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izuukii · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Scout’s Fav References
Tumblr media
Writing Sketchy Topics
Pianist AU help
AU ideas
Soulmate AU master post 
Romance Masterpost 
Words to use instead of said
Facial Expressions
Meet Cute Ideas
Good words
Personality Traits
Body Language One and Two 
Reverse Dictionary 
Tumblr media
Tumblr Specific 
Tumblr media
The Holy Grail Of Tumblr Trigger Tags
Changing tags system - lets you select tags and change them all at once 
Installing Desktop Themes
Adding Links To Bio
How to do gradient text
Fast Queue Button on mobile
How to do a readmore
This chrome extension for browsing tumblr changed me
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Notion changed my fuckin life
Not a link but I’ve also just used a discord server I made for myself an organized it with things i needed to do, fic ideas, titles, good sentences, references and inspo.
 This divider maker
Tumblr media
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ithinkwehitametaphor · 6 days ago
Tumblr has enabled a new cursed feature. If you notice that a lot of links on your tumblr do not work anymore, it is because tumblr changed how URLs are handled.
Say you put a link to a specific tag you often use on your blog so that your friends can find it more easily, for example:
Notice how each word in the "incorrect narcos quotes" tag is separated by a dash?
This format doesn't work anymore. The new format is without dashes: narcos quotes
This means every link that leads to a tag consisting of more than one word, if separated by dashes, is now broken.
There is a way to fix this easily atm. Go to your tumblr. Go to edit appearance / customize theme. (On desktop that's the lil color palette icon in the upper right hand corner). Scroll down in the sidebar on the left till you see this:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Click on the toggle to disable the new function. Save.
Tumblr media
With the new parsing function disabled you can still use the new format for future posts! (Which I recommend.) But the old links will still work as well!
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vixen-scribbles · a year ago
Read more
reblog to save a life
Okay, so you want to do a read more on tumblr mobile?
Here’s how you do it:
So first you just need to put :readmore: exactly where you want your read more to go
HOWEVER!!! You need to make sure you are pressing your ‘return’ key (Apple) or the android equivalent after typing it.
If I just type
you can see that nothing happens, the text stays like that and you won’t get your read more, but when you press the return button after you type it, it should look like this
Tumblr media
and that’s how it’s done!!! Let me know if it works for you!!
(There’s also an issue with it disappearing when people reblog but idk if that happens in every case)
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ahanahahaha · 14 days ago
hey ive been noticing that i cant find your reblogs or the asks ive sent in my notes/emails as well. the last time it happened to a mutual it turned out to be shadowbanning, and they got it back when they emailed @staff
OH MY GOD WHAT IS HAPPENING?! first @elettralightwood doesn't get my notifications. then i can't post comments on others' posts. then @khaleesiofalicante didn't get my ask and now you as well???
am i being boycotted? hello?! i literally joined this site a couple of months back and don't want to be banished so soon!
i am going to contact the staff now.
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arcadialedger · 9 months ago
Please note that I am most likely leaving this platform. I am done being abused. But first? We need to have a discussion. A discussion about hate and bullying in fandom.
All online-- I encourage you to read my story below. Reblog and spread awareness. The Dragon Prince fandom especially -- I implore you read my words, every single one of them. The short of it is that I am done. 
This all began with losing and being blocked by a friend because I shared something they disagreed with. I don’t care what you feel about my initial reaction to this (which I’ll explain below) -- I’ve apologized for not handling the situation correctly. But I will not be shamed for speaking my mind and standing up for myself.
Because no human being deserves to go through what I have endured since last summer.
Following the “callout” post made about me by one of, if not the largest blogs in this fandom, I received hundreds of threats, harassment messages, and death threats. Messages and posts telling me to kill myself were also prominent, on a multiple times a week basis for awhile.
Messages from people who were well aware I have struggled with being suicidal. Due to one of their favorite Dragon Prince blogs speaking out against me, they thought it was okay to suicide bait me.
And it worked. I already struggle with hating myself, am already insecure, and being flooded with these comments which, while I made mistakes, did nothing to deserve, drove me to try and take my own life after years of progress in my mental health.  
Mind you, this is like a 200 follower to 4k follower power dynamic. Which yes, plays a role-- because when you have a large following and influence, you have power. Yet the person behind this had the gall to claim Tumblr clout isn’t real.
People blocking and condemning others instantly at your word? Is power. If people read your words and are influenced, or have their minds changed, or buy or don’t buy something, etc.-- you are an influencer. You have power. And when you’re one of the largest blogs in a fandom, you have a LOT of power.
So take responsibility. 
I was hurt because I lost a friend who I had chatted with for months, did a podcast with, and was generally not only one of my favorite blogs but the center of my experience in the Dragon Prince. I may not have been perfect in my words, but when I was asked why I was quiet/ inactive, I explained how I was hurting, anonymously. I was understandably in pain and upset. I had been cut off for just having a different opinion on a matter, for thinking differently. Even though it was within their rights to block and do so, it felt wrong and it weighed on me.
Is that such a crime?
The callout post and previously described abuse followed, lasting for months until later in the year (this began in June, or around then). It also included screenshots of tweets, when this user does not have Tumblr, and they have stated to have screenshots stored up on their computer of my various posts and interactions. This is creepy behavior, and freaked me out. I felt like I was being stalked, “evidence” being filed away for the very purpose of being used against me. 
I eventually talked things out with the blog per recommendation of my therapist, and thought all would be fine. For a little while, it was. I largely stayed off of Tumblr to heal. Once in awhile I would have a rough, tearful night because something reminded me of what I lost, but I would make it through. Overall, I was making progress.
Then? My Twitter got hacked by one of the people sending me hate. For what had turned out to be much. And after they tweeted some purposefully incriminating and bigoted things to make me look bad, I came home from a weekend in the mountains to a shitstorm.
Twitter has a love hate relationship for me and I barely opened the app unless actively chatting with a friend. So when I saw 700+ notifications, I was surprised. It had never happened before.
I began to scroll through, and when I saw what had happened, I ran to the bathroom and threw up.
I had lost over half of my followers and a solid 60% of previous Twitter mutuals had blocked me. But worst of all, I had hundreds of hate tweets directed at me replying to the hackers tweets. Messages had been sent in DMs and accounts blocked, followed, and unfollowed as well.
If you have never felt that loss of agency-- that sickening feeling of words you never said next to your profile-- be glad. Because it is traumatic. I value my words. I value what I have to say. And having that taken from me was worse than anything I had been through here on Tumblr, outside of the suicide baiting (the most direct attack to me and my emotions/ insecurities throughout this entire ordeal). Further, this hacker had clearly stalked my tweets based on some of their comments. 
Hundreds of tweets bashing me, calling me aphobic slurs (knowing I am asexual mind you, as it was in my bio), making fun of my appearance and targeting all of the insecurities which lead to my first suicide attempt in high school, and taking/ editing images of my face and mocking them. This all culminated in a doxing threat-- a doxing threat which made me feel unsafe on a campus I had already been sexually assaulted on. I was once again, after starting the healing process, thrusted back into the darkest time of my life and spiraled into anxiety and depression. I cried a lot overwhelmed by it all, had difficulty sleeping, and felt sick. I started fall semester and couldn’t concentrate on school. I was a mess.
I had once again been condemned, this time for something I had no part in. I tried to example what happened but nobody listened. I had been hung without trial. People were understandably confused, and my entire reputation on the platform, and my page, became a mess of lies, misunderstandings, and more.
If you don’t know the feeling of already hating yourself and being insecure, and having these beliefs reinforced and spread by hundreds publicly across the internet? Of already feeling lonely and unwanted and having the one space you thought you had taken from you? Consider yourself lucky. 
I had a lot of voice actors and creators following me-- accounts I interacted and greatly cherished my mutual with. A handful of them unfollowed, understandably. This online hate mob was sending messages to people demanding they unfollow me, including some of these creators. They had no idea what to make of this mess or what was real and true and just didn’t want to deal with it. Most of the others just stopped interacting with me. @aaronwaltke (tagging so those who don’t follow already click and do so, because he is absolutely fantastic-- he’s a writer for ToA)  who had followed me on the platform, graciously wished me peace with the entire situation after I checked to make sure he had not been subjected to messages or hate, either from my hacker or other accounts. His was the greatest compassion I got on Twitter, before I ultimately ended up just having to delete.
I lost podcast deals because of this with Adrian Petriw, Aaron Ehasz, and Justin Richmond. I do not blame them one bit and would have done the same in the confusion not wanting to get dragged into anything. 
Only to have one of the friends I lost who helped start this interview these very people on their own podcasts. A slap in the face. A zine I had bought to support them came to my door, with the front page proclaiming to “spread a narrative of love.”
I was never granted that chance. That compassion. I had the vultures sent after me with no mercy. And anyone who has been through online abuse and systemic harassment knows just how much it feels like they’re slowly but surely picking at your flesh ( a metaphor I used in one of my old, since deleted posts discussing the situation, and still find accurate), wearing you down until you have no strength left.
Make no mistake, my story is not a one off situation. Many share the same tale of abuse and being driven off of platforms that once gave them great joy. These attacks are coordinated, systemic, and common hobby for these people-- who largely claim to be loving and accepting of all. They are a cyberbullying phenomenon which has risen with the presence of fandom on the internet. And I want to make clear, with current discussions of “cancel culture”, I mean nothing political in that statement. Some might call my experience cancel culture, but I don’t.
It’s just bullying. It’s just hate. These people get off on ruining people’s lives.
And my life was greatly set back and ruined. I had a stain on my past in fandom I could never be rid of. I had to shut down my podcast, took time off of all social media, and most of what I had built, most of my growth, was taken from me while those who incited and/ or spread hate thrived and continued to grow and find success. That was the greatest sting of all. 
I asked the one previous friend who hadn’t blocked me, but had just stopped interacting with me (which I understood and respected, and also greatly respected her perspective, help, and support though this situation in which she largely unfortunately ended up in the middle) for help after explaining everything, and got nothing. They didn’t seem to care, and just blocked me on all platforms. Once in awhile, I would find I was cut off from yet another old friend, or a blog that I had never interacted with before but clicked into, interested. It hurt being cut off, unable to fully interact with the fandom, but I could move on.
That pain would never go away, but I made clear I did not blame them for the actions of those who abused, harassed, and threatened me. I also made it clear they did not owe me anything, including unblocking. 
I just wanted to move on peacefully, but those with the power to enable that did not wish to help. I slowly, when I felt ready, began to be more active on Tumblr again, and once again the hate started up. 
Sometimes when I was hurting, I expressed my pain and loss to my followers just to reach out, because I was sad. I had no idea how to rebuild from all that had happened. This got me more hate an accusations of emotional manipulation and gaslighting. I had no idea what to do, and got trapped in a cycle of needing to talk about it, and getting hate and backlash, but not knowing where else I could turn. 
My doxer came back into my asks, ultimately making me switch schools, and refueled the drama. Speaking up about this got me more backlash-- mostly accounts reblogging (one with tags saying “fuck you”, despite not knowing the full story, and commenting and then blocking me so I could do nothing to respond or get it off of my page. I deleted all posts of the matter, as requested by these people (who validly pointed out they were in the main fandom tags, which I hadn’t thought of and understood), and hoped to move on.
But it hasn’t stopped. I have been beaten down and emotionally bruised for months. I have had my life and safety threatened, my education and by extension life path altered, and lost work (podcast) opportunities due to this-- alongside the irreversible emotional damage from trauma and abuse. My mental health issues and insecurities-- which I have been very open about to destigmatize the subjects and encourage conversation-- were actively targeted to inflict the most pain possible. 
And I can’t even talk about it, without enduring more hate and accusations of “playing the victim”.
Death threats, suicide baiting, doxing, months of bullying and harassment to the most vile degree, which a lot of these people don’t know about because they don’t even bother to read my words. Yet I’m playing the victim. 
And the accusations of bigotry and being hateful hurt, because it couldn’t be further from what is in my heart. I believing in love and acceptance of all. I don’t know how many are religious here, but I found God after my first suicide attempt and that is what his word has taught me. 
I’ve been through too much in life to tolerate this, for lack of a more eloquent term, bullshit. I know what abuse and victim blaming looks like when I see it. And in my 20 years of life, I have gone through too much: constant ridicule and bullying, suicide attempts, sexual assault, major spinal surgery, to just be stomped over and not stand up for my right to basis human decency. 
I refuse to put up with this, so unless I get an apology and some semblance of justice for everything I have been through, I am leaving. I will not participate in a space run by hate and toxicity. I will never claim to be perfect, and I have apologized for my mistakes and wrongdoings. Now, hold those who did this accountable. If you’re reading this you know very well who it was, and I am not naming them for those who don’t. Because at the end of the day I still send nothing but love and wish no ill will towards them.
But I’ll be damned if I don’t expect accountability of one of the greatest influencers in the fandom for their complacency in abuse, threats, suicide baiting, and and absolute ruining of my life and online experience. They enabled this and were well aware they had the power to stop it-- to ask their followers to stop-- and did nothing. They didn’t care-- about a human’s life and well being. 
@dragonprinceofficial, are you aware that this is what many of the fans of your show, which preaches love and an end to the cycle of vengeance, do to others? That this is happening in your space? If you stand at all by the values you preach, condemn it. @staffTumblr/ @supportTumblr-- shame on you for allowing this abuse to happen and ignoring my reports. Shame on you for permitting these people to operate in your platform and for being okay with hosting hate. People have been driven to suicide on your website-- I am one of the lucky ones. 
If you care at all about humanity and stand against this behavior, reblog and spread awareness. Share my story so I may not happen to anyone else. Tag @dragonprinceofficial until they notice and speak out. 
This is my story, and so many others. Make sure it doesn’t happen ever again. No human being deserves to be treated how I was. Everyone deserves compassion, decency, and respect. And everyone deserves a place in fandom. Do better. If you want to reach out to me DMs are open, as well as my email, which is attached to my account. Until this change happens and I am given the support/ help needed to safely function on this platform, this blog will not be active outside of that. 
Thank you all of the many accounts who have supported me, and I am working on getting back to all who have reached out! Your love means the world. You know who you are, and I don’t want to tag in case people come after you for showing me kindness. I am sorry if this is goodbye, to all that have enjoyed my blog. I enjoyed it for a long time  too. I loved sharing my passion for stories, culture, having a space where I could analyze and discuss my favorite things.  I loved getting to share what I had to offer with the world, having fun and posting jokes with my unique sense of humor. I loved interacting with intelligent people/ fellow fans and discussing my favorite stories, offering each other new insights and growing together. I loved the many, many kind and wonderful people who reached out to me in a variety of ways and provided support and friendship.
In the end, it just isn’t worth all of this pain and trauma, and I know when to put my foot down. I don’t want pity, I don’t want apologizes, and I’m not a martyr. I just want my story to make a difference-- to spur positive change in fandom culture/ spaces.  I will be tagging all fandoms in which I have seen this kind of abuse present as well, to reach as many as possible. 
Be safe, and be kind.
- The Arcadia Ledger/ Ryn/ Katie, signing off.
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winter2112rose · 5 months ago
Afternoon all,
I’m just wondering if anyone knows how to block tags?, so that I can stop random stuff that I’m not interested in nor following repeatedly keep coming up on my timeline?
Any suggestions are welcome 😊
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imaginejolls · 2 months ago
btw, how do i turn off the “stuff for you” page that is on the mobile app? it fucks  with my scrolling
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heartofmuse · a month ago
It absolutely drives me insane that every weekend my blog gets assaulted by pornbots. I hate having to spend a significant amount of my time, which is not much, time I would rather spend writing, blocking pornbots and reporting them. It's ridiculous I have to go through this every damn weekend. @staff What on earth are you doing? Its been MONTHS of this and I see no change. It's so dicouraging because if I reblog or attach something remotely sensous my page gets flagged by you and yet I get assaulted by pornbots and you do nothing. How am I suppose to keep my page SFW with a damn pornbot invasion? Damn double standard if I have ever seen one. I am sick and tired of this. Either you fix this or I will up and leave and publish elsewhere. I have SOLELY published on this website so far. Maybe its time to look for greener pastures.
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sugar-splenda · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
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colorousme · a year ago
How to view tags
I finally figured out how to read people’s tags again without checking every reblog individually! So far I’ve only found out on desktop, but it works, so:
Click on the notes of the post, then in the top right corner there’s a # symbol
Tumblr media
Click it and voila! everyone’s tags viewable for you!
Tumblr media
Happy tag viewing!!
(the 7-year old post used)
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dandelionyellowgirl · 4 months ago
I just found out that the official description of tumblr is "Culture, Art and Chaos" and god I fucking love it
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venelona · 3 months ago
One post on my side blog is getting liked by hundreds of you-know-what bots and im tired of banning them >->o
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toadsong · 19 days ago
Hey tumblr, got a question for you. Is anyone else having a problem with giant/huge text just... disappearing?
I noticed recently some of my reblogs that had huge text are just... blank. Post is there, but there’s no text. There’s no empty space- they’re not invisible- they just disappear. I’ve tested it out, and it happens as soon as I hit the button to make the text huge- it just Poofs.  Here’s one of my ‘empty reblogs’
Tumblr media
It’s really confusing because there’s no empty space to say anything is gone, so it looks like some posts that use giant text just... cut off.
I can’t find anyone else having this problem, and it’s a bit uh. Annoying
Anyone got any ideas?
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tipsydipsydo · 3 months ago
Can someone please help me?
I woke up this morning and checked my tumblr like usual and saw that my messages-section disappeared. No matter if I look up the mobile version or the desktop version, I can't open the Message section of my main blog tipsydipsydo.
Can someone help me and tell me what I should do now? To be more specific what should I tell the tumblr support so they will fix my Problem? 😕😭🤧
Thank you for all your help!! 🙈😅💕
Tumblr media
☝🏻 That's what it looks like right now 😓
@lustfuldevils Hey Squishy, do you have a clue what I can do about it? I can remember that you had a similar problem previously and how did you fixed it? I can't write comments either😭😓
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musepirations · a year ago
Hi pumpkins !! Because I noticed that people were not aware of the existence of these blogs/pages, and they are actually a massive help now that Tumblr’s tags are wack, I decided to make a little post in order to spread the word. If you are wanting to SEARCH THE TAGS FOR GIF HUNTS, you can use THIS SITE or THIS BLOG ( @findtags ) as both these accounts offer the opportunity to search for your tag and actually collecting the tagged posts you are looking for. These blogs/pages are a massive, massive help -- so bless the makers for being so accommodating !! I hope this will be a big help to all of you, which I am sure it will. Xoxo 
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tickly-tigress · a month ago
Hey, guys! Today I learned some things about Tumblr that I wish someone would have told me when I was new. I realize a lot of it is probably obvious stuff/stuff that’s been said before, but it wasn’t obvious for me, so I’m making this post to hopefully help others and to use as a ref for myself 👉👈 I took it upon myself to gather this info through experience, testing, and way too much scrolling and googling. Feel free to correct me in the comments if I got anything wrong!
Reblogs don’t show up in searches
Simply type “:readmore:” and press enter to add a “keep reading” button
If someone reblogs your post and you edit the original, your edits will not show up on the reblog. They have to reblog your post again for the edits to be shown.
Only the first five tags of a post will show up in tracked tags apparently? For example, if “apple” is the sixth tag, your post won’t show up in tracked tags.
Searching a word will show any and all posts containing that word, even if it’s part of a different word. Whether or not the searched word is used in a tag or the actual post itself does not affect results; it will be shown regardless.
Putting slashes and/or asterisks in a word hides it from search results. For example, if I made a post containing “a*ple” or “a//pple” and someone searched “apple,” it wouldn’t show up.
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blackacre13 · 3 months ago
Hiiii I don't know if you have noticed but when a new fic of yours appears on my dashboard and I click on your icon to go to your blog I only get those dumb Tumblr phrases like "Huh, what?", "???", "Uh, who?" and not your blog :(
Tumblr media
Oh no! I don’t have this issue myself when I checked but could be just since it’s my own blog. Maybe a glitch?
Has anyone else had this issue who can help a reader out if it’s just them? Or let me know how to fix it?
Thanks for letting me know!!
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hugsohugs · a month ago
ok this is driving me crazy and google isn’t helping
ever since i got my new phone, tapping the usernames on tumblr posts doesn’t bring me to the post. the name flickers like it’s gonna work but then nothing happens
i can’t figure out if it’s tumblr or just my phone, especially because a similar thing happened in the youtube app but that stopped happening after i did a soft reset
can anyone help??
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