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#this saves my life a little
headspace-hotela month ago
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This saves my life a little
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barnrey5 months ago
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Forzen sat down on a nearby storage box. He removed his weapon from his back and laid it across his lap as Kleiner rambled.
鈥淚ncredible.. how long have you been able to perform such feats of time-space travel? How often does it happen? Can you control it?鈥
Forzen looked up with squinted eyes from cleaning his gun.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 know. A few years maybe. It just happens,鈥 he looked back down and continued to work on the weapon. 鈥淚 can鈥檛 control when it happens or where I go.鈥
There was a beat of silence and Forzen stopped and exhaled without looking up again.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 how I got here. One second I was at Black Mesa, another I was in the middle of this.鈥 He looked up. 鈥淭hat was a year ago.鈥
Kleiner nodded slowly. 鈥淚 see.. and you appear to have not aged physically despite the tremendous leap in space-time. You need something to stabilize you, to keep you from fluctuating across and giving into quantum collapse on the molecular level..鈥
Tumblr media
Forzen knit his brow. Kleiner paced in front of him.
鈥淒o you have a constant in your life that could stabilize you? A place, a thing? A person perhaps?鈥
Forzen shook his head. Kleiner continued to brainstorm as Gordon walked over to Darnold. The potion master appeared to be loading a flare gun-like weapon with soda canisters. Gordon looked on in confusion.
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Tumblr media
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tons-of-vball-huns18 days ago
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you honestly could never get enough of this sight - your boyfriend, tsukishima, was conducting a museum tour, enthusiastically (as much as he could be) leading a group of wide-eyed elementary school students murmuring in awe as they explored the dinosaur exhibits. he looked so much softer than he usually did in the past three months; he had a sweet smile on his face, which appeared to be shining so much so that the growing mauve under his eyes due to sleepless nights seemed to disappear, his eyes had an affectionate glimmer to them as he continued on giving dinosaur facts from memory.
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brackenfur2 months ago
i want you to help them get through this, dovewing imagines hollyleaf's eyes saying as she makes eye contact for a single moment, before the tall black molly collapses in a heap at hawkfrost's paws.
dovewing stares, her mouth unable to let out anything other than an incoherent shriek; she is barely aware of tigerheart barreling past her, throwing himself at the dark forest cats and effectively shielding hollyleaf from anymore blows.
dovewing, i don't hate you, dovewing remembers hollyleaf telling her days before. it seems like a lifetime from now as dovewing crawls towards hollyleaf, her heart pounding in her chest as the metallic smell of blood fills her nostrils. you're just a kid; you didn't ask for this, just like i didn't ask for the way my own life turned out. you're kind and you're smart and you spend more time worrying about others than yourself - in what realm could i ever hate you?
"hollyleaf," she croaks, her voice strangled with shock. "hollyleaf, hey, you have to get up so we can go home. we need jayfeather to look at you and help you get better." it seems like the right thing to say at the time, despite the gaping wound in hollyleaf's throat.
hollyleaf opens her eyes just slightly, her mouth opening and closing. she lets out a noise that is somewhere between a hum and a gurgle, and dovewing's heart breaks a little more.
(she's barely aware of tigerheart managing to chase off hawkfrost.)
"i need to get you home," dovewing tells her, picturing the faces of lionblaze and jayfeather. how angry they'll be that dovewing allowed their sister to get hurt; wouldn't it justify what they've always thought, that dovewing wasn't good enough to fill hollyleaf's paws? that it should be three littermates in a prophecy together, not two littermates and a cousin? "i have to get you checked up."
hollyleaf's foggy gaze finds her, and the black-furred cat gives her a very soft smile. it's just the small upturn of the corners of her muzzle, but in a strange way, dovewing thinks that this is the first time she's ever seen this cat peace.
"thank you." hollyleaf whispers; dovewing almost doesn't catch it.
"what?" dovewing asks - thank you for what? for taking her place in a prophecy? for spending so much time with her brothers, time hollyleaf should have had with them instead? for letting her die?
hollyleaf shudders; tigerheart murmurs something about getting her to her feet, and dovewing rushes over to help him get hollyleaf to stand - even just a little, just so they could help get her home to see her family.
"we're gonna get you home," dovewing tells her again, watching the other cat for any sign of awareness.
hollyleaf leans against dovewing, and dovewing presses their flanks together, just to let her know she's there.
"for everything." hollyleaf continues, and she's not able to say anything more as dovewing and tigerheart try helping her home.
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calcium-cat4 months ago
I Just like to think that If TD ever grew up, he would be an chill but feisty adult, and also a long boi since he wasnt turned into Stone this time and thus didnt interrupt his growth ( It doesnt make much sense but idkjdsjjssn- )
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They grow up so fast聽 . . .
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shirecorn6 months ago
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My mother thought that unicorns were evil the church told her so She took our toys and placed their horns between a pair of blades; and left a hole in every forehead
My mother thinks that who I love is evil the church told her so
My mother thinks that who I am is evil the church told her so
My mother thinks that I am hurting But the church did this to me
My mother thinks she knows me
But I stay out of reach of her arms and the scissors soaked in love that she presses against the parts that make me who I am and calls it healing
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romanticdrift2 months ago
VMin Song Analysis: 4 O'Clock Addendum鈥擳he Bird as a Symbol for Jimin & Playing Coy
From anon: twitter is a genuinely terrible place bcs what is this [REDACTED] like WHAT 馃槶
Redacting this link because the twitter account is stupid and you should block, and also they only have <20 followers so let's not amplify them. Just block them, anon.
And yes, like you and I both know:
4 O'Clock is about Vmin's meeting in the park and Jimin (see my original 4 O'Clock song analysis).
It doesn't have to be romantic (Though that people vehemently deny Jimin's connection to it clearly signals what is very clear to both you and me, that it sure sounds romantic)鈥擝ut to say 4 O'Clock is not about Jimin is just talking over Taehyung.
Like, here is Taehyung literally saying this. From his own mouth. Four years after the fact. Taehyung SAYS THE SONG EXISTS BECAUSE OF JIMIN. THAT IT IS ABOUT JIMIN AND THEIR MEETING.
Tumblr media
In fact, he said this multiple times, excitedly and giggling, while Jimin hmm-ed and avoided eye contact and tried to downplay it.
But anyway, this dumb twitter post was useful for something, and that's bringing to my attention Taehyung's post about 4 O'Clock on the fancafe, when the song first dropped. I'd seen RM's letter, but never Taehyung's.
[By the by, I'm linking a different place for the letter - it actually has an interesting analysis of 4 O'Clock as well. While broadly I agree with the musical aspects the analysis highlights, I think it's wrong in its interpretation that the bird is Tae's metaphor for himself. As you know, I think the bird is Jimin, for the reasons I talk about below and actually in my original 4 O'Clock analysis as well. But if you want a Not Dumb alternate interpretation of the song, do read it]
Tumblr media
... Interesting, no? Here are two things the letter makes clear:
If it wasn't already obvious, Jimin = the bird
Yet. Taehyung plays very very coy with the idea that the bird is Jimin. While uh. Drawing attention again and again to how the bird is a metaphor, how the song is a gift for the bird, and how special that bird is to him?
As I said. Interesting.
Detailed explanations below on these two points, as well as refutations of the common explanations from those who believe the song isn't much related to Jimin at all.
[I do want to caveat this whole analysis is based on the translation of Tae's note. If any k-army has the original Korean text and has other insights into what it says, please drop me a line!]
EDIT: A reader noted that other translations don't have the () that's present in this translation. This is the original translation post. As far as I can tell, peachBOY_0613 is an OT7 translator with no ship bias鈥攂ut I cannot find the Korean original for the life of me to verify if the () were originally there.
One alternate translation I found does not have the (), but it weirdly notes it's based on peachBOY_0613's translation, so did the repost-ers just decide to cut it out? Looking at peachBOY_0613's other translations, it doesn't seem like they randomly add translator notes, so I'm going to assume it's part of the original text, but if others have the original Korean text, please share (though it may be quite hard to track down now that the fan cafe is defunct).
With or without the bracket though, my conclusions here stand, so I guess ultimately it doesn't much matter. But your mileage may vary, I rec looking at the post notes for discussion from some lovely readers about this 馃槉
For the sake of being thorough, let's just refute the twitter post's arguments, which are actually rather commonly found amongst the people who deny the song is about jimin.
It asserted:
A. There's actually nothing special about the night Tae wrote about, the choice of night is incidental?
B. The song is actually about... uh, a literal bird? The "you" is referring to the bird, not Jimin?
C. Jimin just happened to be there that night, but he has nothing to do with the song?
*facepalm* Listen.
A. First, Tae could鈥檝e written about ANY other night in which he happened to be up at 4 o'clock. For a man with insomnia, that's probably very often. Instead, he specified it was that night, that meeting.
B. And if you just analyze the lyrics, it should be abundantly clear the song's "you" is obviously a person, one the bird represents. The bird is a metaphor for the person/you aka Jimin. Not the other way around. After all, the lyrics ask: "why are you crying?" Do birds cry, friends??? And was there really only a single bird in that whole park, and so Taehyung had to emphasize "It's only me and you" 3 times???
You know who was crying that night, though?
Yup, a certain soulmate of Tae.
C. And obviously, if Jimin was incidental, the song wouldn't be about that night that meant so much to the two of them, and the bird wouldn't be basically Jimin as well.
Though if you want to talk about why Tae obscured his subject being Jimin through moon and bird metaphors, then.. that's a more interesting question.
In fact, it brings me directly to the letter Tae wrote to accompany the song:
1. Taehyung's fancafe letter makes even more clear, if you were still unconvinced from lyrical analysis alone, that the bird is a metaphor for Jimin.
Taehyung quotes in his letter some of his original lyrics, that shows clearly that bird = you (person crying in the original lyrics) = Jimin.
"The sound of you singing in the cold breeze
The bird of the dawn sang nervously, worriedly
Please let me hear your voice to fill this dawn
(Just so you're aware, the original translation had "birds". But as I've explained in the past, Korean doesn't distinguish between singular/plural, and with all Tae's emphasis about how it's just him and this bird/Jimin, it's pretty clear to me the better translation is the singular bird here, so I've adjusted that)
Birds don't sing nervously and worriedly, people do.
And do you know who we know was there that night that sings? Who sometimes breaks into songs, as we've seen in behind the scenes footage? Who must've been nervous and worried that night, because he'd called Taehyung while concerned about the future of his relationship with him?
Again, a certain soulmate of Tae.
2. But if so: why did Taehyung play so very very coy with the idea that the bird is Jimin? ... At the same time that he kept drawing attention to how the bird is just a metaphor, how the song is a gift for the bird, and how special that bird is to him?
I mean:
"It's about how this bird of dawn (just saying that it's a 'bird') and I come to this garden where nobody has ever come to."
It seems like I'm sending the letter to the bird of dawn (just 'bird')
[Drift note: not sure what the original Korean says, but I'm going to assume 'garden' actually means 'park', since it's what the song lyrics specify and where the night the song inspired took place]
Do you see how Taehyung literally kept drawing attention to how the bird isn't actually just a bird??? He literally went, "you know, bird *wink wink* *nudge nudge*"
And look at what he's telling us about him and this bird:
That he and the bird (*cough* Jimin) were together alone in this park, a space only they know. Which... he... uh, once told us in a fansign, actually, that only Jimin and he go to a park together.
Tumblr media
That the song is a "letter" (that is, I presume, a vehicle by which he can express his feelings, and/or also a gift) to the bird (*cough* Jimin). And let's just take a moment to consider that his wording echoes the wording of the lyrics that actually made it into the song (which, yes, we know from RM's letter RM actually wrote, but RM also specified that he wrote it to "materialize Tae's emotions"): "One day I wrote a long, long letter to the moon." And as I've previously discussed, there's a quite a few things that suggest that moon is a metaphor Taehyung also likes to apply to Jimin.
And all this raises the pretty obvious question: why did Taehyung feel like he had to be so coy about the bird being Jimin, and yet seemed to feel such a strong compulsion to hint at it? If he truly, in his heart of heart, wanted us to think bird meant just a bird, he should've never written the two () he did, or to mention things that clearly denote 4 O'Clock is not actually about a bird.
It's like... he kind of actually wants us to know something that he's not supposed to let us know?
A couple of other things to consider:
It took Taehyung four years to confirm that the song was written about the night he met Jimin. And though Namjoon mentioned it in the making, he specifically deleted his comment that the song was about Tae waiting for Jimin - and maybe it was to "stop the shippers" as some claim, but we know now his statement was true all along? Call it me "seeing things" if you'd like, but Namjoon doesn't strike me as someone who'd delete something true "just" because of some shippers. It's almost like... there was a decision to keep slightly quiet the true inspiration of the song, and then 4 years later, Tae said "F*ck it"?
Even then, four years later, and with Taehyung quite insistent about the inspiration and that he told Jimin, Jimin played it off like he didn't know and lightened the mood... Though obviously if it was "a letter to him/the bird", he must've "received it" at the time the song was written, so to speak. As I've said again and again, if Namjoon knew it was about Jimin and even mentioned it on the cafe, Jimin himself must've known. And who forgets his bestie's first song was about their last big fight? That's like V forgetting Friends is about the 95z relationship. It's like... Jimin kind of thinks it's still not a great idea to acknowledge the connection?
And maybe I'm galaxy braining, but I want to remind you that Taehyung did something quite similar recently: revealing something more about a song's origins that he (had to?) play coy about at the beginning, though he simultaneously kept dropping hint after hint about it too. And again, the song has a pretty credible connection to Jimin.
I am, of course, talking about Sweet Night. Quoting myself:
Taehyung revealed [Sweet Night] wasn鈥檛 actually an OST song, but a personal song about him wanting a good night鈥檚 sleep. But there鈥檚 no discussion about how it鈥檚鈥 you know, at heart a romantic song. Specifically, a pining song. It鈥檚 like鈥 Tae really just wanted to reveal this information? And he could now that it鈥檚 been a year? Only he couldn鈥檛 talk about its romantic inspirations?
As I said.
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mokutone7 months ago
Tumblr media
page one || page two || page three
[ID: A watercolor and ink comic. Young Tenz艒, still with his long hair, and young Kakashi are in the anbu barracks, the panels are rendered in warm yellows, browns, and a light purple. Kakashi sits on one of the beds, curled around his book. He鈥檚 wearing no armor aside from the metal panel on his anbu gloves, just his undershirt and black pants, not even his anbu boots or his hitai-ate. Tenz艒, on the other hand, is almost fully armored, only missing his cat mask and arm protectors.
鈥淵ou can bully me back a little if you want, it鈥檚 fine.鈥 Kakashi says, seemingly unprompted. Tenz艒 casts a nervous glance behind him towards Kakashi.
鈥淲hat? I don鈥檛 want to do that,鈥 he says. The next panel is unsettlingly close to Tenz艒, but doesn鈥檛 show his eyes.聽鈥淚 have a lot of respect for you and鈥斺
The third panel is a violent teal, rendered in harsh, small lines. Tenz艒鈥檚 expressionless cat mask pushes at the edges of the panel, and warped speech bubbles with the text聽鈥淵ou鈥檙e the friend killer here, Kakashi.鈥 waver out from the closed mouth, and hang over Kakashi, who stands poised to lance his chidori through Tenz艒, his expression is tense and pained and his sharingan is open.聽
鈥溾揂nd I don鈥檛 know why you would ask me to do this.鈥 Tenz艒 continues, back in the warm light of the anbu barracks, although his head overlaps the teal flashback panel.聽
Kakashi raises his hand gently, as if reaching towards Tenz艒鈥檚 turned back.聽鈥淭enz艒, it鈥檚 fine鈥攜ou don鈥檛 have to. I鈥檓 not asking anything of you.鈥 He says. /end ID]
#my art#naruto#comics#Tenz艒#yamato tenz艒#yamato#Kakashi Hatake#anbu times#okay so past here is my interpretation and explanation of the subtext. i don't want to force anyone to accept my reading of my work so#its allllll in the tags babey!#although to be fair the implications are present in the visual depiction and image description#okay this sprung from a wonderful conversation with kate where they posited that what if kakashi encouraged Tenz艒 to make fun of him in anbu#which was a great idea they are full of fantastic and wonderful ideas...i like also the idea of Tenz艒 having been afraid to be mean#bc its the EXACT opposite of sai. who is mean bc he expects people to care as little as he does...Tenz艒 instead is over-correcting#he's only taunted before to cause direct harm and he's not sure how to go about it in a friendly way yet. so he's scared#he doesn't want to hurt people he cares about and doesn't want to chance the line between friendly teasing and causing harm#and also knowing what he knows about who kakashi is now. having taunted him with the friend killing thing he's especially like. feels bad#like you know when you say the wrong thing once and for the rest of your life you lie awake at night haunted by the shit you said that once#that but you tell your best friend and guy who saved your life that hes responsible for the deaths of his friends. ID FEEL WACK ABT THAT TOO#it's notable at this point kakashi has Very Much forgiven tenz艒 for that. he understands root brainwashing was at play#and he's very sure that tenz艒 knows him better now鈥攁nd understands that he takes the lives of his friends incredibly seriously#but that doesn't mean that Tenz艒 has forgiven himself yet. he feels he's the same person as the boy who said that鈥攏o distance yet#so he's afraid. he doesn't want to take any liberties in teasing when he only knows it as another weapon in the arsenal#Tenz艒 has a lot of growing to do before he can be comfortable being ''himself''. he's kinda gotta invent that wholecloth#kakashi has a vague inclination of some of this but isn't really sure.#he just wants to be sure that his k艒hai isn't nervous /of him/ because that would be. catastrophically dangerous for missions#and absolutely horrible groundwork for a working friendship
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janearts5 months ago
Tumblr media
Taking a break from comicking to imagine what those protective spirits inside the Necromancy of Thay might look like.
The Ancient Greek is [supposed] to read as 鈥業 am no one.鈥 and 鈥楴o/Certainly not. No one.鈥 鈥淣o one鈥 sounded a bit like 鈥淥tis鈥 in Google Translate and I thought that was cute.
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