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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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Can we trust our perception?


In an experiment conducted by the psychologists Simons and Levin in 1998, some subjects were involved in a fake conversation with a stranger. This conversation was briefly interrupted by two construction workers carrying a door between them in such a way that their view was briefly blocked.

Without the knowledge of the test person, the conversation partner was exchanged, which was not noticed by many test persons when they continued the conversation afterwards.

Since the test persons had previously looked directly at the interlocutor and this was only interrupted very briefly, it is assumed that an erroneous perception is not basically due to a lack of attention, but to underlying expectations.

In such a situation, one simply does not expect that a conversation partner will be exchanged and therefore does not necessarily notice the exchange.

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go to a wedding with, go to a party with, go to a museum with

,,,wedding with elliot because i go feral during those and hed look dope in a suit

party with mell because we both would either end up in a trashbin somwhere or impulsivly leave because of the bright light and noise and get icecream or smth

museum with octolad but i change my name to robin damuse and we steal 7 and a half things before getting bored

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stab, shoot or drown


I. Am going to take this in the minecraft form. because i care way to much about them to hurt them in any other way.

YES i have tried to shoot kai so theres that. (side note - i failed, several times)

mell literally has both stabbing and water truama im. h. u h??? I. probably would knife him on accident, but its more likely that id hit him with kai the hoe

sorry aspen but if were playing mc youre gonna drown in my underwater caverns

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