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nothingbutloveforyou · 3 months ago
the songs you listen to at ages 15-17 will rip holes into your heart when you listen to them again later in life.
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kotumari · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
"are u storyboarding the-” the brokeback mountain kiss? yea. yea i am
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loewsvillage · 14 days ago
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me when im a normal person
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luciana-vega · 7 months ago
girls say their doll family is complete and then it goes from 2 to 4 over the course of a month 🤡
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studieverse · 4 years ago
btw, what are your other fav bands?? ^^ ❄
oh boy, it keeps changing tbh, my current faves are seafret, all-american rejects, marianas trench and papa roach. what are yours?
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hotshotmav · 5 months ago
this is your reminder that aaron hotchner is the guy standing on the street corner at pride with the “free dad hugs” t shirt.
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a-pirate · 3 months ago
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jvzebel-x · 2 months ago
comin' down to the riptide...
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minettestan · 23 days ago
All Lani Minella's voice roles activate a primal part of my brain that has a sticky label with "NANCY" crudely written on it
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catzgam3rz · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Some designs for Drista and Lani based off the idea that when a visitor uses another players account to visit the SMP that storywise the player is possessed! 
so they look almost exactly like the original player, with some small differences popping up!
(I originally did a version for Mumza and Phil Here)
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w1segirl · 6 months ago
can't believe I've been listening to an eight hour playlist called "you're in love with jason todd" all day
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kevin-durant · a month ago
Thank you bestie Rena @imthebadguyyy for tagging me to do this!
rules: put your "on repeat" playlist on shuffle and list the first ten songs, then tag some people
The Heart Part 5 - Kendrick Lamar
Altar - Kehlani
Roll Some Mo - Lucky Daye
Rock N Roll - Pusha T ft Kanye West, Kid Cudi
Johnny P's Caddy - Benny The Butcher, J. Cole
Pretty Sweet - Frank Ocean
God Body - Lucky Daye ft Smimo
Wish I Never - Kehlani
Found - Tems ft Brent Faiyaz
Stranger In My House - Tamia
Tagging @grandprixwinnerpierregasly, @lescedes, @samlammers, @esmex44, @batterivoltas, @soadoya, @lewisrises, @thiagoalcantaras and anyone who wants to!
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eternallovers65 · a year ago
wilbur on lani's stream when they started discussing about anteaters
Tumblr media
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the-dumb-smart-friend · 9 months ago
New idea where we treat the less talked about members of the dream smp like the most popular and plot relevant/plot important characters and give them funky designs and cool movie poster-esque art
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shrubbbery · 7 months ago
random our life social media headcanons
bascially just how i think each of the characters use social media!
cove: probably only signed up for a social media account because of mc. doesn't post that often tbh, and when he does it's either a beach pic or something involving orca. he'd definitely make a post when orca hits some sort of milestone. only ever posts selfies when it's with mc for special occasions like christmas or their anniversary. there would definitely be a random post of just a really pretty picture of mc that he didn't mean to post but kept it there anyway because the picture's just so damn perfect.
derek: didn't make a social media acc until sometime in step 4 because he was always too busy for it before that. i feel like he'd post quite often, be it about what he did that day/week, a new book he read or a film he watched, and some photo dumps here and there. definitely has a decent amount of followers.
baxter: this man's social medias definitely follow a certain aesthetic. edgy poetry quotes, film quotes, dark song lyrics. some black and white photography in between. absolutely zero pictures of himself. his profile pic is probably a landscape photo that he took ages ago. his bio would either be a song lyric or completely blank. (or he probably doesn't have social media at all)
cliff: doesn't really know how to use social media, but enjoys it nonetheless. posts pictures of the beach and sometimes stuff about his shop. in my head he's totally obssessed with national geographic. once he figured out that post notifs were a thing, he decided he most definitely wanted to be notified when nat geo posted. and i feel like maybe he'd post a baby pic of cove, just because he could.
kyra: posts pictures pretty often of just about anything. like coffee or a glass of wine, or some photos of places she visits. is a pretty good photographer and you can tell by her posts that it's something she prides herself upon. definitely posts cove's baby pics when it's his birthday. does a lot of DIY stuff and posts about that too.
pamela: total facebook mom. spends so much of her time scrolling through argument threads in comment sections. picks a side and leaves a like on all of that person's replies. probably gets into a few arguments herself, tbh. only posts family pics. can watch 5 minute crafts videos for hours on end, albeit while angrily talking to her screen about how none of what they're doing makes sense. scrolls with her index finger.
noelani: definitely falls into the most random internet rabbit holes at like 3 am. mostly just shares what her wife posts. gets the most random mix of content on her feed and she lives for every bit of it. unironically uses 😀 and 🙂. watches plenty of kitten and puppy videos
liz: doesn't use social media that often, but when she does, it's to post a quick but somehow meticulously well-written rant about something that may have been bothering her. or to post something family related for a special occasion like a birthday or something
lee: probably an influencer. actively participates in trends, posts selfies often, and maybe a singing video or two. has probably made a thirst trap. she probably also has a fanbase of her own. has a spam account that she posts on about 15 times a day.
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matthewgraygublershoe · 3 months ago
me: *rewatching castle after i just finished it*
my dad: are- are you watching castle?
me: yeah?
my dad: but you finished it?
me: and your point?
my dad: oh nothing, don't come crying to me when you get sad over fictional characters again
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lanihaluki · 8 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
long time no unwanteds😳
(Left is Aaron, right is Lani!)
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andromedaa-tonks · 2 months ago
make an appreciation post for three of your mutuals GO 🔫
@harrysweasleys is acc one of my funniest friends she makes me laugh so hard i don’t think she even knows it AND the best part is that her humor is never at the expense of someone else 10/10
@userbuckynat is hot
@andsheloved the most wholesome gal i’ve ever met she is literally the feeling you get on the first warm day of spring and the sun is on your face and you’re like man life is kinda nice maybe i actually shouldn’t kms
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bokutosdove · a month ago
WAIT WJDJWJD you have a dog too?? Could u tells us more about them? 🥰 Also how is Will? don’t mind me being your inbox all the time lmao
will is doing really good!! her incision has healed super well and the fur on her stomach is starting to grow back 💕💘 she hated the cone of shame though and tried to tear it off the second i put it on 🫣
and YESSS my dog’s name is paris 🥹 she’s a longed-haired chihuahua and rat terrier mix! her birthday is on may 30th and she’ll be turning 9 years old IM GONNA MAKE HER A DOG-FRIENDLY CAKE LOL
paris is AMAZING with kids but doesn’t like bigger dogs…. she becomes a gremlin when one comes near her 😭 (small ones are her besties tho)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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blubblubsano · 7 months ago
Y’all know when Lany said “I know your heart hurts the most at 3 am”
He right my heart do hurt at 3 am
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