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@jarkaikenobi sfgahshsh honesty ??? same. i first watched psych in 7th grade and really liked shawn/jules. then i rewatched it in 8th grade & i was like oh ???? best friends to lovers anyone ???? and then i rewatched this april/may and was shook. because i only vaguely remembered shipping shawngus and up until 3x02 i was like “yeah they’re so cute and they should’ve dated but it’s mostly just in my head.” and then shawn dropped his “gus won’t date me bc he’s too good for me” line and i- that was the turning point yall. i was like ok i was so not making this up 5 years ago they’re definitely in love and i know imma be queerbaited for the next 5 seasons. (then it got too hard to watch so i stopped at 5x03 and rewatched again lol). but um. yeah. they really did that to us.

and ???? 🥺🥺🥺 thank u ???? honestly shawngus nation has saved my soul we’re the only intellectuals on this site 😤😤

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gus was always my favourite psych character because he’s a straight man but he’s bad at it. the whole “i am serious and no nonsense but i will get in public fights with my best friend over inconsequential bullshit” shtick is deeply relatable

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