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#book talk
mummer · a month ago
like guys did you know that the point of a huge amount of media is not to comfort you and make you feel the precise emotions you deem Good and Right it’s trying to introduce you to new mindsets and attitudes and philosophical/thematic ideas and some of those ideas will make you feel absolutely miserable and that isnt a bad evil thing, and you dont have to like stories that challenge you ideologically or make you uncomfortable but that doesnt make them bad stories that arent worth telling, or stories that should be criticized/discouraged on the face of not being cathartic enough or whatever. omg it’s all too much
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lazylittledragon · 15 days ago
hey so
i know we’re all excited for crystal kingdom to come out (i am too!!) but when it does, please keep in mind:
- the artists for the fanart gallery were originally offered $100 which, from a bestselling publishing company, is unacceptable. we would never have been paid more if people hadn’t spoken up about it.
- we submitted our work in mid october and were told we would be sent our contracts within two weeks. i was finally paid less than a month ago.
- some people still haven’t been paid.
- personally, this was hands down the worst freelance i have ever done. the level of stress and anticipation and not-knowing was awful and i know i’ll question working for any major company in the future.
- this is not the mcelroys’ fault, however first second has a history of not treating their artists with the respect and professionalism we deserve and it clearly hasn’t gotten any better.
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thehoneydukes · a month ago
Instead of a hot girl summer I’m having a hobbit hole summer surrounded by my books and cocoa and not even a wizard’s prod will get me out of the house!
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tolerateit · a month ago
a book that is close to your heart
a book with a blue cover
a stand-alone that you wish was part of a series
a poetry book that reads like a story
something in fiction that reads like poetry
a book with a pink cover
a book you did not finish
a book you finished in one sitting
your favourite book of 2020
a book that got you through something
a book with a green cover
a book that mentions food in the title
your favorite romance novel
a book that made you trip on literary acid
a book rec you really enjoyed
a book you'd recommend to your younger self
a book with a yellow cover
your least favorite book ever
a book that put you in a reading slump
a book that got you out of a reading slump
a book with a red cover
your favourite thriller
a book that is currently on your TBR
a book on your nightstand
a book by your favourite author
your favourite memoir
a book with a purple cover
a book you wish you could read as a beginner again
your favourite YA novel
your favourite middle grade book
a book that mentions a name in the title
your favourite nonfiction novel
a book with a white cover
a book featuring the enemies to lovers trope
a book featuring the found family trope
a book that mentions time in the title
your favourite heist book
your favourite series
a book featuring your favourite character
a book with a black cover
a book about nature
a book that made you want to scream by the time you got to the end
a book that you have read more than three times
your favourite fantasy novel
a book featuring the friends to lovers trope
a book with a brown cover
a book that mentions a place in the title
your favourite sci-fi novel
a book featuring the bed-sharing trope
a book that made you cry a LOT
a book that you found underwhelming
a popular book/series that you love
a popular book/series that you hate
a book with the best opening line
a book with a satisfying ending
a book that features an animal in the title
a book you want to hit bonk your head with
a book with an orange cover
a book about city life
a book that you think about at 3am
your favourite horror novel
a book with a forgettable plot but amazing characters
a book that actually made you laugh out loud
a book with a grey cover
a book that scared the crap out of you
a book that fucked you up
your favourite historical fiction novel
your favourite piece of classic literature
your favourite mythological retelling
your favourite poetry collection
your favourite LGBTQ+ fiction
a book with a gorgeous cover
a good book with an awful cover
your favourite love triangle
a book featuring the I'm not like other girls trope
a book with a golden/silver cover
a book so useless that you could use it as a coaster
your favourite royal read
a book that reminds you of your favorite song
a book that reminds you of a loved one
a book that mentions flowers in the title
a book featuring the chosen one trope
a book featuring the fake dating trope
your favourite dystopian read
your favourite book about magical realism
a book with an insane plot twist
a book with a predictable ending
a book that made you angry
a book that disappointed you
the longest book you've read
the shortest book you've read
a book about a redeemable villain
a book featuring an unreliable narrator
a book about grieving
your favourite coming of age novel
a book with a restaurant/food setting
a book with a hospital setting
a book set in a fictional kingdom
a book with a strong female protagonist
your favourite gothic novel
a book set in a school
your favourite dark academia read
a book that deals with heavy topics
a fluffy, sweet read
your favourite crime novel
a book that made you squeamish
your favourite book in a different language
a book with a small town setting
a book featuring a teacher/professor
your favourite psychological thriller
a book writing a book
a book about war
a book about the great depression
your favourite chick lit novel
a book that talks about mental health
a book with multiple povs
your favourite anthology
your favourite short story collection
your favourite summer read
a book about childhood friends
a book that makes you nostalgic
your favourite winter read
a book recommended by a celebrity
the book you're currently reading
your favourite autumn read
your favourite spring read
a book you'd read when you're missing somebody
a book that made you hungry
a book with beautiful prose
a book featuring flashbacks and/or intersecting storylines
tag somebody with whom you would want to buddy read a book
who is your favorite person to go to for book recs?
a book that you came across randomly and fell in love with
unreccomend any book you like!
recommend any book you like!
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farfran · 27 days ago
i wanna talk about this line from tommy some more, because holy shit does it slap
“i was okay when we were banished, because i knew we’d get it back, and we’d talk about it, right? as you said. peace is the option. but here’s the thing, foolish. wilbur didn’t want to do anymore talking. he’d given up with that. because some people aren’t strong enough. some people stop talking.”
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ijaazat · a month ago
when people ask you about your favourite books/songs/art etc, do not tell them about the things which have changed you/saved you, you simply can’t taint them. of course not everyone is bad, but some things are your own discovery, and keep them to yourself, for yourself. do not be worried about not being perceived the way you actually are, if they’ve set out to do that, they will meet the real you
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tolerateit · 8 days ago
you're laughing. all too well is on the official playlist of a movie that was originally a harry styles fanfic and you're laughing
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skygemspeaks · a year ago
someone recommend me some good fantasy books that aren’t centred on a war, please, my crops are dying
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avatarkorrastuff · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Krew’s wanted posters from The Legend of Korra: The Art of the Animated Series Book Three - Change
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books-and-cookies · 2 years ago
no but real talk, because it’s important
it’s fine to want to read smut, it’s fine to look for books with smut specifically, because it’s fun and we shouldn’t be ashamed for wanting to read these books and for enjoying them
idk if anyone is actually still worried about this, but if you are, i’m here to tell you that it’s okay, it’s normal, it’s not shameful and you’re allowed to enjoy some proper lemon in your books
embrace the smut, the trash and fucking read unapologetically
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hayleewritesaboutbooks · 3 years ago
The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson
Tumblr media
My Overall Thoughts - 5/5
This is the introduction to a massive world. A 1200 page introduction. A compelling, intricate, deep introduction to what I can only assume is going to be an utterly ginormous book series. Brandon Sanderson can pull it off. I have no doubt. 
I picked up The Way of Kings several times before. I never made it past the Prelude. Now, I’m not incredibly anti-prologue or whatever…but I just never got hooked enough to move past the “okay” prelude into the honking novel that was The Way of Kings. Finally, my husband read it and he said, “Just keep reading. I promise.” And those kinds of promises always irritate me. Like, why can’t it just hook me from the get go? Why does it have to wait to get good? 
My ONLY complaint is that the prelude, when the reader is otherwise uninformed about the world of the story, isn’t that engaging. Going back, of course, after I read the book, the prelude makes perfect sense as the opening. What other opening could there be? But it did take me a while to muster up the will to move past it into the meat of the book. And I am so glad I did—as I knew I would be. The entire book might be an introduction to the Stormlight Archives as a series, but it doesn’t feel that way. Not in the moment. I was so involved with the characters, getting to know them and their stories and their place in this huge world…I loved it. And I came to love every narrating character for their own reasons. Kaladin and Shallan, from the start, I adored. And while it took me a little longer to love Dalinar, I came to look forward to his narration as well. Characters are what pull me into a story, and The Way of Kings does not want for character. More on that below. The worldbuilding is great, of course, and the magic system—what Sanderson is kind of known for—is complex and interesting and I still don’t feel like I’ve done more than scratch the surface when it comes to understanding it. I can’t wait to start Words of Radiance. And by that, I mean I’ve already started it. Started it moments after finishing this one. 
I read this on Kindle and also listened to the audiobook while running and biking and driving. Michael Kramer and Kate Reading (who you might know as the narrators for the entire Wheel of Time series…) did a great job. They are pleasant to listen to.
Very mild spoilers below cut.
Character Development - 5/5
The character growth from opening of book to closing of book was spectacular. This book does not stand alone, so character arcs are not complete and they are not meant to be. We get the building of several character arcs and each one is compelling and complex. Each one is unique, but feels authentic. 
We get much more of Kaladin’s backstory than anyone else’s. In fact, we get basically all of Kaladin’s backstory and basically zero of anyone else’s. I like that, honestly. Sanderson doesn’t slow down the book by trying to cram a handful of backstories into everything. For the other characters, the here-and-now matters far more than the “then.” We see Shallan grow and struggle and chance and she is interesting without knowing more than a scattering of details of where she came from. It works and it aids in making each character feel more unique because they are all presented to the reader through different methods. 
Story Structure - 5/5
Some people don’t like multiple POV books. I can understand why. It can be done very poorly. But Sanderson’s structure is basically flawless, especially for the scope of this series. With only three primary narrators, and a few others sprinkled in among the interludes (the short chapters between parts), it never felt like more than was needed. The stories, at first, seem unrelated, the only similarity between the characters being that they live in the same basic part of this world. However, as their stories go on and events unfold, we begin to see how they are tied together. We see how they will continue to weave closer together into the next book. The end of the book, when two of the “unrelated” narrators finally meet, I was just filled with joy at seeing them interact because I was finally able to see these two characters—whom I’d grown to love separately—thrust together and working together and doing everything just exactly how they should. It’s like when two of your good friends finally meet and they hit it off and you just can’t contain your happiness. 
Tone/Style - 5/5
Classic fantasy; timeless and elegant without being stuffy or outdated. 
World Building - 5/5
I can’t imagine having anything negative to say about Sanderson’s worldbuilding, like, ever. And this is especially true here. You get a feeling of the scope of this world without being overwhelmed or drowned in useless exposition. In fact, I never once—not in 1200 pages—ever thought, “Okay, let’s move past this exposition and back into the story…” That’s not to say he never broke off into exposition for a bit. But it does speak well of the writing when I didn’t notice it. 
Representation/Diversity - 4.5/5
Set in a fantasy world, so races and species are utterly different, though the Alethi are specified as “human.” Various skin tones are mentioned for many, if not all, the characters. Sexuality is not a topic of discussion in general, but all mentioned couples were heterosexual.
Sanderson writes clean stuff (he’s a devout Mormon). No content issues.
My Final Thoughts
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sasshole-for-rent · 3 years ago
SJM Book Event @ Schuler Books
It was my first time to one and I was a little late so I had to rush to get my signed copy of Tower of Dawn and stamp my EOS and ACOMAF,
But it was really cool. Sarah was funny, making lewd jokes and cursing. She highly recommended the movie IT "if you have a phobia of clowns or are not a fan of traumatic things happening to children, then don't watch it. But I loved it." It was grand!
She told us her grandmother's touching story and that Yrene was sorta based off of her, just a little.
A power she would love to have was shape shifting so she could "turn in a velociraptor and scare little children"
She didn't know she wanted Lysandra to be a shape shifter until she heard the song "Smack My Bitch Up" by The Prodigy. There was a part in the middle of it where she pictured Lysandra running at a man, shifting and tackling him to the ground and ripping out his throat in slo-mo!
She said maybe "never say never" to having a coloring book made of just the smutty scenes, an xxx adult coloring book. She said she wasn't sure Charlie Bowater would draw them for her this time if that was the case. And two older ladies were whopping and hollering beside me. I hope to be them one day. Lmfao!
She told us that she wrote the first 20,000 words of TOD while on healing steroids. Novellas are usually 30,000 words long. And she was only on chapter three and that she was just getting started!
She does not have something against wedding scenes. Jane Austen never write a wedding scene and she said "okay, I will too." She did write a wedding scene between Rhys and Feyre [insert awwww] but it was just to sweet and cheesy that she decided against. She might however put it in an extra in one of the upcoming novels "we'll see how nice I'm feeling."
I loved it all and will definitely go to more events like this in the future!!
Tumblr media
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books-and-cookies · 9 months ago
Something i’ve really been thinking about lately: i’m genuinely so grateful for books. For stories and writers and their wild imagination. This year has been incredibly hard, no one needs a reminder of that, and being able to escape somewhere else is beyond comforting. Sure, there are days when I’m unable to read at all, because life gets in the way, or the weight of everything that’s going on feels like too much to even be able to read one word. But there are days when I devour page after page and those are the days when I think...when I know that books have saved me.
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yaliteraturebookshelf · 11 months ago
Waterstones @ Piccadilly Circus
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I visited the Waterstones at Piccadilly Circus today. It’s so great being able to go into bookshops again. I felt so at home and inspired to write while wandering the 6 floors full to the brim with millions of ideas!
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sheherazade · 5 hours ago
The queen’s thief books are integrally about love and forgiveness and not a single character in the queen’s thief books actually realises this because they are so stressed out from their loyalty and love for each other and guilt over what they’ve done to each other. They would rather die than admit their love. But i know the truth. A family can be a boy-thief turned king of kings, mean and clever queen, nice and charismatic queen, poetry-loving boy turned spartan leader, snooty secretary, and himbo bodyguard
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