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Canadian singer-songwriter Avril Lavigne is tapping back into her pop-punk era with her newly released album titled 'Love Sux', the seventh studio record of the alternative rocker's career. Listen as we discuss Avril's impact in the music industry, we talk about her being a part of the pop-punk resurgence, the 20th anniversary of her debut album 'Let Go', and we know that her album might be titled 'Love Sux' but find out if we feel this record is a massive hit or, well, if it sucks.
Visit the Music Matters Media website at:
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🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈 #PrideMonth #RockNRollMusicVideo #AL6 #LBS
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astro observations pt 9
1. the degree your sun is in, represents the age at which your ego matures. it usually represents some sort of achievement which leads you to re-evaluate yourself. for example, taylor swift has her sun at 21 degrees and she became the youngest artist to win a grammy for album of the year at 21. (if your sun degree is less than 10, then please look at the degree of your sun in your sidereal chart!!!)
brad pitt has his sun at 25 degrees and he landed his first major acting role in 1989 at 25 years old. bjork has her sun at 28 degrees and released her debut album titled “Debut” in 1993 at 28 years old.
2. look at where you pluto is located to know about your shadow side. pluto typically represents an area of major transformation in this lifetime but you know what makes transformation possible and necessary? your shadow or rather uniting and merging with your shadow in order to become “whole”.
3. ive noticed that a lot of celebs with pluto in 8h have had tragic & untimely deaths. princess diana, aaliyah, elvis presley, bruce lee, bob marley, jimi hendrix, edith piaf, maria callas & selena quintanilla all had this placement. 
4. a lot of musicians have mercury in 10h and ppl who have this placement generally tend to be either known for their voice/speaking style (ex: marilyn monroe and her baby voice) or have excellent vocal ability.
christina aguilera, shakira, JLo, joan baez, courtney love, megan thee stallion, billie eilish & lady gaga all have this placement.
5. sun in 12h is an excellent placement for fame, because the 12h represents isolation and you know whats a very isolating experience? fame. it sets you apart from others and creates a life where not many ppl can relate to your experiences, its a double edged sword essentially.
jodie foster, queen latifah, tony blair, hillary clinton,  george michael, roger federer, margot robbie, david beckham, avril lavigne, keanu reeves, madonna, gigi hadid, orlando bloom and sooooo many others have this placement. if you look at the most renowned people from any field, they usually have prominent 12h placements.
6. look at your decans and you can learn more about how you channel your placements. you can have aries moon at an aries degree in 1h of aries but if its at a cancer decan, you’ll channel it in a cancerian way. 
7. leo placements are always talked about as being attention seekers or otherwise as being “popular” and always in the limelight but leo natives are the most insecure people most of the time and have a very oscillating self esteem. they depend on external validation so much so that they lack an inherent sense of self worth. a lot of leo natives grew up with a very hard to please mom and this has made them very emotionally needy. they always need approval.
8. venus in aries has a terrible reputation in astro circles for being h0es but tbh an evolved venus in aries is one of the fiercest lovers ever. they will have your back no matter what and will love you to death and then some. they go HARD for their loved ones.
9. on that note, venus in gemini natives are some of the most fickle lovers ever. theyre so indecisive and they fall in and out of love very quickly. do not expect commitment or loyalty from them. they change their mind very very quickly. everything is temporary and fleeting to them. (ofc, this only applies to an unevolved native)
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It’s Not A Secret - 6.9k
roommate!jiung x fem!reader
Sum: in which you bring your new boyfriend to meet your flatmate Jiung and it’s not what you expected.
*Title reference to Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne
A/N: check out Jiung’s cover of Girlfriend from the fanmeeting last year! One of the million drafts on my computer that wanted to see the light of day. And also I’m a simp for Jiung, nothing new. Everyone’s slightly older, use your imagination - it just fit the story. Enjoy!
Warnings: swearing, angst, use of alcohol, mentions of injury
You’d never pinned Jiung as the jealous kind.
For all the years that you’d known him he’d always been mature, self-controlled and calm; a creature of diligence and planning, collected even under pressure. He wasn’t the impulsive type, that much you knew, but as it turns out, it’s impossible to know everything about someone.
Tonight you’d invited your new boyfriend Taeyang to dinner to introduce him to your flatmate Jiung. It was several minutes past eight and you had already moved past the appetisers and into the main course of the meal.
The meal had started out fairly awkwardly, which you’d expected, and Jiung had been somewhat quiet, which was also not unusual but you’d talked a big game to him to try and get to know Taeyang.
The concept may have sunk in but the execution was moderately mortifying.
Jiung had been meticulously polite from the beginning, shaking Taeyang’s hand, perhaps a little too strongly from the way Taeyang had (not as discretely as he aimed to) shake it off afterwards. (You’d only noticed because you were hyper-fixed on the critically analysing the situation from the get go.) He’d been the perfect host to Taeyang, offering him a drink whilst you finished cooking the last dish, Jiung having made one before too, as they made small talk at the table.
You didn’t know exactly where it had started to derail, but the current situation was Jiung eating his food, minding his own business as you all sat in silence. You knew Jiung well enough to know something wasn’t right as he was feigning total absorption in a piece of sautéed broccoli. He was usually quiet when he ate, concentrating on eating but this was unnatural. You were chewing on a piece of carrot as your eyes flitted from one man to the other; the phrase ‘silent as the dead’ had never been more exactly portrayed, you thought.
You bite back a sigh and keep chewing, not bothering to break the silence. It was a lost cause. You’d tried several times to keep the conversation going, but it was mostly just you and Taeyang saying this and that, waiting for Jiung to chip in but he answered in a short sentence or gave a small reaction just to show you that he was paying attention.
You weren’t exactly mad at Jiung for not making more of an effort; you couldn’t fault him for not warming up to Taeyang, but you’d hoped for better. Jiung was one of your bestest and closest friends for a long time since college and you really valued his input on a lot of stuff, even your dating life.
You’d met near the end of high school, having never been really close despite being in the same year but when you found yourself at the same university interview venue, you’d been relieved to see a familiar face. It had marked the start of something special and precious, your friendship growing quickly as you got to know each other.
There wasn’t a party you didn’t attend together, not a lecture you didn’t listen to together, not an exam you didn’t study for together. It was the type of friendship that others envied and you were universally grateful for. Jiung was your rock in life and you his.
You thought about all the summers you’d spent hanging out together, working jobs across the street from each other and grabbing ice cream after work, babysitting Jiung’s younger brother, Jongseob. Jiung was the only constant in your life.    
As for Taeyang, you didn’t know him that well yet and you were surprised to find how shy he was in front of Jiung. You’d only been dating for about a month and been on a handful of dates but you thought you’d observed him to be more outgoing and social than that. There was no chemistry here and it worried you since you thought you might fall for him properly soon so you definitely wanted Jiung’s approval as your best friend and also to make it less awkward when they inevitably started running into each other whenever Taeyang came over.
(Your previous boyfriend had been horrified to find another guy in your kitchen the morning after he spent the night at yours, despite you telling him that you had a flatmate. It had helped you find that he wasn’t worth it when he broke up with you over the fact that said flatmate was a guy).  
The alternative if you were to potentially stay with Taeyang for a long time, would be to hang out at his place, where his flatmate Keeho had been the life of the party. It had been shocking; you walked into an apartment so starkly different to yours. Their place was full of life, noise and colour. Your and Jiung’s apartment was homey, cozy and tranquil; nothing screamed out at you when you sat on the couch, you could hear each other’s footsteps it was so quiet.
But it’s how you liked it, you realised after spending a day at Taeyang and Keeho’s. It had been kind of exhausting to step into the chaos, especially when Shota, Keeho’s younger brother, had bounced around the living room when he came to visit after school. It had been fun, yet a little overwhelming.
You liked the way that you could come back to a peaceful and calming environment after all that. You and Jiung had fallen into a routine and a harmony; you kept your distance, had your boundaries and respected each other’s need for quiet. If either of you needed someone to talk to, you were open and would sit and catch up with each other on the couch over some hot cocoa and a good complaints session.
“How about some dessert?” You ask.
“I’m a little stuffed, but sure, if you made it I’ll have some.” Taeyang smiles at you. You felt a glimmer of hope that tonight wasn’t as bad as you thought it was.  
“Sorry to disappoint ya, babe, I only made the money to buy it with.” You chuckle and clank a few plates together, starting to clear the table. You see Jiung takes a sip of his (second) whiskey (an extraordinary choice of beverage for a quiet Friday night dinner at home in his case) and move the cutlery out of the way so you could stack them.
“Thanks.” You mumble. You felt his uncharacteristic tenseness as you brush past him to get to the kitchen sink. It was like walking past a clock and hearing its ticking only to find out it was a time bomb in the end. You wondered if you’d chosen the wrong day to introduce them. The whole thing made your scalp prickle in protest.
You settled the dessert, some chocolate mousse, and returned to the funeral-esque dinner table. It was bordering on strained silence. You could tell it was all from Jiung; his posture was off, his usually comfortable semi-shrimping replaced by a straightened up stiffness. His mouth creased in a tiny pout as he ate his chocolate mousse, but he was trying his best to keep a neutral expression.
You look at Taeyang to see him dipping the spoon in his mousse, similarly disgruntled but still attempting to enjoy it. You decided it was now official; this was a disaster. Brand it and move on, you thought to yourself.
Jiung’s phone buzzes and he fishes it out from his pocket, eyebrows scrunched in confusion.
“Jongseob.” He said, mostly to you. “Excuse me, I gotta take it.” He left his mousse and got up, polite to the very end as he went to take the call in the other room. Jongseob was usually very capable and barely called for anything, so the call irked you too. Was something the matter? You bit down the last spoonful and tried to calm down.
“Are you okay?” Taeyang put a warm hand over yours to get your attention. You snapped out of it and hummed in response.
“Yeah, just worried about Jongseob, he’s Ji’s little brother.” You explain.  
“Oh, okay.” He didn’t press the matter. You almost wanted him to worry too since Jongseob was like your little brother too and you wanted Taeyang to be interested in your worries. Except your thought process was hugely flawed. This was mostly Jiung’s worry; something that you’d come to share, and so it occurred to you, why would a stranger be part of that all of a sudden? That’s what Taeyang was, still, to them and to some extent to you too.
Where did that thought come from?
Jiung emerges from the other room, jacket in hand, looking a little frazzled. You perked up when you saw him, anticipating what he was going to say.
“I’m really sorry, it’s sort of an emergency. He said there’s some weird crackling noise coming from the main electric board. I should check it out.” He shakes his head. “I swear this kid is going to set the house on fire if he keeps experimenting with his gadgets.” He throws the jacket on. “It was nice to meet you, Taeyang, I’m sorry I’m leaving in such a hurry. You guys enjoy the rest of dessert, don’t wait up for me.”
“Wait, how are you going to get there?” You get up and pace after him.
“There’s still a few buses running, I probably won’t come back tonight, not unless I know it’s safe.”
“Okay, be careful, let me know if there’s anything.” You trail after him as he stuffed his shoes on and grabbed his set of keys from your little fish shaped trinket dish (it had been a present from Jiung).
“Will do.” You watch him as he says it without turning to look at you. Something about seeing his back as the door closed made your heart sink. You couldn’t help but feel deflated, like a popped beach ball. You walked back to the table, sitting back down.
“Well, that was fun.” Taeyang quips sarcastically. He’d finished his mousse and places the spoon down gently. You sigh, collecting your thoughts.
“I’m sorry. I don’t know what’s got into him, he was really odd tonight, you’re not offended are you? It’s really not you, Jiung is usually quite friendly, he’s just shy-” you start rambling but you don’t notice Taeyang’s slight frown.
“It’s fine, you don’t have to make excuses for him.” He replies. “I get it. Actually, I know it’s not me. It’s you.”
“Huh? Me, wh-what do you mean?” Your brain scrambles to keep up with the conversation, it was veering into uncharted territory. What was he talking about?
Taeyang smiles, but a little bitterly.
“It’s you. He likes you. He doesn’t want to share you.”
“That’s ridiculous, Taeyang, that’s bullshit.” You shake your head, swatting the idea away the way you’d swat away a fly. You and Jiung were great friends, but it’s all you’d ever been. Sure you were close, but that didn’t mean you were harbouring any other feelings, not that you were aware of at least.
“Is it though? Trust me on this one, YN.” He pauses, running a hand through his hair in thought. “I just…I don’t know. It’s a little sad.”
“Taeyang, what are you saying?” You hung on to his every word, your heart starting to beat abnormally fast in anticipation. Your fight or flight instinct was tingling.
“I like you, and I know you like me. But,” he purses his lips for a moment, and you braced yourself, you felt it coming now. “I know you’ll never look at me the way you look at Jiung.”
There it was. It was like a dagger to the heart. You felt dizzy at his words, suddenly it was a little too hot and stuffy in the room. You close your eyes, attempting to fight the vertigo. This was so not the way you thought things were going to go.  
“So what you’re saying is…?” You trail off.
“Let’s break up.” The words pierce through your eardrums, like a bullet shattering glass. “I know I can’t compete with that. He looks at you like you’re the only person in the world. And you…you look at him like he makes the sun rise.”
“Oh my god…”
“I’m sorry, I just can’t do this. I do like you, you’re amazing, but I just don’t see us working out if there’s a Jiung-sized piece of your heart between us.”
You sit there, processing the words, not moving. It’s in this silence that you feel your heart exploding and it’s not because Taeyang is breaking up with you. It’s because there’s a loud siren of realisation that has suddenly broken through the surface of your mind and you need to process exactly what is going on in your head and in your heart.
Did a stranger see you better than you saw yourself?  
“Thank you for your honesty, Taeyang.” You say, eyes filling with tears. You’re not exactly sad, more like overwhelmed. He sees it and puts a comforting hand on your shoulder.
“I think our dates were great, it was a lot of fun, but maybe this is for the best.” He says as he gets up and you follow on autopilot, walking him out. “Thank you for the dinner. If you ever need anything, you can call me, okay?” He watches you, still tender towards you and it makes you just that little bit sadder. But you nod, grateful.
“Yeah, thanks, I’m sorry it happened like this.” You can’t think of anything to say.
“Me too.” He says softly and steps towards you. He plants a gentle kiss on your forehead as a goodbye and walks out of your apartment.
When the door closes, your legs give in and you sit on the floor, leaning against the nearest wall. It was conflicting; you were sad about breaking up with Taeyang but you were more in turmoil over what he’d said about you and Jiung. Could he be right?
You looked up at the fish shaped trinket dish on the counter across from you. The little blue tray that greeted you as you came in and bid you ‘goodbye’ as you left. You’d gotten it after about a year of you and Jiung living together. You’d been thinking about getting actual fish, raising a bunch in a tank together in your apartment but you’d discovered an unexpected allergy in the store and Jiung had bought you the trinket as a substitute since he knew how much you wanted to have a fish.
It was just one instant in the plethora of highlights in the reel of your friendship with Jiung; there was the time he stayed with you at the hospital when you’d gotten food poisoning, fighting the doctors and insisting to stay even though he wasn’t “family”. The time he’d dropped everything to find you in the middle of nowhere when you messed up the train you were supposed to get on and brought you home. All the times he’d made you coffee in the morning because he knew you didn’t have time to do it, when he’d made sure you ate no matter how late you were working, when he picked you up after work with the umbrella you’d forgotten to take that morning.
Jiung’s presence permeated through every aspect of your life, so much so that you couldn’t imagine your life without him in it. You loved him and he loved you, that was not in any doubt, but had you mistaken this as platonic love when it could be something entirely different?    
If a total stranger picked up on something, then surely it was obvious? Why wasn’t it obvious to you? Why couldn’t you figure it out? All these questions made our head hurt, and you let yourself fold up, tugging your knees up and resting your arms on them.
What now?                    
It’s three in the morning when you hear the door cracking open. You’re asleep on the couch, or were, passed out waiting for Jiung. The noise wakes you up and you stretch up, pulling yourself up to see Jiung’s silhouette moving across the foyer.
“Jiung?” You croak, voice laced with sleep. He turns around, his step stuttering slightly as he kicks off his shoes haphazardly.
“YN? You’re awake.” He says. His voice is quiet and a little sluggish and you realise he’s drunk. He’d only had a bit of whiskey but that was hours ago, that would have worn off by now.
“Ji, where did you go?” You get up and walk towards him in the dark, the little bit of moonlight coming from the window illuminating your way.
“Intak’s.” He slurs.
“I thought you went to see Jongseob?” You press gently.
“I did. He was there.” Jiung throws off his jacket, leaning on the wall and even in the dark you see the slight flush colouring his face.
“How much did you drink?”
“Not that much.” and as if to disprove his point, he stumbles a little and you immediately reach out and grab his arm to steady him, heart hammering in your chest with worry.
“Come on, let’s get you to bed.” You guide him slowly to his room. You help him tumble into bed, settling him on the pillow and you bring the duvet up to his chin, tucking him in while you sit on the side. He makes a little noise of satisfaction. There’s some biting emotion tugging at your heart as you look at him, but your three am brain doesn’t grasp on to it.
“Why did you drink so much?” You whisper, not particularly asking Jiung, but he shifts, looking vaguely in your direction. He can barely see you, the only light coming from the undrawn curtains of his window.
“Because I couldn’t stand it.” He mutters, voice getting lost in the dark.
“Stand what?” You ask, groggy but semi-alert. There’s no answer and you think he’s already asleep, his eyes closed.
“Is he here?” He mumbles.
“Taeyang’s gone.”
“Hmm, good.” But he’s already falling asleep and it sounds more like ‘hm gu…’. You stay for a minute more, making sure he’s asleep and you let the questions slip into your brain and roll around like balls of yarn being chased by cats, except you’re the cat and you can’t grab onto any of them as you chase them hopelessly…
You wake up again and this time you’re vaguely aware it’s morning, if the brightness of the room is anything to go by. You shift and you realise there’s a weight over your side. You open your eyes, blinking rapidly to adjust to the light and you find your feet dangling to the floor whilst you’re lying on your side in a bed. That’s not yours. In a room. That’s also not yours.
You shift and you find the weight around you is actually an arm and it’s a no brainer that it’s Jiung’s arm, casually thrown around you and almost keeping you in a headlock with how strong his grip was. You grumble lightly as you try to wriggle out of his grasp but your attempted escape makes Jiung shift and he voluntarily moves his arm, a yawn breaking out over his face.
He looks down just as you’re starting to sit up and the look on his face is priceless. He’s caught somewhere in between confusion, disbelief, embarrassment and dread all in one go and you can’t help but laugh lightly.
“You have no idea how you got here, do you?” You ask him, referring to how drunk he must have been last night (earlier this morning).
“But I did. I got here.” He whispers, voice a little hoarse. You reach over to the bedside table and hand him his resident water bottle. He takes a sip, clearing his throat. “So it doesn’t matter how, really. How did you get here is the question.” He asks.
And you don’t know how to answer it.
How had you gotten where? In this life? In this room? To the point where your boyfriend had spent five minutes with you two and broken up with you? It beats you.
You divert the question because you know it’s not getting answered right now.
“Was there ever anything actually wrong with the main board at home?” You wonder. Jiung is silent for a second, looking away. “Right.”
“No, wait - there really was some weird ticking thing but it was nothing. So we went to Intak’s and I started-”
“Drinking yourself to death?” You shoot back. The worry you felt last night, the one that you’d suppressed as much as possible, came flooding back and it morphed into microscopic ire. Jiung shuts up, shrinking back like a child who’s getting scolded. You didn’t mean to sound that harsh and you sigh. “I’m sorry. You’re allowed to do what you want, doesn’t mean I won’t worry though.”
“No, I’m sorry too, I didn’t mean to be an ass to Taeyang, or to worry you.” He says. “I can make it up to you two, have him over some time again, I’ll be good this time.”
“Taeyang broke up with me.” You blurt. As if it could get worse, Jiung’s eyes bug out at you and his jaw drops open.
“Oh god, I’m so sorry, it’s all my fault - I’ll call him up and expla-” he starts rambling and find it endearing how worked up he gets but you cut him off.
“It’s not your fault. You don’t have to do anything. It’s mostly me anyway.” You say, echoing Taeyang’s words. You’re not sure how in the mood you are to have this conversation right now, both of you dishevelled in last night’s clothes and still sleepy. So you don’t. “Okay, get up, I’ll make breakfast. What do you want to eat?”
Jiung looks up at you, his eyes still wide and comically unsure. You nod a reassuring ‘tell me’ at him and he concedes.
“Pancakes?” He asks hopefully. You can’t help the smile that breaks over your face as you look at him. You nod, stomach growling activated at the mention of food.  
“Anything you want.”
It had been quite a few days since the dinner and Jiung’s stunning alcohol digestion attempt, the two of you mostly going back to your normal harmonious lifestyle, avoiding the topic of the dinner. You’d thought a little bit about what Taeyang had said but the possibility of you facing any feelings you had or might have for Jiung terrified you. Instead, you treated him like always but it was getting harder.
One day you’d been watching TV, shoulders brushing as you sat side by side. Normally that wouldn’t have bothered you at all, but now you were overthinking everything. Did he realise you were touching? Did he care? Should you move away? It was all frustrating as you let your mind wander away from the screen and stare at Jiung instead.
He was absorbed in the new episode of whatever drama it was, one you agreed to watch together. You looked at the shadows cast across his face by the light coming from the TV across the room; Jiung had always been handsome, you had always thought so, but had it been the sort of objective acceptance that your friend was hot or had you actually noticed how charming he was?
That was just one instance of you starting to slowly lose your mind. Your awareness of the proximity between you increased too, constantly noticing every touch, every look, every smile he threw in your direction. The sweet familiar sound of his laugh made your stomach curl contentedly as you felt pride in being the source of it. It wasn’t long until you realised you were falling hard. Or had fallen already but were only getting conscious of it now, belatedly.
Better late than never.    
It’s late afternoon one day when you get a phone call from Jongseob. At first you think he called you by mistake but you pick it up with a smile.
“Jongseobie-ah, what’s up, kiddo?” You were just leaving work, on your way to catch the bus.
“Noona! I can’t get a hold of Jiung hyung, I think something’s wrong.” You hear the worry lacing his voice over the line. You stop short, not quite leaving the building.
“Huh? What do you mean? What’s going on?”
“He’s not picking up his phone. We were supposed to go have dinner together after my interview but it’s been an hour and he’s still not here. I called him several times but it’s not working-” you could feel him starting to ramble nervously.
“Alright sweetie, calm down, I’m sure it’s nothing serious, I’ll try and call him too, where are you? I’ll come get you.”
So you’re on your way to get Jongseob from the interview venue and you call Jiung profusely, texting him and leaving a voicemail. It’s so unlike him to ever be late for an appointment, especially breaking a promise to his little brother, or for him to ignore his phone.
When he doesn’t respond, you can’t help the way your heart twists while your imagination runs wild - what if he got robbed? What if he got kidnapped after work, he got eaten by a bear, he got accidentally taken out by a hitman send to kill some spy but he got the wrong guy-
You find Jongseob standing outside an office building, clutching his phone to his ear, looking around before spotting you and waving. You smile, happy to see him despite the circumstances; you think he’s grown since you last met him as he stands tall in his suit.
“Hey, ‘Seobie,” You say as you reach him. “Any luck?” You ask as he brings his phone away from his ear. He shakes his head.
“No, he’s still not picking up.” He sighs, pausing. “Thanks for coming though, noona.”
“Of course, honey. I’m sure he’s probably stuck at work or something.” You reassure him. It was easy to be brave when it’s for someone else’s sake. “How was your interview?”
“It was okay, I’m not worried about it now though.” And you understand what he means. You’re about to say something when you hear his stomach growl loudly.
“‘Seobie-ah, when’s the last time you ate?” You question the boy. He shrugs innocently. That’s all the answer you need. “Come on, let’s feed you while we wait for your brother. Come on.” You usher him in the direction of the nearest restaurant, not taking in his protests.
You sit at a table, the bright LED lights above the two of you beaming down on your food. You’re both eating - one hand holding the cutlery, one hand holding your phones as you wait for Jiung to call. You’re starting to lose hope when you’ve reached the last bite in your plate when your phone screen lights up and before it can properly ring, you open the call.
“Hello, where the hell were you?” You almost scream down the phone. Jongseob’s staring at you, straining his ears to hear the voice on the other end.
“Hello, is this Mrs Choi YN?” Your heart sinks when you hear a stranger’s voice and not Jiung’s. Moreover you’re confused as to why he thinks you’re Mrs Choi but you ignore it, your mind barely registering it. You clear your throat, feeling a little embarrassed.
“Yes, speaking.”
“I’m calling from the university hospital, are you able to pick up your husband, Mr Choi Jiung?”
You swallow hard. Hospital? Husband? Jiung? You feel a flash of anxiety pitting in your stomach.
“Y-yes, I’ll be there right away. Is he okay?” You’ve switched to autopilot, your mouth going dry as you wait for whoever’s on the phone to answer your question.
“He’s doing alright, he’s had a minor head injury and needs to be discharged with a guardian.” You’re dizzy as you hear those words, but you steel yourself up.
“Right, I’ll be there as soon as I can. Thank you.” And you’re left with your phone against your ear as the person hangs up. Jongseob’s waving his hand in front of your face, calling out to you and you snap out of it.
“He’s fine, but we need to go to the hospital to get him.”
It feels like an avalanche; you’re clamming up, palms sweaty and face paling as you process what you just heard. Injury? What if he was actually really hurt? How would you deal with this? The thought of seeing Jiung in pain made you queasy and your legs turned to jelly as you forced yourself to get up and go.  
You pay the bill in a hurry, telling Jongseob to call a cab whilst you do that, the two of you stunned and sitting in stony silence during the ride. There’s a pain in your chest, an ache around where your heart is and you’re trying to rationalise every thought that flits across your mind, but it ends in the same tortured mantra of Jiung’s name echoing in the cavities of your head.
You reach the hospital quickly, lucky to avoid most of the rush hour and almost run to where you were told Jiung was when you asked the front desk. You find him sitting in one of those half-curtain-closed spaces in the minor injuries ward. His back is to you and judging from his posture he seems okay.
You walk forward quickly, Jongseob at your heels as you speed towards Jiung, heart hammering in your chest. As if he sensed you were coming, he turns around and perks up.
“Jiung!” You skid to a halt in front of him, grabbing his face in your hands to inspect the damage - there’s a semblance of a bruise next to his left eye and a slight cut above his eyebrow. You sigh in relief when you see it’s not anything huge. “Oh my god, what happened?” You don’t give yourself time to catch your breath as you keep holding his warm cheeks in your hands. You remember Jongseob is next to you so you let go and step back.
“It’s nothing, seriously. I’m really fine. Jongseob-ah, how was the interview?” Jiung turns to the younger boy, who stands stiffly for a second but registers the question in a split second.
“Hyung, it doesn’t matter. Are you hurt?” You can tell Jongseob is a little shocked and you zero in on Jiung and how he shakes his head then winces at the movement.
“I’m telling you, I’m fine, really!” Jiung tries his best to convince you, trying to be stoic for your sake, but you both stand there with an air of scepticism.
“Jiung, just tell us what happened!” You demand, but deep down it feels like you’re begging instead.
“There was an emergency and some lunatic came into the office, looking to pick a fight with someone. I ended up trying to restrain him with Intak and it turns out the guy had a mean right hook and a ring on his finger.” he explained, looking from you to Jongseob.
“God, why would you do that?! What did the doctor say?” You press him; clearly if he was in hospital then it’s not just a small scratch.
“I don’t have a concussion as far as they can tell but they told me to take it easy for a while and watch out for any symptoms.” Jiung sees your expression and reaches out a hand to grab yours. You almost on air when he does. He looks up at you earnestly. “I’ll be okay, seriously, calm down.”
“Let’s go home.” You manage.  
After instructing Jongseob not to blab to their parents since they might worry too much, you and Jiung drop him off at their house and take a cab back to your apartment. The ride is full of palpable tension and you can’t tell if it’s from you or from him. You hear Jiung’s stomach growling but he fakes a cough to stop the suspicious glance you throw him in the back of the car.
You’re dying to ask him why on earth he would try to get involved in what is a security guard’s job or why the doctors thought that you were his wife but you decide to halt your questions for the moment because you think he must be exhausted.
The moment you walk through the door, you boss Jiung around to sit himself at the table and not move until you prepared some dinner for him to eat. He stops his half-hearted protest when he catches a glimpse of your glare and he shrivels up on one of the chairs.
Once there’s a plate of hot food on the table, you sit down and watch him eat. He takes several careful bites but you don’t miss the way he flinches in pain occasionally when he opens his mouth up. You end up rummaging around the medicine box for some painkillers and place them in front of Jiung.
“Dessert.” You mumble.
“Thanks.” He says with a mouthful of food, cheeks puffing up cutely like a squirrel.
“Don’t mention it, hubby.” You cross your arms and watch Jiung squirm at the nickname. He looks up like a kid caught with their hand in the cookie jar.
“How did you find out about that?” He asks once he swallows his bite.
“Find out about what?” You cock an inquisitive eyebrow. “The doctor asked me to pick up my husband, but I had no idea when we got married. Explain.” Jiung lets out an awkward laugh and pulls out his phone.
“About that,” he hums in thought. “It’s nothing, just um- your contact in my phone-”
And you’re reaching towards the device that now sits on the table, looking at the unlocked recent contacts list. You don’t see your name but you do see something rather interesting. There are several missed calls listed from Jongseob but also a contact that reads ‘Wifey <3’ and you can’t help but snort out a laugh. No wonder Jiung looked like he wanted to sink into the ground right now.
“Intak saved it like that when we were drinking at his and I didn’t notice for a while but then I kept meaning to change it but I never got around to it and-”
“It’s cute.” You smile at how flustered Jiung looks, the tips of his ears growing a soft pink much like the blush dusting across his cheeks. You wonder suddenly what you look like from the side as you look at Jiung; is it obvious on your face - the affection you have for him?
“You’re not mad?”
“Jiung, why would I be mad? It’s just a word on a screen.”
“Oh.” You could pick up on the slight tinge of disappointment in his voice.
“And besides. We do act like an old married couple sometimes, I can see what Intak was getting at, cute kid.”
“Right, yeah, I guess we do.” And he shuts up, keeping a careful balance of looking at his food and glancing up at you occasionally. You’re finally starting to calm down as you watch him scoff down the food, his hunger clearly surfacing after a few bites. Jiung looks like he always does but you realise it’s you who’s different.
You think about your life with Jiung in it and the possibility of your life without him in it and strikes you like a flash of lightning. You couldn’t bear the thought of him not being there. This time it was a small injury, but what if next time it was serious? What if something happened to him? You couldn’t face the idea, your heart clenching in your chest as you zoned out at the dinner table.
It’s only when you see the tears plop down on the surface in front of you that you realise you’re crying. It’s a moment before you feel Jiung notice and freeze in his actions, last mouthful of food forgotten.
“YN?” He asks quietly. You don’t reply but let yourself hang in the despair you feel; hang in the limbo between knowing you love your best friend and knowing you’re in love with your best friend. There’s a threshold you hadn’t crossed until now, until you realised that Jiung is your everything. He’s the first person you see in the morning and the last before you sleep. The one you always want to hang out with, talk with, eat with. You realise he’s been in your heart more than you had thought.
You look up at him, cheeks stained with tears and vision slightly blurred and the look on Jiung’s face - the look that you cannot call anything else but love - finally breaks you down.
You’re sobbing at you kitchen table and you hear the screeching of the chair as he Jiung gets up and wraps his arms around you. You bury your face in his torso as he holds you tight, a gentle hand brushing over the back of your head. He doesn’t ask you anything but lets you let it all out.
A minute later you’re pulling away, swiping away the saltiness from your cheeks with the backs of your hand, slightly embarrassed at how much you cried but if you couldn’t cry in front of Jiung, then who could you cry in front of? No one.
“Sorry.” You sniffle and clear your throat. “I’m fine.”
Jiung lowers himself down on his knees in front of you and rests his hands in your lap as he looks up at you, his eyes meeting yours.
“You’re not fine, I can tell. I’m sorry for worrying you. You must have been startled. I promise I’ll be more careful from now on.”
“You better. What am I going to do if something happened to you, huh?” You smile a little, unable to hide your affection for him. “I love you.” You sniffle.
“I love you too, I’ll be fine, I promise.” He says automatically, not even blinking as he pats your leg reassuringly. Your heart does a summersault at his words but you don’t think he quite understood you.
“No, Ji, I said I love you. As in, I’m in love with you.” You clarify, your voice soft as you fight back another sob. Jiung freezes in front of you, his body rigid where you’re touching. You watch him as he blinks several times, flinching when his brow scrunches in confusion and you can’t help but smile at him trying to figure it out.
You bring your hands to cup his cheeks, making him look up at you again. You feel him almost trembling as you hold his face. His eyes are wide, almost like a cartoon as he tries to process the words coming out of your mouth. He looks like he’s finally discovering eurika when you decide to lean in and plant a soft kiss on his lips. It’s not a split second before he’s kissing you back, just as softly and gently, as if you’re made of rice paper and even the slightest movement can tear you apart.
You don’t separate completely but you pull back a few centimetres, sharing the space between you. Neither of you is ready to say anything yet, the silence comfortable as always for the two of you.
“Is this why Taeyang broke up with you?” Jiung asks finally, voice low as if you weren’t the only ones in your kitchen.
“He noticed immediately,” you say. “How I looked at you…and how you looked at me.”
“It’s written all over my face, isn’t it?” He asks, bringing a hand to rest on your cheek, tears dried now. “I can’t hide how much I love you too.”
“I hadn’t realised it before; I think I was too used to being your friend to notice how much more there was to it. How much you really meant to me. I’m sorry it took me so long.”
“I’m glad you realised because you know how much of a jellybean I am when it comes to talking about feelings.” He chuckles, a familiar and sweet sound making you smile too. “But I’ll say it anyway - I’ve always loved you as more than a friend.”
“That…that explains a lot.” You say, unsure of how to continue. It’s not like you’d ever let yourself fantasise about you and Jiung as being anything more than what you’d been. But that was until recently. What you’d been and what you perceived yourself as being, you realised, were completely different things; maybe you’d been more than friends for a long time without realising you’d even opened that door. Now your feelings were on the table, your mind was brimming with the possibilities of what you could become.
“Would you be willing to try us?” Jiung says shyly. “Y’know like dating?” He swallows thickly, his Adam’s apple bobbing down and up. It’s not difficult to decide when he looks the way he does right now; hopeful, his eyes full of love that you couldn’t recognise before.
“I’d like that,” you say, looking down and interlocking your fingers with Jiung’s, hands fitting together perfectly. “I’d like that a lot.” And you lean in to kiss him again, smiling into the kiss.  
*copyright 2021 © momobani
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breakmyheartwithlyrics · 4 years ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Avril Lavigne- Give You What You Like
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corpsemo · a month ago
Tumblr media
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aliensyndrome · 5 months ago
ok i saw you say something similar on twitter earlier but it got me curious. what albums would you love to listen to for the first time again??
i actually think about this so much lmao sooooo:
• The 1975 — Self-Titled
• Billy Joel — The Stranger
• Secondhand Serenade — A Twist in My Story
• 5 Seconds of Summer — Self-Titled
• Liz Phair — Exile in Guyville
• The Maine — American Candy
• Prince & The Revolution — Purple Rain
• One Direction — FOUR
• John Denver — An Evening with John Denver
• Jewel — Pieces of You
• Charlie Puth — Voicenotes
• James Bay — Chaos and the Calm
• Bruno Mars — 24K Magic
• Green Day — American Idiot
• Bring Me the Horizon — Sempiternal
• Michelle Branch — The Spirit Room
• Psychedelic Furs — Midnight to Midnight
• Augustana — All the Stars and Boulevards
• Avril Lavigne — Let Go
• Beach Boys — Pet Sounds
• Biffy Clyro — Only Revolutions
• Rilo Kiley — Take Offs and Landings
• Carole King — Tapestry
• The Zombies — Odessey and Oracle
• Corbin Bleu — Another Side
• Childish Gambino — Because the Internet
• Poppy — Poppy.Computer
• Jonas Brothers — Self-Titled AND A Little Bit Longer
• The Cranberries — No Need To Argue
• Culture Club — Colour By Numbers
• A Day to Remember — Common Courtesy
• The Wonder Years — The Greatest Generation
• Hannah Montana — Hannah Montana 2 Soundtrack / Meet Miley Cyrus
• Deathcab for Cutie — Transatlanticism
• High School Musical 2 Soundtrack
• Spongebob Movie Soundtrack
• Metallica — Self-Titled
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themoontaxi · 7 months ago
Congrats Hanna!! 🎉
I would like a small 🥞, please and thank you! :)
first of all good morning <3 seems like you’re getting 🥞 for breakfast 🥰
ngl i think i could have come up with at least a hundred songs that i associate with you. but oh well, guess i’ll have to restrain myself to these. but you still get my ramblings to keep you from enjoying them in peace: (lyrics i associate with you are in orange)
mountain at my gates by foals should be pretty self-explanatory as to why i chose it for you if you only look at the title (and that’s what we’re doing here!). so excited for our trip and for you to be my tour guide! when i feel low // you show me a signpost for where i should go <3 (but otherwise the lyrics actually are quite dark and i think you’ll relate to them, just as a side note)
chaos by mutemath bc while watching the mentalist together our chat is ✨chaotic✨ and i appreciate that you tolerate me talking nonsense sm ahaha i know you stay true when my world is false // everything around's breaking down to chaos // i always see you when my sight is lost
i’m with you by avril lavigne should also be self-explanatory. i'm lookin' for a place // i'm searchin' for a face // is anybody here i know? // ’cause nothing's going right // and everything's a mess // and no one likes to be alone is pretty much how i felt here until we started talking <3 tryin' to figure out this life // won't you take me by the hand, take me somewhere new? - us having an existential crisis and saying fuck it, let’s just get an alpaca farm together
the lovecats by the cure bc of our shared love for cats and you said you wanted to check out more by them! you know that i’d do anything for you (otherwise this song is also so so dark oh my 💀)
and the last one: i hate everything about you by three days grace 😈 - uhh no wait 🤔 - i only wanted to put that on here mentally 🤦‍♀️ oh well… … … /j ignore me, i’m just putting off getting even more soppy with the last one ahaha <3
so actually it’s you & i by rhodes. i don't mind if you lie with me // you're my friend // i don't like to hide // think about all the finer things in our lives // and how time can fly i always forget time when we talk :) i don't mind if you cry with me // you're my friend // i know times can get hard please never ever apologize for being sad or complaining about something to me <3
ouch shit, i just slipped bc of all the slime i dripped onto the floor. don’t mind me cleaning up this mess while you dig in! :)
(the link to the yt list is in the pancakes if you overlooked it)
hope you like them! you can tip me here if you want 😌
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sagehaleyofficial · a year ago
Tumblr media
Calling All Captains released a new track called “Tailspin”  last Tuesday. It marks the first brand new music from the band since they released their EP Nothing Grows Here back in 2019.
Waterparks released a brand new song off their upcoming album Greatest Hits titled “Just Kidding.” The visual for the song was directed by Jawn Rocha and lead singer Awsten Knight.
Yours Truly shared a visual for the song “Siamese Souls.” The track comes off of their debut album Self Care, which was released last year via UNFD. 
DE'WAYNE revealed that his debut album Stains is set to be released on June 18 via Hopeless Records. The announcement comes with the release of its title track, which follows from previous singles “Perfume” and “Walking to Work.”
With Confidence released a new song titled “Cult,” featuring new guitarist Inigo Del Carmen on vocals and as music video director. It follows on from their previous single “Big Cat Judgement Day.”
After much teasing, Don Broco released a new song called “Manchester Super Reds No.01 Fan.” The band later announced the details of their next album Amazing Things, dropping on September 17 via SharpTone Records.
The Offspring released a new music video for their track "We Never Have Sex Anymore.” The single follows from title track “Let the Bad Times Roll,” which is currently No. 1 on U.S. Active Rock radio.
Motionless in White released a synthwave version of their song “Voices.” It follows on from “Creatures X: To the Grave,” a song written in the style of their 2010 debut Creatures.
Weezer released a new orchestral version of their song “All My Favourite Songs” featuring AJR. The former band released their long-awaited album Van Weezer earlier this month.
Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! released a new song “Bitter” and revealed that their new album Gone Are the Good Days is going to be released on July 30 via Fearless Records. It will be their first record since 2015's Get Lost Find Yourself.
Rouxx shared a new track titled “LO$ERS” featuring MOD SUN last Friday. The track follows on from the singer’s previous single “F.E.A.R,” which was released last month.
Architects’ Sam Carter leant his vocals to the theme for the new game Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker. The expansion of the game is set to be released on November 23.
Sad Summer Fest announced they are rescheduling some of the dates of this year's festival. Due to international travel not being possible, Yours Truly are unable to play, but the tour will now kick off in Sacramento, California, on August 6.
Evanescence made an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show last week, playing their song “Better Without You.” The song comes off of their latest album The Bitter Truth.
Slam Dunk Festival have announced that The Story So Far and Movements will no longer be performing at this year's festival. This is due to the rearranging of the dates of Sad Summer Fest in the United States, which both bands are a part of.
MOD SUN made his national TV debut last week as he performed his hit track “Flames” alongside Avril Lavigne. They were accompanied by Goldfinger frontman and producer John Feldmann on guitar.
Machine Gun Kelly and Sleeping With Sirens’ Kellin Quinn performed their new collaborative track “Love Race” together on Ellen. The pair previously collaborated on SWS’ track “Alone” and the rapper’s early song “Swing Life Away.”
My Chemical Romance confirmed the new dates that they will be playing in Russia and Ukraine next year. The news comes after previously rescheduling all of their touring plans to 2022.
Blink-182's classic track “What's My Age Again?” hit Platinum certification in the United Kingdom. It joins “All the Small Things,” which itself hit 2x Platinum back in January.
Fall Out Boy’s 2003 album Take This to Your Grave made its way into the Billboard 200 Chart for the very first time last week. The album is also currently certified Gold in the United States.
Foo Fighters were announced to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2021. It is also their first attempt at being inducted following the 25th anniversary of their debut album last year.
Machine Gun Kelly's massive track “Bloody Valentine” has been certified Silver in the United Kingdom. The track appears on MGK's latest album Tickets to My Downfall, which is also now certified Silver.
Check in next Tuesday for more “Posi Talk with Sage Haley,” only at @sagehaleyofficial!
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idabbleincrazy · a year ago
What do You Mean This is Classic Rock? ~ A 1k Follower Celebration Challenge
I can’t believe I’ve reached this amazing milestone in just under 3 years of maintaining this blog! I honestly never expected to gain more than a couple dozen followers, let alone a thousand of you lovely people. This challenge is one I’ve been planning for a while now and one I hope will provide plenty of inspiration to all my fellow writers.  My local Classic Rock station has been playing more and more unexpected songs over the past couple years, many that make me feel old knowing they are now considered ‘classic’. So, I’ve compiled a list of songs that are apparently Classic Rock songs in that they are at least 15yrs old, and some of the things I’ve said in response to hearing them playing on the radio. The list contains a mix of songs from 1990-2006 so many of them should be familiar and may surprise you to find that they are now of Classic Rock age. 
Deadline: March 31st, 2021
Must be following me (this is a follower celebration, afterall)
Fandoms you can write for: SPN, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel: the Series, Lucifer(Netflix), iZombie, Farscape, The Magicians, and The Order, or anything Rich or Rob related.
Below you will find a list of song titles, and a list of exclamations I have actually made in reaction to said songs showing up on my area’s Classic Rock stations. You may choose one or the other, or combine a song with a quote
Send in an ask with the #(s) of your prompt, and a back up in case it’s been taken, and which fandom you plan to write for.
One person per song prompt, but quotes can be claimed without limit as there are fewer.
If over 500 words, please use the Keep Reading tab, or an ao3 link so that I’m not filling peoples dashes.
Use appropriate ratings and warnings. Smut is awesome, but please let me know what I’m getting into.
I do prefer canon-verse, but if AU’s are more your writing style, that’s perfectly fine.
When posting, be sure to @ me and use #1kClassicRockChallenge in the first 5 tags. If I don’t get around to your fic after 24hrs, dm me to make sure tumblr didn’t pull a stupid.
Feel free to include this in other challenges or in bingo’s if applicable!
Things I won’t read:
Lucifer(SPN), Nick, Saileen (i just don’t ship it), Incest, Underage smut (this includes Jack Kline), Dan/Ella, Dan/Michael, RPF (meta versions, i.e. KoC/The French Mistake ok), Watersports/scat, graphic rape/non-con (mild non-con, dub-con are ok), vore, daddy kink (Sire/Childe dynamics do not fall under this category).
Prompts under the cut.
Friday, I’m in Love - The Cure
Epic - Faith No More
Girl All the Bad Guys Want - Bowling For Soup @there-must-be-a-lock
1985 - Bowling For Soup @idreamofplaid
Song 2 - Blur
My Own Worst Enemy - Lit @thewhiterabbit42
Teenage Dirtbag - Wheatus
The Middle - Jimmy Eat World
Beverly Hills - Weezer @mir567
Undone (The Sweater Song) - Weezer
Buddy Holly - Weezer
Loser - Beck @archangelgabriellives
Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana
Mr. Brightside - The Killers
Zombie - The Cranberries 
Mmm mmm mmm mmm - Crash Test Dummies
The Anthem - Good Charlotte @zombitch-cas
In Too Deep - Sum 41
One Week - Barenaked Ladies
I Write Sins Not Tragedies - Panic! At The Disco
Bittersweet Symphony - The Verve
My Hero - Foo Fighters
Tubthumping - Chumbawamba
Are You Gonna Be My Girl - Jet @calaofnoldor
She Hates Me - Puddle of Mudd @prose-for-hire
American Idiot - Green Day
Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down - Fallout Boy
Self-Esteem - The Offspring
Headstrong - Trapt
Rest for the Wicked - Cage the Elephant
Sk8er Boi - Avril Lavigne
You - Candlebox
What’s Going On - 4 Non-Blondes
Things i’ve yelled at the radio:
Oh, fuck off!
Nope, I refuse to call this classic rock
I’m not old enough for this to be classic rock, goddammit!
Look, you wanna tell me that Green Day is classic rock, fine, I can accept that. I can even see Nirvana, maybe, hell, I can even stretch to accept Weezer...but Sum 41?!? No! Fuck off!
Way to make me feel old…
Oh, come on!
No. Nope, no, nuh-uh.
That song’s over 15 years old already???
What the ever-loving fuck!!
Are you fucking kidding me?!?
Oh my god, kill me now. 
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xxedgybastardxx · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
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macarthur-radio · a year ago
Le Tigre by Le Tigre
Official album review by MacArthur Radio
I’d recommend this album for fans of ‘90s alternative, punk, grunge rock bands and artists like Veruca Salt, Garbage, Nirvana, Bikini Kill, and more modern artists such as Rina Sawayama, Miley Cyrus, (specifically her Plastic Hearts album, Grimes (specifically Art Angels and Miss Anthropocene) Ashnikko, Rico Nasty, and Avril Lavigne and just anyone who likes intense, punk music that can sometimes be beautiful.
Le Tigre's self titled is one of the defining albums of the riot grrrl genre, and is an unapologetic, perfectly pretentious, cohesive record that makes you wanna simutaneously throw shit around, dance slowly in your bedroom, and protest against the government.
Tumblr media
This album has really intense, angry, "RAHHHHH" energy songs like "Deceptacon" and "Let's Run" that are so satisfying and make you wanna whip your hair back and forth like Willow Smith, to very strange, conceptual songs like Phanta, which is written from the point of view of hippies hidden in a bunker as they await the apocalypse and are hiding from a supposed monster outside (based on true events that happened in 1967-1968 when scientists realized the asteroid named 1566 Icarus would be coming close to Earth).
Then there's the ethereal almost-ballad "Eau 'd Bedroom Dancing", to the political, feminist, thought provoking statements on life and art spoken entirely throughout tracks like "Hot Topic" and "Slideshow at Free University".
The closing track Les and Ray is also a criminally underrated, hidden gem. One of the cutest, most purest, songs I've ever heard that I didn't expect to hear on an album that goes this hard. Kathleen Hanna (lead singer) sings from the perspective of a nine year old thanking her neighbors Les and Ray for playing a big role in her loving music and holding out hope that her life could be better one day as she sings "You were my oxygen/The thing that made me think I could escape/This is a thank you song for Les and Ray." The song's instrumental sounds both like you're listening to music playing at a party by your next door neighbors, and a soothing music box lullaby.
Otherwise, most of this album's sound is heavy punk guitar riffs, passionate and raw punk vocals by Kathleen Hanna full of frustration, anger, but also a very "fuck you!" type of pure, unadulterated joy, very experimental and unique songwriting, samples, and production, that I think people who are fans of alternative, punk rock, punk pop (like Miley Cyrus's latest album which I love), experimental music will really enjoy.
This is one of the most unique, memorable, and enjoyable albums I've ever heard.
Fav songs: Deceptacon, The The Empty, Phanta, Eau 'd Bedroom Dancing, Let's Run, and Les and Ray
SOURCE: (for 1967/1968 story of hippies fleeing due to fear of doomsday)
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