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mrperryhatepage · 19 hours ago
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pittsiesmeeks · 6 months ago
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moonlightfairy123 · 5 months ago
dead poets society being my comfort movie says everything about my personality
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mendesxruel · 3 months ago
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aedan-mills · a month ago
Ever wanted to jump into your twink boyfriend's arms when you scored a goal?
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bananaphone · 3 months ago
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I forgot this was on my drafts
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weltonsworst · 2 months ago
Neil knows that Todd has a crush on him, because every time he wears his glasses Todd’s face gets incredibly red and he can’t articulate words for at least five minutes. Neil would feel a little bit bad about his poor friends suffering, but he thinks that Todd freaking out about something so small is absolutely adorable, and Neil abuses his glasses-usage as much as possible just to see Todd’s face heat up and brain go blank <3
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crispin-kreme · 3 months ago
neil: helpful grammar tip, ‘farther’ is for physical distance, ‘further’ is for metaphorical distance.
neil: …and ‘father’ is for emotional distance.
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maisietheweltoncow · 3 months ago
At the request of @spinninghunkofspacerock , I have created the dead cutlery society
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Charlie goes twice because I felt it worked for both don't question my judgement because I am god
@freckledcameron @propaganda-for-poets @time-plus-night @moonylupinhasdemonpox @neil-perry-is-alive @duh-itsalampmeeks @cupiiid @aedan-mills
this is a sequel to the dead breakfast society :)
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poetofthedyingstars · 3 months ago
HELLO IM BACK good morning to me here's breakfast for u bc cam (@dickcameron007) saw the one about the roommate thingy and i found the T or D chicken gay whatever story on reddit and i just wanna say it's also them. now bye i love u all
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tagging the squad to annoy cam hehe don't hate me i love u @maisietheweltoncow @propaganda-for-poets @aedan-mills @therealcharliedalton
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aaronhoetchner · 25 days ago
wh,,,, my brain is cursed,,,
anderperry love island au where theyre like the two lads who’re like bezzy m8s asap
so in the first challenge thats like, truth or dare, the dare is ‘snog the person you fancy the most’ and neil just goes fuck it and kisses todd
(mostly as a joke but they both look a little too happy about it)
the next recoupling they couple with the girls theyre with but neils girl is well angry about it so she makes him sleep on the day bed lmao
(‘neil, no offence, but i thought i was your type’ ‘you are, it was just a laugh babe’ ‘not fucking funny tho’)
neil makes his girl a cuppa the next morning, but also makes todd one because hes kinda catching feels lowkey
todds girl is grafting another fella (probably charlie) and he gets sad about it because hes like ‘well fuck when am i gonna see neil again…. wait’
so he goes and does the whisper thing where he needs to have subtitles on and iain sterling says some shit about how todd and neil probably leaving
neil and todd now both have to sleep on the daybeds because their gfs font like them lol so they sleep on the same one ‘for a joke just to piss them off extra’
(in this au the general public probably highly dislike both todd and neils gfs because theyre kinda picky and deffo from essex because everyone on love island is from essex???)
then another 2 girls (ginny and chris cough cough) comes into the villa and ginny tries to chat up neil and hes into it ! why is he thinkin about todd and oh now im talking about todd-
and chris goes for todd, which puts a wedge between todd and knox bc todd encourages it bc i cant couple up with neil im not gay?????
anyway in the next recoupling, todd picks chris who hes getting along with and neil couples up w ginny, and they become this quad and everyone is lowkey rooting for them swapping to neil and todd then ginny and chris bc duh
theymake it a week or two with that set up: ginny and neil, todd and chris, not really into each other but really good friends so they have chemistry and the public keeps voting for them
neil goes into the little booth thing one day and goes ‘look, ginny is so lovely, y’know, shes funny and smokin hot, but i dunno about her. i dont think weve connected romantically, really. todd, however-‘ and he cuts himself off laughing, but is it really a joke? (no)
todd pulls chris for a chat at one point and he says ‘chris i think youre wonderful, really, but-‘ and she shakes her head and takes off her mic and whispers ‘i know you fancy neil’ they become like 🤞 that afterwards because she says after that she fancies ginny and its a unifying thing
and everything goes well until
he goes first at the next recoupling, and picks chris
todd is basically bricking it because the girl with no set man is the girl who was never into him at the start el oh el
but neil is before him, and he goes ‘the person i’d like to couple up with is, in my opinion, the best person in here, personality and looks wise. theyve made me feel really comfortable, especially in a villa full of people i didnt know, i know i can always count on them. so, the person id like to couple up with is…’
(todd is literally upset rn because hes like neils gonna pick ginny and then who am i left with. huh)
what the fuck
everyones like :o because no one was expecting that (i bet you were #foruthwalla)
todd gives hi mthe biggest hug and just whispers ‘that was really smart’ (‘im sorry’ ‘for what?’ ‘makin you gay’ ‘neil, you didnt make me gay you made me closer to fifty thousand quid. and now i get to share a bed with you ;)’ )
the week of casa amor is so weird because they cant really???? split them up???? so anderperry is happily together and some girls try to get them to be away from each other but they fail every time lmao
at one point charlie just has to tell the girls who thought you had to be straight to be on love island that even hes tried to chat neil up but he only has eyes for todd
theyre the first couple given the hideaway <3
thats where neils like ‘lets just fuckin make it official, todd will you be my bf’ and todd audibly squeals
after that neil or todd are honorary girls in the recoupling lol
so the next recoupling the girls choose and neil immediately goes ‘fuck if i dont want todd, i dunno why im even up here’ and they kiss and everyones happy about it
ginny is next and chooses chris and says soppy shit about her and chris is just behind her like o_0 and starts crying a little bit i think
(‘gin seriously thank you so much’ ‘no problem babe’ ‘say that again’ ‘babe?’ ‘it sounds so much better coming out of your mouth’)
anyway any challenges they do after that are like stupid cute because todd and neil take turns bein the ‘girl’ in the situation/on the girls team
so say in a food fight challenge, theyre on separate teams
they fuckin throw shit at everyone else but not each other because ‘thats my boyfriend you arse!!!’ ‘thats an enemy, neil’ ‘whatevs charles’
rember that challenge from s5 where they read the publics tweets? they fuckin do that
> ‘everytime i see neil and todd on my screen i get so happy #pride’
> ‘#loveislandsnogmarrypie snog charlie, marry charlie, pie knox <3’
> ‘chris seems like the type to be sweet on camera but a bitch irl’ (immediately rebutted by todd going not true!!! literally a lie)
neil and todd win duh
chris and ginny come second, but they get married a few years later
charlie and the girl hes coupled up with come third, but go through a public breakup that winter and charlie ends up dating meeks??? he was not on the show, he was in love with charlie, his roommate, the whole time el oh el
this totally derailed toward the end but this has been plaguing my head for like an hour so
tagging sum people
@emilythefern @inahallucination @quartz-forest @fumblelace @exilesblack @flustered-flux hey guys 💪
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pittsiesmeeks · 6 months ago
dead poets society edition
*bagpipe noises*
“meeks. door, closed”
“y e s s i r”
“gentlemen, what are the four pillars?”
“Travesty. Horror. Decadence. Excrement”
“welcome to hell-ton”
but father
“o captain, my captain”
“carpe diem. seize the day, boys. make your lives extraordinary.”
“no! *ding*”
*todd stuttering*
*cameron complaining*
“too bad? it's worse than too bad, PITTSIE”
“all the good ones go for jerks, you know that”
“mr. k was a HELL-RAISER”
“no mr. overstreet, it wasn't just gUyS”
“all right, who's in”
“his grades are hurting, charlie”
“you can help him, meeks”
*charlie scaring meeks*
*pitts yelling and groaning bc he bumped his head*
“wait a minute—who gave us half a roll?”
“i'm eating the other half”
*the congo chant*
“you twerp”
“why do i stand up here”
“to feel taller”
“no! *ding*”
“radio free america”
“open tryouts, OPEN TRYOUTS”
*happy neil noises*
“what do you mean 'no'?”
“no ❤️”
*charlie playing the recorder*
“oh to struggle against great odds. to meet enemies undaunted”
“sounds to me like you're daunted, say it again like you're undaunted”
“i'm gonna play puck, IM GONNA PLAY PUCK”
“puck you”
“your parents collect pipes? that's really interesting!”
“what's that, neil?”
“dUh, It'S a laMp, mEeKs”
*loud saxophone noises*
“i love the clarinet”
“i HATED it :)”
*pitts hitting head... again*
“i might be going to yale, but i might not”
“mr. nolan, it's for you! it's god, he says we should have girls at welton!”
“damnit neil, the name's nuwanda”
“what's for dinner?”
*neil's voice cracking*
“knox, you are so infuriating :D”
“he's good, he's really good”
“i was good... i was really good”
*the sound of charlie punching cameron*
Feel free to add more!
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ameliterature · a month ago
Todd Anderson writes fanfiction
no i wont elaborate on that
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mendesxruel · 2 months ago
Dead Poets and their Halloween costumes !
please forgive my bad picsart editing<3
Neil: Phantom of The Opera;
Tumblr media
Cameron: Rick Astley;
Tumblr media
Todd, Knox and Charlie: The Powerpuff Girls;
Tumblr media
Pitts and Meeks: Doc and Marty McFly.
Tumblr media
dps taglist: @lostinmymindpalace-m @toast-on-t0ast @jamespotterslover @ughgclden @peachybaes @caffeineconstellations @maisietheweltoncow @maybanksslut @death-is-the-mother-of-beauty @anderperrytheplatypus @i-wanna-b-yours @nee-naw-nee-naw-beepbeep @gerardpitts @wisteria-and-nightshade @lilgayn00dle @sexysirius @pinkcloxds @sarahisslytherin @wlfstxr @poetofthedyingstars @darknoire @enchqnting
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aedan-mills · 10 days ago
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I couldn't find the OG post I made so I have to reupload them :((
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bananaphone · 4 months ago
dead poets society as snow white and the seven dwarfs
Tumblr media
do not bother me im having "productive girl" hours 😩 also keating>>>>
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weltonsworst · 2 months ago
Knox said “where’s my hug at” once and Charlie immediately decked him in the face
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nee-naw-nee-naw-beepbeep · 6 days ago
hell(ton), where all the gays go
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ame-senpai-art · 6 months ago
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I can't be the only one who realized this--
It looks cool at the end but... what an awkward position
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georgiabread · 5 months ago
dead poets society as tiktoks heheh
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