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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
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#bbrightvc #bright #brightvachirawit
#still2gether #still2gethertheseries
#2gethertheseries #sarawat #brightwin #winbright #gmmtv #2gether #假偶天成
#illustration #lifestyle #style #superstar #andrechenming(在 Taichung)

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Baby turned 1st


A newborn baby is the best gift that comes straight from heaven. It’s one of the happiest moments in the couples’ life

The next big moment is the baby’s  1st birthday celebration. None of us can remember our 1st birthday, but our parents remember this moment for sure.

It’s a year full of new challenges and many difficulties, but on the other hand, it’s a year full of happy and unforgettable moments. We never forget our babies 1st birthday wishes for this unique moment, and the warmest 1st birthday messages and greetings for our family members and friends to make the parents happy !

Time is flying by so fast! We can’t believe that you are one year old today!


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Astronomical Object

~ This is dedicated to you ~

I was once a cloud of dust

Scattered across the Universe;

Infinitesimal, yes,

But glowing with infinite possibility.

And as I drifted through the vacuum of space,

Turbulence; inevitable, primeval and deep-seated,

Made me rise and twist in knots.

I could feel the pressure grow

And my particles collapse;

As a fathomless heat built and throbbed deep within my core.

So, I span, unfurled and shattered,

But I did not succumb.

Instead, I began to burn so bright

And now, this pressure lets me shine.

Over fifty million years I grew, I evolved,

Which is why, today, I am not just a star,

I am a hypergiant.

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Cristina Ramos nos presenta su nuevo álbum “Superstar”

Cristina Ramos nos presenta su nuevo álbum “Superstar”

Cristina Ramos nos presenta su nuevo álbum “Superstar”
La cantante Cristina Ramos es una joven canaria que en los últimos años ha pasado a ser conocida mundialmente, su éxito y reconocimiento se debe a la combinación de diferentes estilos musicales como el rock, los boleros, el funk y la ópera.
Todo comenzó cuando se presentó en el año 2016 a GOT TALENT ESPAÑA y queda ganadora, desde entonces…


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Alright, for all my new people, Omega squad has a total of 10 kids between them. To answer the question, I’ll just go down the list in age order:

  1. Charlie Kent—not a hero, too much trauma
  2. Asha West-Wayne— is a hero (Newest Robin). I think she works with her family mostly, idk about a different team.
  3. Peter Kent— not a hero, trauma and just never interested him.
  4. Ben Wilkes— not a hero, again no interest
  5. M&M Kent— is a hero, part of Epsilon 2.0 with Lily, Milly, and Rosemary (Kathaya’s younger daughter)
  6. Lily Harper-West— is a hero, epsilon 2.0
  7. Milly Harper-West— is a hero, epsilon 2.0
  8. Luke West— is a hero, on a team with Max and Laney (new omega?)
  9. Max Wilkes— is a hero, on a team with Luke and Laney
  10. Laney Kent— is a hero, in charge of Luke and Max (not really, she just has that personality)
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Luie V - Superstar EP

Luie V Releases his new debut EP “Superstar” 27 November 2020, Cape Town, South Africa – The Angolan/Portuguese born singer, Songwriter and vocalist who resides in Cape Town South Africa, Luie V has finally released his debut EP two months after the release of his Hit single “superstar.” The Superstar EP consist of Seven songs inducing his two hit songs “superstar” and “Te Amo” after the release…


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Golden Goose Superstar Homme Pas Cher Les pointeurs de l'acheteur pourraient des chaussures

Golden Goose Superstar Homme Pas Cher Les pointeurs de l’acheteur pourraient des chaussures

Les chaussures d’exercices sont généralement présentées principalement en utilisant de la peau de matières ou artificielles.Les chaussures de cinq doigts peuvent être en détresse pour le sport, l’exercice, juste pour les loisirs.Les chaussures peuvent bien faire casser une tenue sur mon opinion.
Chaussures de pooch spéciales pour un environnement spécial
FLEXIBILITE: Les chaussures Golden Goose…

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What if I’m wrong?

So I have dreams and aspirations for myself that I think I can accomplish. Does anyone else think that they’re special and meant to do something and that you think you know your uniqueness will be noticed and you’ll definitely be a huge hit, a superstar?

Especially even though you’re an introverted/shy/insecure/crushing, severe or just some diagnosable anxiety filled person who isn’t the biggest fan of interacting with people face to face?

Yes? Then we’re all probably all wrong or just two people who’re right. No? Maybe I have too big of an ego and am full of myself and a brag-full idiot even though I am insecure about a lot of things.

I just saw this video where they elaborated on “Why incompetent people they’re amazing”.

Made me think what if I’m not at all good at anything and one day I get crushed with the realization that I absolutely suck at what I thought and KNEW I was going to be great at.

But I still know in me that I’d be a great hit at it. Or so I feel/think now.

What if I’m wrong?

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Y’all. Please tell me I’m not the only one who loves SuperStar. It’s such a simple and sweet song & I don’t understand why it gets so much slander! Any other SuperStar lovers out there?

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Golden Goose Superstar Hombre España ¿Cuál es el mejor calzado correcto para personas sin experiencia?

Golden Goose Superstar Hombre España ¿Cuál es el mejor calzado correcto para personas sin experiencia?

Si se dirige a comprar tacos de fútbol PUMA, una gran variedad de cosas para tener en cuenta.Probablemente pasará un poco de electricidad con experiencia con estos tacos, para poder necesitar ser los mejores para los compradores.Aquí está su guía de compra que puede asegurarse de que obtendrá un buen par de tacos que lo ayudarán a jugar mejor en sus juegos sociales de fútbol.
La rebelión de…

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GGDB Superstar Donna Scarpe Saldi Come aiutarti ad acquistare vestiti junior

GGDB Superstar Donna Scarpe Saldi Come aiutarti ad acquistare vestiti junior

Ci sono varie varietà legate ai tessuti ottenibili nel mercato per la pelle neonata sensibile.E danno un indizio su consigli su come e le azioni che si possa sentire per le cose.I vestiti colorati dovrebbero essere un po ‘più lavati in un modo GGDB Superstar Donna Scarpe Saldi iverso dal ripetuto guardaroba bianco.A quel tempo potrebbe essere più tonnellate da scarpe da ragazzo ma qualsiasi…

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Does anyone on this piece of shit website have that hd gif from the 1999 movie superstar where mary repeatedly punches evian in the boobs

I know it’s on this website because I had it in my likes and accidentally deleted it

I dont care how old this post gets if you have it please let me know lol

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