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#johnny storm

Chris Evans saving the world by combining/borrowing powers.


Probably unpopular opinion:

Fantastic Four (2005) and Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer are both entertaining movies. Bad, sure, but still entertaining.

Now that Marvel/Disney owns Fox and the crazy rumours of the Baxter Building being in Spiderman 3 (“Home” Trilogy), I really do hope they make an appearance in the 3rd installment. Wouldn’t it be awesome if the F4 actors reprised their role, including Chris Evans?

Also, Captain Holt is technically in the MCU.

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Peter, texting: hey torchy, where are you?

Johnny, texting: I’m at home.

Peter, texting: prove it. Take a picture of you with the Spider-Man figure I got for you on your head. While making a stupid face.

Johnny, texting: lol, ok honey [sends pic] happy? What is this for?

Peter, texting: I had to prove to MJ that I do know you and that I’m dating you.

Johnny, texting: couldn’t u just show her all the photos of us on your phone??????

Peter, texting: I could have, but then I would have passed up the opportunity to make you look ridiculous.

Johnny, texting: oh you son of a B*TCH!

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I would love to see more johnny/steve action

Hmmmmm instead of using that four way poly au with them/Bucky and Tj how about just Johnny and Steve?

Awww come on big guy, I said I was sorry.” Johnny whines, fisting the sheets below him.

“You set fire to my record player baby, you made your captain very sad.” Steve says, tone firm and hard as he fucks into Johnny from behind.

“I didn’t mean to.” 

“But you did it anyway honey.”

“Oh for fucks sake…it was a…” A big hand slaps over Johnny’s mouth and he whines high in his throat when Steve really starts fucking into him, making him really feel it, his cock was huge and hitting his prostate so fucking well.

“I didn’t ask for your smart mouth little fire baby, I didn’t ask for you to sass back at me or actually to speak at all, you’re going to stay put on your hands and knees and i’m going to fuck some sense into you, is that understood?” The blondes captain voice taking over.

Johnny nods as much as he can and his eyes flutter closed when Steve starts jack hammering into him.

“That’s a good boy.”

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I just saw a clip from HIMYM involving Barney hypothetically trying to help Marshall and Lilly's son get over a breakup. The scene involves Barney saying "Because time will heal a broken heart, but not that bitch's window!" before throwing a brick at said window. I just imagined Johnny doing something with Franklin. Is it accurate from a comedic standpoint?

I’ve never watched this show though I’ve seen some clips/gifs but omfg that’s hilarious 🤣. I can honestly see Emo Teen Franklin doing this to help his uncle Johnny get over his time with Daken or whatever bad breakup he had. Not sure if he would curse but I would find it so funny if he did.

Bonus points if Johnny isn’t out yet (Marvel please let him out of the closet) and he is moping around unable to talk to anyone before Franklin convinces him to take him out for ice cream and detours them on the way home to break the window and Johnny doesn’t question how Franklin knows, the kid has alot powers he thinks but the nice gesture of vandalism does lift Johnny’s spirits.

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