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#Yoosung Kim

I’ve shared my HC a few times before and I have my feelings on the matter. 

As a whole, I tend to say that the RFA will love the MC no matter who they are or how they identify, so lemme just slap that out there first because I’ve gotten a bit of hate in the past about this sort of thing and I sincerely don’t want a repeat of that situation. I have no time for bullshit and no energy for it. It mostly entails a lot of transphobia and acephobia so, uh, terfs, transphobes, acephobes, etc do not interact with me. 

I read Yoosung as Trans and Bi. He’s constantly comparing himself to the other male members of the RFA with envy and sometimes, it reads to me as a puppy crush and I love when Zen and Yoosung interact because they’re both so supportive to each other and it’s obvious that Yoosung admires him. He feels like he’s not as much of a man as the others, constantly feeling like he’s not smart, strong, or appealing as the others. He’s trying to sort out his feelings for boys but he gets stuck between, do I want to be with him, or do I want to be him? The answer is both, he learns. 

I read Zen as Pan. He’s open to love from all walks of life and he feels the Pan label encapsulates his emotional experience in a way that Bi doesn’t. Bi and Pan are interchangeable labels in the same realm, Bi being the attraction to two or more genders, Pan simply saying attraction without any regard to gender. Zen appreciates an aesthetically pleasing person. He loves his MC no matter who they are, and this just felt right to him. As long as you love him for who he is and not just what he looks like, he’s down for it. 

I read Jaehee is a Lesbian, obviously. She’s clearly had an internal struggle with her emotions for a long time. She hasn’t allowed herself to feel anything toward anyone before and she has only assumed that she likes boys because that is what society says that she is supposed to do. She hasn’t ever stopped to think that she felt otherwise, not until her route’s MC comes along and she starts to feel something strongly that she hasn’t felt before. She’s got a lot to sort out, as her instant thought is she wants to be friends forever, but it takes her time to realize that THEY CAN BE MORE THAN THAT AND THAT’S WHAT SHE WANTS. 

I read Seven is NB/Genderfluid, as well as Bi. Seven is a confirmed Bisexual, so, there’s no HC about it. That’s his sexuality guys, point-blank. He loves the MC no matter what and that’s simply that. As far as the other label, Seven loves to dress up, and he loves to fluctuate between dressing up as a woman and dressing up as himself. It may have started back in the agency for missions, but he quickly realized that wearing a dress and makeup and receiving female pronouns every now and again… felt right. So, he can teeter between what feels right to him, but unless he tells you otherwise, he’s okay with you using male pronouns. 

I read Jumin as Ace. Oh, boy, I’ve talked about this one a lot and some people were not kind to me for it, but I stand my ground. He’s not sex-repulsed, but he doesn’t really feel any sexual pull at all. He spent much of his young life being sexually-harrassed by people, from a very young age. His interest in love was already pretty much void, but the notion that people wanted him simply for sex not only disgusted him but it made him feel like an outsider because he did not experience those feelings. Love for him is talking all night in front of a fire, and if his MC wishes to take things more physical, he’s not averse to it but it would have to be something talked about from both ends.

I read Jihyun as Demi. He is a very closed off guy. He’s someone that keeps his heart inside of him and is wary of getting close to others that he doesn’t already have in his life. It took some time for him to feel attached to Rika, and it would also take time for him to become attached to his MC. He simply does not fall for someone fast and hard, he needs time even then, he struggles to understand if what he is feeling is love or just the strong bond of a cherished friendship. It is a bit harder for him because of his internalized guilt, and inability to be selfish. 

I also, read Saeran/Ray as Demi. Romance for him is sort of a mixed bag, and while he feels strongly for others, it isn’t until he feels like he’s come to know that person that he feels that he’s in love with them. He can feel the intense feelings of infatuation all day and strain to understand why he feels such a pull to another person but it is not a sexual thing for him until much time has passed. He loves his MC, but it would take a lot of time and trust for him to feel ready and okay with sexual feelings. He’s got a lot of his own guilt and shame when it comes to being selfish, so it may take him even longer to realize that he wants to take things any further with his MC. He wants to hold their hand and be with them, but sex never crossed his mind. 

Rika is… Honestly, I’d have to really think about Rika. 

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I’ve seen so many people say that he looks like a female and I’m like 😳😳😳😳 damn he does

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Yoosung adores you. Why wouldn’t he? You’re his boyfriend and he wants you to be happy and cherished the way that you deserve. You don’t have to worry about a thing in regards to that. 

Well, that’s just putting it into laymen’s terms because if he were to sit down and say everything that he felt about you, it would likely take a couple of hours to do so. He’s never been one to know what to say at the sheer moment it pops into his head, and it’s a bit harder knowing that he’s always got this rush of emotion but when it comes down to it, he babbles and laughs it off as it’s hard for him to express this puppy-dog crush that won’t stop once the two of you start dating. 

It honestly isn’t something that bothers you, you struggle to maintain eye-contact and the smallest little change in tone can really make you uncomfortable even if you can rationalize the situation. 

Yoosung noticed this fairly easily after you two had been around one another, and you had warned him that you struggled to be chatty in person. He lets you set the pace when you’re together, and he lets you choose how far you want to take it. 

You want to hold his hand? Okay. You want him to hold you? Okay. You want a bit of space from him because you’re overstimulated? Okay. Yoosung spends a lot of time trying to figure out and learn the best way to ensure that you feel safe and at ease with him. He may make a few mistakes here or there, but he is just trying his best. He’ll apologize if he messes up and own up to it, ensuring that you know that he respects you and your feelings. 

Stims, stims, stims. If you’ve got something that helps you focus, fret not, Yoosung is here to ensure that you’ve got toys or other distractions to help you when you’re in need. 

He has restless legs when he is working so honestly, he is one that understands the plight you deal with, perhaps not the same extent, but enough that he knows how important it is for you. He doesn’t mind, you do what you need to do. He’s just happy that you’re able to be yourself around him and no ashamed of what you need to do. 

He’s always looking out for you, it’s a little overprotective but he just wants you to feel wanted. He tends to try and read the situation with others so he can try to help you if things get to be too much. If someone sets you off, he makes sure that you can back out of the space or whatever you need to do. Yoosung is very gentle and methodical when it comes to you. 

When you’re feeling frustrated with your body, or overwhelmed with dysphoria, you can count on Yoosung to reassure you. He’ll pepper in those compliments because he really does think you’re handsome, and he wants you to know that you are his boyfriend, and he is yours. Nothing will change that fact and you are you, no matter what someone tries to say to you otherwise. Lets you borrow his clothes if you want to have something a little cozier. 

He’ll smile at you when you’re having a good day, and he’ll do the same when you’re having a bad day. He loves his boyfriend and he hopes that you know just how much you mean to him. His life wouldn’t be the same without you. He also struggles with his self-image, but you make him feel like a man. He hopes you know that he sees you the same. But you’re the kindest man that he has ever met and he hopes to be more like you, with your warm heart. 

Yoosung will get angry if someone blatantly misgenders you or says something insensitive right to your face. 

Sometimes, you don’t notice when it happens, but Yoosung is there, ready to get you away from that, glaring at anyone who dared to try to hurt you when you did not deserve that disrespect. He can get really peeved when people do shit like that. You can always count on Yoosung to defend you, as well as the rest of the RFA. 

If you’re okay with it when you’re having a moment, he’ll gladly press his lips to your forehead and murmur his love to you, oh-so-very gently. You are his and he is yours. Forever. 

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Yoosung could see that you were staring at Zen with a wistful look on your face again. He couldn’t help but let out a little sigh at the sight. You had it really bad for him and everyone knew it as a fact. Well, everyone except for Zen because it seemed as though he was just as oblivious as you were when it came to thinking that nothing was going on at all. He couldn’t help but press his hand against your shoulder, looking at you with a little smile, “Y/N. You’re drooling. Zen will notice.” 

You hurriedly pressed your sleeve to your face and glared at him when you noted that there had been none at all. Did he really just try to torment you over the crush that you had shared with him in good confidence weeks ago! “That’s not funny, Yoosung.”

“If you told him, you wouldn’t have that problem. I couldn’t help myself!”


Jaehee knew that you were pining for Seven. She didn’t understand why that was but she knew that you were really having a hard time expressing your true feelings to him. It seemed odd, you know because Seven was flirting and joining with you all of the time. How could neither of you address your feelings when it was that obvious? She wasn’t even someone that was invested in romance and she could see what was happening! 

She chuckled, tapping your hand to catch your attention as you were staring at your phone where you were texting him a couple of photos. “Hey, isn’t that Luciel over there?” 

You jolted upright and looked back in the direction of the door and found that no one was there. You huffed, looking up at Jaehee who was smiling innocently at you. “Not cool.” 


Alright, Zen will never understand why you have feelings for Jumin, but he isn’t going to judge matters of the heart. It isn’t his place, even if he is wary of how Jumin is around you. Nevertheless, he pats your shoulder when the guy misses your cue and totally thinks you intend something else. Most of the time, he is the shoulder for you to cry on. Today, however, he pointedly looked at Jumin across from the both of you, “Y’know, you’re sort of dense. Can’t you see that Y/N is trying to tell you—”


You slapped a hand over Zen’s mouth as before it was too late to stop it, smiling innocently at Jumin, “That Elizabeth looks lovely today! That’s what I wanted to say!”  


Jumin knew that you have some strong feelings for Jaehee. Now, he really didn’t bother you about this crush at all. Feelings are a personal matter and for you to deal with on your own when it happens. He doesn’t bother you about this after you made it known to him one day when you were chatting over wine. He does, however, think that you should simply be honest with her about your feelings as it seems a waste of time not to just come out with it. 

You were sitting together at the cafe after Jumin had dropped by, chatting about this and that. Somehow, it turned into how you two were doing. “Jaehee, I do believe that things are going well, after all, Y/N thinks of you very fondly—”

You fumed, cheeks turning red as you babbled over your words to try and save face but Jaehee was only smiling. 


Seven knew that you had some rather strong feelings for his brother. Honestly, it made him kind of happy to know that you were pining hard for Saeran. His baby brother deserves to be happy, and you deserve to be happy. Although, neither of you is great at expressing your feelings. You just kind of sit around quietly with each other, and that’s nice, but how could he know how you’re feeling when you do this?!

“Saeran! You know, if you and Y/N want to hang out, you should really go out somewhere instead of staying home,” he beamed, mouth wide into a smile as he winks at you. 

You were tongue-tied, babbling, and trying to cover your tracks but Saeran just sighed at him, and then looked over at you. “You wanna get out of here so he will shut up?”


V noticed how you stared across the room at Jumin. It really wasn’t a surprise to him at all. Jumin is a great guy, and it’s no wonder that you like him. Although, it seems like you have the worst time at trying to talk to him and express your own feelings to him. You say something but then take it back, laughing it off to try and cover your tracks. It’s a little bit sad since he knows how you feel but sometimes, he can’t help but chuckle, pressing his hand against yours for a moment. 

“Hey, you know that if you just tell him, you won’t have to try to lie about hanging out with someone else, right? I’m sure he’s noticed that you’ve been putting him off lately.”

Red in the face, you looked away. “I know, I know. You don’t have to tell me, Jihyun.” 


Alright. You’ve clearly got feelings for V, and there is no hiding it from him. To be honest, there’s no hiding it from anyone. V is just really oblivious and has not even noticed that you’ve been more than friendly with him, your hands almost always touching when you talk and that dreamy smile on your face the entire time you’re with him. It is honestly getting kind of old for him to see as he wishes you would just get it over with instead of living in limbo. 

“I’m gonna tell him,” he said, voice deadpan as he looked at you staring a hole through him from the other side of the room. 

“Don’t you dare,” you huffed. 

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A/N: Hello! I’ve gained some new followers recently so I thought it was a good time to start putting all my writing in one place so it’s easy to find. Thank you in advance if you take the time to read any of my work :) - Sunny x

Word Series

Hiraeth (Seven x MC): hiraeth (n.): a homesickness for a home to which you cannot return, a home which maybe never was; the nostalgia, the yearning, the grief for the lost places of your past.

Lagom (V x MC): lagom (n.): a Swedish word meaning not too little, not too much. Just right.

Other Series

A Piece of You (Zen x MC): After the death of his sister, Zen is entrusted with raising her daughter. Six years later and MC has settled into RFA, but she just wants to be back on the roof with the love of her life like she was two years before. But dealing with teenage years, dragged out engagements and a lot of unsaid feelings, you start to lose a piece of you. Or, perhaps, find a piece you had that had been missing the whole time.

Prologue // Chapter 1 // Chapter 2  (coming soon!) //


Rainy Day (Seven x MC): When a rainy day ruins the perfect date, or does it make the date perfect?

Look at Me (Vanderwood x MC): MC can’t handle Seven’s coldness anymore, but finds warmth in the generosity of a complete stranger.


RFA x MC in Quarantine

Zen + Jumin with a sensitive MC

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🏳️‍🌈  RFA (& co.) at pride!! 🏳️‍🌈

I’ve been wanting to draw my headcanons for them for a long time now!! Some of these hcs I feel more strongly about than others –and I just want to remind you that you don’t have to have the same ones ^u^ happy pride! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

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TW: Anxiety


Yoosung knew that you were rather nervous about other people and it wasn’t something that you had any control over at all. Anxiety isn’t something that he has dealt with on a personal level but he sort of understands what it can feel like when you explain it to him the first few times you open up. It wasn’t something you made a big deal out of, and he didn’t think much of it since you reassured him a few times. 

When the party rolls around, he knows that you’ve had enough because your voice starts to quiver and there’s a hint of tears when you’re talking. He takes you by your hands to a much quieter area so you can cool down. He keeps your eyes trained on him, reminding you to breathe and only focus on him. Nobody is looking at you, or judging you, he’s the only one looking at you and he loves you. 


Jaehee has always grit her teeth when she was dealing with something and got through it no matter what it made her feel like. That wasn’t always easy, but she got through it. She doesn’t exactly have an overwhelming amount of worry as you do, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t understand what you’re dealing with on a bad day. You’ve told her a few times that it is rather hard for you with larger crowds, and she makes a note of that. 

Jaehee knows that something is amiss during the party because your breathing gets uneven, and you hurriedly leave the area. She finds you with your hands buried in your face, trying to calm yourself. She frowns and gently shushes your tears while she sits down next to you and runs her fingers through your hair. She will stay with you until you feel okay. 


Now, Zen doesn’t really understand how people can feel overwhelmed all at once by others. He’s used to being around people and he almost certainly thrives on the energy that comes from being around people. So, when you let it be known that you sincerely struggle with worry and being around so many people all at once, it is something he takes very seriously, even if he doesn’t know how bad you have it. 

Zen gladly chats amicably with everyone during the party and he wishes that you can be by his side the entire time, he loves showing you off to everyone. But, he knows real fast that something isn’t right when the others aren’t sure where you went. He figures that something isn’t right, and he finds you with your nails dug into your forearms, trying to ground yourself. He replaces your hands with his own and holds you close. 


Jumin is no stranger to being at the head of a room with all eyes on him. He isn’t overwhelmed by it and he isn’t wary of that. However, he is aware that for some people that is not an easy feat. He gets it. When you tell him that it’s something that you struggle with, he doesn’t judge you for that. He knows that it is out of your control. You worried it would change how he thought of because he is out in the spotlight, but it doesn’t. He doesn’t care about that, he cares about you. 

It’s quite tell-tale to him when you get overwhelmed. He doesn’t even flinch when your voice cracks, after having come to see him after being on duty with Jaehee for a while. He gently wipes away your tears and takes you outside so you can cool down and get a breather. Jumin wants you to feel comfortable and safe, so, he’ll wait as long as you need him to. 


He’s learned how to stomach his fears as fast as he can. Seven sometimes does not like being where everyone can see him and yet, he bites his tongue and does what he has to do. For the most part, he has energy for days and is not bothered at all. When it comes to you, though, he knows that you have a lot of issues with that, too. He would gladly hold your hand and reassure you of any worries that you have. He won’t let you feel unsafe. 

You had plenty to do and so did he, but the instant that he could come and see you, he did. You were keeping it together, but even Seven could tell that you were on the brink of tears. He let Jaehee know that you needed a break and took you outside for a bit. Seven will gladly sit with you under the stars on the trunk of his car while he talks you through your fears. 

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Yoosung has never been all that great at other languages. He slacked off in his own studies when it came to English, so he hardly ever got very far in what he should have been learning. There are times when he gets lost in translation in his own life, so honestly, he empathizes with you. He knows what it feels like to not what the heck a certain word is. He knows what it is in Korean but he does not know how to swap something over at all. 

He won’t tease you about it. Yoosung knows what you’re trying your best to speak a language that isn’t as familiar to you as his own. He’ll probably help you with pronunciation, or help you find another word that you can use so you don’t feel as frustrated! 


Jaehee never really had all that much trouble with other languages. School was pretty much a breeze but that doesn’t mean that she knows everything. She has a great head on her shoulders and knows how to work fast in what you could call a wild situation that she may not have all the details for to work with when she needs it. 

So, when you struggle to tell her something that you want to say, she knows right off the bat that you must be having a tough time locating a specific phrase. She would have already been trying to learn your native language, so she would try to pin down what you want to say and what could be used to make up for that. She is methodical, so expect her to help you with a lesson, no teasing. 


He wonders if you’re tongue-tied because he’s so handsome, and that might be what he asks you when you’re straining to say something that is on the tip of your tongue but it just keeps coming out a bit wrong. He isn’t all that versed in many other languages, but that doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t try to lend you a hand when you look so very frustrated. 

You can jot down what you’re trying to say once you vaguely know the meaning of the word, and he steadily nods his head, with a little “Oh!” He understands that you may not have the ability or the easiest time to say something with ease in Korean compared to your native tongue. You guys can work out a solid system where you can pop in a specific word that doesn’t translate well, and he’ll learn how to filter through what makes you feel at ease. 


He knows that you’re having a hard time when you purse your lips, huffing and puffing when you can’t quite say what you want to say. It’s obvious that you want to say something but something is amiss. 

Honestly, this man knows quite a few languages as he was classically trained from a young age, so it would be a surprise if he didn’t have at least some sort of knowledge about your language. Even if he wasn’t fluent, he would know quite a bit of it. He’s got a direct approach to things when you clearly stumble and have a hard time saying something, he’ll either ask you if you meant “x”, and then repeat that word for you to confirm it. Or, he’ll immediately start either getting you some classes to help your skills, or he’ll start taking them because he wants to be able to speak with you seamlessly. 


There’s no way to know for sure how many languages are bubbling inside of his brain and the world may never know. He keeps changing the number and the sheer amount that he does know. So, when you try to talk to him, honestly, you don’t have to worry about chatting in Korean if that isn’t your biggest strong suit. He will just swap to your own language and happily converse with you without any semblance of trouble. 

However, if you want to be able to speak with more ease, he’ll give you whatever hand you want. He had a time trying to process all of them on his own, so he learned a lot of tips and tricks to make certain sounds come out the way that they are supposed to without a lot of hassle. He’ll play tutor for you if that’s what you want. 


He and Jumin are sort of on the same wavelength, but Jihyun is nowhere near as active in using other languages as much. That doesn’t mean that he can’t empathize with your plight. He knows that when he was younger, he had a real-time of it trying to make the right enunciation with words and it just did not click for a long time. So, he really gets where you’re going from when you narrow your eyebrows and groan. 

His first thought is to help you say the word that you’re having a hard time with, slowly repeating it so you have something to work from. If it’s a really hard thing, he’ll point out a word that is close but sounds a bit different on your tongue so you have something to work without that doesn’t peeve you off so much. He, too, would help you learn how to communicate. 


Honestly, this man is a beast when it comes to learning something with speed, and never once does he complain about anything. He whisked his way through coding without a problem, and he would have no trouble learning your own native tongue one he got started. It would have happened well before he really knew you because he wanted to be able to talk to you and impress you when he felt you the first time. 

He understands that sometimes, things don’t always translate over very well and it can be really tough to make a noise that really… doesn’t exist in your own way of speaking. He would help you with that, but if it was really hard for you, he would gladly just swap to whatever you prefer to speak with. He wants you to be comfortable. He just wants you to be comfortable speaking with him. 

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I know this isn’t marvel and that’s what i mainly do on this account but i got inspiration from 2 songs and had to write this. Stuff might be off because I only know what I’ve read online cause I haven’t done every route and stuff might be ooc but oH WELL

These are the songs I was inspired by:

I used the song lyrics for the dialogue I’m sorry (I also changed some lyrics to better fit this)

I also feel the need to put a trigger warning because this is DARK AF AND THERE’S A LOT OF DEATH I’M SORRY

Keep reading

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this is so wholesome i couldn’t resist <3 I

  • “Zen, if you make one more joke about me being drunk I swear I–”
  • “What do you mean about getting drunk!? Young man, you’re supposed to be focused on your studies!”
  • Yooung later found out the incoming call that said “Zen” wasn’t Zen at all. When he came to complain to the chat, Saeyoung couldn’t stop laughing and called it the best prank of the year.
  • It happened a couple more times. After Yoosung did his best to recover all the numbers and rightful owners, Seven still managed to hack his phone and do it a couple more times, to the point where Yoosung would wait until the other person in the line talked before starting a conversation.
  • Once, he saw an unknown number calling him at 2 am. Worried it might be something important, he answered it. A robot-like voice announced him it was 2 am and he should get to bed because he had classes in the morning. Yoosung rolled his eyes and ended the call, knowing well aware who was behind the call.
  • It happened again the next day, only it was at 1 am. It even reminded him there was a test Yoosung had completely forgot. He thanked the voice on the other line and started to study. He ended up getting a pretty good grade.
  • It becomes an habit for Saeyoung to send reminders to Yoosung about his classes. He stopped messing with his contacts and instead even programmed the voice to call Yoosung to make sure he was drinking enough water or eating enough fruits. 
  • It even reminds Yoosung he should lay off the computer so his sight doesn’t get worse.
  • Yoosung /knows/ it’s Saeyoung, but he won’t talk to him about it. They haven’t discussed it in the chat, but he’s thankful he finds time to take care of him.
  • That what friends are for.
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