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She’s having a grand ol time!

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Wait a minute is that in our contract? 

well that’s a stretch. Idk why i like watching old animaniacs commercials. 

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Which Animaniacs Character Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?


Originally posted by peteneems

Hi everyone! Just found this fun article and thought about posting it here. I got Runt, which is meh for me. I don’t know him enough to have him in my top 3. He’s cute tho.

Who did you guys get? 😊❤️

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Tom and Jerry: A Nutcracker Tale BUT make it Yax

  • Max as Jerry
  • Yakko as the tiny ballerina (I don’t rebember her name lmao)
  • Bradley Uppercrust III as Tom
  • Salazar as the King of cats
  • Plotz as Lackey

I’m not sure about the other characters’ roles but I need a new source of serotonin 👉👈



Another au but with this movie

  • Yakko as Minnie
  • Wakko and Dot as Daisy(ies)
  • Max as Mickey
  • Bobby/Roxanne as Donald
  • Pj as Goofy (Although he doesn’t have the same personality as Goofy, as is the case with Max, I think he would be a good match)
  • Plotz/Salazar as Pete
  • Beret Girl as Clarabelle
  • Scratchy, Brain and Pinky would be some sort of parental figures towards the Warners
  • The Goodfeathers as the beagle boys

I have an idea for another cast for this au, It would star with Max as Minnie and the Warners as the three musketeers. I know a lot of fanfics/fanart that have the Warners as royalty (because of wakko’s wish) and Idk what to do :’)

I love Yakko as a prince, but the Warners would be incredible as the three musketeers

Maybe I will post the casting list of the two cast ideas of the three musketeers and the cast of nutcracker :’D

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wakko focused doodles + the colored wakko singled out bc I actually like how it came out

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You’re all probably sick of my MST3K au, but I really like it, so that’s what you’re getting. Anyway here’s a quick little Dot from it.

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Wonder what they’re  singing!

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Introducing, the entire basis for the milk fic

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And now… Pinky Suavo headcanons because I can~ <333

  • While purple is his favorite color, he also loves red and pink.
  • Valentines Day is his favorite holiday
  • Likes the lovecore aesthetic
  • Wears both cologne and perfume (mostly the ones with a rosey fragrance)
  • Would definitely wear makeup (I can see him using eyeliner and purple eyeshadow for his lavish looks)
  • Suavo sleeps with a pair of purple satin silk pajamas on with a matching eyemask. The top is long sleeved and buttoned loosely with black frills at the end of the sleeves. The bottoms are shorts also with black frills.
  • Suavo wears his usual purple robe loosely because oooo seggsy aaaAAAAAAAAAA-
  • Loves to read angsty romance novels. And ones that are steamy don’t @ me-
  • Bisexual chad like all Pinkies
  • Theater kid (totally did not steal that headcanon from Sil-)
  • A very dapper gentleman who respects women. Take it or leave it.
  • Strawberry is his favorite ice cream flavor
  • LOVES alcoholic beverages. Mostly likes champagne, fancy liquor, wine (especially Rosé), vodka, cocktails and even alcohols that are considered “girly”.
  • Suavo likes to decorate things with roses despite Brain’s allergies.
  • Wears nail polish 💅
  • Is a good singer and would definitely do karaoke, love songs, and sing you serenades.
  • Suavo is a big ol’ softie for someone he loves inside and out and is very good at making the first mood and flirting.
  • Can dance very well. Not only do I imagine him being a disco man, I can also see him doing ballet and stuff like that.
  • Suavo purrs when he’s being fluffy with you and it’s the most soothing thing to listen to. You’re practically play dough.
  • Certified fashion icon he will rock any outfit he wears
  • His fur is silky smooth and soft~. It even smells good with whatever cologne/perfume he’s wearing.
  • A top. That is all. /j
  • Loves doing photo ops for magazine covers, albums, etc. he especially does pinups too~.
  • Bathes with bubble bath and rose petals in his water and candlelight because yes
  • Suavo would enjoy listening to smooth jazz to relax, even when he’s spending time with you.
  • Despite being skinny AF, he also has a little bit of muscle too! He can look like a twig and you can still grate cheese on his abs-
  • I just imagine Suavo doing tango with you
  • Likes to have latte and a croissant in the morning because French
  • Suavo will not tolerate anyone not pronouncing croissant as “kwason”
  • Not only can he sing he can rap 😎
  • I imagine that Pinky Suavo is an expert in therapeutic massage
  • Flexible AF
  • A very sassy boy

Okay, now I’ve recently seen people complaining that Pinky Suavo does not have his verbal tics and doesn’t show any neurodivergent qualities. My ADHD having ass begs to differ. Pinky is still neurodiverse even when he’s Suavo! So here’s why, along with some neurodiverse headcanons sprinkled in.

  • “Yeeeees~!” is his main verbal stim/tic.
  • He slicks his hair and ears back as a stim.
  • Dance, fashion, and music are his hyperfixations.
  • Suavo twirls his mustache like it’s a fun little fidget toy! <3
  • He’s hyper empathetic, especially towards someone he loves like you <3
  • Definitely would be the type of man to imagine badass andsexy music videos of himself to some music.
  • I can just imagine Suavo having texture issues when it comes to certain articles of clothing
  • Mumbles incoherent French to himself when he’s feeling overstimulated
  • Would definitely dance and/or sing as a stim
  • Wrist flicks as a stim
  • Still says narf, zort, poit, etc. but doesn’t do it in public very often because he fears he’ll be frowned upon for doing so.
  • Pinky Suavo does masking because he fears that nobody would like to see a celebrity being openly neurodiverse when that isn’t true.
  • Off topic but it pissed me off when the fangirls became disgusted by Pinky Suavo being neurodivergent and rejecting him. It shows how hurtful ableism can be, especially when it comes to media and the entertainment industry.
  • Suavo’s facial expressions would sometimes stay as one expression like some ND people have. Like his bedroom eye look for example.
  • Has no need to mask when he’s around you because he knows you love and support him

Now it’s time for some self indulgent simpy fluff headcanons so don’t throttle me I just love him a lot

  • Pinky Suavo loves it when you sit on his lap (he’s very comfy)
  • Pinky Suavo loves soft silky textures, even ones like your smooth warm skin. He loves to kiss it when he’s all cuddly and fluffy with you.
  • He will wrap his tail around your waist like it’s a belt of love
  • His body is so warm and snuggly and it’s perfect for cuddling
  • Suavo’s heartbeat is super soothing and it makes it fun for you to listen to
  • Suavo loves to give you neck kisses
  • Affectionate and passionate towards you at the same time
  • Playing with his mustache makes him a blushy and flustered mess
  • Loves to carry you and just hold you in his arms~
  • You and Suavo will discuss hyperfixations together with no end and no problems
  • Suavo loves to play with your hair. He’ll also style it all up, make it pretty and decorate it with rose hair clips (or better yet, flower crowns).
  • Pinky Suavo will not hesitate on pampering you. You’re like a little Barbie doll and he loves you a lot.
  • You would also flirt with him too. His charisma has rubbed off on you. And whenever you do flirt with him, he becomes all gushy and lovey doveyyy~.
  • To tease you, he says “narf” in a prolonged purring tone. Your legs become jelly and your skin is shrouded with goosebumps each time you hear it.
  • H A N D H O L D I N G
  • Calls you fluffy pet names like mon amour, mon cheri, rose blossom, baby, deary, darling, etc.
  • You would also give him pet names too. He LOVES that.
  • Cuddles and hugs you like a koala when you and him sleep together. He wants to be as close and snug to you as possible.
  • He will become H Y S T E R I C A L if anything bad happens to you, even when it’s a minor injury, like a paper cut.
  • If you’re ever having a bad day, Pinky Suavo will make the effort to comfort you until you’re feeling better again. Whether it be cuddling in a blanket and exchanging nuzzles and kisses, or a slow dance session alone with him in his bedroom.
  • Tummy is soft pillow,,,, S O M F T
  • Pinky Suavo wants to make every date with you impressive as possible when he really doesn’t have to. All that matters is that you love him and spending time with him. And him hearing you tell him that makes him so happy that he hugs you and kisses your face all over and AAAAAAAA-
  • cw // suggestive ……………………………………………………………………………………………………. Makeout sessions with Suavo are *chef’s kiss* c'est magnifique
  • Duets with Suavooooooooooo
  • He would definitely be the kind of man to feed you snacks on dates
  • Now I just imagine you and Suavo becoming so affectionate for each other you happy stim together~

Okay I think that’s all the headcanons I have! If there’s any more you would like me to add here, leave a reply under this post! Thanks and I hope you love this!

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11 Animaniacs Questions

Reblog with your answers!

♥︎ What’s your favorite reboot song? To be like us and rap battle

♥︎ What’s your favorite OG song? Yakko’s universe

♥︎ How did you become interested in/find the show? Macadema nut started to trend on TikTok and I loved the song. A few months later when the ads came out for the reboot I recognized the characters and decided to check it out.

♥︎ Whos your favorite non-warner character? Hmm- probably slappy or pinky although I only really like the warner segments

♥︎ What’s an AU you’d love to see/make? I have some ideas for a circus one!

♥︎ What character do you relate to the most? Yakko for sure. Im the oldest sister with ADHD but it definitely goes a lot deeper then that

♥︎ Did any character really impact you? Yakko definitely made me a better older sister

♥︎ Without fail what always cheers you up? The iconic songs and the witty one liners are always great. A lot of the fan art and really all of tumblr is to!

♥︎ Whos your favorite character? Yakko with wakko in a close second

♥︎ Do you have an OC? Technically…

♥︎ How’s are ya doing? (:

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I’m taking a mini break from my older Warners au for a bit bc I’m burning myself out but don’t worry I’m still drawing


Originally posted by sugasock

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