Last night, russian Iskander destroyed the sports center of The National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute"
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sailor-moon-rei · a day ago
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The reaction of russians to the today's shelling of residential buildings in Kyiv.
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And some bonus.
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syubangel · 4 months ago
If you are looking for an emergency exit from Ukraine, Poland will open EIGHT safety points on the border with Ukraine (you will get warm food, medical help and from there you will be guided to safety) in two of our voivodeships: lubelskie and podkarpackie. It is confirmed by the Polish Secretary of State in the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, Paweł Szefernaker.
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I've marked those voivodeships on the map!
Please share because it can save lives!!!!!!
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rearrangethestarrs · 4 months ago
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op: @/nichvydycia on Twitter
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chrysocomae · a month ago
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ohsalome · a month ago
I was wondering where referring to Ukraine as "the Ukraine" comes from. I hadn't really heard it before, and I mostly hear it when Ukrainians talk about hating it (and it seems like a stupid thing to call Ukraine), so I was just wondering where that even comes from (I'm guessing something to do with Russia)
In broad terms, you are guessing right.
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Therefore, by saying "the Ukraine", one brings the connotation of Ukraine being not an independent self-determined country, but just a "sphere of influence" - which is precisely russia's agenda. The same distinction exists in russian language: their media sources make a point of using "на Украине" (Na Ukraine), which refers to it as a politically non-defined land, instead of "в Украине" (V Ukraine). Another sore point from the same discourse is the proper transliteration of Ukrainian cities (#KyivNotKiev etc).
russia has always laid claims on Ukraine as its property, so naturally, this is reflected in their language. Since the west has a longer-established relationship with russia, and Ukraine has been denied the right to speak up for itself, russian narrative about us became dominant in the West.
During the years that Ukraine has been occupied by russian empire and, later, the soviet union, the usage of "the" could have been justified. However, since the re-establishment of our Independence in 1991, it stopped being so. I’ve had many people justify using “the Ukraine” to me because “they’re used to it”, but ironically most were born after the usage of the article stopped being correct.
 My biggest point is that using "the Ukraine" is not only politically incorrect - it is grammatically incorrect. As I explained, it means that one is referring to a politically non-defined territory, which Ukraine is not.
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wednesdayddams · 4 months ago
• Finland now allows Ukrainian citizens to arrive to Finland without visa. Starting from 25th of February 2022.
• Ukrainian citizens are allowed to stay in Finland for 3 months without visa. HOWEVER you can apply for asylum or residence permit and stay in Finland for longer than 3 months. If you have family members in Finland, you can apply for residence permit based on family reasons.
• If you travel with pets, they don’t need to have proof of rabies test to arrive!
• You’re welcomed with open arms, we stand with Ukraine💛💙My DM:s are open and anyone who needs help with anything such as applying for asulym or residence permit, or simply arranging everyday things, I’m always here to help.
UKRAINIAN EMBASSY IN HELSINKI, FINLAND: https://um.fi/representation-of-foreign-states-in-finland-or-in-the-nearest-country-to-finland/-/asset_publisher/eSWq5XE6v1DV/contactInfoOrganization/id/123798
HOW TO APPLY FOR ASYLUM: https://migri.fi/en/asylum-in-finland
MOVING TO FINLAND IF YOU HAVE FAMILY MEMBERS IN HERE: https://migri.fi/en/moving-to-finland-to-be-with-a-family-member
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alexey-argentum · 2 months ago
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thisprettyukrainianletter · 2 months ago
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Народні костюми із Закарпаття
1. Закарпатська область, Великоберезнянський район 2.Закарпатська бласть, Міжгірський район 3.Закарпатська область, Іршавський район 4.Закарпатська область Великоберезнянський район 5.Закарпатська область, Виноградівськи�� район
Автор проекту: Оксана Малюкова   
Author of the project: Oksana Malyukova
Folk outfits from Zakarpattya (Ukrainian part of Transcarpathia)
1. Zakarpattya region, Velykobereznyansky district 2. Zakarpattya blast, Mizhhirya district 3. Zakarpattya region, Irshava district 4. Zakarpattya region, Velykobereznyansky district 5. Zakarpattya region, Vynohradiv district
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(c) Nikita Titov
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o-nexis · a month ago
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“children live here”... “people”... “people here”... “children”... “people and children”...
these are inscriptions on the walls and fence gates of Ukrainian houses. mostly destroyed ones.
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ailaven · 2 months ago
Kharkiv is shelled about 50 times every day. However, we’re still the city of flower-beds and fountains, and spring is our time!
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Everything will be Ukraine 💙💛
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jamiebythesea · 4 months ago
So many people in here are children and need to hear it but sending hate to Russian users and Russian people in general doesn't help the Ukrainian.
It does not make you and anti-war activist.
It does not help my Ukrainian family when you keep on spreading the fake idea that Russian people should be held responsible for the fact that their government decided to invade Ukraine.
The best way to respond to this war isn't by making the world a more dangerous place for the Russian people who live abroad.
Also most of you are unable to tell the difference between a Russian and any other Slavic name so perhaps don't try to assume what someone's nationality is just because they use Cyrillic and their name sounds Eastern.
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sadatomicponystatement · 4 months ago
Putin has started the war with Ukraine(with the help of Lukashenko). A lot of Ukrainians were woken up at 5 am by explosions.
Countries will be holding peaceful protests, here is a list of the ones that I know of with the date and time(the time specified, is the time in that country/state).
If you choose to go to a rally, please remember to stay safe, COVID still exists! And all the Russian's be careful of the police, if you have pets or children leave them with someone, there is a large chance you won't be coming home in the next few days! Wear dark comfortable clothes, that you will be able to run away in!
Here is what I have found so far(I will be updating the post with any information that I've found):
26 Feb, 1-3pm - Marsalkka Mannerheiminpatsas, Helsinki.
25 Feb, 10-13 - near the Consulate of Russia, Barcelona
25 Feb, 2pm - near the representative of the European Parliament on Paseo de Gracia, Barcelona
25 Feb, 6pm - Square Catalonia, Barcelona
Feb 26, 12pm - Plaza Universidad, Barcelona
Feb 27, 12pm - Catalunya Square.
24 Feb, at 5 pm - outside Downing Street(London)
26 Feb at 12 pm - at Russian Embassy in London.
24 Feb, at 5 pm - Nathan Philips Square(Toronto). Here is a link to a telegram chat of people that are planing to attend it: https://t.me/joinchat/GsW0VAcNhd6XeyjX
24 Feb, 12pm - Vancouver Art Gallery.
Feb 24, 3pm - 15 a Rue Sherbrooke 0, Montreal
24 Feb, at 10 am - 11000 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024.
24 Feb, 4pm - San Francisco City Hall.
24 Feb, 1 pm - Colorado State Capital.
24 Feb, 12pm - State Capitol Building, Austin, Texas
Feb 24, 4pm - Space Needle, Seattle.
Feb 24, 11 am - The State House, Boston
Feb 24, 1pm - 136 East 67th Street, NYC.
Feb 24, 6pm - Russian Embassy, Vilnius.
Feb 24, 6pm - Unity Square in the City Center, Kaunas.
Feb 24, 6pm - City Center, Klapeida.
26 Feb, 4 pm - Russian Embassy, Budapest.
26 Feb, 3-5pm - Platz der Menschenrechte, Vienna.
24 Feb, 5pm - Schadowplatz, Düsseldorf
24 Feb, 2pm - Neumarkt, Cologne
24 Feb, 6pm - Schlossplatz(in front of Commerzbank), Stuttgart.
24 Feb, 6pm - Market Square(Markt), Leipzig
27th Feb, 4.30pm - Fishmarkt, Cologne
27 Feb, 4.30pm - Russian Embassy, Berlin.
26 Feb, 6pm - Russian Embassy, Hannover
25 Feb, 6pm - Markplatz, Geldern
27 Feb, 4pm - Roncalliplatz, Köln
25 Feb, 5.30pm - Prinzipalmarkt, Münster
26 Feb, 2pm - Kornmarkt, Nürnberg
Feb 28, 6pm - Saporoshje-Platz, Oberhausen
Feb 25, 4pm - Rathaus, Bielefeld
Feb 25, 3.30pm - Rathaus, Bochum
Feb 26, 2pm - Schadowplatz, Düsseldorf
Here is a link to all the German marches:
Feb 25, 12pm - Martin Place, Sydney.
March 6, 12pm - King George Square, Brisbane.
New Zealand
Feb 26, 12 pm - at the Octagon, Dunedin
Feb 26, 3 pm - Place de la Republique, Paris
Feb 27, 3pm - Place Bellecour, Lyon
Feb 24, 7pm - Republic Square, Tbilisi.
Feb 24, 4pm - Bundesplatz, Bern
Feb 26, 12pm - Schützenmatte, Bern
What to take to the protests:
Feb 24, 7pm - Pushkin Square, Moscow(Пушкинская Площадь, Москва)
Feb 24, 7pm - at Metro Gostiny Dvor, Saint Petersburg (У метро Гостиный двор, Питер).
Feb 26, 1-4pm - intersection of Popov Street and Hohryakov street(Hohryakov street 10 in front of "Palladium), Ekaterinburg./ Перекресток улиц Попова и Хохрякова (во. Хохрякова 10, напротив БЦ "Палладиум") - ЕКБ.
Link to a Twitter thread that has details about upcoming rallies in Russia:
Tumblr media
27 Feb, 12 pm - Gustaf Adolf Torg, Gothenburg
24 Feb, 6pm - Syntagma, Athens
Czech Republic
Feb 25, 5pm - The General Consulate of Russia, Brno
A lot more countries/states will be protesting that I've mentioned, these are just the ones that I am aware of. You should be able to find if your city has something organised by Googling in your mother tongue your city and protest/rally/demonstration against war/for Ukraine. A good place to find information will also be Ukrainian Community Groups on Facebook/Instagram/Reddit.
Here are the links to places that have information about some of the rallies:
For Russian Speakers here is a link to a Telegram Channel in which you can see the dates and times for rallies in European Countries:
Map with past and upcoming rallies:
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chrysocomae · a month ago
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estcaligo · 26 days ago
It's not the first day of summer
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It's the 97th day of war
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alexey-argentum · a month ago
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nogi-scrapbook · 2 months ago
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Thank you to medics(c) Nikita Titov
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