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#Yoosung Kim

Zen: Ugh! I just can’t get it!

Yoosung: Try turning it anti-clockwise.

Zen: What the hell does anti-clockwise mean?

Yoosung: It means the same as counter-clockwise

Zen: Then you say counter-clockwise!

Jumin: Are you two still playing with that thing? It’s just a stupid colored cube.

Zen: You’re a stupid colored cube!

Jumin: You cut me deep, Zen.

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Author notes -> hiya i’ve returned (also there’s more to the prompt but i wasn’t sure how to add in the manipulation and nightmares parts, sorry if this isn’t that good) also apologies for being like… half a week late with this <-

Warnings -> cursing, Yoosung’s also pretty yandere here too <-

Just another RFA party. You thought everything would be fine. And it was…

Until something happened that destroyed your relationship with Yoosung.

“Yoosung, are you ready to go?” you asked. There were going to be a lot of guests this time, and you were nervous and excited at the same time.

“I’m ready!” he called out from outside your shared room. Walking out into the hallway, he smiled upon seeing you. You pulled him closer to you and planted a short, but sweet kiss on his cheek.

“Come on, we don’t want to be late!” you said cheerily. 

“Of course, darling.” Yoosung replied, grasping your hand gently. 

“It’s always been us, and always will be. I love you, and you love me.”

The two of you arrived at the party, a huge crowd of people outside the venue. 

Everything was going smoothly so far. People were being nice enough, and no one seemed angry or upset.

“H-hey there babyyy,” someone draped his arm over your shoulder. “How about we- *hic* we go somewhere prrivate?” (A/N: I have never had alcohol ever, so this might be inaccurate lol)

“Hey, how about you go somewhere else? Can you do that for me?” you asked politely, not wanting to anger anyone.

“O-okay then. Anything f-for you, daaaaaaaarling.” he stumbled over to the bathroom, bumping into people as he went on his way.

“MC?” Yoosung asked, his face stone cold. “Who was that?

“I don’t know! He just appeared out of nowhere.”

Yoosung glared at the guy as he trudged back out of the bathroom, trying to intimidate him.

“Well, why were you so nice to him then?” Yoosung pouted. He didn’t want anyone else to grab your attention. “You could have just pushed him away. Unless he isn’t just a stranger?”

“Yoosung, I promise I have never met him in my life until just now! What makes you think I’d ever intentionally be near him?”

Yoosung widened his eyes slightly. “Oh, so it wasn’t him. I know now.”

You let out a breath you didn’t know you were even holding, until your boyfriend slid closer to you.

“It’s been V, hasn’t it?” he asked, desperate to find out who you were close with and cut them out. 

“It’s always been you, and always will be. I love you, and you love me.”

“What?” you asked Yoosung, confused. “What do you mean, it’s been V?”

“You were always the closest to him. How did I not see it before?” Yoosung’s voice was getting louder and louder, and the people around the two of you started staring at him and whispering to each other.

“Yoosung, please calm down. I have no idea what you’re talking about. What do you mean, it’s been V?”

“You obviously admire him so much that you refused to even side with me when he was wrong! Admit it, you love him!”

“Yoosung, please don’t assume things like that! There’s nothing I have with V compared to you-”

Unfortunately, because of all the voices from people around him, all he heard was,

“Yoosung, there’s nothing I have with you

Although it was just a misunderstanding, he got even angrier. 

“V!” he shouted. “V, you b*stard! Get over here!”

This attracted Jumin’s attention, hearing someone cursing at his childhood friend.

“Yoosung. Calm down.” he said, squinting his eyes slightly at the boy. 

“You know what? If you’re not willing to tell the truth, then I’ll just leave. Clearly, that’s what you wanted.”

“Yoosung no-” tears were ready to slip out of your eyes. “It’s all just a misunderstanding! Please don’t be jealous-”

It was too late. He had already gotten himself lost in the crowd, leaving you alone.

“What just happened?” Jumin asked. “Why was Yoosung angry at you?”

“I don’t know! He said something about V, and the guy talking to me earlier-”

“I’ll try and talk some sense into him!” Zen offered, butting in. “He better be sorry for leaving you like that.”

“T-thanks,” was all you were able to reply before you slumped down again.

“He’s gone,” you realized. “He’s really gone.”

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Hullo welcome to me reading the MM WEBTOON, part 4?





Although I do think….well it’s my theory, that we’re going through all the routes one by one so Yoosung should be later, then Jaehee, Jumin and then maybe Seven is the endgame?


OH AND ALSO LOOK AT VANDERWOOD AND SEVEN THEYRE- HES ACTING LIKE A DAD YES I LOVE IT(actually y’know what? Vanderwood is a MOM and I will not elaborate lmao)





NO YOURE NOT SEVEN, YOURE THE LOVE INTEREST -please be there love interest I will CRY T_T (as much as Zen is a great character, I still want Seven to be endgame pleaseee hes so pretty T^T

And that’s all for today folks (also might be posting a request soon so watch out for dat )

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Aaahhh! This gave me such a good idea, since i recently brought a Wacom and didn’t know what to draw as my first digital art. But alas this didn’t turn out as good as i wanted it to (┬┬﹏┬┬)

I would also like to write a oneshot on it soon..!

Thank you for the idea @spiritchan  !

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Why I am physically unable to hate any of the main characters in Mystic Messenger

Disclaimer:- while I am writing this, my thoughts are not well organised so I feel that this post will be very messy.


I find it hard to hate any of the main cast is because no one, not even the very main antagonist Rika are bad persons inside. Deep down they are all either acting naturally according to the conditions present or are making “well intentioned” mistakes, I mean they have good intentions but end up doing wrong actions. All characters in the main cast are imperfect, they all have good qualities, they are all flawed and because they are flawed they will definitely be moments where they will make mistakes or do something wrong, there will be moments when they will annoy you and frustate you (this especially happens when a particular character is at their lowest point). There are also moments where the positive traits of these characters shine the brightest, this usually happens in the Good Endings.

For Example

Jaehee was being an obstacle in Zen route because she was overprotective of his budding career and did not want it to be ruined. However no matter how well intentioned she was, it was certainly wrong of her to interfere in his private matters.

Zen was being an obstacle in Jumin route because of his prejudice towards Jumin and was wary of Jumin in that route. He had no ill intentions behind his behaviour and since Jumin reminded him of someone who had betrayed and abused him, his feelings are quite valid. Yet it was wrong of him to go too far with the hatred towards, to invalidate Jumin’s feelings when he was having a mental breakdown and finally he had no right to interfere between Jumin and MC.

Yoosung was going through the darkest period of his life since Rika left, the person who had guided him, inspired him and had shaped him into who he is and he loved her like his own sister. After she left he was desperate to hold onto anything which reminded him of her. MC takes over her position and validates his feelings which made him feel that MC is similar to her. He used to compare her with Rika because he thought that being compared to her is the highest form of compliment. However despite how well intentioned he might be in this case it was still wrong of him to compare MC with his beloved cousin. Its because we can never replace anyone, not even a deceased person, also with this comparision MC would feel insecure about herself and would feel pressurised to be as good as her. Besides he loves MC in a different way than he loves his cousin.

It was also very reasonable for him to be mad at Jihyun because he felt betrayed by his actions, he really needed Jihyun’s support that time which Jihyun was unable to provide him properly and the fact that he was hiding and ghosting the younger male, it had added more fuel to the fire. Yet, it was still wrong when he went too far with his harsh feelings towards Jihyun and blaming him for the “death” because Jihyun would never intentionally hurt Rika and he also did not want Yoosung to become more miserable than he already is . His depression and his own feelings of betrayal might explain his actions but it does not make it any less wrong.

Jumin might seem like he has everything but in reality he is one of the loneliest person among the main cast. He has severe trust issues and abandonment issues due to his traumatic past which involves his emotionally unavailable parents (especially his dad whom he loves very much but the dad treats him more as an employee than like a son)and his friend whom he had trusted very much abandoning him and also because he has constantly seen his dad’s wives and mistresses using them for his wealth. But when he finally finds someone who loves him for who really is and not for his wealth, someone whom he can finally trust with he becomes posessive towards them. His possessiveness is highly driven by his fear of abandonment and definitely meant no harm.

Seven has lived a life deprived of affection, on top of that he is working under hazardous conditions which can potentially be fatal to him or someone he loves dearly. He sometimes goes too far with his funny persona and I was mad at him for invalidating Jumin’s feelings and making fun of him when the latter was having a mental breakdown. Because he did not want MC’s life to be at stake due to his job he was mean and abusive towards her to keep her away from himself. Having MC or anyone else get hurt because of him is the last thing he would want to happen. Most of us were able to see his intentions because we are able to view things objectively. But in real life, being in a relationship with someone like him would be very difficult, for this one really needs to have the patience of a saint. His good intentions does not make his actions towards MC any less abusive.

Jihyun is the most selfless out of the main cast. He is a good guy but he is so good that it is very toxic. He always thought about others and did everything for other’s sake. Despite doing some horrible stuff, he had no ill intentions behind doing so. He loved others so much that he decided to take the entire matter into his own hands and deal with it singlehandedly. Because he neither want RFA members nor Rika get hurt, he had decided to keep Mint Eye a secret by faking Rika’s death which had some serious negative consequences such as Yoosung falling into a deep depression. He had also hidden the truth about Saeran to Saeyoung, which caused the latter to go through a traumatic experience when he found out the truth.

Jihyun was under the impression that he was in love with Rika when in reality he was rather obsessed with her. He thought he was helping Rika by making her use himself as a punching bag but through this he was rather encouraging her unhealthy coping mechanism, thereby leading to the worsening of her condition due to which he was partly if not totally responsible for the downfall.

In regards to Mint Eye, Jihyun to Rika is equivalent to what The League was to Germany before the Second World War (with Saeran as Czechslovakia)

Since Saeran and Rika are almost in a similar situations, I will talk about them together. They both have come from abusive homes, are not self aware of their actions (for Saeran its due to the cocktail of drugs he is fed and in Rika’s case its due to her severe mental illness which causes her to have delusions). They are under the impression that they are doing good by leading people into the “paradise” but in reality they are abusing people. They are both commiting crimes but they dont realise their actions.

Thereby I conclude by saying that I cant hate any of the characters because I feel that they all deserve love as all of them are broken in some way or the other

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Mystic Messenger x Miraculous Ladybug AU!

Had some ideas about this around a year and a half ago, and started slowly coming up with costume ideas! This is the latest drawing based on the AU, that i made last week. Also expect more messy pictures coming up, I’m going to start just posting anything I come across that I feel like is cool to share.

~Extra info~

Keep reading

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Jumin x Mc 
Ending: Happy End

Okay! Chapter two! I hope i could glue some hearts and didn’t destroy them even more, ahahah XD Enjoy! 


,,Mommy, when will the doctors allow Daddy to see us again?’’ your son asked you.
You looked down at him and smiled warmly.
You weren’t sure how long you could keep up with this lie.
,,JiHo, shall we draw today while Mommy goes to work?’’ Jihyun asked your son, who immediately agreed.
,,Thanks,’’ you whispered and tried to hold back your tears.
On your way to work, the conversation you had with Jumin went through your head.
The RFA, who was present yesterday when Jumin told you that he wanted to get divorced, stopped opening new chats.
To be honest, Seven made a second server where everyone beside Jumin was in.
Zen already proposed to you that you could go to his place, however, Jihyun was quicker.

,,Jumin would have wanted me to take care of you, don’t worry. Once he regains his memories, he will be sorry and beg you for forgiveness. Give him time and take care of your health,’’ he told you.
You looked up to the big company. He wouldn’t fire you, would he?
,,What are you doing here? The samples for the DNA test aren’t ready yet, or do you want to confess already?’’ Jumin asked you annoyed.
Jaehee pressed her lips together.
,,I work here, Jumin,’’ you told him.
You were confident and didn’t intend to show him any weakness.
,,As…?’’ he asked you and looked over to Jaehee.

,,You can’t fire her!’’ Chairman Han hissed as his son.
,,Son, for me, you were always perfect, but just now I realized how much better this woman made you.
First of all, she is your wife. Secondly, you can’t fire a pregnant woman! At least give her another workplace, but even if you do, how would it look if the wife of the CEO gets another job in the company?!’’ Chairman Han tried to ask his son. 
But Jumin already made his decision.
,,You will work here,’’ Chairman Han said, ,,it’s the best I could do, unfortunately,’’ he apologized.
,,It’s okay,’’ you mumbled as you patted your belly, ,,we can handle it,’’ you tried to smile and not to cry.

But one of the co-workers in the accounting office was already really nice to you, so you didn’t feel that bad.
You knew that everything would turn out for the best, or so you hoped.
,,It is my son. She was telling the truth,’’ Jumin mumbled as he and his lawyer looked at the documents.
,,Jumin, I swear to God you weren’t manipulated. I have known you for a long time and trust me, you even made me change the documents on her name, see! If something were to happen to you, everything would go to her. You wrote that yourself!’’ the lawyer showed Jumin.
Everyone was telling him the same thing. Everyone wanted to show him that he changed and that he loved, but if not even he himself could understand his feelings, how could other people do it?
,,As your personal lawyer I won’t finish the divorce until you wait for the birth of your next child,’’ he said and packed his stuff.
,,You do know that I will fire you even if we’re friends, right?’’ Jumin asked with a dark voice.
,,Then fire me, but I won’t destroy the little family you built and cherished, because someday you will regret it,’’ he said and packed his stuff, leaving Jumin alone in the penthouse.
And once again, this odd feeling overcame him.
,,Maybe I should call the doctor,’’ he mumbled to himself.
,,I feel pressure on my chest, but not pain. I can’t breathe correctly. I have an odd feeling,’’ he tried to describe.
,,Mr. Han, you aren’t sick,’’ the doctor chuckled. He was his doctor for the last ten years and knew what he was feeling, finally.
,,You’re lonely,’’ he explained and patted his shoulders.
With that, he was fired too.

,,FIRE ALL THE PEOPLE WHO HAD SOMETHING TO DO WITH ME OR THAT WOMAN!’’ he yelled into the phone as he called Jaehee.
He was sick of that. Why did the people around him think that they knew him better than he did himself?
Weeks went by, and even though he could have called another lawyer, he didn’t do anything about the divorce.
Weeks went by and even through he wasn’t interested in you, he came by daily to check ,,if the work was done cleanly.’’
But the truth was that he just had to see your face.
Because whenever he saw you, he felt at ease.
His chest didn’t hurt, his breathing would calm down, and his mind would be at ease.
Whenever he heard you laugh, he had to laugh too.
But he also hated to come by because, often he would see you crying alone in the room, mumbling his name.
Once he even overheard something and he regretted being there at that moment.
,,What will happen to the little girl I’m carrying? She will be here soon and her father won’t even love her… It hurts my heart so much… but what hurts the most is, that he will hate it… He will never feel the same again… I’m scared that he will stay alone forever… so much changed in his life and he doesn’t even know it yet…’’ you sobbed.
Jumin was about to enter the room when he could see and hear that another man was in the room.
,,Where are you staying at the moment, Mc?’’
,,At his best friend’s place… He’s taking care of us…’’
,,Why don’t you come to my place. Let’s break contact with Mr. Han. He will never be the same again and it will only hurt you… He was like that, he always was,’’ the man tried to explain.
,,You shouldn’t say that about the person you’re working for…’’ you mumbled.
,,I know, but I became to hate him, seeing that he makes you cry…’’

Suddenly his body reacted on it’s own.
Jumin Han felt something inside him, as if his blood was boiling.
He felt hot and even though he didn’t mean to, as he entered the room he began to yell.
,,How dare you… HOW DARE YOU, JUMIN?’’ you hissed at him and jumped up.
,,Jumin, you got to know your feelings. Why can’t you accept that we are a family and that you love us?’’ you asked him. You had a sore throat, your limbs hurt, you were scared, and you were angry and desperate.
You needed his strength again. You needed his love and warmth.
,,Because I don’t love you… This isn’t love. Love doesn’t exist…’’ he mumbled before you closed your eyes and collapsed.

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Bonus! While I agree with the anon about these reactions, they left out my boy Saeran and Jihyun. Saeran would chuckle and catch you by your wrist and kiss your knuckles before he pulled you in closer for a kiss on the lips. V is likely to have the heat rise on his face but he’ll gesture for you to come closer before he takes you in his arms and lets you kiss him as much as you want. 

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