night2time 2 days ago
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it took longer than i thought, but here they are!!! the sibs!(wakko over there just vibing)
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pinkfalls 2 days ago
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A parallel piece to this drawing. Happy Thursday~ 馃挏
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cf56 2 days ago
If there is ever another Animaniacs feature film, here is my big dumb idea for the plot: Yakko should be the villain. Preferably he would be corrupted by some more powerful outside force, since I can鈥檛 see a reason for him to be evil otherwise, especially against his siblings. Hear me out:
1. It would create easy, hard hitting emotional conflict between him and his siblings.
2. He could be redeemed by the power of love.
3. It would create a unique dynamic where Wakko and Dot have to work alone against an equally zany foe, while not wanting to hurt him.
4. I just think Yakko would give off really cool vibes as a villain. (While still easily being comedic.)
And, by far the most important:
5. Yakko would get to sing his own evil villain song.
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masteroffakesmiles 2 days ago
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I did the CN color palette challenge. I might do the other two sibs, but in different styles.
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kirbee-hd 2 days ago
Broke Pinky and the Brain theory: Pinky is the genius and Brain is the insane one
Woke Pinky and the Brain theory: Pinky actually knows what they're going to do tomorrow night, he just likes hearing Brain say the line
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lil-liz323 2 days ago
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(銇b棓鈼♀棓)銇 鈾 fashion 鈾 I had a lot of fun with this one! The shading was super cool to do, and of course Wakko looks fabulous in whatever he wears :D
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autisticyakkowarner a day ago
I鈥檓 rewatching season 2 of the reboot for the [redacted]th time, and all I鈥檓 saying is that I think someone working on that show has held a very niche grudge for a very long time.
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txmetxy 2 days ago
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Plonk and the Bonk
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I鈥檓 gonna say this; I FREAKING LOVE AMPHIBIA!!! I love Animaniacs too! What does one do in this situation? CROSSOVER!!! >:]
I鈥檒l make Yakko and Wakko鈥檚 designs later, but the story goes similar to canon, but a lot changes (especially with Sasha鈥檚 ordeal)
Yakko and Wakko were BOTH sent to Wartwood, but Dot was sent to Newtopia (like Marcy was.)
Yakko and Wakko share Anne鈥檚 story, while Dot absorbed Sasha and Marcy鈥檚. Why did I do this, instead of replacing the three protagonists with the three characters? A, Because Dot and Marcy are both my favorites. And B, I cant see any of the Warners acting like Sasha. So that whole Toad Tower ending of Season 1 never happens in this AU.
Wakko: Blue
Yakko: Red
Dot: Green
When they get their powers, their eyes turn from black to their respective colors.
Dot, in Newtopia, starts to explore further out from the area, going on adventures looking for her brothers. On the way, she finds Grime and the toads. She is imprisoned, and when the herons attack, she teaches him how to be nice so his soldiers can defeat them. *Not in the way Sasha did, but to be genuinely nice. But ehhh.. a bit of her youngest child charm is used here too ;)* She develops a friendship with the toads, but returns to Newtopia. She and Grime do battle training on the outskirts of Newtopia every now and then to teach her sword fighting. He gifts her the heron swords.
(Season 2 and 3 spoilers) It鈥檚 later found out that Dot was the one who purposely stranded them in Amphibia! (Oh no! It鈥檚 almost as if she鈥檚 supposed to be MARCY in this story!!! /s) Yakko and Wakko are rightfully pissed, but fight Andrias, choosing to figure this all out later, when they get back.
When Sprig gets thrown from the window by Andrias, Wakko gets the blue gem鈥檚 powers and beats the ever-loving crap out of him. Good for you buddy! (Dot and Joe Sparrow save Sprig btw)
Dot gets stabbed by Andrias (and dies on the spot, unlike Marcy. But Dot has nine lives, which Wakko and Yakko forget, so she lives and is put in the glass chamber for most of season 3. Rip). Wakko and the Plantars get sent back to Earth, and Yakko tries to help Dot, but Grime grabs him and leaps from the window, calling upon Joe Sparrow, and they fly back to Wartwood. WE FINALLY HAVE A SASHA, GUYS!!! Yakko does exactly what Sasha did when she got back to Wartwood, and leads the rebellion.
Dot, of course, (and unfortunately,) gets possessed by The Core, turning into Dangelina (Whether this stands for Dangerous Angelina or Dark Angelina is up to you, I cannot decide lol.)
I鈥檓 not giving any more away (*coughs* because I haven鈥檛 seen the rest of Season 3 because Disney Plus hasn鈥檛 updated yet *coughs*) so have fun with this AU! When I finally get to see the rest of Season 3, I might make this a fanfic! :]
If anyone has any other ideas for this, let me know! :3
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lordsmaf 6 months ago
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therivertm a year ago
Here鈥檚 some random quotes that my friend randomized and I drew.
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There is more of them but I have to sleep now so have this lol
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whencartoonsruletheworld 6 months ago
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you can tell this episode鈥檚 writers had siblings
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senoritaimperfecta a year ago
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masteroffakesmiles a day ago
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Doot doot
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unaloid a year ago
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this is my fav joke
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lil-liz323 2 days ago
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I went a little overboard with the halftone filters on this one... but hey, Dot turned out really cute!
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oobbbear 3 months ago
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granteddrop a year ago
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NOTE: I didn鈥檛 write the joke- it鈥檚 based on @vampirefunkmetal鈥嬄犫榮 very good post that you can read聽[by clicking here]聽!!
Image description is from @yourfriendthefangirl鈥嬄! :D
[Image Description: A fifteen-panel black and white fan art comic of the Warner siblings from Animaniacs. All of the panels feature the artist鈥檚 name, GrantedDrop, hidden somewhere in the image and overlaying the image as a semi-transparent watermark.
In the first panel, Wakko is sitting in the foreground of a hallway, frowning in confusion with tongue out and arms crossed. A large question mark floats in the air near Wakko鈥檚 head. In the background, Yakko and Dot peek around the corner of the hallway.
The second panel is a closeup of Yakko and Dot with vaguely concerned expressions on their faces.
The third panel is the same closeup, but now Yakko and Dot are looking at one another with eyebrows raised. Dot is shrugging with one arm.
The fourth panel features all of the Warner siblings, with Yakko bending down to rest a hand on Wakko鈥檚 shoulder and Wakko turning to look at him. Yakko is asking, 鈥淲hat鈥檚 wrong, sib?鈥 Dot is leaning forward with her hands clasped near her chin and saying, 鈥淵eah, you can talk to us!鈥
In the fifth panel, Dot is holding Wakko鈥檚 right arm, and Yakko is kneeling down and holding Wakko鈥檚 left hand. Yakko and Dot are both smiling. Wakko has one foot braced against the floor, as if getting ready to stand, and is frowning slightly at the viewer while saying, 鈥淧eople keep telling me that gender is what鈥檚 in your pants...鈥
In the sixth panel, Dot and Yakko yank Wakko up into the air, and there are arrows and vague outlines of Wakko鈥檚 body left behind to indicate the rapid motion. Yakko is standing with a hand on his hip and is smiling at the viewer with one eyebrow raised.
In the seventh panel, Wakko lands, standing and sticking out one leg, gesturing down at it. Dot and Yakko stare at it, frowning in contemplation with their hands held up to their chins. Wakko is saying, 鈥淏ut I鈥檓 not wearing any pants!鈥
In the eighth panel, Dot and Wakko look over at Yakko. Dot is holding the edge of her skirt and saying, 鈥淲ell, Yakko, you鈥檙e the only one of us with pants.鈥 Yakko is frowning and rifling around inside his pants pocket, saying, 鈥淗mm...鈥
In the ninth panel, Yakko holds up a finger triumphantly, with his other hand still in his pocket and a proud smile on his face, saying 鈥淎ha! I thiiink I found it!鈥. Dot and Wakko stare at him in surprise and curiosity.
The tenth panel is a closeup of Dot and Wakko, who are looking up at Yakko鈥檚 arms, which are holding a large quantity of deli meat above their heads. Dot and Wakko both have confused looks on their faces, and Wakko is saying, 鈥淒eli meat?鈥
The eleventh panel features Yakko鈥檚 hands dropping an enormous pile of deli meat on top of Dot and Wakko, obscuring them entirely. The word 鈥淔LUMP鈥 appears over the sticks of meat to indicate the sound of them hitting the ground.
The twelfth panel shows just the pile of deli meat, with a speech bubble emerging from where Dot was standing that reads, 鈥溾楤est by:...鈥 How many decades ago?!鈥
In the thirteenth panel, Yakko is standing next to the pile of meat with a smile on his face and his hands raised in a shrug as he looks at Dot and Wakko. Dot and Wakko鈥檚 faces are scrunched in exertion as they pop their upper bodies out of the meat pile. Yakko is saying, 鈥淲ell, I guess that settles it.鈥
In the fourteenth panel, Yakko is smiling with his arms crossed and looking over at Dot. Dot and Wakko are still half-way inside the meat pile, and Wakko is looking at Dot with a blank expression. Dot is smiling and saying, 鈥淵eah, their concept of gender鈥檚 just a bunch of out-of-date baloney.鈥
In the fifteenth and final panel, all of the Warner siblings turn to smile smugly at the viewer with half-closed eyes. The word 鈥淓nd鈥 is written in the bottom right corner. /End ID]
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thewarnersibs 6 months ago
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I know it was played as a joke, but the show runners low-key acknowledging Yakko 鈥渒nows about being a parent鈥 because he鈥檚 essentially had to raise Wakko and Dot has me laughing and crying.
You鈥檙e doing an amazing job, sweetie!
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