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#lgbt books
sapphicbookclub · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Blood Countess by Lana Popović
In 17th-century Hungary, Anna Darvulia has just begun working as a scullery maid for the young and glamorous Countess Elizabeth Baathory. When Elizabeth takes a liking to Anna, she’s vaulted to the dream role of chambermaid, a far cry from the filthy servants’ quarters below. She receives wages generous enough to provide for her family, and the Countess begins to groom Anna as her friend and confidante. 
It’s not long before Anna falls completely under the Countess’s spell—and the Countess takes full advantage. Isolated from her former friends, family, and fiancee, Anna realizes she’s not a friend but a prisoner of the increasingly cruel Elizabeth. 
Then come the murders, and Anna knows it’s only a matter of time before the Blood Countess turns on her.
Genres: retelling, historical, fantasy, romance
Get the book from The Book Depository here!
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creative-aces · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
If you haven't read HELLO WORLD  now is a great time to pick up the .Exe series! Scott is a hacker ready to prove that a single voice can be a powerful weapon against a biotech company. We can't wait to have the final book in this ace hacker adventure in our hands during Ace Week! 
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anyone got any queer fantasy/history book recs? i want to get back into reading regularly again and obviously I gotta stay on brand
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b-a-pigeon · 21 hours ago
— about the author
I'm B & I'm a QTPOC indie author! I write character-driven, contemporary fantasy for adults, mostly about queer POC in their twenties who have a lot of problems & happen to do magic.
— about my writing
Mirrored in Evergreen is a novel about a wizard-in-training, plagued by strange dreams and cursed to be forgotten, who must regain the trust of the partner who no longer remembers him.
Worm in a Jar is a novella about a young witch who accidentally summons a mischievous, shapeshifting demon, and the mutual curiosity that develops between them as she struggles to send them home.
A Hollow Contract is an ongoing serial about a wizard's apprentice who is really a glorified errand boy, and the ways in which he actually learns magic—including his secretive relationship with Felix, the student of his teacher's rival.
Poised in Either Eye is an ongoing serialized novella & collaboration with @fellamarsh about two dragons who have taken human form: one intending to escape, the other desperate to prove his belonging.
— how to support
Writing is currently (temporarily) my only source of income, and I would immensely appreciate any help promoting and selling my work! You can find where my books are sold (as well as my other social media accounts, Patreon, etc.) on the Linktree in my bio; even just reblogging this post helps me find a wider audience. Thank you for reading and for all your support!
Taglist collected from last post (thanks y'all!) - @abalonetea / @curiousitykilledthe-crow / @by-the-grace-of / @ultimatecryptid / @lanawritesalittle / @fellamarsh / @crystallized-ink / @ceruleanstep /
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Most ya books that aren't fantasy make me feel very aware of my own flesh and also very uncomfortable.
They're all like "hello my name is brandon I'm a closeted queer teen and today we're going to learn a lesson about gay people and coming out" when what I want is "hey there's this evil monster threatening to destroy reality and I somehow got involved so now I'm traveling with a bunch of dumbasses to save the world. Also I feel really uncomfortable with my own body and I'm crushing on this person but oh well"
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ouyangs · 11 months ago
2021 really said yes to books with:
sports sapphics,
time traveling wlw,
murderous sapphics + dorian gray
bi women dating soft boys,
fake dating desi lesbians,
great gatsby retellings with queer asian girls,
f/f slavic enemies to lovers,
gay women + peter pan retellings,
grumpy/sunshine + lesbians of color,
bisexual con artists & trauma recovery,
queer tsoa inspired fantsay set in china
(plus some more I found in the reblogs!)
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ace-artemis-fanartist · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Dragon rider Tané Miduchi from @sshannonauthor‘s The Priory of the Orange Tree.
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bambazzle · 6 months ago
LGBT+ Fantasy/Fiction Books and TWs
1. Carry On by Rainbow Rowell-
(Fantasy, Witches, Vampires, kind of Harry Potter-y, Romance, TW for mention of suicidal ideation/self-destructiveness, abandonment, foster care, neglect, murder/violence, gun violence and relationship issues in the second book. It has some heavy topics but is written in a pretty light tone.)
2. Red White and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston-
(enemies to lovers, about the son of the President and the Prince of England getting into a fight, they have to fake a friendship to fix their PR situation, TW for being publicly outed and semi-graphic sex scenes, also often politically charged discussions)
3. Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller-
(Ancient Greece, demigods, exile, TW for war/violence and tragedy, homophobia, bad parenting)
4. The Foxhole Court by Nora Sakavic-
(It’s about the mafia/college sports and happens to have a compelling queer storyline in the process. Demisexual main character and other gay characters. (slow burn, it’s a trilogy and the romance doesn’t happen in the first book) TW for a lot of things, it’s about kids from broken homes and the mafia so there is abuse, self harm, murder, police intervention, organized crime, drug use, assault, rehab, all kinds of weapons, manipulation, slurs, etc. The second book has mentions of r*pe (not extremely graphic but it is mentioned a handful of times and there is one semi graphic scene), and torture. It is a great series but it has heavy content and is not light reading if you go in unprepared.)
5. The House on the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune -
(MLM, fantasy, found family, heartwarming romance, magical creatures)
6. Heartstopper by Alice Oseman-
(MLM, graphic novel, slow burn, coming out TW for anorexia, self harm, suicidal ideation, homophobia)
7. The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater-
(Fantasy, about a secret private school, slow burn)
8. They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera-
(Bisexual Latino characters, whole story takes place in 24 hours because at about midnight- aka the start of the book- they get a phone call saying they’re gonna die, TW for death, family in hospital, violence, police intervention, and foster care)
9. Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo-
(queer characters (but no romance in the first book, TW for graphic depictions of violence, ableism, mention of abuse, mention of sexual slavery and assault, imprisonment)
10. The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee (Historical Fiction Romance, Travel/Journey, Best Friends to lovers, MLM characters. TW for abuse, homophobia, racism, suicidal ideation, alcoholism, depiction of epileptic seizures, gun violence, and discussion of insane asylums)
11. In Deeper Waters by FT Lukens-
(Royalty, kidnapping, MLM characters not being released until April but it looks great)
12. Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz-
(coming of age story, MLM, TW for violence/injury, surgery, transmisogyny, homophobic violence)
14. We Contain Multitudes by Sarah Henstra-
(coming of age, friendship and romance)
15. Love and Other Curses by Michael Thomas Ford-
(magical realism, a curse about falling in love)
16. More Happy than Not by Adam Silvera-
(MLM main character, YA, “it's about a boy who is considering a memory-alteration procedure to forget he's gay because leading a life as a straight teen would probably be way easier for him. It's about science versus nature, friendship, sexuality, and a quest for happiness.” About the happy ending and how even bad moments lead to good. Hopeful but despairing. TW for medical procedure to erase sexuality, internalized homophobia, homophobia from others, depression)
17. I Wish You All the Best by Mason Deaver-
(Nonbinary main character, nonbinary muslim side character, romance/love and building a family out of people you care about. About finding your voice. TW for coming out and misgendering, family rejection/struggle)
18. We Are Okay by Nina LaCour-
(WLW, moving out and coming of age, self-discovery and childhood romance, TW for loss, depression, loneliness)
19. The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness-
(Contemporary, about the normal people’s lives while living among Chosen Ones. Family/coming of age/acceptance story. TW for monsters, apocalypse, violence/explosions, anorexia, anxiety attacks, unrequited romance)
20. Lizard Radio by Pat Schmatz-
(Dystopian story about a teenager struggling with their gender identity, TW for abandonment, oppressive government, outlawed homosexuality)
21. Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas-
(trans main character, hispanic characters, paranormal YA mystery with MLM characters)
22. Captive Prince by C.S. Pacat-
(Bisexual main character, TW for kidnapping/stockholm syndrome, abuse, sex scenes)
23. Witch Eyes by Scott Tracey-
(fantasy, MLM, supernatural)
24. Simon vs the Homosapiens Agenda by Becki Albertalli-
(romance, MLM, coming of age, TW for a closeted boy being blackmailed)
25. Fun Home by Alison Bechdel-
(WLW, graphic novel, coming of age, TW for csa, pedophilia, teacher/student relationships, none explicit if my memory serves correct)
26. George by Alex Gino-
(Trans girl, slice of life, coming out story, TW for deadnaming, homophobia, transphobia)
27. Afterworlds by Scott Westerfield-
(WLW, supernatural, fantasy)
28. Witchmark by C.L. Polk-
(MLM, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, mystery, Alternate universe post WW1, TW for murder/war, depression/angst)
29. The Luminous Dead by Caitlin Starling-
(WLW, Sci-Fi Horror, dystopian future, fictional planet, TW for psychological/emotional horror, toxic relationship, death)
30. The Culling by Steven Dos Santos-
(MLM, Dystopian Fantasy under a totalitarian, extremely cruel government. People must undergo ‘the trials’ in order to work for a government task force- if you fail at any of the trials you are forced to participate in the Culling, where the member has to choose a family member of theirs to die. TW for death, extortion, brutal violence, murder, totalitarian government)
31. Deposing Nathan by Zack Smedley-
(MLM, about a court case regarding the main character and his best friend- deals with breaking points in friendships and how people and perception change. TW for biphobia, gay bashing, legal trial, abuse, knives, violence)
32. Ziggy, Stardust, and Me by James Brandon-
(MLM, Gay main character, historical fiction (Vietnam war), about a character dealing with his alcoholic father and family issues who creates a fictional world to cope where he can be out and openly himself. Coming of age. TW for bullying, alcoholism, institutionalized homophobia, familial homophobia, conversion therapy, war mentions)
(this list is a WIP and anyone can add to it! If I need to add TWs or further explanations let me know!)
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emeraldxruby · 2 months ago
The love affair between Evelyn Hugo and Celia St. James spanned for 41 years.
They first met on the set of Little Women in 1959 when Evelyn was 21 and Celia was 19/20.
Tumblr media
They were together for about 3 years until they had their 1st breakup in 1962. Evelyn was 24 and Celia was 23.
Tumblr media
They spent 5 years apart until in 1967, they reunited inside a bathroom at the Academy Awards. Evelyn was 29 and Celia was 28.
Tumblr media
They were together for 9 years until they had their 2nd breakup in 1976. Evelyn was 38 and Celia was 37.
Tumblr media
This time, they spend 12 years apart until in 1988, they reconnect through letters before once again reuniting and rekindling their love. Evelyn was 50 and Celia was 49.
Tumblr media
They manage to get back the decade and 2 years they lost as they spend 12 years together until Celia’s death in 2000. Evelyn was 62 and Celia was 61.
Tumblr media
Evelyn and Celia spent a total of 24 years together and 17 years apart, nonconsecutive.
But the two loved each other all throughout the 41 years. Not once did they stop loving the other. Although in the end they express their regret of losing all that time, what’s important is that their hearts always remained with one another.
They always managed to find their way back to each other.
And in the end, they were able to spend their last years together as wives.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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sapphicbookclub · 6 months ago
Sapphic Books List: Pirates 🏴‍☠️
Swashbuckling adventures with some lady loving on deck! ⚔️⛵🌊
Old school pirates:
Uncharted by Alli Temple
The Unbinding of Mary Reade by Miriam McNamara
Escape to Pirate Island by Niamh Murphy
The Mermaid, the Witch, and the Sea by Maggie Tokuda-Hall
The Sublime and Spirited Voyage of Original Sin by Colette Moody
Tumblr media
A Pirate's Heart by Catherine Friend
The Sea Hawk by Brenda Adcock
Shell Game & Beggar's Flip by Benny Lawrence
Pirated Love & Pirated Heart by K'Anne Meinel
Tumblr media
Sky, Grass, and Animal Pirates:
The Forever Sea by Joshua Phillip Johnson
The Black God's Drums by P. Djèlí Clark
The Persephone Star by Jamie Sullivan
The Voyages of Cinrak the Dapper by A.J. Fitzwater
Tumblr media
Pirates from the Future:
Compass Rose & Sea Wolf by Anna Burke
The Abyss Surrounds Us & Edge of the Abyss by Emily Skrutskie
Tumblr media
Princeless: Raven the Pirate Princess - 9 books (ongoing)
Tumblr media
Happy arrreading!
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llyfrenfys · 7 days ago
Hello! I’m a queer Welsh writer living in Ceredigion. I’m the one man team behind the Llyfr Enfys Project- where I’m writing Welsh’s first ever LGBTQ+ dictionary! 
The project is split into 2- the first edition of the dictionary contains 80 terms such as:
Anneuaidd- Nonbinary
Anrhywiol- Asexual
Camenwi- Deadnaming
Cydryweddol- Cisgender
Deurywiol- Bisexual
Dyn Traws- Trans Man
Dysfforia Rhywedd- Gender Dysphoria
Hollrywiol- Pansexual
Lesbiaidd- Lesbian
Menyw Draws- Trans Woman
Niwtrois- Neutrois
Rhyweddhylifol- Genderfluid
Trawsryweddol- Transgender
Ymgwestiynu- Questioning
And many more terms to fill in the gaps of language, such as coining terms for aromantic, transmasc, transfem and mspec identities! 
I would really appreciate if you could reblog this and share it with any langblrs you know to spread the word!
I also run a Welsh LGBTQ+ discord, dm for a link!
Diolch yn Fawr.
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liveandbreathemusicals · 22 days ago
One of my favorite friend dynamics is the lonely and introverted protagonist gets friend-adopted by a care-free, outgoing stranger who speaks profoundly and the two of them quickly become friends and then it turns really gay and I cry a lot a lot the end.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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anarchy-kisses · a month ago
A dream just came true & I want it to have its own post!
Tumblr media
Guess who’s poetry book is in a Barnes & Noble store location after I kept getting doors slammed in my face to feature my book? WELL NOW THIS BLACK QUEER AUTHOR HAS MOTHAFUCKIN WON!!
Brown Clay is now officially online AND in store in the Santa Rosa, California B&N location! PLEASE SUPPORT & GO BUY MY BOOK IN THEIR STORE OR ONLINE AND TAKE PICS IF YOU SEE IT AND GET IT & SEND IT TO ME ❤️
Tumblr media
Brown Clay is a collection of poems written from 2015 to the present day highlighting topics such as love, identity, trauma, self love, healing, sex, and relationships. Isabel is a Black/Latina queer American poet, artist and activist. Follow her words of empowerment with the intention of Black liberation and representation to enter a dreamscape of self discovery and acceptance.
Here is the link to get it online
ebook version
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kidovna · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
“And you are good. Most things are awful most of the time, but you’re good.”
Starting off pride month with Alex and Henry from Red, White and Royal Blue! I’ll be drawing more canon queer characters from books (and shows) this month! 💗
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