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Hello tumblr community! Just wanted to tell you that I’ll start doing ships!


  • You need to tell me your sexuality, so I can ship you accordingly
  • The fandom
  • Some characteristics of your personality
  • Physical appearance characteristics
  • Hobbies and things you like doing


  • TVD
  • Teen wolf
  • Awae
  • Harry Potter


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I Choose You (Part 2)

Pairing: Frat boy! Tom Holland and Y/N

Summary: Shots and salt leading to kissing and more….

Master list

Warning: More smut you guys! We’re just getting started hehehe!


…..His strong arms pinned you down to the bed causing your eyes to squeeze shut.

“Ah oh my god Tom” you moaned as he licked through your folds.

Your hands moved down to his soft curls where you ran your fingers through them and tugged. A groan fell from his lips sending vibrations through your center. Opening your eyes, you looked down at Tom to see him staring right back up at you as he devoured your heat.

“Oh my gosh” you groaned at the sight.

That’s when you felt his right hand glide over your inner thighs skin and stop at your enterance. You knew what was coming. He however decided to tease you even more. His finger rubbed around your hole causing you to clench around nothing.

“Tom-Tommy please oh my- ahhhhh” you moaned out.

His finger pushed inside of you easily filling only a fraction of your body.

He pumped his finger in and out while his mouth sucked and teased your clit. You felt a swarm of warmth move down your body and rest at your stomach as Tom brought you to the edge.

Tom Tom Tom Tom”

“You’re doing so good for me beautiful, ya gonna let go for me” he spoke in a husky voice causing a shiver to run down your spine.

You were at the edge but not enough to tip over yet.

“No, no Tommy I need more, please”

With that he began sucking on your bud causing your mouth to drop open and your head to move to the side. He slid another finger in, stretching you out amazingly as you moaned his name. That was the final straw, eyes rolling to the back of your head, you released, your body went limp as your muscles contracted and relaxed.

Tom licked up everything and moved back to your neck, he kissed all the way back up to your lips. The kiss was passionate and you could taste yourself on his lips. Your hands rubbed down his chest and to the remaining clothing that hung on his hips. Your fingers gently slid the rest of his clothes off, watching as they fell to the floor. He was now just left in his briefs.

You could see the outline of his hard member, you felt bad. He’d been straining against his pants this whole time while you were getting off on his mouth. He still hadn’t even acknowledged his most likely painful member as he kept his lips attached to yours.

“Mmm Tom it hurts, I can tell” you spoke softly between kisses.

He pulled away going back to your neck.

“I told you that tonight was all about you”

You felt a blush swarm to your cheeks, no boys ever said that to you. They were always too busy pleasing themselves with your body.

He moved up and whispered in your ear

“All I want you to do is sit here, is that ok” he asked in a seductive way as he placed a kiss behind your ear.

“Yes” you whispered out.

Already disobeying him though, your hand moved down to his hard member caressing it through the fabric. He let out a groan causing you to get excited again. When he looked back down at you again though, you knew you were in trouble. Grabbing both of your wrists in one hand, he pinned them above your head leaving you vulnerable. His other hand worked his boxers down.

“No-no please Tommy I wanna touch you” you growled.

“You don’t want me to punish you love, I’d suggest you behave yourself” he growled back into your ear.

He almost exploded at the look you gave him. He successfully got his boxers down and you were beyond shocked. You’d believed that frat boys all had tiny dicks to balance out with there thick long egos. Tom though, Toms was thick and long and it made you even more excited.

“Oh my gosh” you caught yourself saying as he wrapped a hand around his length.

“Please Tom, let me touch you” you innocently asked.

He leaned down and placed a kiss on your lips.


You let a whimper leave your lips, all you wanted to do was wrap your hands around his long base and make him feel good. Your thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a condom wrapped being ripped over. You watched as he slid it over his slick dick.

“You’re so fucking big” you mumbled causing him to chuckle.

You fell silent though when he ran his tip through your clit. A soft moan escaped your lips at the feeing, it was wonderful.

“A-again” you breathed

“Use your words beautiful, what do you want”

“Do it again” you whined.

“Do what again”

He wanted you to say it, he wanted to hear the words from your mouth, the nasty explicit words.

Thomasss” you were becoming whiny and Tom was noticing that.

His hand moved to your jaw where he moved your head to face him.

“Use your words”

“Rub your dick on my clit again” you growled

Tom was this close to exploding on you when he heard those words leave your mouth. His hand immediately moved back down between your bodies, rubbing himself on you again. He did about 5 strokes, each time earning a louder moan from you.

“I’m gonna fuck you so hard, you won’t be able to walk properly for the next month” he whispered in your ear.

With that, he slid himself inside of you. You let out staggered moans as he pushed all the way in and allowed you to adjust. He still had your arms pinned above you so you had nothing to grab onto.

“Move, move please”

Tom began slowly moving in and out of you, making sure you were comfortable.

You could hear soft grunts escape his lips every time he thrusted into you.

“Your so fucking tight love” he groaned.

“Faster Tom, I need you to go faster” your eyes connected with his and you swear his pupils got unnaturally larger as he pulled out and slammed back in.

Your legs lifted and wrapped around his waist as you let out a loud moan. He began thrusting into you at a crazy fast speed, filling your ears with the sound of skin slapping skin. He whispered scandalous words into your ear along with soft grunts as he pounded you inside out.

“Been thinking about this all fucking night. You in that small tight costume. I was so tempted to take you on that fucking table. Fuck you in front of all those people” a loud moan left your lips at his lude words.

“You like the thought of that hm, nasty girl. You want me to fuck you in front of all those boys and girls, show them that your mine”

Gently, you shook your head yes in agreement.

“Show all those girls I chose you, I choose you”

A cry left your lips. His hand let go of your wrists allowing you to bring your fingers back into his ruffled curls. His pace never failed to speed up. His lips were latched to your neck as you hugged onto his head. That familiar feeling in your stomach began to resurface as Tom quickened his pace.

“How does it feel” he grunted into your ear

You couldn’t comprehend what he was saying and you most definitely couldn’t form words. You opened your mouth but nothing came out.

“I said how. Does. It. Feel” he growled, thrusting in with each word.


You cried out as he quickened his pace. You brought your lips to his capturing them in another kiss. Lips disconnecting, he let out the sexiest, ludest, and most explicit moan you’d ever heard. That was was enough to fully tip you over. All you saw were stars as you released with him. Eyes rolled to the back of your head, your body completely relaxed. Tom filled the condom up and helped you ride out your high. As you came back to your senses, you felt Toms member leave yours causing you to sober up a bit. You felt a wave of sadness wash over you as you realized that the night was over, he’d probably kick you out now.

When you tried to get up, your legs gave out causing you to fall back into his arms.

“Where are you going?” He asked with a raised eyebrow.

“I thought you’d want me to leave” you whispered. A small smile formed on his lips as he rubbed up and down your naked body.

“I usually don’t do this but, no I want you to stay. I’ll grab you some pajamas and you can shower in my bathroom, it’s clean. Stay the night, please” he asked, innocence lasting through his eyes.

You gave him a small smile in return.


After the two of you cleaned up, you scooted into his bed next to him. You both stared into each other’s eyes as you tried to read him. Scooting in closer, you placed an unexpecting kiss on his soft lips before cuddling into his front.


I haven’t been active I know I know but stop crying you guys, I was making this story and it took sooo long hahahaha. I don’t write smut so I had to dig all the way down into my tiny horny side to make this. I hope you enjoyed. If you want more just tell me you horny Chico’s and chicas.

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Tom Holland x reader!best friend

Summary: Y/n met the boys one night three years ago. That night she fell in love with Tom, but a romantic relationship wasn’t a good option back then either right now. She acknowledged it quickly, but the heart wants what the heart wants and it wasn’t easy to forget her true feelings. But she was determined to move on, more convinced now when Tom has a girlfriend.

A/N: Hi guys, here is the new chapter !! This was difficult to write, not because of the story, because I had a hard time finding the motivation to write…this week wasn’t the best. I think the chapter show it. I hope it’s not too bad and you enjoy it!! As always, thanks for the support and let me know what you think ♥

Seasons MASTERLIST     Social Media (soon)

Word count: 3.6 k

Warnings: ANGST, a little of fluff but not too much.

Prologue-Chapter 1-Chapter 2-Chapter 3- Chapter 4 - Chapter 5

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As Colan was driving across the roads and different beautiful landscapes, the human was in the kitchen of the mobile home. They were the most experienced when it came to cook and prepare meals. In the meantime, Vylixia was taking a shower and Sybil was helping Colan about the direction of their next destination. For today’s lunch; pastas! However, Lea was a bit concerned 

- I wanted to apologise to you. (Lea)

Tom, who was dealing with the sauce for the pastas, didn’t expect to hear that from Lea.

- Why? Is everything fine? (Tom)

- If I knew you were having such trouble with your life…I would have come to you sooner to help you…(Lea)

Surprisingly, Tom laughed and was also smiling. It was Lea’s turn to see such unexpected reaction from him.

- That’s sweet of you. But don’t worry, I’m better these times. You and me barely knew each other. We were only meeting during the self-defence lessons. You couldn’t guess how I felt. Besides, let me remind you that you were also having your own issues. (Tom)

- That’s true. In the end, we were trying to cope with our issues and it seems other people decided to come help us instead. (Lea)

They both looked at Sybil and Tom with a smile; a very sweet smile. Lea hit Tom’s elbow with her own. 

- You like her, don’t you? (Lea)

Tom jumped and blushed intensively. He put his hand on Lea’s mouth and checked if Sybil heard Lea. It wasn’t the case.

- Why are you saying such thing?! (Tom)

Lea took Tom’s hand off from her mouth.

- I noticed how you were looking and smiling at her sometimes. You have feelings for her, right? Don’t worry, I will keep that to myself. (Lea)

- I…I’m not sure. It’s complicated…despite her serious and strict nature sometimes, she still acts as a kind, respectful and adorable person. Nevertheless, it’s never a good idea to start a romantic relationship based on the dynamic victim-savior. It can have bad consequences for the two people…(Tom)

- I’m sure that she doesn’t feel like a savior and you are not a victim either anymore. But let’s keep that topic for another. I think we have arrived! (Lea)

Vylixia left the shower as she finished to clean herself whereas the mobile home parked in a parking. A white colour could be seen from the inside of the vehicule. 

- Where are we? That white colour is pretty! (Vylixia)

- We are the Mont Blanc, it’s a huge mountain and quite famous on Earth. (Tom)

- The white thing…is that what humans called the snow?! (Colan)

- It is! (Lea)

Vylixia and Colan looked at each other for a brief second before running outside the mobile home. They were already playing with the snow and they could hear their laughs and giggles from inside the mobile home.

- I think they love the place. They are such kids. (Sybil)

The angel smiled and giggled before also going outside to enjoy the view. 

- This road trip was a super idea! (Lea)

- I agree with you! Let’s join them and we will eat after! (Tom)

Both of them ran and started a snow battle with the demons. In the same time, Sybil was watching them to make sure they wouldn’t provoke any disaster. Suddenly, she focused her attention on Tom as she was having a different smile for him.

- He really is lovely…(Sybil)


Part 2 of the road trip story is done! It reveals something interesting for Sybil and Tom ^^ also the demons discover snow XD enjoy the story ^^

Tom, Sybil, Lea, Colan and Vylixia belong to me

Okaria et feria belongs to me and @wildstarfan

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