to be removed and replaced as needed
-had his arm amputated at the elbow but escaped before he could be fitted with a prosthetic
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cyucya · 5 days ago
commission art for mysterious person
Tumblr media
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crownofhearts · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Jade the Basilisk Lizard
Cartographer, Explorer, and Conservationist
Fuck with nature and ancient ruins, and she will fuck you up.
Uses a plasma sword that extends from a base with the press of a button. Convenient for travel and the element of surprise
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bunnierabbots · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
4got to post this earlier but i got lyns piece done B)
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cartoonfanatic · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Got a name for the lil gremlin!
Her name is Chausiku! She goes by Siku~
already got a backstory for the child and everything XD
But yeah she goes by Siku, shes 15 and a total gremlin (then again most of my chars are so XD)
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bunnierabbots · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
and another one... midnight! plus i compiled all my oc drawings ive done recently into one image just for easy viewing sake
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bunnierabbots · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
suddenly had a bit of motivation to draw fuchsia tonight
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bunnierabbots · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
your girl emily because i missed drawing her
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cyro-starfire · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
Made a design for Cy during the Adventure to heros era, this is how they looked during that period. More info is below! I will get to working on their story in adventure but for now enjoy what i am currently able to provide
the tail ring, emerald necklace, and gloves are their power ups for adventure 1 heehee. Their attacks and abilities in adventure include wall climbing, high jumping, and obviously swatting at others with their claws. The tail ring kinda gives them the same ability as Tails when he gets the rythm badge, their able to whip their tail around and attack however unlike Tails, their ability is limited. The gloves they get make them charge up their claw slashes and let them do more damage similar to Knuckles, and finally the emerald necklace helps them jump higher and actually use their tail to latch onto branches or areas their tail can curl around! Surprisingly enough during this era Cy was alot more tough and ready to defend their friends, they still will die for their friends but now their just a babey
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bunnierabbots · 14 days ago
ok I know I JUST changed lyns design but I realised I had too many cat ocs so I was like hm ok Ill turn you into a different species and low and behold she's now a ferret
before vs after
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
this is a concept I think I'll go through with bc I like it a lot , I'm not certain about the colors yet particularly the markings but yay
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cyro-starfire · 15 days ago
Wanted to draw Cy in Amy's clothes cuz why not?
Tumblr media
Amy occasionally let's Cyro borrow her clothes whenever they don't have any feminine clothing and they wanna wear some, them being girl pals y'know
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koopa-arts · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tundra the butterfly, Ollie the alley cat and Dusk the cicada. Revamped my old sonic oc's and all I've consumed for the past week has been Sonic the hedgehog content.
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cyro-starfire · 15 days ago
Me? Redesigning Mecha/Robotized!Cy? No never!/s
Tumblr media
Okay for starters i had to make their design more Cy-ey so i changed some colorz and what not, i also have a dumb hc about Robotization that when the victim is robotized they don't immidetly obey Eggman, he actually shuts them off first and reprograms them to follow him heehee
Their tail has the ability to zap anyone they use it on, also got rid of their mouth cuz h They obviously get along with Metal MORE in this state bc robot love go brrr,
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404-popopopassione · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ok so, here are the images of Umbra I've shown already - through that meme format before (her first design), posts on chaos-clone (currently baby), and the avatar (which, yes, was a screenshot edit from the mania adventures shorts).
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finkthecobra · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
Name: Sidney the Skunk
Aliases: Sycamore the Skunk(birthname, don't call him this unless you really want your legs broken), Sid
Gender: male
Sexuality: gay
Age: 21
Height: 3'7"
Weight: 88lbs
Birthday: June 29th
Parents: Flora Skunk and Barkley Skunk, estranged 
Birthplace: Sunset Park Zone
Current Residence: Central City
Alignment: chaotic neutral 
Personality: confident, firm, genuine, independent, individualistic, perfectionist, realistic, shrewd, aggressive, impersonal, noncompetitive, outspoken, proud, stubborn, tough, abrasive, callous, crafty, cynical, erratic, faithless, morbid, nihilistic, rude, tactless, unfriendly 
Likes: piercings, tattoos, working out, outsider art, body horror and gore, punk rock, chicken wings, stealing, old monster movies, hanging out at the dump, bonfires, testing/annoying people, fistfights, causing trouble, black coffee, mosh pits, finding new bands to listen to, intimidating others, watching boxing matches, playing cards
Dislikes: kids, cutesy things, pastel colors, people who think piercings are unprofessional, cowards, being woken up, tryhards, authority, dogs, cold weather, tight spaces, getting wet, strong perfume, fudge, baths, stagnation, self righteousness, parties, alcohol
Fears: losing himself, guns
Skills: pickpocketing, hand to hand combat, stench spray
Skill Type: Power
Strength: 8/10
Endurance: 5/10
Energy Projection: 0/10
Willpower: 5/10
Agility: 5/10
Luck: 3/10
Intelligence: 5/10
Transformations: none
Willingness to Fight: very high
Willingness to Kill: very low
Willingness to Flee: low
Willingness to Surrender: nonexistent 
Description: A rowdy punk who causes trouble wherever he goes and is always looking for a fight. He has no regard for others or their rules and acts solely in his own interests, which are typically money or simply because he got bored. He has a violent temper and always seems to be sporting a nasty scowl, complete with a furrowed brow. He's made a little hideout for himself in the Central City dump where he crafts tools, traps and even little sculptures out of garbage. Though he harbors latent artistic talent, he's much more interested in your wallet than your praise. He takes great pride in his stench and takes it as a compliment if you can smell him before you see him.
Sidney, or rather his birthname Sycamore, was born to Flora and Barkley Skunk, two laissez-faire, passive flower children who abhorred anything resembling conflict and advocated for calm, peaceful communication and free love. They were very loose with parenting Sidney, often allowing him to do whatever he pleased. They wanted to be his friends first and foremost and felt it would be harmful to punish him. Overall they were disengaged and though they loved Sidney very much, they were far from good parents. Young Sidney would often hear his friends say they were jealous of him and his "cool" parents. They envied the fact that Sidney could do whatever he wanted. Ice cream for breakfast? Playing video games until 2am on a school night? Wearing pajamas all day? They thought that sounded amazing! But for Sidney, it was fun, sure, but he didn't feel like he had parents. He had friends. Sidney grew impulsive and aggressive and his behavior would only worsen with time. Sidney would grow into a resentful, nasty teenager lacking the structure and guidance he needed. He would change his name from Sycamore to Sidney and rebel against any and all authority, wanting to tear down structure as it stands out of anger and the desire for real parents. From skipping school to screaming at his parents to mugging strangers on the street and everything in between. As soon as he turned 18, he packed his things and left for Central City. He almost wanted his parents to throw a fit about him dropping out and leaving home but they didn't. They supported his choices and wanted their little flower boy to follow his heart. He hasn't spoken to them since. 
"The hell d'you want? Lookin' to get your face punched in or somethin'? Outta my way, loser."
"Ever see Return of Chaos? Wicked movie. Chaos uses his powers to manipulate the water in this guy's body to blow him apart from the inside, it's rad."
"Aww, lil' boy thinks I'm disgusting? Don't like my piercings? Guess it's a good thing I'm here for me, not you. Might go get my lip done again this week, just for you, babe."
"Nice tat, mate. Where'd y'get that done, Primal Instinct? They do great work, real clean. Got my sleeve done there."
"Oi, got enough perfume, lady!? Y'reek of hairspray and bug killer!"
*On his reference image, his piercings are colored in red to make them more visible*
-industrial, x3 in each ear 
-orbital, x2 in each ear
-anti tragus both ears
-upper lobe, both ears
-stretched lobe, both ears
-transverse lobe, both ears
-tragus, both ears
-daith, both ears
-forward helix, both ears
-conch punch, both ears
-eyebrows, x3 rings x2 vertical bars, both
-spider bites
Tattoo: a sleeve on his left arm depicting a Caterkiller and two Flicky skulls on a checkered background
Attire: wide black spiked bracelets, spiked black steel toe boots, several silver rings on his fingers
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finkthecobra · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
Sonicsona, hell yeah
Name: Fink the Cobra
Age: 23
Birthday: April 25th
Gender: male
Height: 4'4"
Weight: 91lbs
Build: tall and lean
Alignment: true neutral
Personality: absentminded, quiet, reserved, casual, dependable, cheeky, clever, genuine, humble, tough, irritable, irreverent, private, sadistic, impatient, tense, opinionated
Likes: punk music, sleeping late, video games, iced coffee, donuts, comics, cyberpunk aesthetic, pixel art, avant garde fashion, astronomy, body horror and gore, high fantasy, movies that are so bad they're good
Dislikes: roller coasters, being woken up, the beach, tea, making phone calls, arguing, know-it-alls, snow, being put on the spot, little kids, cutesy things, nosy people, public speaking, forced romance
A sarcastic and odd cobra with a twisted sense of humor. He spent a lot of his teenage years being angry but has grown into a thoughtful and fair adult, though he still has a bit of a temper. He doesn't have many friends but the few he does have are like family to him. He fancies himself an amateur artist and character designer and loves coming up with all sorts of strange characters and stories.
Skill Type: Speed
Strength: 5/10
Endurance: 5/10
Energy Projection: 0/10
Willpower: 5/10
Agility: 7/10
Intelligence: 6.5/10
Luck: 6/10
Charisma: 4/10
Willingness to Fight: low
Willingness to Kill: very low
Willingness to Flee: moderate
Willingness to Surrender: low
Abilities: spitting venom from his hollow fangs(can spit up to 12 feet or bite and inject venom directly into the bloodstream), high speed, night vision
Weaknesses: sensitive to temperature changes, defense is heavily reliant on his venom, inexperienced in combat
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chaos-clone · 20 days ago
does shadow know ur making his child
{First; no, this is something that must be kept away from Shadow at all costs. There's no telling what he'd do to her... Second, she's not "his" "child".}
Tumblr media
{See, clones are an entirely different situation - although it seems most scientists don’t properly acknowledge this... The biological material came from Shadow, but there was no second donor. His DNA was unaltered; as though I took what he was originally made from and simply did it again - which I would’ve done, if I could access it... That makes Umbra - in a ‘familial relationship’ sense - his sibling.}
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cyro-starfire · 21 days ago
Redesigned my Boom!Cy because their old design was basic af
Tumblr media
I will be giving them a seperate backstory for boom cuz why not
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