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#that's super interesting

So like, yesterday at work, I made the most beautiful pastry ever to exist and was like, “Yes, yes I must bring this home to give as an offering.”  And then when I got home that morning I did my thing and checked tumblr, and the first post was for homehearthandheart‘s Tasty Tuesday.

And then today I woke up and was like, “Yes, yes cleaning would be a good offering today.”  And then I got on tumblr and the first post was HHH’s Cleanse-Day Wednesday.

Like, I’ve only been following this blog for a few days!  How did I apparently get subconsciously in sync with your suggestions? 

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it’s not a show but genuinely i really do like the star guardians from league of legends. the designs are cute, i like seeing more of the story hinted at, i like the cinematics and character interactions and short stories.

i think it’s been a good balance of “sometimes being a magical girl is scary, and some really sad things happen” with “friendship is really important, when we work together we are stronger, there is still hope, there is still love”… sure, there are serious and sometimes unsettling enemies, but there’s also cute and genuinely sweet things. a sleepover with pajamas like their adorable familiars. soraka knowing how a teammate likes his coffee. jinx coming back after an argument because she misses her team, helping her team against a strong monster. ahri saying lux reminds her of old friends.

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i need.. to lay down

#inanimate insanity is.. an experience, #after mazed and confused it. changed a lot, #its taken a turn to be more serious and. while thats good its also kinda hard to watch, #its painful to watch these characters fearing for if theyll be eliminated or not based on their social reputation in this dystopia, #and thats exactly what it is now a dystopia, #unlike bfb where i cant hate anyone i.. can hate people in ii, #its.. weird, #i mean i have a definite feeling of dislike for mic, #while i wouldnt be able to say anything close to something like snowball sucks i can actually say i hate taco, #even so i cant really say i hate her either, #i dunno. i miss the whimsical fun times of the earlier episodes, #because to me object shows are like.. escapism, #escapism into another world where everything is better and fun, #when i watch bfb i feel good. i can laugh i can feel bad without feeling super bad, #but when i watch ii.. im forced to face the cold harsh reality which might be worse than our reality, #theyre both different experiences. ii has deep character interactions and is interesting but is painful to watch sometimes, #bfb doesnt have much of that but its very fun and nice to watch when i just want to.. escape, #also i feel like i can relate to fan with his problems with i can talk about the things i like for hours but i can barely talk to myself, #and the saying my feelings is hard so i'll type them out instead, #its nice to see.. a bit of myself in a show like that, #im rambling shit, #i do like ii though, #i really do, #teardrop.txt
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just mentioned to my cis guy friend that I was going on T and he was like oh that’s epic what dose and like. genuinely I’m impressed that I could’ve said a number to him and he would’ve known what that meant bc even I don’t know dude

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So when it comes to FE: Awakening I said once I hoped that Pokemon Mystery Dungeon time travel mechanics were in play - averting the bad future means that everyone from that future world disappears from existence - so that the game could emotionally ruin me as much as Explorers of Time did. That did not happen - I should have expected that from my experience with Three Houses, Fire Emblem games end quick and there’s not much time for wrapping things up, so they couldn’t/wouldn’t take the time to explain that and unpack that. Because that would kind of be a huge thing to deal with.

But I had these tags on that post

#you know that if this isn’t how the game works itself out then an AU of that will be the first thing i do
#bc man. pmd explorers. few games have ruined me more than i was playing Explorers of Time 

and now that I know that the game doesn’t work itself out that way, I just said to myself “listen how fucked up would this concept be. And also how thematically interesting and complicated!” and then I wrote 2000 words thinking about it.


  • Naga told them that Robin was going to disappear with Grima’s death. Okay, fine - I mean, not fine, but they know that. Robin and Chrom are fighting over who makes the final strike against Grima because of that. Everyone is anticipating that.
  • What they’re not anticipating is when Lucina, Morgan, and the other kids to start fading away the same as Robin did, like the way the Risen crumble into dust, dissipating in bright light

“What’s happening?!” Chrom demands of Naga, because again, obviously, not expecting this. 

“They are children born of a future that no longer happened,” Naga explains. “How can they continue to exist when the world that they came from, the times that bore them and shaped them, no longer happen?”

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#roddy plays fe:a, #fire emblem chatter tag, #this is 2000 words of me just spitballing BUT WHAT IF AND WHAT IF AND WHAT IF--, #i know that morgan is from another alternate timeline and not lucina's future so like technically he doesn't have to disappear?, #but nothing is done with that 'morgan came from an alternate timeline' plot and it doesn't really. serve anything thematically, #and doesn't really build on anything so i'm just not going to concern myself with that one, #and i'm just gonna have morgan be like the rest of the kids here, #anyway i'm just really fascinated by the thought of what it would be like to raise your children having already met their adult selves, #but knowing that they won't/can't become those exact adult selves because of such different circumstances, #what is it like to miss someone who is still with you but it will be decades before they are almost the person that you miss, #almost but never that person exactly. and what's it like growing up knowing that your parents love you with their whole hearts, #even while missing a you that they knew and loved first who you will never quite be, #i tend to hate time travel plots bc they bend my brain and i hate tripping over paradoxes when i think too long, #and so i present this AU as me getting rid of the 'there's going to be two of the same people running around just 20 years apart in age', #'that's weird as hell honestly. that's super fucking weird what the fuck the writers just let that happen', #i loved the game but that's super fucking weird right??? i don't like that., #so thus i am thinking about a situation that would do away with that while also just being. weird but in a good interesting way to me, #i might mess around and write something set in this AU today. or maybe one of the 12 other fea story ideas i have
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Ngl my take on “cured” void elves is the same as “purified” blood elves:

Rather than strip away all the cool dark magic that made the character a blood or void elf, just make a new character who is just a vanilla high elf. Otherwise it just feels like a step backwards.

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hey guys! Figure i should update y’all on what i’m getting up to!

[0. my laptop keyboard has gone ‘No <3′ for the w s x and 2 keys so if I don’t use my onscreen keyboard I A) can’t type out speech marks and B) i have to zound like thiz vvhen i type things on it to communicate vvhich makez me zound like a vampire. it’z not eckzactly ideal lmao.
i type much slower on this thing than on the real keyboard and the real keyboard doesn’t randomly lock the shift key on so hard that i have to close the laptop to fix it,,, 
so i’m currently looking at new laptops but it might be A While before i can get one (given like, money + covid)]

1. out of my ongoing (and already posted) wips i am prioritising BomH! i wanna finish the Journey to Ende arc before I update anything else. next chapter is in the plotting stage! but i have a v strong idea of what’s gonna happen so hopefully it won’t be another like. six months hjhffjdfjhf

2. working on a… well it was going to be a oneshot but Who Knows… working on a oneshot with Kiribakumina as the ship, which is a little outside my usual MO but i‘m extremely dissatisfied at the lack of content for this particular dynamic so. if i don’t make something i Will die. the plot is ‘stray werewolves fall for local himbo instead of robbing him’ and borderline crack which should be fun. it’s very self-indulgent lol

3. working on a fic for the Kiribaku Fantasy Bang! got it all plotted out and the only thing left to do is like, actually write it!

4. conceptualising a fic for a zine~ still only in the whispering of ideas stage tho haha

5. accidentally diverting all my brainpower into my dragon quest builders 2 hyperfixation and distracting myself from all of the above in order to feed it by transcribing the game for? some? reason?

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Marilynne Robinson, Gilead
Only in childhood have I felt guilt like that, and pity. I still dream about it. My father always said when someone dies the body is just a suit of old clothes the spirit doesn’t want anymore. But there we were, half killing ourselves to find a grave, and as cautious as we could be about where we put our feet.
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