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#johnny storm

Johnny: I’ve been dropping hints to Peter that I’m single. But I don’t think he’s getting it.



Johnny: I’m single

Peter: *being stomped on by rhino* Not….the…time….Storm


Johnny: he’s just so dense sometimes.

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Promptkin Spice: Garam Masala + Darcy/Johnny Storm

“Stop twitching!”

“How long are you gonna ask me to stand here,” Johnny asked impatiently. The cute brunette assistant had made him stop moments after he got into the lab and she was doing something behind him - he guessed taking measurements of some sort - but wouldn’t say what.

“Almost got it… okay, yeah, done. Thanks!”

Johnny turned to find the assistant putting the final touches on a s’more. “You’re kidding,” he said flatly.

“I never kid about ooey-gooey mallows,” she said, not even giving him the courtesy of looking at him. She took a phone out and snapped a picture. “This is totally going on my Insta,” she murmured, ignoring his continued presence. After a second she looked up. “I’m all good, hotshot, I only wanted the one, and your sister is probably wondering where you are.”

“You know,” he said as he watched her take a healthy bite of mallow, chocolate, and graham, “most women at least take me out to dinner before using me for my body.”

“I only needed you for like a minute, tops, that’s - what - twice as long as ‘most women’ get, right?” she asked. She smirked at his slack-jawed face and sauntered away.

“…I think I’m gonna marry that woman.”

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lordtye replied to your photo: “Johnny’s fire. He’s simple, blameless, beautiful….

My fave thing that Johnny apparently never grew out of, was talking about cars on dates.

It’s so funny that Felicia’s like “he’s everything a girl could want” while he’s just blabbering on about cars. It reminds me of that one published Spider-Man short story where Johnny’s on a date with a celebrity who ends up complaining to another woman that he isn’t dangerous or sexy, he just likes talking about cars and the Fantastic Four.


ABSOLUTELY the hottest date in town.

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I read once that there's a universe where Peter is a woman and Johnny says she's his ideal woman, is that true? I don't have that much comic knowledge. I've tried googling it but it wasn't all that helpful, I'm sorry if I'm bothering

You’re thinking of Ultimate Marvel and Ultimate Spider-Man, where one of Peter’s clones is female and named Jessica Drew who has all of Peter’s memories and experiences. (And no relation to 616′s Jessica Drew.) Johnny sees her in costume swinging around one day, Johnny declares her his idea of the perfect girl. I should not he explicitly does suspect she’s somehow connected to Spider-Man when he says this.

They also kissed one time, which Peter very much knows about:


(Ultimate Spider-Man v2 #9)

I did mention she has all of Peter’s memories, right? It doesn’t go any further than this because Ult Jessica comes out as a lesbian but it’s still a lot to unpack.

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What's your opinion on Johnny/Crystal? I wanna like Crystal and the early relationship she and Johnny had seems fun to read, but Crystal's whole cheating on her lovers thing later on is kind of hard to read. (Also do you that's part of her character or bad writing?)

I like Crystal a lot and I like Johnny/Crystal for what it is while it’s happening in canon, but I wouldn’t exactly say I ship it in that I want future content for them – future AUs where Johnny/Crystal end up getting back together after all always annoy me because they feel so regressive. But I do really like the canon content, and I think they were a really cute melodramatic teen romance.


(Fantastic Four #79)

I think, for both Crystal and Johnny, their relationship is equal parts about drama and escape. When they first meet, Johnny’s been putting off college, just ghosted his high school girlfriend to the point where she broke up with him, and dealing with the new reality of Reed and Sue being married; Crystal is dealing with experiencing the outside world for the first time after a life of seclusion with the Inhumans. Their initial separation gives Johnny an excuse to drop out of college, and their reunion provides Crystal with an out with regards to the rigid structure of the Inhuman royal family. I do genuinely think they were very attracted to each other, I just don’t their relationship was only about that attraction. Johnny desperately wants to be “in love” the way he views Reed and Sue and Ben and Alicia are, and with Crystal he essentially got to play house:


(FF #67)

Whereas Crystal got a taste of freedom and adventure with the Fantastic Four:


(Fantastic Four #81 – Johnny’s obsession with tight control of his own powers and both Crystal and Frankie’s longing for freedom with theirs is always an interesting character comparison point.)

The “escape” aspect of their relationship comes into play with their emotional affair during Johnny’s marriage to “Alicia”/Lyja, too – I genuinely don’t think attraction played a huge part there so much as both of them wanting to go back to their previous “safe and easy” relationship. Johnny in particular has a bad habit of idealizing previous relationships and attempting to go back to him, like when he tried to get back together with Dorrie Evans after Crystal broke up with him:


(Fantastic Four #134) “I kinda lost touch” she breaks up with him for ignoring her before he ever even met Crystal, so that’s some revisionist history he’s got going there. When he and Crystal are on the verge of their own affair, they’re both looking for comfort and escape when they’re drawn back to each other, not passion. It’s Johnny regressing and overly idealizing an older relationship, just like he did previously, and Crystal dealing with a bad marital situation:


(Fantastic Four #305)


(Fantastic Four #309) 

I do believe Johnny when he states he wanted to marry Crystal, but I think that was more about him wanting marriage than it was him wanting Crystal specifically, and I think Crystal’s initial relationship with Pietro is in part her recognizing that and chasing a more passionate and adventurous relationship that Johnny was able to provide her with.


[Taylor Swift voice] I wanted to leave him, I needed a reason. (Fantastic Four #132)

As for Crystal’s history of infidelity, I don’t personally find it bad writing, but then I’m kind of a fan of characters behaving badly in general. I think it’s easy to label one example of something as bad writing, but when a character has a history of a behavior, you have to look a little deeper than that. When she leaves Johnny for Pietro, she’s in a long distance relationship that’s not fulfilling her needs, seemingly without an option at the time to close that distance since the outside world’s atmosphere proved toxic to her. (It’s a metaphor. If he want to talk strictly headcanons, I also think Crystal’s relationship with Johnny was sexually unfulfilling to her, which factored into her actions. It is canon she took Pietro’s virginity, after all.) She and Pietro had their own issues leading into her affair there. I find it hard to fault a young woman from a rigid society who feels stifled by the men in her life and seeks escape however she can find it, although I know infidelity is a huge dealbreaker with characters for some people.  

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