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#but amusing nonetheless
done-dm · 2 months ago
Y'know, with all the jokes about Jester being the damage dealer and Cad being the real healer of the group, I think it's kind of ironic that Jester got the kill and Cad got the revival.
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Tumblr media
Hugh will be playing the dual roles of Peter and Simon, sons of the character played by Stockard Channing, in Apologia.
Hugh previously starred in The Pride by the same playwright, Alexi Kaye Campbell, in its Off-Broadway transfer in 2010. 
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hopiufame · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Claude rolls a nat 20 to seduce a bear as a bard Raphael thinks they totally could have taken the bear but is amused nonetheless, he’s playing as a barbarian Hilda is playing as a rogue Lysithea thinks this is a waste of time Marianne thinks its against the rules but would rather not say anything, she’s playing as a druid Ignatz put a lot of time and effort into his carefully created monk Leonie is playing as a fighter and also thinks they totally could have taken the bear Lorenz thinks seducing is a bear is distasteful, especially after learning that the bear has no crest, he is playing as a cleric Prof is DMing of course I gave up on the background but I wanted to draw this house playing dnd for no real reason. The classes I chose have nothing to do with their classes in FE3H the landscape version on my da
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gogyish · a month ago
〤ppsat out of context quotes and overall weird shit 〤
again, i could only watch ppsat halfway :(( so here's what I have from the first hour and a half. this is basically just a boomer glossary at this point. ahjsgda
also, heads up, some stuff can get a lil nsfw bc well,,,, its ppsat it always does.
〤gumi: "well hello mr worldwide handsome"
〤*uncalled for meowing*
〤“invest in kpop”
〤“my idea for a krinios mcdonalds meal is 4 big macs, but just the buns, in a bag with sweet and sour sauce poured into it…..”
〤punz: “the relationship between you and my chat is now way too dank”
〤punz: “fishmoley has rights” boomer: "he’s so gross he’s cute"
〤boomer: “oh my god, antfrost my little meowmeow!”
〤“I think i just got eggplanted bro”
〤boomer: *sings give me everything by pitbull* "that song is actually very deep, if you think about it”
〤boomer: "If you had to choose between being a donkey or a horse, what would you choose?” everyone, without a second thought: "HORSE"
〤boomer: “I wanna eat that little cupcake on your head, i want to lick up your frosting”
〤gumi: “you heard him, he ate paper as a kid”
〤boomer: “my philosophy in school was that if it was real, you can eat it”
“you can eat lava,,,,, only once though”
“playground wood chips were literally like croutons”
〤boomer:“party at my iggy, who’s rollin up?”
〤“There’s one where they steal your credit card info if you log in, so that’s cool”
〤“Im writing a twitlonger dude, why bbh is problematic.”
〤ant:”fuck the cat” “YOU WAHT?”
〤boomer: "ant be like ‘back off of red, *hisses*"
velvet: "yeah, then he’s like *choking noises*"
krinios: *concern* “does this,,, always happen here?”
〤punz: “I built a fucking skinny penis. the shaft is lacking”
〤punz: “i feel like i should save my suck for more than one person”
and then i had to leave the stream,,, but im sure there's many more ajhsgdja
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astraltwelve · 3 years ago
What the Signs Want (and Don’t Want) You to Know
What Aries Want You To Know:
Being aggressive, mean, or overly dominating is almost never the Ram’s intention. Aries know what they want, and how to get it - sometimes so caught up in the race to the finish line that they forget to watch where they’re going, and can bump into other people in the track.
Similarly, Aries tend to have a protective nature to them, and want to take care of their loved ones. This may cause them to be a bit over-bearing, but they usually have the best intentions, and truly care about their friends and loved ones.
What Aries Don’t Want You To Know:
Aries are actually really fragile on the inside. They hate to be scolded because they want people around them to love them and see them shine. It hurts when they’re mocked, or anything else along those lines. Anger is just a natural way to respond, and Aries don’t hold that back! Aries are pretty close to their instincts and anger is just a natural way to survive. So why fight it?
Aries act confident, and like they know what they’re doing. Most of the time, they don’t. They believe the phrase “fake it until you make it” and use their confidence as a tool to maneuver through their life.
What Taurus Want You To Know:
Boring? A boring Taurus? What’s that? Taurus are focused and determined - so when they’re in work mode, they focus on their studies, their job, whatever it is they’re doing. They also have a social mode, in which they are very charming, friendly, and have fantastic sense of humor. 
They can be a bit dry and sarcastic, but amusing and fun nonetheless.
Taurus enjoy the beautiful things in life, skills, and craftsmanship. Food encompass all those things to them. Foods that take effort, time, and planning are works of art to a Taurus - and what better way to appreciate it than to eat it?
What Taurus Don’t Want You To Know:
The Bull’s secret fear is to be left wanting. They are slow to make decisions, because they’re careful and calculative, making sure the rewards are worth the risks. If they dedicate to something, and are unfulfilled by it, in can hit them rather hard.
Taurus will wait for anything, even to get angry. When Taurus do eventually have to express anger, it can be devastating and is so disturbing to themselves that it takes a while for them to recover both their composure and their self-esteem.
What Geminis Want You To Know
Gemini’s dual personality allows them to see both sides of a topic, and their logical mind allows them to research topics easily. For this reason, they can change their mind rather rapidly when they uncover new information. 
They may appear to be disdainful of disagreement, but they actually enjoy a good debate, and want to inform others of the reasoning and data behind their opinions. 
They may get worked up occasionally - not being they aren’t being agreed with, but often because they feel as though their logical conclusions are being neglected.
What Geminis Don’t Want You To Know
Symbolized by “the Twins,” a Gemini individual often long to find the twin they’ve been missing. Whether that’s in romance or friendships, they long for someone to make them feel complete.
Often feeling bitterly alone, Gemini’s seek to satisfy that feeling by connecting with others via Communication. Being able to share ideas, philosophies, and opinions makes this large world seem a bit more habitable.
What Cancers Want You To Know
Yes, Cancers have ocean-sized emotions, that change as often as the weather. Yes, they are known for wearing their heart on their sleeve.
However, they can, for the most part, handle their feelings. It often takes a while, and they may sulk for a bit, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t dealing with their feelings in their own way. They share their feelings with people they care about as a sign of trust - not because they lack the ability to keep to themselves.
They aren’t all martyrs, either. They simply try to hold on to those they care about, and can put their well-being aside for others. 
What Cancers Don’t Want You To Know
The most vulnerable part of the Crab their fear of dangers they often can’t put a face to. This sometimes reduce a wonderful dream to a pessimistic worry. This indefinable fear of insecurity is often what drives Cancer to invest much time and effort in activities or people that will make them feel of secure and able to self-preserve.
What Leos Want You To Know:
Their optimism isn’t often as blind as it may appear. Leo’s are optimistic because they know if they want something, they can and will make it happen.
For that reason, they often feel it’s their righteous place to be on top. If anyone can make things happen that need to - it’s them.
Their taste for the finer things in life isn’t due to them being shallow - they simply appreciate beauty, and the skills required to make such things.
What Leo’s Don’t Want You To Know:
Beneath the confident roar of the Lion, is a soft kitten who wants to be loved for who they are. They are loud and proud, but there’s a lot they keep to themselves. A partner who loves them for reasons other than the show they put on, is a partner they will dedicate their lives to.
Leo’s often have secret doubts underneath all their bravado, and a partner who reassures them makes them feel lighter than air. Of course, they probably would never admit the reliance they may have on such a partner to keep their flames alive, but that doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate it immensely.
What Virgos Want You To Know:
Perfection, perfection, perfection. With it, you can find a very happy Virgo, without it, they’re a bit of a mess. 
This is because Virgo’s are The Mother - and much like a mother, Virgo’s worry because they want to take care of themselves, and those they care about. If everything is just right, then everyone can be happy. They often feel that it’s their duty to take care of their friends and loved ones. 
Criticism isn’t a sign of Virgo’s being cruel - usually it’s the opposite. They often tell people when things are inadequate as a way to help them improve, though expressing that may not be the easiest thing.
What Virgos Don’t Want You To Know:
Beneath the innocent and almost childlike wonder of Virgo is often a strong sexuality that lays dormant, much like a volcano, until the right partner comes along.
High standards in partners often seems like disinterest in relationships, but is really just that - high standards. Virgo’s are self-aware, and know both what they want, and what they deserve, and don’t usually think they should settle for anything less.
What Libras Want You To Know:
The Libra indecision isn’t because of a lack of opinion - it’s because they have too many opinions, which are spread to both sides of the argument. Sure, option A is appealing, but option B is, too. Both for logical reasons. Libra’s have an objective nature - meaning they tend to leave their personal opinions out of decisions. 
Libra’s value beauty - not necessarily aesthetically, physically, beautiful, but rather beautiful essences. That means, they prefer to be in environments that have character and beauty, and spend time with people who do, too. Beautiful personalities are just as important to them as beautiful paintings.
What Libras Don’t Want You To Know:
Being alone is something Libras do not look forward to. To try to prevent that, they work hard to please other people, to ensure companionship and romantic relationships. They try to avoid conflicts, so they don’t have to behave in a way that displeases anyone.
However, once a Libra feels cheated, taken advantage of, or otherwise mistreated, they have no problem standing up for justice. They try to remain fair regardless, but know when it’s appropriate to stand up for themselves or others, and when it’s okay to keep their opinions to themselves. 
What Scorpios Want You To Know:
Yes, Scorpio’s are mysterious like the dark side of the moon, and sure they can read your mind with ease.
However, that doesn’t mean they should have to read your mind, nor does it mean they ever want their partner to keep secrets from them. They can usually tell when somethings being kept from them, too. 
While mystery novels and shows or mysterious strangers can be titillating - Scorpio’s are less fond of there being unknowns in their relationship. Without knowing what’s going to happen, they can’t be prepared, which is deeply unsettling.
In other words: Don’t keep secrets from a Scorpy.
What Scorpios Don’t Want You To Know:
Scorpio’s love to control, but fear being controlled. Losing control can be extremely nerve-wracking to these individuals.
As many already know, Scorpio’s have a knack for digging information out of people, and while they can expose the deepest parts of other people, they keep themselves tightly protected. 
This is because they firmly believe “there is knowledge in power.” The more the know about people, or what’s going to happen, the more control they can have over the situations.
Therefore, Scorpio’s may feel as if by giving information about themselves to people, they are willingly handing them power or control, which is a big no-no for Scorpios.
What Sagittarius Want You To Know:
Commitment is not impossible for Sagittarius. However, they can not commit to anything that restricts their freedom. 
Freedom is extremely important to these individuals. The ability to make their own choices, without having to deal with (many) consequences. To do what makes them happy without being restrained. It’s like - the world is full of possibilities, and there’s nothing to stop them from exploring each and every one of them. 
Therefore, they prefer a partner who allows them to explore, or explores with them. 
What Sagittarius Don’t Want You To Know:
The road to freedom can often be a lonely one. While they always advertise their immense optimism and joy, some nights can be pretty hard on the lonely Archer.
As emotionless as they may appear, things can hit them rather hard. They just prefer to handle things their own way, or not deal with them. 
They usually can adapt and move on rather quickly, but their struggles are usually kept to themselves, often to preserve their carefree image.
What Capricorns Want You To Know:
Their sense of humor is dry. Which means it isn’t exactly obvious at first. Often times only certain people “get it,” or they leave out crucial information that’d allow you to “get it” because they assume you’d already understand it based on the hints they’ve dropped. Satire and sarcasm are their most used tools.
Alone time is a wonderful thing. Capricorn’s need a daily dose of it. Some days need more than others. It’s quite common for Capricorn’s to not talk to their significant others, friends, crushes, etc, for a while. It isn’t a sign of lost interest - it’s a sign of their system needing time to re-boot.
What Capricorns Don’t Want You To Know:
As strong, independent, and apathetic as they may appear, most Capricorn’s secretly have a lot of buried emotions. Sometimes they can burst from the seems, which is why they act aloof - they need alone time and distance to process their feelings without interference.
They also enjoy loving, and being loved, even if they don’t show it. It’s usually because they don’t know how. Love is sort of like a foreign language to them, even though they crave it.
What Aquarius Do Want You To Know:
Aquarius off-beat nature isn’t always just an act. Their thought patterns usually are quite different from normal, and they don’t try to fight it. Sometimes it can give them an advantage, as they can see things other people can’t.
They love to fix broken things. Whether it’s people, objects, or ideas. It’s something they excel at, too. 
What Aquarius Don’t Want You To Know:
Beneath the calm, cool, and collected nature of an Aquarius often beats the heart of an individual that’s just as emotional and scared as the rest of us. Of course, they tend to use logic to try to get past their feelings, but they still exist. 
Their distance sometimes is unintentional, and sometimes on purpose. It’s sometimes easy to hurt an Aquarius, especially in close friendships or romances, and easier for them to disappear. Keeping people and arm’s length away ensures that they won’t be hurt again.
What Pisces Want You To Know:
They’re durable, and strong, even if it may appear otherwise. Yes, they have a lot of emotions, but doesn’t it require a strong person to be able to handle them all?
They really care about almost everyone who enters their life. Sometimes, they may seem a bit clingy, but it’s because they actually care about your well-being and happiness, and want to make sure you’re alright.
What Pisces Don’t Want You To Know:
Yeah, they can see the future, but usually they’re afraid of what they see. Also, what they can’t see is quite terrifying as well.
They’re intensely empathetic, so when they’re talking you through their problems, they’re feeling what you are. This can be draining, but they won’t say as much, because they care more about helping you.
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somedrunkpirate · a year ago
Cambiare (Geraskier Ficlet)
Cambiare [It.]: To change; i.e. to change to a new instrument, etc. “Do you think you can change the world with your singing?” ----- Read on ao3 or continue reading here Breathless from the long performance, Jaskier flings himself down beside Geralt on the rickety wooden bench. Geralt raises a single eyebrow at him, but he does not protest when Jaskier snags his ale from the table and takes a deep drink.
“Ah,” Jaskier says. “I needed that.”
“Hmm.” Geralt motions to the innkeeper and says, “Two more of those. And some meat.”
“Add that damned peach tart, please,” Jaskier says quickly. “Been smelling it all night. It was absolute torture.”
The innkeeper barks a laugh and nods. “Be right there, sirs.”
Geralt takes out a satchel, coin clinking at the movement. But the innkeeper holds up his hands.
“No, no, on the house. It has been a long while since we had such a performance, and it would be my honour to provide to Geralt of Rivia. It is your doing that the village is finally safe again.”
“Thank you,” Jaskier says heartily, flicking Geralt’s thigh under the table.
“Thank you,” Geralt huffs, “for your generosity.”
The innkeeper beams, and scuttles off.
“What a lovely fellow,” Jaskier says, and then finally allows himself to collapse face first on the table, completely boneless and exhausted, but satisfied.
“Do you need a nap?” Geralt asks, wry. It would’ve sounded snarky in any other voice, but Jaskier hears his amusement nonetheless.
Jaskier turns his head so he can give a glare appropriate to the situation. The effect is likely sabotaged by the fact his face is still smushed against the wood.
“For all you mock my trade, you sure can’t deny the constitution it takes to keep a crowd in high spirits for hours on end. I can barely feel my legs.”
“No one forced you to hold court for the whole night.”
“It is what I do, Geralt. You get swallowed by monsters on occasion, I have blisters on my fingers from sheep-gut strings. We all make our sacrifices. But it is worth it, is it not?”
Jaskier rolls his eyes. “I might not be saving people, but I do provide some joy and delight. Things in short supply, these days.”
“Is that all?”
“You don’t just play songs. You write them. So is that all?”
Jaskier turns his head away again, feeling caught out. “Well if it puts coin in our pockets, and spreads stories of your good deeds, then maybe something more than joy comes out of it. Tonight our actions got us a meal, at least.”
There is a long moment of silence, in which the innkeeper returns with their meal and ale, and Jaskier picks himself up just enough to be able to eat. It is only when the plates are empty that Geralt speaks again.
“Do you think you can change the world with your singing?”
“I— I can change minds. Some minds, about some things. But to change the world, the volume of minds is key, and I don’t know if I ever could reach such heights. So whether my music changes someone’s mind on whether or not they should dance today, or entice them to sing along and drink another ale, is kind of irrelevant. I suppose it depends on your definition of a changed world.”
“Is the world not changed by the existence of my songs, in itself? It would be another world without them, wouldn’t it?”
Geralt huffs. “A better one, maybe.”
Jaskier punches him in the shoulder. “I will disregard that comment. But now that I think on it. Have I changed the world by composing a love song -- on commission, of course, --- that leads to a union between two people, and children and a happy life? Another bard could have done the same. Or did I change the world by reminding a lord of an ancient myth through my songs sung on his birthday, leading to a whole army to bear a white stag on their breast— even though the white stag was never in the original myth. I was just missing a syllable.”
“You influenced something, at least.”
“I suppose, though, again, another bard could have done the same. And what does a banner change in the grand scheme of things? Whether his men march under a stag or an owl does not change their actions.”
Jaskier sighs and takes a sip of his ale. “I suppose any bard can provide the same laughter and dance I do, with nary a mind changed. I have been able to affect the world in some ways, change some people’s days and maybe their interests or passing fancies. But whether I changed the world at large? It depends on your definition of change, and personally I think not. I hope I might some day. But I don’t know if I ever will.”
“Hmm,” Geralt says-- disagrees. “You changed mine.”
“Ha. Yes. For the worse, like you said.”
Geralt touches Jaskier’s shoulder for just a moment, as he says, low. “You changed their minds about me.”
There is a momentary silence in which Jaskier loses all ability to think.
Geralt is just watching him with a quiet intensity that Jaskier doesn’t know how to interpret. More so when it seems to… soften, over time.
They both startle when the innkeeper is suddenly at the table, shattering the tension completely.
“You have finished, I see. Everything to your wishes?”
Geralt nods.
“That is good to hear. Thank you again for all you did for us. I hope you pass through again soon. Let me know if you need anything.”
The innkeeper scuttles off with another bright grin, humming something familiar.
Toss a coin to your witcher
Realisation catches in Jaskier’s throat, but with exhaustion on his heels, he can’t formulate much more than ‘oh.’
His rare moment of speechlessness doesn’t seem to faze Geralt, however, because he allows Jaskier to lean on him while walking towards their rooms. As they part, Gerald’s hand lingers for a moment too long on Jaskier’s waist. His gentle touch feels like an unspoken thank you.
And maybe, like something else. Another change in their world.
Jaskier supposes he’ll have to write a song for it.
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stirringwinds · 2 years ago
I can’t help but feel like at one point Alfred really got on England’s nerves (and possibly everyone else’s) in a meeting, and so Arthur in his rage pulled out the Full Name Scolding™️ and was like “Alfred Fly From Fornication Jones you behave yourself” and everyone laughed while Alfred was mortified just like daaaaaaaaaaaadddddd
slight plot twist: smug, confident 20th century alfred is harder to mortify.
Washington D.C, 1998
The ensuing silence in the wake of Arthur’s outburst is interrupted only by Antonio’s snicker. “Oh, it’s been too long since I last heard that name.”
Ivan tears his eyes away from the pie charts and figures on the projector screen to shoot an accusatory gaze at Alfred, who is beaming cheerfully at his father in that patented, all-American way that was calibrated to somehow be simultaneously charming and obnoxious. 
“I was under the impression that your middle name was Frederick, Alfred.” Ivan says calmly. If this is the truth, he feels faintly cheated at having missed out on this amusing and critical source of mockery for the past seventy years. 
Alfred’s smile is dazzling, as he nonchalantly flips through several intricate-looking engineering blueprints. “’Course it is, Vanya. Just a little joke of the old man’s. You know how he is, he’s still not over the Battle of Yorktown. Now how ‘bout we get back to the—”
“I am most assuredly ‘over’ your teenage tantrum and have been for the past two hundred years,” Arthur says drily, taking a deliberate sip of his tea. His green eyes sweep the others seated around conference table. “I suppose he has been telling you lot one story or another when it comes to what his middle initial stands for, but it is most definitely Fly-from-Fornication. We were, after all, Puritans in that time.”
Alfred’s eyes are large and innocent, as he stares at his father with undisguised concern. 
“Shit, pops, I can’t believe you’re already getting fuzzy around the edges. Don’t you remember, you named me Frederick, after Friedrich the Great? I didn’t have a middle name till then, but then you took a shine to ‘Frederick’ after getting weak at the knees for Old Fritz.”
Ludwig, who had been about to firmly suggest that they return to the agenda, is now clearly trying to bury his laughter behind a thick binder prominently labelled European Space Agency Budget. 
Arthur is unruffled. He regards Alfred with the air of a schoolmaster long-used to dealing with a particularly tiresome student. He smirks. “I must say, the length you have gone to cover this up is nonetheless, quite amusing.”
Kiku’s brows are considerably nearer his hairline. The complicated calculations he had been working on are forgotten. He looks disappointed at Alfred’s lack of candour. “You told me the ‘F’ stood for ‘Franklin’ back in 1853. So, your middle name is truly Fly-from-Fuckin—” 
“Fornication,” Antonio corrects brightly. Shrugs at Alfred’s loud No It Isn’t. “Well, it is the truth, you know—I heard it from the Pope himself when he was having a conniption about Arthur back in the 17th century. Perhaps it is better to just embrace it,” he counsels reasonably, as Francis nods sagely next to him. 
Arthur looks positively delighted at this unexpected source of support and raises his tea cup challengingly at his son. Who proceeds to brandish a rolled-up NASA report threateningly at his father. 
“Well, firstly, this is bullshit. Secondly, if it is true—don’t you guys think this proves that my dear old man shouldn’t be allowed to name anything, including the kick-ass project we now have in the works? And that I am considerably better at choosing names?” By the end, Alfred’s scowl has morphed into a winning smile, of the variety often worn by his politicians in their television ads. 
Arthur snorts. “As I was saying—before we detoured on the amusing subject of your middle name—just because you’re providing most of the funding doesn’t mean you have exclusive naming rights. This is an international collaboration and needs to embody peaceful, multilateral cooperation in every respect.”
“And the names you submitted are boring and uninspired.” Alfred returns. Throws his hands up in exasperation. “We can’t just call this groundbreaking, reach for the stars ‘The International Space Station.’” 
“Well, but ‘The Death Star,’ would give a rather worrying impression—” 
“You know that was just a joke, Lutz.”
“Come on, Al. It’s not terribly interesting but ‘International Space Station’ is diplomatic and a good description. I doubt we can get fifteen governments to agree on any other name—at least for now.” It’s Matthew, who has just returned from the restroom. Then, noticing that everyone else is staring at him. “What is it? Did I miss something?”
It’s Feliciano who gets the question out, unintimidated by Alfred’s warning glares, his hazel eyes wide with irrepressible curiosity.
“Matthew, is your brother’s middle name really ‘Fly-from-Fornication’?”
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marwritesgood · a year ago
Pretty | B. Hargrove
Tumblr media
Pairing: Billy x Reader
Timeframe: S3 E8
Summary: In an attempt to remind Billy of who he is, El helps him to recall one of his fondest memories from California.
A/N: This is a product of a thought I had whilst watching crying during the season finale. I don’t think this fits perfectly with the actual scene, but just go with it x
Bill pins Eleven down, in the centre of Starcourt Mall. 
With the Mind Flayer hovering over the two, El frantically tries to think of a way to alleviate the situation, and to save Billy from himself. In that moment, she is reminded of the flashbacks she saw when she travelled into Billy’s mind earlier. She is reminded of the girl.
“The Outsiders.”
Billy refrains from responding, but his lack of response is enough for El to know she was on the right track. She just needed to help him remember.
“You took her to see The Outsiders.”
“Billy...” Y/n whined, which only made Billy’s smile grow wider as hell pulled her along to the ticket line for ‘The Outsiders’. “I thought we were gonna watch Terms of Endearment. You tricked me.”
“I didn’t trick you,” Billy replied, wrapping his arm around your waist and pulling you close to him. Resting his chin on your shoulder, he can’t help but contain his happiness. You just had that kind of effect on him. “You just assumed we were gonna watch that... and I chose not to correct you.”
“That’s basically trickery.”
“I’m sorry, baby,” he whispered, kissing your cheek lightly. His expression, however, showed less regret so much as it did amusement. Nonetheless he kept up the act. “But, I promise, if you watch this with me, I’ll take you to see whatever movie you wanna watch next weekend.”
“Whatever movie?” You repeat. It was unlike Billy to willingly offer to sit through a movie of your choice with you. Anytime he did, it was always followed by a couple of moans and groans.
“Whatever movie,” he answers, before holding his lips close to your ears, ensuring you were the only one who could hear what he had to say next. “Although, I can’t promise I’ll watch the whole movie... You’re more distracting than you know.”
“Okay, we have a deal,” you answered in a heartbeat, making Billy’s grin reappear almost instantly. He liked holding you in his arms. 
He liked it a lot.
“You walked to the beach after,” El explains. Billy was still frozen, but the pace of his breathing began to slow down. 
Eleven breaks into tears, but continues to speak.
“She wore a long, white dress, with a yellow flower... You gave her your jacket when she was cold.”
You subconsciously rubbed your hands together, as you and Billy walked along the boardwalk. He was telling you a story about a 7ft wave he rode when he went to the beach with his mum, but stopped when you let go of his hand.
“Are you cold?” Billy asked, concern washing over his expression as he watch you rub your hands together for warmth. You instinctively shook your head and put hands back down, not wanting him to worry over something trivial.
“No, I’m not,” you lied. After noticing how unconvinced Billy was, as he of all people could easily tell when you were lying, you pushed further. “Billy. I am not cold. Don’t worry about it.”
Without waiting another moment, he took his denim jack off and swiftly placed it over your shoulders. After you reluctantly let him do so, he resumed his hold over your hand and continued walking you along the boardwalk.
“Finish your story,” you murmured gently, smiling softly as you met his gaze. “You were saying something about that wave? 7ft?”
“Yeah,” he laughed, before glancing over to the waves crashing against the shoreline. The only other person who knew about that story was his mother. Before he met you, that was the last time he recalled being truly happy. Since then he had several more memories he could look back at and smile.
And that was all thanks to you.
“I rode a 7ft wave.”
“She told you she loved you.” 
El continued, her voice cracking in between her words. She had seen what Billy had gone through. She had seen how much that moment meant to him.
“Hey, don’t fall asleep,” Billy whispered, placing his hand on your thigh and shaking your leg gently. You had unintentionally dozed off on the car ride back to your place. Billy was humming the tune to one of the songs you recognised from his cassette tapes, and that was enough to lull you to sleep.
You groaned as he woke you up, but that only caused him chuckle.
“Hey, sleepyhead,” he murmured, before leaning over and gently kissing your forehead. You smiled, despite being half-awake, causing Billy’s smile to grow wider. He held one side of your face gently, with his hand. You leaned into it, and his heart practically burst. “Y/n... Baby, we’re at your place now... Time for you to head home.”
“Hmmm...” You were close to falling back to sleep, from the feeling of Billy’s hand pressed against your cheek. When he slowly let go, you found yourself fully awake. Smiling at Billy, you let out a grateful sigh. “Thank you for tonight... Surprisingly enough, I didn’t completely hate the movie you chose.”
“You’re welcome, baby,” he smiled. “I’ll pick you up Monday morning, okay?”
“Okay,” you answered, absentmindedly. However, before turning to open the door, you impulsively cupped Billy’s face in your hands and kissed him softly. After pulling away, you smile at him, and he smiles at you despite still being taken aback. “I love you.”
“...W-What?” It had been a long while since anyone said those words to him.
“I love you, Billy,” you repeated, making it a point not to hesitate. You wanted him to know you weren’t just saying it out of impulse. You meant it. You meant it with your whole heart. 
“Say it again,” he whispered, less as an order and more as a plead.
“I. Love. You.”
This time, he is the one to pull you in for a kiss. This time, it is less gentle and more passionate. And even though he didn’t say anything, you knew, deep down, that he felt the same way. 
You could just tell.
“She always smiled at you,” El noted. “She was really pretty.”
Billy smiles. She was pretty, he thought to himself. She was fucking beautiful, if anything.
“And you,” Eleven continued, pausing between her sentences to let out a small sob. “You were happy... You were so happy with her.”
El raises her hand and gently places it on his cheek. Billy closes his eyes and sighs. He missed you so much. And, as much as it broke his heart knowing he would never see you again, he knew he had to do what was right. 
He knew he could still do something good, despite all the bad he had already done. He owed that much to the girl who gave him light in the darkest moments of his life. He owed that much to himself.
“Can you find her, for me?” He asks Eleven, who already understood the immense sacrifice he was about to make. She nods sorrowfully. “Can you find her... and can you tell her... Tell her that I loved her too. I really really did.”
Before Eleven can answer, Billy turns to the Mind Flayer. 
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starsandthedyad · 3 years ago
Luke: I will never turn. I will never call Sidious Master. Vader: I knew you would say that. Though I think he has given up on any Skywalker besides me calling him Master. Luke: ? Vader: Ben's taken to calling him Wormy, much to his annoyance. The nick name has been quick to spread. Sidious: *screaming* Ben: Wormy, I'm trying to sleep! Go fry some bugs with your Force lightning if you want something to do and then color in my color book, but don't touch the red pencil. Red is my favorite color! Storm Troopers: Yeah, Sidious. Go fry up some bugs and color in the Emperor's coloring book. Luke: What in the-? Vader: Yeah. Ben's been a hit with the remnants of the Empire. I think he's pretty much become the defacto Emperor now and he's only four. Also, I find this all rather amusing. Bug?
@vaderiisms, @galaxyofmisguidedstars, @anakinskywalkrx
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arsenicpanda · 6 months ago
Concept: Betty and Jughead meeting again years later because their therapists share an office and they're both early for their appointments (and also their therapists are running late).
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izariichi · 4 days ago
Zhongli, Xiao, and Childe (separate) x s/o, where s/o stays at their place for the night but they have a hard time sleeping, and they want their lover by their side to sleep, that way they feel better and are able to sleep, please and thank you
put your arms around me (zhongli, xiao, tartaglia)
characters: zhongli, xiao, childe
genre: fluff
warnings: ooc zhongli & xiao, pretty short
author's note: feeling under the weather but wanted to post so here we are. sorry if it's not the best. also, again, i don't really write for zhongli or xiao, but thank you for requesting, anon!
frustrated, you let out a huff and internally debate on what to do. this was your first time sleeping in zhongli's apartment and as much as you wanted to bring him no trouble, you really just couldn't fall asleep. you don't know if you should put up with it, which would definitely result into a horrible day for you, or if you should talk to him about it. before you could decide, the door slides open, revealing your boyfriend.
"my dear," he calls out to you, snapping you out of your thoughts. "is something the matter?"
he walks to you, taking your hands in his, and patiently waits for you to answer. his presence alone calms you down, making you develop the urge to ask him to stay with you. but instead, you reply with a much simpler answer.
"i can't sleep."
he blinks a few times before letting out an amused huff. "i see. well, how about we go to the kitchen so i can brew you some warm tea? it might help you relax."
too hesitant to ask him something else, you nod and follow him as he gently leads you to the kitchen. the two of you were silent as he brews a tea for you, his movements laced with a hint of professionalism. finally, he sets down the cup in front of you, a gentle smile on his face.
"thank you, zhongli," you say, carefully taking the cup. as you drink it slowly, as to not burn your tongue, your eyes keep moving towards him. the moment your eyes met, you couldn't help but look down with a sheepish gaze.
"it's alright, you can tell me anything," he urges you, reaching out to place his hand atop yours on the table.
"can you..." you gulp, feeling shy. "can you sleep with me for the night?"
zhongli's cheeks turn slightly red at your question but he lets out an amused chuckle nonetheless. before you could retract your question, he gives your hand a squeeze.
"so long as you're comfortable with it," he tells you.
always the gentleman, you think.
so when you finished drinking the tea, the two of you quickly head back to his room. he climbs the bed first, waiting for you to get in, and wraps his arms loosely around you the moment you did.
"is this alright?" he asks, making sure that you were covered by the blanket and that he wasn't touching you in a way that'll make you uncomfortable.
"more than alright," you answer, snuggling closer. with his warmth and calming presence, it didn't take long before you let out a yawn and let your exhaustion over take you. "g'night..."
zhongli presses a kiss against the crown of your head, taking in your peaceful expression, and replies.
"sleep well, my darling."
exhausted from your commissions, you decided to stay in the wangshu inn after spending a few hours talking and eating with your boyfriend. but despite the exhaustion, you found yourself still awake as you tossed and turned on the bed. you wanted to let out a cry, feeling restless, and subconsciously called out for your boyfriend.
"what's wrong?" he asks, appearing in front of you, in an alarmed tone. when he sees your face contorted in pain, he slowly softens his tone but you could still feel the protective aura lingering on it. "did someone hurt you?"
"no," you shake your head. "i just couldn't fall asleep."
xiao was baffled. you called him at this hour because you couldn't sleep? you were in much pain because you couldn't sleep? it was confusing and honestly weird for the yaksha but he neither questions it or dismisses it. he knows that mortals are different from him and if it's making you feel like this, then it isn't a minor problem at all.
"do you need me to take you to a doctor...?" but that didn't mean he knew what to do. so here he was, trying to not make you feel anymore restless by doing his best to help and understand.
"no, no, i just need to find a way to sleep," you sigh before glancing up at him. "can you stay with me for the night, xiao?"
"of course, i can keep watch unt—"
"not like that. i mean—" you avert your gaze. "can you sleep with me? stay with me in bed?"
xiao freezes, feeling nervous and confused. a lot of negative thoughts start to plague his mind but one look into your eyes managed to dispel them.
wordlessly, he takes off some of his accessories to make the both of you comfortable. he then lays down beside you but remains awkwardly stiff, unsure on what to do.
"i'll wrap my arms around you and put my head against your chest, would that be alright?" you ask, looking at him. when he nods, you carefully move and make sure to leave a breathing room for him. "are you alright?"
from your tone, he could hear how comfortable you were with this position. so despite the awkward feeling he was experiencing, he nods and tries to relax. luckily, it didn't take long before he melted into the embrace, liking the feeling of you close to him.
it felt like he had nothing to worry about at all. and he could only hope you feel the same.
his answer comes in front of a snore, snapping him out of his thoughts. he glances down and sees you asleep, causing a smile to tug on his lips.
how foolish of you to trust him and leave yourself vulnerable, he thinks, putting his hand on your head.
"but maybe i, too, am foolish for doing the same."
with a kiss to the crown of your head, he wishes for you to have good dreams.
it was cold. and despite the layers of blanket your boyfriend gave you earlier, they weren't enough. so here you were, hissing with every step you take as your feet continued to meet the cold floor while walking towards your boyfriend's room. as you raise your fist to knock, you slowly pause as you hesitate. you know it's rare for him to be home and to have a nice sleep so you didn't want to accidentally bother—
"sweetheart! i was wondering what took you so long!" the door opens, revealing your grinning boyfriend. "come in!"
before you could process his words, he quickly scoops you up in his arms and puts you gently on the bed. it wasn't long before he crawled in underneath the thick bundle of covers, his arms around you just as his legs tangled with yours.
"what do you mean by you've been waiting?" you ask, looking up at him.
"well, i know you're not used to the cold so i expected that you'll come and look for me sooner or later!" he shamelessly confesses. his chuckles put you at ease, making you more comfortable than you already are. "and if you did fell asleep, i would've came in and cuddled with you!"
"then what's the point of giving me a separate room?" you ask, furrowing your brows.
"uh, formality's sake?" he jokes, shrugging. "details, details, let's not mind them."
you sigh, shaking your head. true to his alias, he was truly like a child — not that you'd want him to change, of course. you love him just the way he is.
"you're lucky that i love you," you tease, pressing a kiss against his jaw. "mmm... you're warm."
he chuckles again, his grip tightening. "that, i am."
"which one?" you ask, closing your eyes as you slowly let yourself fall asleep.
"the one about me being lucky," he answers, this time in a hushed manner as he notices you slowly doze off. "i truly am lucky to be loved by someone like you."
he kisses your forehead before closing his eyes to follow you to dreamland.
"i love you, sweetheart."
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xiaohitsdifferent · 4 months ago
a foolish love
pairing: xiao x reader
genre: fluff
word count: 1,302
warning(s): none
author’s note: hey guys! i’m currently taking requests for genshin impact x reader right now so feel free to drop by and send one.
Tumblr media
“in the thousands of years that have passed, i have taken countless wraiths. if you want no trouble, stay away from me. see me as a weapon, and nothing more.”
xiao had clearly stated this after he swiftly finished off the last tainted hilichurl. there was no reason to get close to you, a mere mortal
yet, you didn’t falter at his harsh statement. if anything, your eyes shone brighter than ever, a new spark of determination settling upon it. without a word, he disappeared. he could already tell that you were going to be a rather troublesome mortal
days passed and xiao had long forgotten about the fateful encounter with you. after all, he had other worrisome tasks to do like purging demons and protecting liyue
however, today seemed slower than usual. the gleeful wind tickled his choppy hair, almost like it was teasing him. his hardened amber eyes scanned the scenery below, admiring the peaceful view of trees swaying and small critters frolicking around. it was mornings like these that made him temporarily forget about his internal turmoil
however, xiao wasn’t able to relish in the quietness for too long. the familiar wooden creaks from behind him caught his attention
“why have you seek me out, mortal?” he kept his eyes glued on the view, a growl threatening to erupt from his voice. xiao knew there was something wrong with you the moment your eyes sparkled in determination after being near death’s door
“i wanted to thank you for saving me by making this,” out of curiosity, he turned to face you. you wore a bright smile, one that was far too innocent for this world. he adjusted his vision to your outstretch arms. a beautiful pile of almond tofu sat on the porcelain plate you held out, its light syrup glistening in the sunlight
ah, it seems that this mortal knew how much i love this dish. he thought disdainfully, keeping a stoic expression upon his face. with a sigh, he reached out and accepted the offering, making you grin even wider. there was no harm in doing that... right?
he had expected you to leave right away, or even break down under his adeptal energy, but you remained rooted to the spot. you looked up at him with those darn puppy eyes, “well aren’t you going to taste it?”
“and why should i eat in front of you?” he retorted back and took a step back to distance himself from you. he wasn’t sure if it was just your stubbornness that prevented you from feeling his adeptal energy, but he wasn’t willing to risk it by staying too close to you
he watched as you place your pointer finger on your lips and pouted, “i mean shouldn’t it be normal for a person who cooked it to see their taster’s reaction?”
“i... suppose so,” he hesitantly spoke. you did make a good point, and he couldn’t possibly ignore your kicked-puppy expression for far too long. “but there seems to be no utensil for me to eat it.” he deadpanned, maintaining eye contact with you
you owlishly blink, eyes widening in embarrassment, “oh my archons! how could i-? i’ll be right back.” he couldn’t help, but chuckle at your scurrying form. you were a mortal, but an amusing and forgetful one nonetheless
after that, you and the sole yaksha got close like two peas in a pod. whenever you tend to adventure out in liyue, xiao offered to go with you, grumbling that you wouldn’t be able to last without his protection
if anything, he was secretly thankful for you. you often visit him at wangshu inn with offerings of almond tofu, despite complaining that it would be more convenient if he lived closer
eventually, months had passed and liyue harbor was bustling with people due to the upcoming lantern festival
the traveler, aether, had tried desperately to convince xiao to come, but only managed to get him close to the gates of liyue harbor, which wasn’t a complete loss
bright, yellow paper lanterns painted the nightly sky, outshining the full moon. the conquerer of evil sat himself down on the, somewhat dry, grass, his mask clinking along his hips. he paid no mind to the world around him, instead focusing on the sky. it was beautiful. but even so, he couldn’t help, but feel like something, or a specific someone, was missing.
as if the archons had heard his wish, he hears the familiar, light footsteps emitting from behind him. “xiao?” you question, tilting your head to the side. upon hearing his name, he takes a look at your attire. you were wearing, what seemed to be, a beautiful jade qipao. the tips of his ears brighten up at your color of choice. “it’s rare to see you outside of wangshu inn.” you continue as you take a seat next to xiao, adjusting your qipao.
he could feel your heat from how close you were to him. his heart was racing at the proximity between the two of you and he was sure that his whole face was now beet red. had he always had these feelings for you? the thought of falling for you was absurd. it wasn’t possible for him, a killing machine, to fall for someone as faultless as you.
xiao shook his head to clear his thoughts, “i suppose so.” the atmosphere went silent, but it wasn’t one of those awkward ones. rather, it was the peaceful ones where the two of you were simply enjoying each other’s presence.
that was, of course, until he felt the harsh winds brushing against his exposed biceps. xiao was used to the winds, he was an anemo user after all. but were they used to it? he glanced over to you, watching as you seem to slightly shiver from the chilling winds. your attire definitely wasn’t enough to keep you warm on this particular chilly night.
a frowned fell upon his face. he didn’t have a jacket nor did he bring along any outerwear. how exactly was he supposed to keep you warm? body warmth. he quickly thought, but scowled at himself. wasn’t he already ashamed of himself for having romantic feelings for you? at this point, he was just digging himself a hole to die in.
but he couldn’t possibly see you shiver any longer. “come here,” he mumbled underneath his breath as he pulled you in between his lap, wrapping his muscular arms around your midsection. you yelp in surprise and your back straightened against his chest. “i know this may be... unpleasant, but bear with it a bit longer.”
you were so close to the point where he can smell your scent. stop acting weird. he absolutely didn’t want you to be scared of him so he tried to stay as still as possible. a few moments passed before he felt your body finally relax underneath him, “thank you, xiao.”
he tighten his arms around you, letting you know that he heard your appreciation. “hey, xiao,” he hummed in response, “is it... is it okay if i sleep right now? you’re really warm.” he could clearly hear the tiredness seeping from your melodic voice.
“do as you please.” and with that, your breath started to steady into a soft rhythm, your body limp against him. with a sigh, xiao picked you up bridal-style, careful to not rustle you too much. compared to the hundreds of lit lanterns, you looked so ethereal underneath the moon. hesitantly, he placed a soft kiss on your forehead and pulled back, admiring your sleeping face.
“look what you’ve done to me, (y/n),” he chuckled lightly and shook his head, “you’ve made me a love-sick fool.” perhaps he would confess to you how he truly felt once you woke up.
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arcticlee · 2 years ago
can I request a fic where Vergil has a crush on the reader and Dante notices? Maybe Dante has a crush on the reader as well?
Last time I wrote something similar, things got pretty tense. So this one's gonna be more lighthearted, also the reader knows about their crushes on her. Hope you enjoy!!
Tumblr media
  You knew there was a noticeable amount of rivalry going on between Vergil and Dante. Some would think that was just your typical relationship between two brothers. Always there ripping at each other's throats due to their striking differences. Like a grumpy cat and a playful dog thrown into an empty room to resolve their arguments. It was amusing nonetheless seeing them bicker over most stupid things possible, constantly throwing each other challenges and placing bets over who would win. But you never expected their rivalry come down to one single thing, or rather, person- you.
  You were attentive and always watched them from the sidelines, noticing a lot of things about their behavior. But it took you a longer period of time to realize something. They were both growing infatuated in you. Of course each of them showed it in different ways, but you knew those idiots had their eyes on you.
  It was a Friday night and you ended up dragging Vergil into a bar just so you could unwind after a long week of work. Knowing Vergil and just how much he hated crowded places, he wouldn't leave your side even for a single second, his mood growing more irritated with each passing minute. So you decided to distract him from all the noise around you as you moved from your pool game towards the bar table, already feeling him tailing you from behind like an obedient puppy.
  You sat down on a high bar stool, quickly ordering two whiskey glasses just so you could loosen him up a bit, even though you perfectly knew alcohol wouldn't work on him. His body system processed it like any other non-alcoholic beverage. So you were surprised when he didn't even comment upon it, taking a few big swigs from the glass as his eyes darted around the room attentively, jaw tightly clenched, so distracted by what was going on around him, he didn't even hear what you were talking about. Not until you snapped your fingers under his nose and called out to him by his name in a louder tone.
   His blue eyes quickly landed on you, something changing behind them as his face expression slightly softened. His lips were still in that same straight line as before, though, an annoyed frown dancing on his features.
     "I should drag you into bars more often," you teased and he perfectly knew what you meant with your sudden retort as he broke his gaze off you completely, grabbing that glass and taking another big swig from it. "Not that I don't mind seeing you all flustered and lost like a small puppy, but you probably hate it" you teased once again and he glanced at you with the corner of his eye, his features softening even further as the corners of his lips curled into a brief smile.
     "I'm not bothered by it, especially since your company keeps me well-distracted," he replied almost in a cocky manner, his gaze landing back at you for a longer moment this time.
     "Since when did you start enjoying my company?" you couldn't help but ask, curious to know why he suddenly started warming up to you verbally. Not straightforwardly just yet, but there were slight hints. Not that you didn't know already, his behavior was sometimes too easy to read. But you wanted to hear it from him, since most of the time he kept his distance from you, rarely ever joking around or trying to be all flirty. He was probably measuring his chances with you because he had a good opponent to beat, who was a huge ass flirt oozing with charm and confidence.
   And, speaking of the devil himself, and before Vergil could even open his mouth, Dante finally showed up like he promised with a loud "here you are!" You could already see the change happen on Vergil's face- from a small smirk right back to that annoyed frown. It was as amusing as ever knowing the dynamic between the two of them and how much Vergil hated Dante's bombastic presence.
     "I already thought you'd never show up," you called out to Dante and slapped away his hungry hand that was already reaching for your drink just like it always did because he was too used to drinking from your glasses to order his own.
     "Oh c'mon," he grumbled but you only swatted at his hands again when he didn't back down this easily.
     "You ordering your own, I'm not letting you steal my drinks this time," you pointed out straight away and watched as he exhaled through his mouth in pure theatrical defeat, his hand reaching to the inside pocket of his leather coat to pull out a few bills. He placed them on the counter, taking a seat next to you and ordered himself a few whiskeys, grinning under his nose when he noticed you shaking your head at his boyish behavior.
     "What you two were chatting about anyways?" he couldn't help but ask, his eyes quickly trailing towards Vergil, who didn't even dare open his mouth, eyeing his brother with that same resting bitch face of his.
    "Wouldn't your curious ass like to know," you intervened instead since you knew already that Vergil wasn't planning to do the talk. Not when he got interrupted.
     "That's why I'm asking," Dante sent you one of his knowing looks before he took a good swig from his glass and set it back down on the counter loudly.
     "Oh y'know, the usual," you only replied mysteriously while trailing your finger along the edge of your own glass, already feeling Vergil's intense gaze follow your movements.
     "So all the boring talk huh," Dante teased and grinned to himself once he noticed Vergil's deepening frown. "Glad I arrived then," he soon added and you only shook your head at his cocky retort, almost downing your drink with one breath as you set the glass on the table with a loud thud.
     "Glad you arrived? You interrupted us on the most interesting part," you admitted in a playful, but still, displeased tone.
     "Then with all due respect, continue," he pirouetted his hand in the air and returned to his drink, finishing the first glass quickly.
  You were surprised to see just how much he was determined to get drunk tonight. It had no effects on him whatsoever just like with Vergil, but the thought of it was what counted the most. Besides, he liked feeling the strong taste of alcohol on his tongue that burned his throat pleasantly.
     "Not gonna cut it, old man," you replied stubbornly, smiling to yourself when his head arose slightly at his nickname, eyebrows already furrowing under a displeased look. You knew how much he hated being called that, even so when it was falling from your lips out of all the people.
     "What, am I interrupting some gossiping then?" his blue eyes once again landed on Vergil, who all this time was watching you two bicker from the sidelines.
     "Wouldn't you like to know," he repeated your statement from before, smiling to himself like some satisfied cat when Dante shook his head, almost rolling his eyes at his brother's reply.
     "You two were flirting your asses off weren't you," Dante finally spat out, already noticing a growing smile on your face that only meant one thing- he was right. Vergil, however, didn't throw any evident signals, only grabbing his glass and taking a small sip from it. Yet, that was enough of a gesture to tell Dante everything he needed to know.
     "Well well well," he got all comfortable in his seat, a mischievous grin growing on his face as his eyes glued to Vergil who was staring back at him, playing all confused when he deep down knew already that Dante figured him out quick. "Trying to aim for the same target, huh?" he remarked all mysteriously, even though you perfectly knew what he meant by that. You had them both figured out before they even realized nor noticed.
     "What do you mean by 'target'?" Vergil couldn't help but press him for a straightforward answer, playing along with his brother and acting all clueless.
  You started not to like where this was going...
     "Oh you perfectly know what I mean, brother," he accentuated the last word and leaned forwards slightly, his features dropping from a grin to a mysterious look on his face. They measured each other with their gazes for a moment before Vergil retreated from their silent staring contest with a short "I don't know what you're talking about".
  Vergil was good at playing pretend, so good you sometimes fell for it yourself. This time, however, you knew he was just trying not to stoop down any lower than his brother and admit to his interests in you since he knew Dante would just start nagging him about it. And boy how Vergil hated getting nagged, especially when it came down to his personal life and love interests. Yet, Dante had him figured out already, he just needed to hear it from Vergil's mouth.
     "Oh c'mon Verg, I see how you look at her," Dante only teased as the same shit eating grin started crawling back to his mouth. You almost choked on a drink you were silently sipping on as soon as he threw out those words, your eyes quickly lying down on Vergil, whose expression didn't even change- staying the same annoyed frown as before.
  You knew how much Vergil hated getting called by his short nickname, even more when it was Dante who chose to call him 'Verg'. But you already could tell how much that ticked Vergil off, he became all tense next to you, you could feel it. So you decided to intervene, just like you always did whenever those two would start eyeing each other like some angry wolves.
     "You two should quit it before you turn this bar into pure mess," you admitted straight on. "Also, a target? Really, Dante? That's how you gonna call me now? You shooting real low, pal, real fuckin' low," you spat the words out before any of them could open their mouths, already noticing the change in their expressions as they stared at you, slightly taken aback by your sudden interference.
  However you could already see some satisfaction shoot over Vergil's expression, even if it was for a brief moment. But you knew he was secretly grateful you decided to step in and put Dante into his place. Not only because it wouldn't have worked if he tried himself, but it also meant you didn't mind him having a deeper interest in you.
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jesswritesthat · 11 months ago
Bokuto Kōtarō: Love Languages
Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Summary: Fluff
• In which your group of friends is attempting to decipher the famous Spiker of the Black Jackals’ love language but you get an unexpected personal insight into the answer.
Warnings: Scheming antics of friends, one swear word.
Tumblr media
Upcoming Outside Hitter of the MSBY Black Jackals, a famous athlete by all means and potential model if he so wished - or rather, Bokuto Kōtarō as he was known by name.
An increasingly popular topic amongst your female friends as of late...
He's handsome - yes you'd heard it.
So charismatic and friendly - god you knew it.
And that athletic physique, those arms especially - eh, you'd seen him shirtless, his abs were nothing to scoff at either.
For you, it was understandable why people would see him this way in comparison to his teammates. Meian Shūgo had his fair share of fans too which you'd narrowed down to 'Captain Rights' - like in all the movies, who doesn't want to date the Captain y'know? The Jackals found amusement in the analogy nonetheless, even if Meian lightly punched your shoulder in mock offence.
But it was common knowledge that Spikers held more recognition simply because their role was more showy, Bokuto and Sakusa were popular with Black Jackal fans albeit the latters’ attitude sent many warming more to Kōtarō. Hinata was too cute be considered hot, and Atsumus flirty behaviour resonated with those drifting toward the idea of a fling rather than valued relationships - hence their preference to Bokuto.
It stumped you as to how he was viewed more fitting for that role considering they were both as immature as each other. Dumbasses.
"What do you think his love language would be though? Quality time maybe or -" Kotori giggled, the brunette growing overly excited with the idea much like your other two friends as you tuned in momentarily.
"It's Physical Touch."
You'd filtered into the conversation so confidently, not a hint of uncertainty within your lacklustre answer as the trio of girls stared at your distracted figure with stunned expressions.
It wasn't that you were being antisocial, you'd just heard each Kotori, Yuki and Hanami gush over Bokuto too many times and now allowed yourself to zone out or type away on your phone as they rambled on. However, their extended silence caused you to meet their expectant gazes with a sceptical brow.
"You can't just say that without reasoning (Y/n), especially with that clear-cut tone of yours. Why do you think it's Physical Touch?" Yuki cheerfully smiled at you, beckoning her hand for you to elaborate.
Did they forget that you worked with MSBY Black Jackal teams as their private medical professional on a daily basis? Apparently so.
"Ughhh, alright..." It was a pained groan of defeat, one that elicited invigorated smiles from your group as you uncrossed your legs and leaned on the Café table with a contemplative pout prior to elaborating.
"Bokuto responds best to Words of Affirmation, the man is a sucker for compliments really but expresses his own feelings via Physical Touch. I mean he's pretty decent with Acts of Service too but it's a lot less in comparison - he always claps his team on the back when they make a good shot, or tackles them usually for fun. Plus that idiot is a hugger so I'm pretty confident in my assumption."
"They're teammates though, I mean a romantic partner." Kotori clarified with an understanding nod, processing your casual information with a satisfied sigh.
"Teammates love each other, it'd likely be similar but I guess hand holding and more intimate embraces would be involved. I don't know guys, I've never seen him with a lover or even know if he has one." You playfully shrugged amidst your gentle laughter, turning to Yuki who held a rolled up magazine in her hands and waved it as evidence.
"I've read the gossip magazines, they say he's currently single~"
"What wonderful news for you guys, maybe one of you will meet him, fall in love, invite us to your wedding and be all the journalists can talk about for the next week." Though your sarcasm was evident, the group immediately joined in with the banter - Hanami over-dramatically flicking her hair over her shoulder to accompany her next humorous statement.
"Exactly (Y/n)! You can all be my bridesmaids when he marries me!"
With a bemused shake you of your head at their antics, you collected a majority of the tables waste and stood to dispose of it in the nearest bin before heading back - brushing off your hands until you were abruptly taken off course much to the awe of your onlooking trio.
"Hey hey hey!"
If not for the strength of the individual, you'd likely would've been sent flying with the amount of encompassing force they'd tackled you with, his arms withdrawing to your waist to hold you in place as you pulled away from the embrace enough to face the blinding smile of none other than Bokuto Kōtarō - who tilted his head once noting the close proximity, sheer joy morphing to that of subtle admiration as he took in your quizzical features.
"You're so pretty (N/n)~" It was an honest and unfiltered observation on his part, the weight of it going unnoticed with his softer tone and stereotypically oblivious nature.
Meanwhile you snapped from your analytic reverie, deflecting the compliment with a casual facade hoping the heat on your skin was dismissed.
"Tch don't call me that, what do you want anyway? You look exhausted."
Bokuto only released a tired sigh with his cheery attitude faltering slightly and bored pout emerging, releasing you from his hold to explain himself with a sheepish hand running through his hair.
"Extra practice was painful and I know your shift starts soon so I was wondering if you'd check me over before I have to start again."
"Kou, tackling me wasn’t very persuasive."
The Spiker cunningly smirked at your justification, holding his index finger up as if to delay your final decision whilst he grabbed a paper bag from the side (that he'd temporarily displaced prior to startling you) and offered it you.
"That's why I brought you a treat from the coffee shop too, perfect way to start the shift right?"
Your gaze flicked between him and the food parchment before ultimately sighing in defeat and taking the item from him to put it in your bag.
"Damn, that was clever. You win Kōtarō."
Gesturing for one second, you walked back to your table a metre or so away to bid farewell to your friends and discreetly finalise your statement from earlier to the rather enigmatic trio of girls - each withholding their presumptuous thoughts with overly gleeful smiles.
"See, Physical Touch."
"All I'm seeing is romantic gestures~" Yuki broke the silence first, the others agreeing and chuckling at the playful glare settling on your features.
"Shut up, it's not like he's holding my hand or kissing me. Try flirting with him since you're so in love with-"
Still radiating accomplishment from his earlier achievement, your defence was ironically cut short by Bokuto easily lacing his digits around your wrist like he’d done it thousands of times before, and carefully tugged toward the exit to indicate his intention.
"C'mon (Y/n), Meian will kill me if I'm late and Atsumu, ugh, he'll give me a break if I say I was with you."
There was a momentarily lapse in comeback, yourself too caught up in his happy-go-lucky wink to finish your proclamation - "Sorry (L/n), you were saying...?" - but Kotoris’ mischievous tone certainly reminded you.
"Oh right, you wanna stay? I forget you're not at our beck and call sometimes, you're just always there when I need you I guess - but you should relax if you want to." Bokuto thoughtfully added before you could answer, taking a step toward you and diverting his gaze to the side, embarrassingly rubbing the back of his neck due to his apparent intrusion.
"No worries Kōtarō, I'd be leaving in a few minutes for work anyway." With a soft sigh of - was it gratitude? Adoration? God you hoped not - you opened the door to leave and waved a ‘later’ your friends.
However, the echoing shout following after the two of left you hauntingly vengeful in the most kindest of ways.
"You better invite us to your wedding (Y/n)-chan~"
"Shut. Up." Came your hushed return, the trio breaking into fits of giggles upon hearing the emphasised irritation in it.
The sudden panic in the Spikers tone prevented you from going back in and demanding they buy you an apology coffee - Bokuto practically jumping away from you like you’d caught the plague, now wearing a contrastingly apologetic and shocked expression.
"You're getting married?! Sorry (N/n)-chan I didn't realise you had a fiancé else I would've have stopped flirting with you ages ago."
"There's no wedding, I'm singl- wait - you what?" At first you rolled your eyes and brushed it off with a wave of your hand as you continued towards your shared work place until his admittance truly resignated and you stammered rather ungraciously.
"That’s a relief and yeah, Tsum Tsum suggested finding your love language so that's what I've been trying to figure out." Bokuto seemed more relaxed, an overly enthused sigh of relief escaping him as he rested his hands behind his head whilst walking - meanwhile you'd come to a precipitated stop, staring at him in utter bewilderment.
"Oh shit..."
Kōtarō turned around when noting your lack of presence by his side, pausing in place and tilting his head in curiosity upon hearing your confounded whisper - still wearing a puzzled but lopsided smile.
" like me." You concluded (more a fact than question), gazing over to him in complete awe and expecting - hoping for him to deny it wholeheartedly.
Instead his smile only widened, eyes closing briefly with a toothy grin sparkling under the sun and a firm nod of confirmation making your insides plummet.
"I do, hadn’t you noticed?"
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shylockgnomes · 3 years ago
Damn my leg.
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hexwake · a year ago
Tumblr media
Unconventional Family
They uhhh, successfully??? baked a little something for his birthday.. Jaybird’s amused nonetheless. 
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levisteria · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Request:  Request: Levi and his S/O cooking and baking for a holiday party being hosted at their house much to Levi’s displeasure. Things take a sweet turn.
Pairing: Levi x Reader
Warnings: Pure fluff?
“What do you want?”
You scrunched your face at Levi’s bored tone. Your arms wrapped around him from behind with your chin resting on his shoulder, repeatedly placing soft kisses on his temple.
“Why do you think I want something? Can’t I just hug my amazing boyfriend?”
“Spit it out, brat.”
You pouted. He knew you through and though. You rarely bothered him this way while he was reading.
“About the party later today…” you trailed.
At this, Levi closed his book and turned his head to face him. You finally had his attention.
“What about it?” a soft crease appearing between his eyebrows at the mention of the end of year party that you decided to host for your colleagues at your house. It took a lot of convincing to get Levi to agree to this party in the first case. His dislike of large groups of visitors was making its way onto his face again.
You pouted, trying to muster your most powerful attack of puppy eyes at him. Unfortunately for you, puppy eyes hardly ever worked on your grumpy boyfriend, but it amused him, nonetheless.
“So, I’ve kind of under-prepared a bit… and I need some help with the food.” You bit your bottom lip, waiting for his reaction.
A slender brow rose, steel eyes glaring into your own.
“I just need you to help me bake a few things, or you can take over the food, either one. Please, I’ll never be done in time, Levi,” you pleaded, grabbing his hand as Levi stood up from the couch.
“No, no way. I already saw those brats enough this year at work. I must entertain them in my own house and now you want me to cook for them?”
You tried to stifle your laugh, covering your mouth with your free hand. You found it adorable how Levi pretended to hate his younger co-workers, but deep down you knew that Levi cared for them.
“Yes. Please. I wouldn’t have asked if I really didn’t need your help, babe. I promise I’ll make it up to you afterwards.”
“Make it up to me?” Levi inquired.
“Yes. I’ll do anything you want.”
“Anything?” at this point you were certain if his eyebrow rose any further, it would disappear past his hairline. “I’m sure I could make use of such an offer,” a hint of a smirk finding its way on his face.
You laughed nervously. “Get your mind out of the gutter,” you huffed, taking your intertwined hands and pulling him to the direction of the kitchen. “Now come.”
“Oh, I will.” Levi muttered in your ear. Your face flushed furiously. However, you kept your gaze straight in front of you as you reached the kitchen, clearing your throat. You couldn’t let him get to you now.
“Do you want to handle the food and I start up the desserts?”
“Sure,” Levi nodded, rolling the sleeves of his shirt up and washing his hands before getting started.
You couldn’t help but glance at him out of the corner of your eye.
At work, Levi commanded a strong presence. A respected figure of authority within the company. He was a great leader to his colleagues, but at the same time, he was very serious and didn’t take shit from anybody.
But at home, you were the only one to see Levi’s softer, domestic side. And one of your favourite things to do was watch him cook.
It was such an ordinary thing, cooking. But Levi had his way of making it look so much better than it should. His slender fingers holding the knife in one hand, while the other laid out the vegetables ready to be cut.
You concentrated hard on the cake you were making. It didn’t require that much focus at all, if you were honest. But with Levi next to you, it was so much harder to focus on the task at hand.
When your cake batter was done, you peeked over at Levi again, his head over the pan in front of him, stirring the sauce he was busy with. His plump bottom lip jutting out to blow his bangs out of his face.
He was so cute, you thought. You knew Levi would rather die than be called cute, so you kept your sentiments to yourself with a soft smile appearing on your face.
You being you, couldn’t help but dip your finger in the cake batter. A guilty pleasure of yours. Somehow things always tasted better while preparing it, and this did not exclude cake batter. Bringing your finger up to your lips, you tasted it.
Sweet you thought. It was good. Very good. You couldn’t keep this flavour to yourself.
“Levi?” you called him softly. A soft hum coming from him in response.
“Want a taste?”
Levi didn’t generally enjoy cakes but couldn’t resist the glimmer in your eye. And it was it was you who made it after all, like hell he’d say no to that.
Before he could even answer, you lifted a spoon with a little batter on it and slipped it past his lips.
Levi let the taste dance on his tongue. He hummed again.
“Sweet.” He mused aloud, “but…”
You were caught by surprise when Levi leaned forward and softly licked your bottom lip, sucking it softly. There was a little batter left over on your lip.
“It’s sweeter here.” His voice deep, eyes boring into your own and your breath hitched. Heart racing.
The effect this man had on you was insane, and he knew it. Smug bastard.
You couldn’t even think of a smart reply, watching him smirk and get back to his sauce.
Facing your batter again, even though it was long done, you began stirring it furiously until you felt a spoon of sauce make its way into your mouth.
You jumped in surprise. Looking over to your smirking boyfriend. The sauce was good. Too good. It slightly annoyed you how this man was literally perfect at everything he did. Even when teasing you.
“What are you doing?” you asked, licking your lips, not wanting to miss a drop of the flavour.
“I thought we were shoving things into each other’s mouths.”
His blunt response, yet obvious innuendo had your face growing hot yet again.
“Levi!” you shouted while Levi chuckled softly.
This man would be the death of you.
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It occurs that Zatanna spelling someone to live would just be her yelling “EVIL” at them.
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