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carryon-countdown · a day ago
❄️Carry On Countdown 2021 Prompt List❄️
Hello again to the lovely Carry On fandom! The COC admins are finally ready and excited to announce the 30 day prompt list for this year’s event. If you’re curious about what the Carry On Countdown is and want to learn more, please click here to visit our COC Introduction Post. 
Just as a reminder:
We encourage any and all fan-created content for this event. Fanfiction, fanart, songs, playlists, cosplay, memes, crafts, etc. are more than welcome in the Carry On Countdown.
The prompts are completely up to your own interpretation and can be used in your content however you like, but if you're confused or have any questions concerning the prompts, please send us an ask so we can try to help clarify. 
Completing every prompt for this event is not mandatory to participate, so please complete as many or as few of the COC prompts as you want :)
The hashtags we ask that you use when posting content for the Carry On Countdown and its daily prompts are: #Carry On Countdown and #COC 2021. You are welcome to @ us in your posts, but please be aware your mention might not always show up in our notifications. (Thanks tumblr.) Using the hashtags is the best way to make sure everyone can find and enjoy your content, and to make sure the admins can reblog your post to the COC page. 
Now, without further ado, we present to you the Carry On Countdown 2021 prompt list: 
Day 1, NOV 25: End of Autumn
Day 2, NOV 26: Wings
Day 3, NOV 27: Youth 
Day 4, NOV 28: Date Night
Day 5, NOV 29: Side Ships/Alternative Ships
Day 6, NOV 30: Reunion/Reconnect
Day 7, DEC 1: Any Way The Wind Blows
Day 8, DEC 2: Wayward Son
Day 9, DEC 3: Carry On
Day 10, DEC 4: Body Swap
Day 11, DEC 5: Family
Day 12, DEC 6: Hurt/Comfort
Day 13, DEC 7: Cooking/Baking
Day 14, DEC 8: Creatures
Day 15, DEC 9: Vacation/Travel
Day 16, DEC 10: AU's
Day 17, DEC 11: Decorating
Day 18, DEC 12: Angst
Day 19, DEC 13: Lyrics
Day 20, DEC 14: Bite
Day 21, DEC 15: Holiday
Day 22, DEC 16: Throwback
Day 23, DEC 17: Magic
Day 24, DEC 18: Side Characters
Day 25, DEC 19: Sleepover
Day 26, DEC 20: Grief
Day 27, DEC 21: Hope
Day 28, DEC 22: Prophecy
Day 29, DEC 23: Snow
Day 30, DEC 24: Flames
We sincerely hope you enjoy this year’s prompt list! The admins had fun coming up with it and we hope everyone has fun using it. Please do reblog this post to share your excitement. And of course, if you have any questions relating to the event or the prompts, feel free to send us an ask. (You’re also always welcome to send us an ask purely to share your excitement for the event, or to let us know if you plan to participate!)
And with that we wish everyone who plans to participate the best of luck with preparing your creations for this year’s countdown!
Much love,
The admins of the 2021 Carry On Countdown <3
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johnwgrey · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
→ Quotes from Wayward Son by Rainbow Rowell
more to come soon, friends! stay tuned!
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ivelovedhimthroughworse · 11 hours ago
Inktober - Day 19 - Loop
Tumblr media
They think they're tired of this song? Once I figure out the magic, I'm going to loop the same two lines again and again...That's the part that hurts the most, and I've decided that it helps to hurt the most.
- Any Way the Wind Blows, Chapter 16, Rainbow Rowell
As someone who will listen to the same sad song on endless replay, I get it.
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stardustasincocaine · 20 hours ago
So @carryonsimoncarryonbaz and I were back on our bullshit, yelling in DMs about our unabashed love for Wayward Son and how it’s necessary and probably the best book of the trilogy (I said what I said, I will absolutely fight on this) and this was born the following badge:
Tumblr media
“Hey, Stardust,” I heard you say through clenched teeth, “why would you say such a controversial and hot take; are you some kind of edge lord who hates happiness?”
No. Because the end of Carry On wasn’t true happiness. That was bullshit. They were broken and drifting, both in their space and from each other. You can’t survive that way; LOVE can’t survive that way. Love isn’t passive- it’s active. That’s the entire point of Simon’s post-breakup realization. It finally sinks in that love isn’t effortless and meant to be; you have to make it happen. Every day. Every day, you have to choose to make love happen and he wasn’t doing that. Baz was, and that’s another reason that book was so stunning and perfect and glorious - you get that inside look at Baz settling because he was settling. I know you don’t like it, but he was. He thought that’s what love was and the breakup was like a bucket of ice water over his head. Sure he moped, but he processed all those things that had been buried but there during WS. HE HAD TO IN ORDER TO DEMAND THE LOVE HE DESERVED. And he had to do he could make that boundary with Simon.
Love has boundaries. I have boundaries with my husband and sometimes, we screw up. Sure, we could choose to stop working on the love and our relationship would die, as it should. But we don’t. We move forward and work together to fix it. That’s what WS set up. It set up a precipice for Simon and Baz- one way leads to destruction of the relationship and survival of the individual, the other leads to a more meaningful and fulfilling relationship and survival as a pair. You can’t have it otherwise.
And I could literally rant about this forever but yeah. It’s the best book.
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angelfallquotes · 2 days ago
Baz takes a step back, into the living room. His hand is on the door. And he's looking at me the way he did in my flat last night, like I've got a knife in his heart, and I'm holding it there.
Any way the wind blows. Rainbow Rowell
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snowbazfannov2020 · a day ago
Not only did Simon find his family in AWTWB, but so did Baz. Baz adopts Simon's family, as we've seen in WS-how he thinks of Penny as family. It's nice to know that there's an adult in Baz's life that he can openly talk to while sorting things out with his parents and aunt Fiona (no shade on them, there just so much baggage in the way of open communication that has to be worked through).
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amberly-fierro · 20 hours ago
i finally got awtwb!! :D if anyone asks, i'll be sitting very quietly in the corner of the darkest room in my house, having a simon snow trilogy marathon hehe
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Tumblr media
Inktober - Day 18 - Moon
"How do you think the goats are getting out over the wall, Agatha?"
"I thought they were jumping. They're magickal, flying goats?"
- Any Way the Wind Blows, Chapter 31, Rainbow Rowell
When I was about eight I had a poster or pencil case or something with a Pegasus flying in front of the moon, looking almost painfully magical. You know the type. Did you have one too? I tried to recreate that scene, but use a goat. I like the result. It looks like it would eat a patch of caustic poison ivy, poop on the roof and then soar over the school walls.
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simonsnowsfreckles · 10 months ago
unpopular opinion: sometimes... fandom isn't that important. sometimes fandom isn't "that deep" to someone. sometimes people don't interact within the fandom and like to watch from afar. sometimes people just want to look at cool art or read cool fanfics, and that's it.
let's normalize fandom being a hobby or an interest and not a lifestyle. normalize taking a step back, taking time off and disconnecting from fandom without feeling bad. it's okay and healthy to prioritize yourself over media instead of consuming it 24/7. it's okay to set boundaries and enjoy something the way you need.
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sourcherries92 · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
couldn’t stop thinking about these two after i finished awtwb. I can’t put into words how much I adore this series and it’s characters; Thankyou @rainbowrowell and everyone who made these books so magical <3
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