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I think asexuals should be able to turn off their periods if they want. Like thanks! I was very aware that nothing’s in there. I didn’t need you to tell me in the most dramatic way possible!
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sagaverse · a day ago
Thank you all so much for 200+ followers!!!
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We are so happy and very appreciative for all of the amazing support so far on the series, we cannot express how joyful we are here in the team. Thank you all so much for helping us reach 200+ followers IN A MONTH! That is crazy! And possibly the best achievement we have here so far so a huge thank you to all of our followers, especially those that frequently went and give us some QNAs (Which is still open btw). And of course to our friends on our private discord and other partnered servers as well. Thank you, and expect more parts in the future! Ps : Future parts may have slow updates but please understand that we still have our own stuff to do. College, school, and work are stuff that needs to be prioritized first before this series. But that's all for now, have a nice day! -Sincerely, Revolvius
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belovedtaylor · 13 days ago
i don’t want to be a contributing member of society !!! i just want to consume media and hold someone’s hand !!!
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dykerightsmp3 · 4 months ago
thinking of my tumblr mutual who referred to war and peace as ‘wap’ today
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Thog do caare
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iconiczuko · a year ago
zuko got a redemption arc because he worked food service. dealing with Customers changed that bastard.
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ghoulbrielle · a month ago
Loveless, Alice Oseman
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I am not crying, you are
Representation matters
Representation is everything
Representation saves lives
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belovedtaylor · 18 days ago
please september i’m begging you. be kind to me
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