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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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¡Merchandise! La primera imagen pertenece a las figuras Pokémon Kids de la marca Bandai. Riolu ya está más que confirmado para el equipo de Ash (va a eclosionar del Huevo Pokémon que le darán). De la imagen 1 me fijo en Morpeko, Duraludon y Tyranitar (el resto me parecen figuras sin impacto en el anime, y, bueno, Pelipper es el repartidor del Team Rocket). En la segunda imagen, se ve a Sirfetch’d (se rumorea que Go obtendrá un Farfetch’d…) y vemos a las etapas intermedias de los iniciales (¿atrapará Ash alguno?) y de nuevo Morpeko… ¿Roxy aparecerá en el anime? ¿Se lo darán a Koharu? Puede que mucho se quede en nada, pero de siempre el merchandising ha ido dejando pistas sobre próximas capturas o apariciones en la serie.

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Hey…. hey @myriadebleue … I dont know why, but I blame you for this 4-5 day project I just finished…. THE CAPTAIN N TRIO (plus Dark Pit) AS POKEMON TRAINERS!


I seriously spent 5 days making these! I am not joking!

But anyways, do ya’ll want me to explain the teams? Fine.

Fairy type based trainer Pit:

Ice cream the Alcremie: all the Vanillite run away from him and Alcremie is much cuter so he kept her. FLOOR ICE CREAM GIVE YOU H E A L T H ! ! !

Waltz the Gardevoir: she just protects the child from harm.

Grace the Absol: She works with Waltz to keep Pit safe with her danger sencing thing.

Fluff the Alolan Vulpix: He is fluffy and cute. Need I say more.

Angel the Swanna: Bird. An under appreciated bird. Just Like Pit.

Prancer the Galarian Rapidash:… there are unicorns in Kid Icarus uprising…. the chariot master has Phos an Lux (regular and galarian Rapidashes) so Pit called his Prancer.

Elite 4 member Megaman (Steel and rock type based trainer rock):

Stone heart the Gigalith: His name….

Spike the ferrothorn: …. down b in smash (I think). I dont know Megaman lore!

Sunset the Lycanroc dusk: His name…. must I explain why he has her…

Cogsworth the Klinklang: steel…. robot…. and his move in smash with the circle blade things.

Snips the Scizor: steel type…. I honestly gave up after a bit.

Kiki the Amphoros: electrical components in a machine. Plus one of his moves in smash.

Scorbunny: shes there as a fresh start. He still has his team, but Scorbunny want to just have a friend. Rock just felt bad for her and let her come with him so she could have a friend. She technically doesnt have a Pokeball either.

Ghost type gym leader Simon Belmont:

Mariah the Vivillon: he wanted some variety on his team plus the vivillon was very unique and it sparked his interest.

Siren the Froslass, Candlelight the Chandelure, Sorrow the Alolan Marowak and Sybolister the Runegrigus: Simon may be a ghost type gym leader here but he also does some ghost catching. He then raises those ghosts and gives them to trainers who beat him in the gym. He understands if they dont accept but he likes to give them ner hones. He just… grew attached to these 4.

Espionage the Espeon: he got an eevee egg as a kid and took care of it. It was his first pokemon and it evolved into Espeon.

Dark type based trainer Dark Pit (or Raven as he is nicknamed here):

Shift the Zoroark: he just thinks Zoroarks are cool. He just wanted to have one.

Star the Frosmoth: because he saw the snom and thought! “… gods your cute…” and kinda just kept it.

Splunker the Noivern: he likes Dragon types and Dark types. He wanted a powerful pokemon. Too Bad Piteasily beats him. Dark Pit sweats one day he will beat that dang Rapidash.

Guardian the Corviknight: because both the boys based on literal Angel’s need a bird each. (Plus Corviknight + Swanna = Guardian Angel)

Pichu: the only pokemon who doesnt have a nickname….. I blame Doodledstars for it. Pichu is Dark Pits “starter” (so to speak) and he loves his Pichu. If anything happened to Pichu, he’d kill everyone in the room and then himself.

Magenta the Liepard: under appreciated cat finds friendship in the under appreciated younger brother of the 2. Like, it’s cute.

Ok. I’m done. Have fun with it. BYYYYEEEE!!!

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alcremie anon- I recently evolved my milcery, brioche, into a strawberry ruby swirl alcremie. is there anything special I can or should do for her in comparison to other variants?

The strawberry swirl Alcremie prefers one of the warmest climates that Galar has to offer, and as such is unbothered by heat and related stressors. You’ll notice that long periods of sustained exercise will not exert her as much as some other variants. Conversely, they can chill very quickly, which can reduce flexibility and mobility in the Pokémon, sometimes leading to stress. Special care can include proper warming equipment, bedding, and clothing when out exploring areas colder than the south of the region.


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