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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
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#and that's fine

Adora, eating the literal charcoal Glimmer made for her: This Is BEST Food 

Bow: Guys seriously it’s not food

Glimmer: no… it love 

Bow: AWW

Bow: im still calling poison control tho 

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i hate when i find a video that i immediately love and i want to make gifs of it right away because i’m so excited about it but then i remember it has to wait like a whole week to start posting from my drafts because there’s too much backed up

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the porn bots are my only friends

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hey so like

it wouldn’t start anytime soon but

if I decided to make my OCs’ story be like an ask blog

would anyone actually be interested?

because like

if no one’s interested then I wouldn’t be able to do it

because there would be no asks

but like I’d love to make an ask blog so….

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the fact that there’s not more high quality ponyo merch out there is atrocious and i demand justice

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Hey y'all, some people did see my post about this the first day, but I’m gonna keep making these posts for a while, because some people might still need it.

Unus Annus is gone. There is no new UA video. The new content will come solely from ther personal channels now.

It’s okay to grieve and mourn for the channel and the videos. The sadness and emptiness are valid feelings. You’re only human.

Remember the lessons they taught us, and try to make good use of the time you have now. Your clock is still ticking. Whether you actively work in your own life and personal endeavors, or work on accepting the loss, or even planning for this new time–all of that is okay. Do it. Do what makes you happy and prosperous.

Memento mori, memento vitae.

If you need to talk, feel free to send me an ask or a private message. I’m here for you guys.

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one of the things having a job has revealed to me is that I have a really hard time coming up with things to say on the fly even for really basic situations

like if I can spit out a canned “yeah okay” or “I’ll go do that” it’s fine but if not I’m gonna have to stand there for several seconds while I Form Words

also see: planning out my conversations

turns out I do that because I have to and a conversation going off track stopping me dead in my tracks is because Of That

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My mom complains about how there’s ‘too many gays’ in tv shows and movies and that they make her uncomfortable and to me it’s so absurd to think like that especially when most scenes with non straight/cis ppl are well done and don’t feel extremely sexualized. If we’re gonna complain about scenes in shows and movies let’s complain about the scenes that are too sexually graphic and honestly obscene, they can just kiss and we get the picture, but i don’t see the need with putting what has got to be softcore porn in most episodes/movies

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