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#mystic messenger imagines

Thanks for the request!! I’m still exploring how I wanna write the darker Saerans since I haven’t done much with them yet, so I hope you enjoy these HCs while I’m still trying to figure them out~!

Suit Saeran

  • While you’re living in Magenta you’re Saeran’s toy, and he makes sure you never forget it. He has cameras covering every inch of your room, and he makes frequent visits when he’s bored and demands you entertain him. 
  • Even though your “entertaining duties” can get a little frisky, he’ll never ever admit that you two have anything resembling a relationship. That being said, if anyone else tries to flirt with you they’ll wake up the next day not remembering anything.
  • He threatens to throw you out every time he gets upset, but you know he’ll never act on it. If you challenge him on this and tell him to do it, he’ll get flustered and storm off, muttering something about “that stupid toy talking back.” 
  • While he says that it pisses him off to listen to you, sometimes he’ll turn the camera’s audio on when he’s falling asleep so he can hear all the idle sounds you make, shifting around in your bed, giggling at the chat rooms, singing quietly to yourself… just to “figure out what Ray saw in you,” of course.
  • The few times he’s gone too far and actually ended up hurting you it sent him spiraling down into a very confusing turmoil, not knowing why it’s so upsetting to see you hurt but being devastated that he caused you pain. He hasn’t ever apologized outright for the things he’s done, but you can figure out that he regretted it from some snacks appearing outside your door the next morning.
  • On very rare occasions he’ll come into your room and sit quietly, looking at you for a little bit then turning to stare out the window. If you push him too much when he’s like this he’ll leave. If you let him be for a little bit though, he’ll quietly ask why you’re so nice to him, why you’ve stuck around when there’s been opportunities to leave. He might even let you hold his hand. 


  • He started out constantly trying to scare you, making sure you knew what kind of person he was and what position you were in. It was a little over the top, he’d have a weapon visible on him at all times and he’d talk in this dramatically creepy voice that sent chills down everyone’s spine. Once he’s sure that you’ve gotten the point (or after you’ve made it clear that it’s not working) he backed down a little. 
  • Aside from that, most of the time he treats you like royalty. He’ll shower you with gifts and take you out to go stargazing. He’ll give you everything you want so you won’t leave him.
  • He doesn’t take being dominated very well. It’s all fun and games when he’s in control, but the second you hint at having a little power of your own he freaks out and tries to shut it down. 
  • He’s insecure about his face because it reminds him of his brother. He can dye his hear, wear contacts, get tattoos, but at the end of the day he’ll still see him when he looks in the mirror. Because of this, he loves it when you kiss him all over and tell him that he’s beautiful. He’ll act tough and say that it’s obvious, but it makes him feel warm inside knowing that at least one person appreciates how he looks. 
  • He LOVES loudly calling you babe and showing you off to all the other members of Mint Eye. When anyone else so much as looks at you he wraps his arm around your waist and gives you a long kiss, making eye contact with them the whole time.
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this is my first mm request wowowowow…. ive been into mm thru osmosis thru a friend thats playing it so im vibin w it rn !!

spicy obv !! 18+ only !! takes place after saeran’s good ending

  • saeran would take… a long while to open up to any sort of physical intimacy. he’s, in a sense, learning what it’s like to be in a relationship afresh at his age, given his tragic upbringing. he’s fine with stolen kisses, sweet hand-holding, but anything more takes a lot of trust and love.
  • it’s mainly because of his own insecurities. he thinks his body is too small or that he won’t be able to satisfy you in the way he thinks you deserve. he needs a lot of assurance and gentle coaxing to believe that no matter what he looks like or does, that you’d love him all the same. you’re like an angel to him.
  • saeran, above anything, is gentle. almost overly so. his hands tremble as he undoes the buttons on your coat. it’s much easier to take the reigns from him and lead the pace. that way he doesn’t have to worry about hurting you. tell him what to do and he’ll do it, he’s nothing if eager to pull noises and praise from your lips. 
  • sex with saeran consists of a lot of foreplay. if he could just kiss you for hours he would – he loves it when your lips are swollen from being thoroughly kissed. he just can never get enough of you, running his hands up and down your body as he pulls you closer and into his lap, grinding against you until you or him is wanting for more.
  • he’s mostly vanilla; he would never do anything to hurt you, so everything like that is off-limits. his biggest kink is praise, he could get off on your voice telling him how good he’s doing forever. he does like being teased a bit, tell him all the naughty things you’d do to him if you both were alone and he’d just melt into you. has a thing for being submissive. just… take care of him!
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400 Celebration! Please Read!

hey party people! ive hit 400 on this blog not too long ago and it’s looking like im steady speeding to 500 (which is absolutely fucking wild like thank you so much) but i wanted to celebrate and do something for 400 !

with that being said, i have a big sorta celebration planned for 500 but i still wanted to say a thank you and fulfill some requests + have fun w u all so i ended up deciding to do a song prompt challenge!

send in any song you like + any character for a fandom i write for and ill write you a little drabble! please read my rules before sending any requests but go buck wild

i have an affinity for hiphop and rnb but anything goes! thank u all sm for being here and vibing w me!

please send in some requests!!

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Words- 319

Prompt- “What can I say? I’m a rebel.”

The RFA sat around Jumin’s penthouse, celebrating another successful party, drinking expensive wine from the CEO’s collection. MC laid in between 707 and Yoosung, laying their head on 707 lap and their feet on Yoosung. 

“Do you remember the time 707 walked up to an old man, thinking it was Zen and slapped his behind?” Jaehee asked, taking a sip of her glass. Everyone but MC laughed at the memory.

“You did what?” MC asked bewildered, looking up at the hacker. 707 blushed. 

“It was outside the party. I had just arrived and was adjusting to my new glasses. In my defense the man had hair just like Zen!” MC busted out laughing. Zen scoffed.

“Are you saying I look like an old man?”

“From behind yes!” Seven exclaimed. MC laugh turned silent as they laughed harder. Tears rolled down their face. Yoosung and Seven had to grab onto them so they didn’t roll off the couch.

Jumin watched his friends with an amused smirk and Jaehee shook her head smiling when a small meow came from the bedroom. Elizabeth the 3rd wanted out. Seven gasped, shoving MC off his lap as he stood up.

“Luciel you go near that door and I will kick you out,” Jumin threatened. Seven smiled wide at the CEO, walking closer to the door, placing a hand on the doorknob.

“Really?” Jumin asked unamused as Seven cracked the door, staring Jumin dead in the eye as he did.

“What can I say? I’m a rebel.”

Yoosung snorted. “Oh gods, for the last time, running up the down escalator doesn’t make you a rebel.”

“Or does it?” 


Seven humphed and swung the bedroom door open. Elizabeth the 3rd ran out. Jumin got up and walked over to pick her up as Zen bolted into the kitchen, as far away from the cat as possible. 

“Seven get out of my house now.”

“Make me.”

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AAAAA ILY2 you’re so sweet!! Saeran is so good 🥺 Thanks so much for sending in a request, and thanks for your patience!!! I am slow… Here’s both of them napping with MC, that poor boy heeds to get some rest :’0


  • It’s really hard to convince him to nap with you, he insists that the savior needs him to do work and he can’t spare any time, but he can’t resist when you tell him how worried you’ve been about him.
  • He really wants to be held but he’s too scared to ask for it. If you’re not touching him while you’re laying in bed together he’ll keep glancing over at you then quickly looking away. When he thinks you don’t notice he cant help staring at you, he just thinks you’re so pretty… 
  • If you do end up cuddling him he’s stiff at first and keeps going on about how you really don’t have to, but once you convince him that you want to he melts into you. He won’t hug you back without even more convincing, but just being held by you feels so nice that he could cry.
  • He’s 100% a sleep cuddler. The second he falls asleep all of his limbs are wrapped around you and it’d take either waking him up or a lot of force to get him detached. 
  • That poor boy probably gets around 3 hours of sleep a night with the combination of his nightmares and being overworked. Being next to you keeps all of his nightmares away, it’s the first time since his childhood that he can rest easy. If you don’t wake him up he’ll end up sleeping for around 15 hours, finally catching up on all the sleep he desperately needs. He’ll feel super guilty after that, though, so you’ll have to convince him that he didn’t do anything wrong by taking such a long rest :(

True Saeran

  • Especially for his first few months after escaping Mint Eye, he gets fatigued very easily and will take a lot of naps. He still gets nightmares at times so he likes being near you when he sleeps. Even if you’re not tired, he loves falling asleep on top of you while you’re reading a book or watching TV. 
  • Taking a short nap with you after cooking or gardening together is one of his favorite things ever. It becomes a tradition for you two, you’ll automatically go to the bedroom after working on something for a few hours and fall down into each other’s arms, laughing.
  • He’s not nearly as shy with cuddling as he used to be. As long as you seem to be open to it, he’ll wrap his arms around your waist and rest his head on your chest or stomach. He loves using you as a pillow while you stroke his hair, though he’s always happy to switch positions. He also loves being the little spoon~
  • He absolutely needs a goodnight kiss before he goes to sleep, that’s not negotiable. He claims that it “keeps the bad dreams away” with an innocent looking smile, but you know that he’s just trying to get more kisses out of you and you’re happy to oblige. A few times he’s said things like “Hmm… I don’t think that one was powerful enough, I can feel a few bad dreams creeping in. We’ll have to try again.” and you end up smooching until you’re too tired to keep going.   
  • He’s still a little clingy while he’s asleep, but not nearly as much as he used to be and, thankfully, if you get uncomfortable you can move him without a fight. As long as you’re in the same bed, though, he’ll eventually end up shifting so that he’s holding onto you. 
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Words- 557

This may have route spoilers if you haven’t done Seven’s route or just started the game. 

Prompt- “Knock knock.” “Whos there- OW! Why did you punch me in the face?” “Seemed like a good idea at the time.”

Saeran sat on the couch in his new home he shared with his twin brother. It’s been four months since Saeyoung saved him from Mint Eye. He has opened up to his brother slowly, not wanting to rush things. As Saeyoung said, why rush when they’ve got all of the time in the world. Nothing was going to split them up again. 

They were still searching for V. There was no trace of the man. After a couple of months getting to know the members of the RFA, Saeran seemed to get a pinch of hurt in his chest whenever Jumin would ask about updates on his childhood friend. 

The twins often chatted while they ate dinner, talking about things they should go out and do or new hacking programs. Saeran often bragged about all of the places he has hacked into while at Mint Eye, making his twin jealous and pout in the corner. He felt at home and at peace. 

Feeling more comfortable, one night Saeran decided to start a little sibling fight between him and Saeyoung. He thought it was just going to be a harmless fight. Nothing would happen. It didn’t go as planned when he picked the fight after dinner.

“Hey, Saeyoung, knock knock.” He asked as his twin grabbed the plate from his hands to go and wash.

“Whos there- Ow!” Saeran swung his fist back and punched him in the face. He watched as his twin stumbled back, falling to the ground, breaking the two plates, knocking over the leftover food off the stove. It landed all over the floor and Saeyoung. The oldest started standing up, trying to avoid getting shards of broken plate in his hands as he slipped about on the food covered floor. He struggled to get his footing. Saeyoung ultimately failed as he walked forward, slipping and crashing into his twin, sending them both to the floor.

Despite being covered in food and laying on the floor, Saeran started laughing. It wasn’t the laugh of someone who was angry and going to attack. Or the laugh of someone who was just lightly laughing at a not so funny joke. This laugh was loud and big. Saeran’s face started turning red as he struggled to breath, tears leaking from the corner of his eyes. His arms wrapped around his stomach as Saeyoung rolled off of him, laying on the cold tile next to him. The orange haired boy watched with wide eyes as the brother, he thought he had lost, laughed so hard he got the hiccups. 

Saeran’s body shook with laughter and the occasional hiccup. Tears rolled down his face at a faster pace the longer he laughed.

“Why did you punch me in the face?” Saeyoung asked chuckling at his brother ’s antics. His jaw hurt everytime he formed a  new word.

“Seemed like a good idea at the time!” Saeran exclaimed, pausing from his laughter to say that before resuming. Saeyoung shook his head and painstakingly joined his brother in laughter, holding his hurt jaw. 

“You’re a dork.”

“But you love me anyways.” Saeran turned his head and smiled at his older brother.

“That I do, little bro. That I do.”

“YOU’RE ONLY OLDER BY 7 MINUTES!” Saeyoung protected his face s Saeran prepared another swing


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getting ID’d for everything omg


  • He knows how old you are, he’s a hacker remember. You have to explain you’re older than you look.
  • He is surprised when you first meet, though. He thinks maybe there was a mistake with your data file or maybe you had been lying about your age the entire time.
  • He makes fun of you for it, calling you a “child” or pretending like it’s illegal for you to consume alcohol.


  • Hey, you guys have something in common! Yoosung knows how you feel, people always mistake him for a 14 year old boy instead of a 20 year old college student.
  • Whenever Seven tries to make fun of you for looking older than you seem, Yoosung is there to ward him away.
  • You guys have a really strong bond because your often holding him back from chasing Seven.


  • “I need to know how you do it! I can’t grow old, then my fans won’t like me as much! MC!”
  • He’s actually really jealous because when you’re both 40, he will actually look 40 and you’ll look 30.
  • Sometimes he gets a bit frustrated because he can’t ask you to buy cigarettes for him. Whenever you try, you get asked for some form of I.D and it’s all a giant hassle.


  • I don’t think it would change much, honestly. He’ll still see and treat you as he would treat any other person.
  • He might ask you about it, not really understanding why you look much younger than you actually are. He suspects botox at one point.
  • When the pair of you are alone, he might make an off-hand comment to you which is meant to be teasing.


  • She’s kind of jealous. She looks older by the day because of how hard she works and you look so young!
  • She tries to follow through with your actions by eating the same foods as you and sleeping at the same times as you.
  • She has to buy wine for you, to avoid the hassle of having to pull your I.D out.


  • What..? He finds it a little weird because you still look youthful.
  • Teases you. Like a lot. “When are you turning 18, MC?”

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asking as a person with adhd, how do you think the RFA (and V and unknown) would react to MC telling them about insecurities involving memory, being too excited/hyperactive/annoying?

hey!! i know nothing about ADHD, so sorry if this is something off par/something you didn’t expect ;; //


  •  He’d probably be a smidgen confused at first, something like ‘don’t a lot of people just act like that normally?’ confused
  •  he hasn’t really noticed it himself since he is, also, very excitable. Little puppy boy be like:
  •  He’d of course be supportive duh he loves you
  •  He probably wouldn’t know how to help much with words, and provides his comfort instead
  •  From that point on he does his best to make you feel comfortable in your own skin and that he isn’t judging you – He’ll tell you when he has problems
  •  He makes sure to be a little more attentive to whenever you are around just in case you have any questions about something
  •  He’s probably still stunted on how to help with the whole memory thing but he does his best
  •  he just makes sure to shower you with lots of love cuz he’s your boy n he cares for u lots


  •  He, similarly, is also confused. All his brain went into his ego
  •  He’s a little speechless at first
  •  takes it more as ‘oh my god did i make her feel this way. holy nuts. i cant believe i did that”
  •  he starts profusely apologizing and just starts givin ya a whole buncha kisses as an apology
  •  he genuinely feels so horrid for not catching onto it before
  •  first he treats it as ‘a damsel in distress!’ situation and tries to fix it
  •  which is sort of :|
  •  but he realizes soon after that he shouldn’t try to fix someone that’s already perfect, just a little different from others
  •  and he makes sure to reassure you that you’re okay and that you don’t bother him in the slightest
  •  he makes you feel comfortable in your skin and that you’re perfect in every way
  •  before you guys get ready for bed he asks you about your day just to see if there’s anything he could add in
  •  like ‘you also went to the park for a walk earlier’ or things of the like, just in the case it slipped from the mind


  •  She doesn’t pay a lot of mind to it at first because she just thinks it’s just a small insecurity showing up out of no where
  •  She of course takes it seriously though! She seriously wants you to know that she loves you
  •  and that she’s really grateful that you told her about this and trusted her enough to know
  •  Jaehee is sort of bad at words but her efforts speak more than she does
  •  She puts a lot of research into the whole ordeal to see if it is something she needs to be concerned about or just something that happens sometimes
  •  she puts in a word with everyone to not mention it (if they even notice it in the first place) for the sake of your security
  •  She tries to have as much fun as you do with things although she does get tired rather easily
  •  She calls you her ‘heart battery’ and usually comes to sit with you if you happen to be doing something/going on tangents about something exciting
  •  doesn’t talk much but she certainly makes up for it with love


  •  First things first: Can he cure it??
  •  … Wrong intentions, but his heart was in the right place.
  •  after a little more hesitant talking from your end, it finally clicks in his head and he sort of understands
  •  he sort of takes it upon himself to talk to a medical specialist of some kind to see what it is/if there’s anything he can do to help ease your anxiety about it
  •  even goes to one of those support groups to listen and hear more about it (although all the people there have their eyes bulgin out of their head cuz… dude…. its Jumin Han)
  •  he feels guilty for not catching onto it sooner although he is really relieved that you came and told him this
  •  mental illness is something that’s… just not discussed in korea, so he was glad it was discussed. he’s really glad you trust him even if he is very T__T )) *poker face* in every way.
  •  He buys a lot of things if he sees you’re interested in it

Saeyoung (707)

  •  At first he thinks it’s a problem with HIM you’re addressing, not applying it to yourself
  • He’s very quick to comfort you on it, cupping your cheeks and giving you peppered kisses all over ur face. cute things, you know?
  •  he sits the both of you down so that you can have a long talk on it
  •  he knows it might make you a little uncomfortable but it’s just something that needed to be talked about
  •  do you need anything from him? extra love? maybe you need him to just pay a little more attention? he will drop everything for you if you simply asked
  •  he plays it off as a joke to keep things lighthearted, but he does genuinely care
  •  saeyoung said Yes I Funny, But I Also Love U
  •  includes you in everything that he does, and comes a long on a lot of your own endeavors (Unless you specifically instruct him not to)
  •  Ends up makin ya a cool little gadget watch so that you can keep a track of the things you do
  •  in the case you do forget, just look at your wrist!
  •  he thinks it’s cool and he hopes you do too

Jihyun (V)

  • he really hopes that, by some sort of force beyond, that he forced you to come forward and talk about this
  •  he’s really happy that you decided to have this talk with him because he knows it’s hard
  •  but he’s also concerned over the fact that he might’ve done something that made you feel forced to tell
  •  he wants to make sure you never feel forced or uncomfortable around him, and that if there’s anything he can do to help he WILL do it for you
  •  V really wants you to know that there’s nothing wrong with the way you’re acting, that it just happens as a part of ADHD and it’s nothing to be insecure or ashamed about
  •  He takes you on a lot of his photography trips from that point on
  •  He wants to be around you
  •  If you happen to forget something, he’ll take out an album and relive that moment with you

Saeran (Unknown)

  •  At first he’s just like HUH?
  •  Like no. He gets all the stuff you’re talking about
  •  But he’s confused on as to why you’re feeling… Insecure about it, I guess?
  •  “I would tell you first if I have a problem. You know I don’t beat around the bush.”
  •  You are the absolute last person he would have a problem with. Any previous implications you’ve already talked out with each other.
  •  He loves you, and he thinks that the insecurity = You thinking he actually doesn’t care about it
  •  He’s quick to reassure but in his usual toughy way, not saying it directly but you get the drift of it nonetheless
  •  After all that’s been cleared all hell breaks loose
  •  He immediately assumes it’s something that someone else has made you feel insecure and OH LAWDY
  •  Saeran’s blood said YES LORD I WILL BOIL TODAY!!!
  •  He tones it down on the harsh wording he uses sometimes with you in the slim chance that it actually heightens the insecurity you’ve been feeling
  •  ‘n takes it upon himself to let you know that you’re perfect and all that mushy talk
  •  Embarrassed but is willing to do it if it makes you happier and more comfy
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If I may ask, can I please request nsfw yoosung?

sub police yoosung x dom reader

rated: 18+




“license and registration please.”

he was a young thing, that police officer. his voice was high in pitch, but soothing and warm. his lips were sinfully pink, and his messy blonde hair was just begging to be twined through your fingers. he looked at you with those wide lilac eyes and you wondered how they’d look at you from between your legs.

the sun was beating down relentlessly, the worst heatwave you’ve ever experienced. it didn’t help that there was nothing but desert around you. desert grounds that were just too good to pass up. you’ve been doing donuts on them when the siren sounded, but bless your luck, the sun wasn’t the only thing that was hot today.

you’ve never seen anyone look that good in a uniform. the white fabric stretched taut across his lean muscles, his sleeves rolled up and squeezing sculpted biceps. he wasn’t brawny, not like those officers from dramas you’ve seen, but you knew he had strength from the way he held himself.

ugh, you wanted to ruin him.

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a/n: i’m sorry this took a long time to answer and thank you so much! i also enjoy your writing darl, hope you enjoy this.

Yandere 707 Headcanons:

  • so your yandere is seven? goodluck with that there’s no fucking way you can escape him
  • since the moment he laid his eyes on you, it’s game over, you will be his no matter what, he will make sure of that
  • seven will put all of the highest tech securities in you apartment, watches your ever movements
  • he learns all of your movements, planning far ahead than you
  • seven is a paranoid yandere, he’s always afraid and wonder each time if you’re gonna leave him
  • even when you make no mistake or just silently sit there, he can become hysterical and plead you to not leave him
  • this lead him to be not just paranoid but delusional too
  • fearing you will leave him every second you stand there helplessly
  • fearing he’s not enough for you, and how if you find a way to escape?
  • seven can’t help himself but handcuffed you, locked you in cage, shock collar around your neck, anything to keep you from leaving him
  • you have to understand, he is doing this because he doesn’t want to lose you
  • you are the first lay of sunrise, the real angel of his life afterall

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Okay so I didn’t really know what I stereotyped for Russia so I googled it, I apologise if any of these stereotypes seem offensive? - Again, I’m just getting my info from the web



  • Whenever Zen decides to drink, he likes to invite you along just because you can hold your liquor quite well. He just doesn’t understand how you manage to drink straight vodka.
  • He’s noticed you’re rather superstitious. When asked why you sit down in your home before going on a long journey, you tell Zen it’s a force of habit that you picked up from your family members.
  • He’s also noticed how you’re able to go outside when there is heavy winds. You have to explain that you’re familiar with large amounts of snow and the cold in Korea feels like almost nothing to you.


  • The pair of you clash sometimes, but he doesn’t admire you any less because of it. You can be quite blunt sometimes, he wouldn’t go as far to say you’re cold but your bluntness can catch him off guard.
  • He’s fascinated by your Matryoshka (the dolls that stack inside of each other.) You explain that it was a gift off your mother and that you wouldn’t of brought it to Korea with you if it didn’t have a special place in your heart.
  • He’s surprised by your Korean skills, realising quite quickly that you’re fluint in the language. When he asks, you explain you learnt the language purely because you listened to KPOP and never actually intended to use the language or move to Korea.


  • You can hold your liquor much better than Yoosung can. You don’t just drink vodka, beer is just as nice to you. Yoosung wants to cry everytime he sees you drinking something alcohol.
  • He thought you kept a bear as a pet. “Yoosung, what the fuck?” He becomes severely confused and it leads to many questions.
  • You can be rather intense sometimes. It’s not exactly a stereotype that Russians are all intense but he’s scared by your answers to his questions that seem like jokes but you are dead serious.


  • She hates stereotyping you. She’s scared you’ll get offended and takes on the liberty of learning more about your culture.
  • You can sometimes be quite cunning when you want something from her. That’s definetly not a bad thing! She can’t say no to you.
  • The accent when you speak English! She loves it, even if she can’t understand you sometimes.


  • He loves when you speak Russian. He doesn’t understand you but he thinks it’s awesome - even if you can only say a few words.
  • At first, he rarely saw you smile, whereas he was constantly smiling. As you warmed up to him, you began to smile more. He learnt that it’s very rare you’ll smile at a stranger and reserve your smile for your friends/family.
  • Absolutely wants to learn more about the place you grew up. He wants to meet your family, experience your culture and travel your homeland.
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I just finished Jumin’s route and now I’m going onto Seven’s and I’m scared.

Slight NSFW themes but nothing major.

Zen x Chubby!MC

  • First and foremost, he loves you no matter what. His love for you is never-ending because of how good for him you are.
  • He worships your body, making sure you know he loves every single part of you.
  • He especially loves your thighs. When the pair of you are just relaxing on the couch and he has his head in your lap with your fingers running through his hair. Heaven.
  • Sometimes, when you’re feeling very insecure, he’ll hug you and kiss all over your face until you stop being sad.
  • Supportive.
  • You want to lose weight? He’s going to help you do that.
  • He would never force you to lose weight either, he loves you no matter.
  • Zen loves drinking beer, he may not admit it but he adores the taste. Don’t be fooled, he wouldn’t let something as deadly as beer taint his perfect MC. You have another thing coming if you even think about putting yourself at risk like that.
  • “It’s not healthy for you, Babe!”
  • He enjoys giving you kisses any chance he gets, like lots and lots of kisses. So many.
  • His favourite are neck kisses. He’ll nip and bite the soft flesh, the cute little moans and mewls you let out make him extremely happy.
  • Showering you in affection. Please, he does this all the time.
  • He loves to caress your exposed sides in bed, especially if you guys have just finished making love. It’s like he gets to discover your body all over again.
  • Zen definitely wants to have kids with you. He can just imagine the house filled with laughter as you bake up a special treat and he gives all his attention to your children.
  • Expect a little of little compliments or cheek kisses when he’s busy.
  • He’s very protective of you.
  • His fans can get really nasty towards you sometimes, saying how you aren’t good for him and you’re only with him for the money. There’s been countless rumours surrounding you because you’re on the chubbier side. People can be very mean sometimes, especially when they’re jealous.
  • Zen has addressed these rumours towards you - they stopped quite quickly after that.
  • Zen is very much a ladies man, but he would never DREAM of cheating on you. You are the light in his world.
  • You over his work.
  • You need him? He’s there.
  • Sometimes you can get a little bit reserved because Zen is so handsome and you don’t want to be compared to him.
  • It doesn’t last long, he confronts you about your reserved manners and asks if he did something wrong.
  • He comforts you a lot. He loves you so much that his heart hurts when he sees you sad. Don’t ever be sad.
  • He’s constantly reassuring you that you’re the most beautiful person he’s ever laid eyes on. Even more beautiful than him.
  • Feel honoured.
  • He loves the little blemishes and imperfections than make you perfect.
  • This man loves and cherishes you.
  • No matter what your body looks like.
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Just casually searching up what a neurosurgeon is 👁👄👁

Anyway, I gave this my best interpretation? Please don’t hate me if I get any of this wrong, I’m learning all of this off of Google.


  • First of all, she’s proud of you. Being a neurosurgeon is hard work and yet you manage to pull it off, she feels bad everytime she complains to you about her boss because of how hard you work.
  • Second of all, she is so glad there is someone in the RFA with more money than her boss. I mean you get paid ₩303364.74 ($246) an hour.
  • She doesn’t know how you do it but she’s always supportive of your job. She makes sure to run you baths when you get home and do most of the house chores. She doesn’t want you slaving away all day only to have to come home and slave away there to.


  • He’s a vet and you’re a neurosurgeon. You see the similarities? No? One does surgeries on animals whilst the other does surgeries on humans.
  • You’re supportive of eachother, even when you have to do overnight shifts and Yoosung is left home alone.
  • Like Jaehee, he does most of the housework. He doesn’t want you to worry about having to do chores especially since you work an average of 61 hours a week.


  • He’s in awe of your career. He had to learn the ropes of business and how to make profits hit the roof whilst you were off learning how to operate on the brain and central nervous system. Like, holy hell.
  • You.. you earn more money than him? He doesn’t like that he can’t spoil you, you’re the one spoiling him???? At least he knows you aren’t in a relationship with him for his money.
  • He always has the penthouse spruced up to look it’s best for when you get home, he doesn’t want to see you in anymore stress than you need to be.


  • He loves that you’re financially stable. He hates that you put yourself under so much pressure for work. He also hates about how he can’t bitch about being stressed because he has no place to talk when you’re operating on brains.
  • You probably get kind of famous from him. The media are really interested in how musical actor Zen met and fell in love with neurosurgeon MC, especially since those work fields are completely different.
  • He loves taking care of you, running you baths, massaging your shoulders, drawing pattern on your back, cooking for you. All of it. Let him take care of you.


  • He always jokes about how you must of had operated on his brain to make him fall inlove with you. It’s actually quite funny and you need someone hilarious to come home to after operating on the central nervous system.
  • He can’t really take care of you or clean up since he’s always slaving away so he gets Vanderwood to do it for him. You often scold him for making Vanderwood clean up his mess, though.
  • Just be sure to earn a lot of cuddles during the time both of you end up going to bed at the same time. It’s very rare he just gets to hold you since both of your jobs are very demanding and require a lot of attention.
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I just thought I should give you guys a heads-up: I have around twenty requests at the moment (for both Obey Me! and Mystic Messenger) so I’m writing out the requests that give me inspiration or spark something creative in my head. Vague requests sometimes seem dull. 

Requesting Rules will be linked here 🌸

Anyway, enjoy!


  • His type is a humble person, someone who can hold their own weight whilst maintaining an innocent appearance.
  • He strives for the innocent appearance. The endearing clothing, cute hairstyles and the small little tendencies that he absolutely adores.
  • Everyone has little preferences about people that they are attracted to. Jumin loves pretty thighs, he loves when they’re showed off in thigh-highs and shorts.


  • Sweet and loving. Someone who helps others and is always looking out for the members of the RFA. A family person.
  • Someone who can sympathise with her and hopefully stand up to Jumin about his actions towards her.
  • She’s not particularly looking for a family type person, she doesn’t want kids whilst she’s still so busy being Jumin’s assistant.


  • Be sweet and timid. He loves being the man in charge of the relationship. Although he may not always seem like it, he’s trying to be manly for you.
  • He typically likes people who can bake. He loves sweets and treats so he’s a big fan of anyone who can make his favourite dessert.
  • He would generally like someone in his age range. He couldn’t be do what Zen does and like someone 4 years younger than him, he would want someone whose only a year younger/older than him at maximum.


  • Someone he can joke with!!! He loves being silly and goofing around because of his job, so if you can take a joke then he’s automatically interest in you.
  • He also likes people he can geek out with. He’s a big fan of a lot of things, plus he’s surfing the web nearly every day so keep up with trends and memes.
  • He likes someone who can cook. He doesn’t get much time to because of his job so if you can make him a proper meal and force it down his throat, he may put up a fight but he’s grateful for it.


  • He doesn’t want to date a fan, it’s a fear of his that his s/o will know of him before they start dating. We all saw what happened with Echo Girl, he doesn’t want a repeat.
  • Someone supportive. He loves when his s/o comes to his performances, sings along to the song he’s singing or even watched his DVDs. Don’t get overbearing and ask him for sneak peeks at his latest work, though. He takes his career very seriously and wouldn’t risk it to give you an inside scoop.
  • Ideally, he would want someone he could work out with. It gets lonely going for a run at 7am by himself so he would really appreciate the company.


  • Someone artistic. This ones a given, really. Whether it’s expressing yourself through painting, drawing, writing or even photography he really likes someone he can share his artistic views and talent with.
  • Someone with a heart of gold. He has a heart of gold and just wants the best for everyone, it would be really great if you wanted the same. Although, you would probably end up as the RFA parents…
  • Someone willing to comfort him when things go wrong. He has a tendency to blame himself for every little thing that doesn’t go to plan. It’s easy for him to pin the responsibility of everything on himself.


  • Understand that he needs time to adjust to the real world once again, especially after everything he has been through. It’s hard to tune back into reality, be patient with him.
  • Be prepared to comfort him after a nightmare. He’s prone to them and he has no way to stop them, you’re going to have to spend many countless nights assuring him it’s all over now and lulling him back to sleep.
  • He’s still getting used to his emotions, concepts like love are foreign to him so please be patient with him. It may take him a while before he gets used to being kissed or hugged.
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Zen as a Boyfriend HCs

I have so much to do so instead of doing what i’m supposed to do, I’m procrastinating.

I hope you enjoy~!


  • He thrives off of compliments.
  • Please compliment him a lot.
  • He doesn’t need you to compliment him, he gets compliments off of strangers everyday but hearing it from you makes his heart burst with joy.
  • Waking up with you next to him in bed, your hair a mess, reminds him everyday that he is so lucky to have you.
  • He works a lot, he’s a workaholic, so you often find yourself bringing him a bottle of water or a snack.
  • He’s eternally grateful for your small worrying about him.
  • He’s constantly asking how you are in return, worrying just as much about you as you worry about him.
  • worry couple :)
  • He gets very jealous sometimes, is easily calmed down when you just hug him.
  • He loves your hugs, your bodies pressed together in a sweet moment.
  • If you hate Jumin, you start a Jumin Han Hate club.
  • If you don’t hate Jumin, you try to get him to be nicer to the older man and vice versa. Make them be good friends.
  • Watching all his shows.
  • Supporting him constantly.
  • You’re his #1 fan.
  • You don’t get jealous often, Zen makes sure to show the world that he’s yours and only yours.
  • You don’t mind the constant attention Zen gets, it’s the price you have to pay to be with a musical actor.
  • However you do get jealous when Jaehee goes off on one of her rants about Zen in the RFA chatroom. She talks and talks, and Zen takes it!
  • Cute little dates to fast food restaurants.
  • Going on morning jogs together. (Or not, depending on if you’re a go-on-a-run-at-7am kind of person.)
  • He loves PDA, especially when it gets him on the front cover of a magazine.
  • That doesn’t mean he uses you for popularity, though!
  • Drinking alcoholic beverages together.
  • He will defend your honour. If someone (maybe an envious fan of his) starts harassing you in public, he’ll politely tell them to back off. If they don’t, he gets more aggressive.
  • It’s you over his career.
  • He gives insane bear hugs. The ones where his strength might become too much for you and you have to remind him that you still need to breath.


  • He’s the perfect lover in bed.
  • He’s so gentle, really puts the love in love making.
  • Unless you want him to be more rough with you.
  • He can do that too, but he will immediately apologise after he’s come down from his high.
  • He likes being romantic, bringing out the wine and rose petals.
  • Drunk sex! The pair of you drinking together and ending up horny.
  • He’s not very vocal, he does moan into your ear though.
  • His hands wander.
  • Many positions so beware, you many not be able to walk the next morning.
  • Sloppy kisses along the neck and chest area.
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I’ll link the RFA “Nightmares about MC” here.


“MC?” He walked further into the room, looking around before noticing the body laying across the bed. It was you. “MC..?” He asked again, shaking your arm to try and wake you up.

“MC! MC! Please… MC.. wake up.”

Saeran woke up in a sweat, gasping for breath. It was only a dream. It was only a dream. It was only a dream. He turned around from his place in bed and reached out, intending to pull you into his arms to calm himself down. His hands searched for you body, grasping only the empty bedside next to him.

Surely that dream wasn’t real? He remembered holding you close just last night…

“MC?” He asked allowed, eyes scanning over the bedroom. The room was almost completely bare and he had to remind himself that the pair of you moved into a new apartment just last week.

He shouldn’t be worrying or concerned, you aren’t dead. Still, his heart was racing and his palms were sweating as he climbed out of the bed. He almost sprinted to the bedroom door, pushing it open with such a force he thought it would come off of it’s hinges. “MC!” He called out, running into the living room to look for you.

You looked up at the sound of your name being called, barely having time to register Saeran’s body launching at you as he wrapped you up in his arms. “Saeran..?” You asked, hugging him back with a confused expression on your face.

“Don’t do that to me.. idiot.” He insulted lightly, tightening his hold on you. You, in all of your confusion, didn’t reply. “I.. I love you.” He whispered.

You smiled, running your hands through his white hair in an affectionate act. “I love you too, Saeran.”

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[Zen x MC]

“There’s my stunning wife,” Zen said as he wrapped his arms around your waist, one hand resting on your stomach. You were in the kitchen cooking when Zen appeared behind you coming home from his jog.

“Mmm, smells good,” he said as he gave your cheek a quick peck, his hand now rubbing your stomach. You couldn’t help but sigh in content and giggle a little with his hand on your stomach.

“We can know the baby’s gender today,” you said as one of your hands topped his.

“Really?” he looked at you with curious eyes, “Then how about we grab some baby clothes on the way home,” Zen said, excitement evident in his voice as his embrace tightened.

When you told him you were pregnant, he couldn’t believe it, marrying you was a dream come true, and now making a family, he must’ve done something right in his past life that the gods are blessing him this much, he thought.

Now at the doctor’s office as you lay down, stomach exposed as gel was being applied, Zen held your hand, hoping that everything was alright.

As the doctor started the ultrasound, you could hear the noise from the machine, “Well everything seems fine –oh,” the doctor suddenly stopped, looking at the monitor as she moved the probe around your stomach.

The oh sound made Zen’s heart drop, his grip tightening on your hand.

“What’s the matter?” Zen asked, a swallow followed as he started to get anxious.

“It’s just that I didn’t notice this during the first check-up but..” the doctor carefully angled the monitor in front of you, “there’s two heartbeats,” pointing at a blob in the monitor.

Two heartbeats?

“You’re having twins,” Zen was found dumbfounded, jaws dropped as he heard the news and blinking several times.


“I’ll give you two some room and get the gender,” the doctor said and left the room.

Zen’s lips were pressed against your hand as you both looked at each other intently. Zen was happy, really he was, but deep down he was worried, scared even. Raising one kid seemed easy, there were two of you guys, but two kids at the same time? Was he ready for two?

You could sense Zen’s worry as he looked at you, with a weak smile you held his cheek with your other hand.

“We got this,” you said in a soft voice. And just with that, with those simple words, Zen could feel like a weight was lifted from his chest. Closing his eyes he kissed your hand that he was holding. Of course you got this, he thought, you guys were together.

He stood up and leaned in, pressing a kiss on your forehead.

“Thank you jagi,” he whispered to you, looking at you lovingly as his heart feels so full with your love. It was always your words that comforted him, no matter how simple, how short, it always conveyed warmth and love that it fills him, sending all his anxieties away.

The doctor came in with a folder on hand, giving it to you and leaving once again to give you space.

Opening the folder and seeing the gender, a surge of being overprotectiveness came into him, that feeling that he wants to protect them for as long as he lives.  He gave a deep chuckle and gave your head another kiss.

“I’m having two princesses,” he said in a goofy smile as he rubbed his nose against your cheek holding your hand.

Washing the dishes you felt an embrace, “There’s my beautiful wife,” Zen said as he pecked your cheek.

You smiled and turn your head to face him, “You already ate?” you asked.

“Yeah, the producer treated us because the shoot took way longer than expected,” he said as removed his embrace and stood beside you.

“Daddy daddy daddy,” suddenly a little girl came in running to Zen, embracing his leg she looked up, “I’m your princess right?” she asked with her eyes staring at Zen with a pout.

“No, I’M daddy’s princess!” another little girl came in, her brows furrowed as she ran to Zen and folding her arms before him, “Right daddy?” she asked.

Zen chuckled as he removed the girl’s embrace on his leg, bending down to their level.

“You’re both my princess,” the twins giggled in unison as Zen tickled their stomach.

“A-acho!” Zen’s sneeze made the twin’s eyes go wide, with the other grabbing her sister’s wrist, “Run!!” she said as they both jolted out.

“I told them to change first before running to you,” you said in a sorry smile as you handed Zen some tissues.

“Gah, I just hope they grow out of liking that furball,” Zen said as he wiped his nose.

The twins loves Elizabeth, they love how her fur matches their and their father’s hair. They always ask to visit, much to Zen’s nightmare.  

“Can you finish this? I’ll go and help them change,” you said as you were about to remove your apron.

“I can handle it, besides when I left earlier they were still sleeping,” he said, a missing feeling even though he spends time with them every day. There was not a day Zen didn’t spend at least a moment with his daughters. For him, it was the best part of his day, hearing them laugh and giggle. Feeling all of his stress go away and feel his hard work were worth it for them.

And, of course, you.

As soon as Zen entered the room, you could already hear the twins giggle and even gets bits of what they were saying as they tell Zen of their adventure today at Jumin’s place. Zen amusingly listened, finding them endearingly adorable with some of their letters still slurred.

The noise died down as you finished cleaning up the kitchen, entering the bedroom you couldn’t help but smile, a warm and joyous feeling fill your heart at the scene before you.

In the bed, the twins were at each Zen’s side, their little arms wrapped around Zen’s neck as Zen’s arms embraced them both, sleeping peacefully.

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Locked Up - Yandere!Zen x F!MC

I love writing yandere!characters, (it might be because I study theatre and have a soft spot for the slightly crazier characters.) Something about someone being so obsessed over another person they would preform acts of violence really gives me ideas to write? 

There’s so much you can do with the typical yandere!character, so many ways to twist the plot and surprise the readers. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

TW: Abusive relationship, very mild violence.

You stared up at the man leering above you. He was so handsome and if it weren’t for the situation you were in, you would of been fawning over him. You had learned to resist his poet charm, doing the exact opposite of what he wanted from you. “You’re so pretty, princess.” He cooed, bending down to your height to face you.

The metal bars felt cold under you thighs, bringing a numbing sensation from how long you had been sat in the same position. The man pushed two fingers through the cage, expecting you to nuzzle his hand. You didn’t move.

“Princess.” He warned, pushing his two fingers farther into the bar. His face was soft and endearing but his tone said otherwise, threatening you to defy him. “Princess.” He hissed, pulling his hand out of the cage and standing up to glare down at you.

He growled, fists clenched at his side. As long as you were inside the cage, he couldn’t touch you which meant he couldn’t hurt you. No matter how small the prison he had shoved you inside was, it would always be better than spending even a minute with the man.

“It seems you still haven’t learned to respect me.” He mumbled, fumbling around in his pocket and fishing out a silver key. Your eyes widened at the sight - it was the cage key. He held the key to your freedom in his hands, inspecting it. He glanced down at you, tsking at your fearful eyes. “It’s a shame, really.” You didn’t dare speak, to afraid that your punishment would worsen. “It would of been lovely to have you sleep in the same bed as me tonight.” He grinned at the thought and you didn’t want to imagine what kind of lewd thoughts were running wild in his head. Tears sprung to your eyes at the thought. Sleep in the same bed as the man who stole your freedom and convinced the world you were dead? “How about it, do you want to sleep in the same bed tonight?”

You didn’t answer, too afraid that if you said no he would kill you right there and then. If he didn’t kill you, he might break a few bones instead. He was unpredictable and often acted irrationally, acting first and thinking later.

“Speak!” He screamed, shaking the cage in a fit of boiled rage. You felt your body lurch at the movement, your back hitting the scratched bars. A groan of pain fell from your lips. His mood changed in an instance at the sound, worry clouding his ruby red eyes. “Princess! Are you hurt?” He fretted, the key falling from his hands and onto the hardwood floor.

You simply stared up at him, trying not to let your emotion show as he analysed your body. There was no physical injury but you had learned that the man never gave up, he seemed to worry about you a lot but he always hurt you during his tantrums. He felt around the floor for the key, picking it up and slotting it into the lock of your prison.

You didn’t move, staring blankly at the open door. “Come.” He told you, beckoning you forward.

You crawled out of the cage hesitantly, your bones cracking at the movement. When was the last time you had stood upright?

You climbed your feet, stretching and hearing the satisfying popping of your back as you did so. It had been too long since you had set foot outside of that cage. Had it been a week? Two weeks? You didn’t know, the days had been lost on you ever since he introduced you to the cage. Every minute in there felt like an hour.

The man pulled you into his chest, cradling you with a regretful frown on his face. “Please don’t hate me, princess. I didn’t mean to hurt you.” He pleaded, burying his face in your hair.

You wrapped your arms around his waist, your body moving on it’s own. It was all for survival. Everything you did, the reason you even functioned anymore, is because you had grasped onto a small sliver of hope. You didn’t want to let it fade away just yet, but with every passing day it dwindled. “I don’t hate you, Zenny.” You told him, no emotion on your face and only one thing in mind - survival.

He squeezed you tighter, your frail body feeling like it was about to snap from his hold. “I love you so much, MC.” He whispered, embracing you. He craved physical contact, almost like he had been starved of it all his life.

Is this what love is, a toxic and pain filled relationship? No. He didn’t love you, he never would. He was obsessed with you. So much that he had to keep you for himself. He wasn’t in love with you, he was sick and twisted. He needed help that you couldn’t provide.

When you didn’t reply to his confession he pulled away, looking at your face for any kind of sign of returning his feelings. “Say it, say you love me back!” He demanded, his voice desperate. You were certain he had people screaming that they loved him every day, it was almost of though it were a part of his job to politely smile at fans and tell them he loves them too.

You looked him in the eye, taking note how his eye colour reflected his true personality. Evil. That was the only word that vame to mind when you looked into his eyes. “I don’t love you.” You told him, regretting it instantly as he threw your body towards the ground. He looked furious with you.


He crammed you back inside the cage, not caring if he was bending your limbs in the wrong way. You had really done it now. He twisted the key inside the lock, pulling it out and slotting it back into his pocket in a careless manner. He spat at you, turning and storming out of the room without so much as another word.

Tears brimmed your eyes as you heard the familiar clicking of the bedroom door being locked, reminding you that you no longer had access to freedom. Time seemed to slow down when you were in your own personal hell, stretching out and prolonging the days.

You didn’t know how much longer he would keep you locked up.

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okay so even though I’d like to say English/Scottish people act similar, I’ve never held a conversation with someone Scottish so forgive me if I end up getting something wrong?


  • He’s never been one to judge people based off of where they’re from, you’re no different.
  • Sure, he finds the whole ‘listening to bagpipes’ kind of weird. Why wouldn’t you just listen to him???
  • He loves your accent, it’s nice to hear something for a change.
  • Sometimes he won’t accept the shortbread, it’s covered in sugar and he wants to be healthy. (He still swipes a pieces from you. He really likes shortbread.)
  • and what’s Iron Bru…? Oh, it’s a drink with an orange colour to it. That’s fun. He doesn’t want to try the orange drink in front of him but he has no problem buying it for you.


  • Someone who brings him food all the time and understands that it’s his favourite drink or nothing?? Marry him.
  • You listen to bagpipes? That’s so cool! You catch him listening along to them sometimes, he wants to be able to talk to you about them.
  • He’s noticed that when you get angry your accent becomes noticeably thicker, making it hard for him to understand you when you’re throwing in random Scottish slang and swear words every other sentence.
  • He can make room in his diet for shortbread.
  • Your humour is much different from his, he has more of an innocent humour whereas you tend to laugh at slightly darker things? It’s not like you don’t find him funny, you just grew up different and Scottish humour is elite.


  • It’s going to be hard to get to know him. You know very little Korean and he barely knows English, there’s a language barrier. You end just communicating through Google translate until either one of you make the effort to learn the others language.
  • Tries to mimic your accent but ultimately fails, apologising over and over incase he accidentally offended you.
  • He’s probably had a bottle of Iron Bru in his lifetime. He didn’t necessarily like it but it was better than Coke.
  • You bring him shortbread all the time and he loves it. Continue doing so.
  • He’s all about learning about your culture. He’s not very prepared to try out all the meals you cook him but he gives it his best shot. For now though, he’s going to continue poking at the black pudding you served him.


  • what are you saying????? He prides himself in his ability to speak both Korean and Emglish but what. Never in his lifetime has he met someone with an accent as thick as yours. It’s hard since English isn’t his first language.
  • He enjoys trying the shortbread you always seem to have for him. Let’s be honest, he’s probably tried Scottish dishes at some point too. His personal favourite being Scottish Salmon.
  • He’s culturally diverse so he knows a bit about Scotland even before he meets you.
  • Why do you insist on drinking that strange orange drink around him like your life depends on it? He’s seen you drink water before but a figment of his brain is telling him that you’re 70% Iron Bru.
  • He finds it amusing when you drink any sorts of alcoholic beverage. Your accent shines and your humour is very peak, bringing a subtle smile to his face.


  • She probably understands you the most out of anyone, she realises that she just has to push past the obscene and yet hilarious swearing to understand you. If you don’t swear all that often, she understands you almost perfectly!!!
  • She likes eating the shortbread you gift her with. She has it with a cup of coffee. Her favourite snack.
  • She doesn’t like that you consume Iron Bru like Seven consumes PdH. Pepper. She tells you it’s not healthy but do? you? really? care?
  • She finds the bagpipes listening quite annoying. Especially if she’s trying to work and you have your music on full speaker from the other side of her apartment.
  • She tries to teach you Korean, telling you that if you want the people of Korea to understand you, you’re going to have to learn their language. That’s okay, learning something new is fun.


  • This little rat finds is so funny when he gets you all riled up. Your Scottish accent speaks through to the point where it sounds like you’re just angrily blabbering at him.
  • He likes to turn your anger onto his brother too, stealing something of yours and then blaming it on Seven. He may of recorded you furiously yelling at Seven whose nearly in tears because you just called him a “doaty tube”. (What did you just call him, he can’t be sure. Don’t tell him you called him a “stupid idiot.” Leave him wondering.)
  • He really enjoys shortbread. Like wow, you thought of him enough to buy him these small biscuits covered in sugar?
  • He probably gets into your supply of Iron Bru more often than not. He isn’t addicted to the substance but he does like the taste of it.
  • Bagpipes. Weird choice of music. As long as you listen to it with headphones in, he doesn’t care. He already has to listen to Seven’s strange music taste.

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I love that as soon as my anonymous asks are turned on all, all the smut requests come barreling in.

anyways, thank you and I hope you enjoy - although it is kind of short.

NSFW warning! (obviously. Dirty talk is involved.

With Saeyoung as your boyfriend, there was never a dull moment in your relationship. That included the sex, it was amazing and you really couldn’t imagine yourself with anyone but him at this point. Unfortunately, his job was time consuming and you had chores to do which meant you never got much intimate (or alone) time. In times you did get alone, neither of you wasted it.

Now was one of those times, you were sat on the edge of the bed with your legs spread for Saeyoung. He was on his knees infront of you, smirking at your desperate and needy face. “You’re so adorable, MC~” He cooed, stroking the inside of your thigh.

You glared at him, still catching your breath from the intense make out session you had just participated in. “Stop teasing me, Saeyoung!” You hissed, leaning back on your hands and waiting for him to make his first move.

He leaned down, kissing the inside of your upper leg. “So impatient.” He observed, rubbing the spot on your thigh where he had created the largest hickey. “Or is it desperation?” He asked, looking up at you. “I wonder…”

His head dipped down, his face meeting your sex and giving it a soft kiss. You let out a heavy breath, not satisfying the man between your legs. He tutted, shaking his head at the sound. “You’re too quiet, babygirl.” He told you before delving into your heat.

You gasped at the contact, feeling his tongue push past your folds. He began to lap up all your juices, his tongue pushing at all the right places as it moved around your sex in an almost desperate manner. He was still gentle with you, prodding and poking at your nub.

The louder you got, the more encouraged he became. He was using swift and fluid motions that made you cry out his name in bliss. Your hands curling themselves in his red hair, increasing your grip as he ate you out.

You tried to get more friction on your most sensitive area, attempting to push your thighs together. This earned you a deep growl from Saeyoung who pushed you apart and brought himself closer to your entrance.

He licked a bold stripe up your pussy, his name falling from your mouth so effortlessly as he did so.

“S-Saeyoung, I’m.. I’m..” You could finish your sentence, Saeyoung suddenly beginning to suck your clit in an a successful attempt to get you to finish. “Saeyoung!”

You came hard, all of it going straight into your boyfriends mouth. He dragged you through your orgasm, continuing to suck at your entrance. The feeling of his tongue on you as you came made your moans increase in volume. You were sure everyone in close proximity could hear you, probably deeming you a whore in that moment. You didn’t care though, eyes rolling to the back of your head in pleasure as you finished.

You fell back against the bed, trying to regain your breath as Saeyoung stood up with a smirk on his face. “That was fucking hot.

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