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the parallel in the last olympian and blood of olympus where rachel realizes she an oracle/ doesn’t like percy anymore and nico realizes he likes will/ doesn’t like percy anymore is so funny and i cannot believe i never noticed it before

percy is so confused both times, and he’s like a lil hurt but also supportive and i love him sm

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Percy: It’s October so we must, once again, draw battle lines between those who like candy corns and those who do not.

Leo: What battle lines? Nobody likes candy corns.

Nico: Fuck you, candy corns are delicious.

Percy: And so the lines are drawn.

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Yeeah, I know that trope, I… consider it one of the worst thing heteronormativity has given us with its “he’s pulling her pigtails! how cute”. The narrative of “they’re hurting you because they likes you” is just no for me. ^^°

Though like. Different question: Where are you from that swimming isn’t considered a sport and being picked at for? SWIMMING? What. Can not relate to that narrative. òÔ°°°

(Then again, America is the country that doesn’t take soccer seriously and inexplicably ended up making it “that sport you drop your 10 year old daughter off for”, so… I suppose definition of what makes a sport cool vs uncool… varies…)

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Anon, u just nearly killed me. I swallowed air laughing at the clarification that no, not the entire whole company. xDDD

No, that’s not likely. So far, when I shipped Percy with a god/titan, it was with one that… I’m interested in, that I find interesting. Either they intrigued me in the books - which… he really left no lasting impression - or I am a sucker for their myths - which also doesn’t apply to Hyperion.

So… that’s really not very likely to happen.

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*grins* Glad you like my fics! ;)

And that actually is one of the fics where I can provide a sneak peek of!

It might not be the last place, but of all the places Nico di Angelo had expected to find true love, a veterinarian would have ended up pretty low on that list. He was a ninety-six years old immortal vampire and he had dreamed of finding his one true love so often.

Then again, he had also never imagined the circumstances quite like this either. After all, vampires in general were known for their seductive nature, their natural charms. Nico had imagined he would be wearing a well-cut, expensive suit, perhaps be holding a glass of red wine, smiling over the rim of the glass at whoever had caught his attention. There would be banter and laughter and dancing.

He hadn’t imagined – could not have possibly imagined – being burritoed into a fuzzy, pink blanket with a cutesy strawberry print on it. Who would? It wasn’t even the cool Batman blanket!

And neither had he imagined his true love to have a wet nose and hair everywhere, because he was a wolf. A fluffy, black wolf, but with bright, green eyes. A cute, fluffy, black wolf, but still a wolf.

“Aren’t you the cutest, fluffiest little bat-rrito?”

Which, also not necessarily helpful in the first impressions department. When the vet was cooing over how cute your bat-form was. It was one of those things Nico endured quietly because it was part of the package deal of going to the vet. And he had it coming, because he had broken his wing being careless on his midnight flight. Still, had he known this was the moment he would meet his true love, he… would have re-evaluated some life-choices. As it was, he was being cooed at when someone brought a hurt wolf in and the wolf snorted as he noticed the bat-burrito. Nico immediately turned toward the wolf and narrowed his eyes at him, glaring. He could smell that this wasn’t just a regular wolf, he could smell that this was a werewolf – that it was an omega.

Send me a document title from my WIP folder and ask me about it! If I can, I’ll provide a snippet!

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Sorry for the late reply, I was a bit busy for the last couple of days. Thank you for the prompt! What I wrote is not exactly your sentence, but… Here you are!

This place gives me the creeps, Percy thought. He once again heard that voice. He glanced behind him, but the only thing he saw was the darkness swallowing the corridor. There was nobody behind him.
Or was there?
All of his nerves were screaming at him to run, to escape, to never ever return that mansion again, but he was not somebody who let his flight reflexes work on him. So he did something truly idiotic: he stopped.
And turned around where he came from.
The statue was where he left it. It was a curious little thing: it was made from black marble, but everything looked so realistic, it could have been alive.
But statues made from marbles were not alive, no matter how realistic they looked, or how they moved their arms like a little greeting wave.
Statues. Were. Not. Alive.
He must have taken the wrong medicine or was hallucinating. He almost convinced himself, but then the statue opened it’s completely black mouth.
“Welcome, Percy Jackson. I waited so long for you,” it said and opened it’s arms as if it wanted to embrace the creeped out boy. Percy took a shaky step backward, his shoe caught on the edge of the carpet. He swayed, but he didn’t fall. A hand prevented him - the hand of the statue. It was a cold touch, but it was not as hard as he would have thought. It was smooth and gentle, as were the completely black eyes which were looking down at him in concern.
He suddenly felt like he was poured down with cold water. His head felt heavy and stuffy and the feeling continued down on his neck, shoulders, arms… Down to his legs until he couldn’t feel the coldness of the statue, the softness of the carpet, and the humidity of the room. He felt…
He felt nothing.
He looked down and all he could see was the color blue. Everything was blue. His arms, his legs, his torso. HE was blue.
“Wha-?!” Percy started to freak out.
“Don’t worry, Percy. Just a minute and we can be together forever. Don’t fight against it,” the statue said. Percy tried to fight, tried to run, but his limbs felt heavy and clumsy.
“I’m Nico. I waited for you a long time, and now that you are here, we can be together till the end of time.”
And then Percy was no more.

In his place, there was a new, beautifully crafted blue marble statue about a pretty young man, who was in the loving arms of a handsome man, made from black marble. The contrast between the two of them was striking, the connection between them was palpable. They were beautiful.

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if pjo/hoo characters were pets what who would be what o.o Im thinking percy might be something loyal….like a german shepherd??

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Most likely multiple times at this point, I suspect. But have some lists, because honestly, order and which are included change with both time and my mood! xD

My overall OTP, though it seems rather obvious I’ll still mention it, is Nico/Percy.

Top 5 Percy mlm Ships:

  1. Nico/Percy
  2. Octavian/Percy
  3. Jason/Percy
  4. Triton/Percy
  5. Apollo/Percy

Top 5 Non-Percy mlm Ships:

  1. Octavian/Luke
  2. Jake/Will
  3. Ethan/Alabaster
  4. Thanatos/Triton
  5. Nico/Jason

Top 5 Percy m/f Ships:

  1. Reyna/Percy
  2. Rachel/Percy
  3. Piper/Percy
  4. Thalia/Percy
  5. Calypso/Percy

Top 5 Non-Percy m/f Ships:

  1. Chris/Clarisse
  2. Charles/Silena
  3. Jason/Reyna
  4. Grover/Juniper
  5. Tyson/Ella

Top 5 OT3s (both, with and without Percy):

  1. Nico/Jason/Percy
  2. Charles/Silena/Percy
  3. Octavian/Luke/Percy
  4. Chris/Clarisse/Percy
  5. Frank/Hazel/Leo

Top 5 wlw Ships:

  1. Reyna/Annabeth
  2. Piper/Annabeth
  3. Bianca/Annabeth
  4. Thalia/Bianca
  5. Thalia/Reyna
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