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HC TRADE !! w the lovely @selfshippinglover uwu💕

  • we all know sable’s v shy nd has trouble openin up.. but she seems even More shy around u 👀👀 who knows why
  • every time she hears the shop door open her heart goes “!!!!” bc she’s hopin it’s u !!
  • u know how she eventually says she wishes she could make the player a cup of tea nd just chat w them?? well !! she does say that 2 u when she starts gettin comfy talkin w u nd then after u leave mable’s all “well why Don’t u?? just ask them out >;3c” nd sable just goes
  • mable will tease her a lot fjdksk,, but she’s v happy her sister found someone as lovely as u !!
  • y'know she’s Always workin hard but she will be v willing 2 take a lil break w u ;3c esp if u giv her cuddles,, she’s v weak fr ur affection 👀
  • when she’s workin on the sewing machine she’ll find herself gettin distracted lots thinkin abt u,, sometimes she’ll find herself absent-mindedly makin patterns w colors nd lil designs that remind her of u 💞
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Six Fanarts for PokeAsk Peeps!

Had fun doin this, hope ya’ll are okay with my dumb lil doodles! ;w;/

Charlie from @chanceinthepants nominated by @a-drays-mind
Jesse from @thecythricfamily nominated by @chanceinthepants
Eudai from @gregnas-the-grouch nominated by @askpluminescent
Fenris from @fenrisfawkes nominated by @equinox-the-entity
Vesna from @ask-backpack-hypno nominated by @bluemorgrem
Stelly from @mysteriesofthesoul nominated by @leilani-popplio

thank ya’ll for doin this meme with me! ^w^/
//will later be archived to my artblog Jazzy-Art-Time//

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For my girl Corpoalg (on Instagram + irl) cause it’s her birthday today !!!!!!! (Well, yesterday as of posting this on here)

I drew her witch oc Sara <3 I know I say this a lot but I genuinely had a ton of fun drawing her, she’s so cute 💕

Happy Birthday girl! 🎉🎊♥️

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Here are the colored versions to @jess-the-vampire and @maiky-mom‘s gifts. 

The choker’s weren’t apart of the original sketches but I added them to the colored versions since I’ve made it a tradition of adding chokers to gift drawings since the sketches with the reason being my OC Mercury made them cause why not she likes making gifts for people to. XD

Once again I apologize that they took me so long to color, stuff kept getting in the way. But I had fun doing it and I hope you both like them. ^^ 

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