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Hello trainers! Have you been enjoying your adventure in the Crown Tundra? We sure have been! 👑

We’re down to the last of our Galar Pokemon pins! Once they sell out, they will not be restocked! Don’t miss your chance💕

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And to balance out opinions, here are some things about my team of 6:

  • Regidraco does not like Articuno
  • Regidraco finds Moltres weird
  • Articuno is too cool to play ball
  • Calyrex, Regidraco, and Moltres like to play ball
  • Slowbro is too slow and Calyrex or Regidraco tend to take the ball before Slowbro can react.
  • Articuno seems to enjoy mushroom curry
  • Regidraco likes to play so much, he will get in on the action while Moltres is also playing, leading to them both coming at me when I have that jingly shakey toy thing.
  • Articuno is pretty talkative when close enough to talk, despite being the cool type. The only one more talkative is Regidraco
  • Flapple is there too, but isn’t as insistent on being too cool like Articuno or too playful like Regidraco and Moltres.
  • (Note, Flapple and Slowbro are from Isle of Armor and the rest are Crowned Tundra. I just didnt think they got enough of a chance in the isle of armor thanks to Kubfu)
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The final 2 Amigurumi for the upcoming listing day are Applin! One each of the normal and Shiny variants.

The tentative listing day/time will be Friday, the 30th @ 2pm EST. A confirmation of the official day/time will be posted around Monday-ish once I know for sure.



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With the last couple gens, I’ve challenged myself to only use new pokemon (at least in my first run) so I could get to know them better and also not depend too much on old favourites.  I ended up with a pretty decent, well-rounded team by the end.  The last pic is a quick collage of my team’s winning animations from beating the Gym Leaders and Champion (Cinderace and Drednaw had 2 each).  Eventually I swapped Eldegoss for Alcremie, and Corviknight was often rotated in for whoever I didn’t need at the time.  I just couldn’t narrow my team down to 6 this time, there were too many good ones.

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Anyone looking for attempt number 5?  No?  Well, allow me to inflict it upon you anyway.


#042 - “Golbat’s Shittiest Sephiroth Cosplay”

#355 - “ A Pile of Soft-Serve with a Duskull Mask”

#826 - “Orbeetle, but Actually Just Not”

#828 - “That’s Just Sly Cooper (Thievul Edition)”

#841 - “The Original Flapple is Great, but I Would Die for this Anxious Fellow”

#859 - “Impidimp, Only Worse”

[Image ID: A very rough black and white digital sketch of six Pokemon.

In the top left is Impidimp, drawn with most of the right features, but not lined up very well.

To the right of that is Duskull, who looks relatively accurate, except that his ectoplasmic body looks a bit more like soft-serve ice cream than like smoke.

In the top right corner is Orbeetle, but the body shape is so poorly rendered that it reads more as a small humanoid figure with an extremely high collar than anything else.

In the bottom right is Flapple.  It’s missing some details, and its face carries an expression of deep uncertainty.

To the left of that is Golbat, who only has the hint of one wing.  It is entirely missing its right wing and foot, but the rest of it is mostly present, if a bit lumpy.

In the bottom left is Thievul.  It is missing its eyes and most of its legs, but it has its ears, mask, and tail, which make it more reminiscent of Sly Cooper than of a Pokemon.  End ID]

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Milo actually has his own old Appletun. He’s an old, fat pokemon who just waddles around his house after being retired some time ago. He’s a sweetie and everyone loves him. Raihan certainly loves him a lot.

Raihan himself actually had an Applin as his first pokemon that he evolved into a Flapple. He’s old and retired now, but he gets along very well with Milo’s Appletun.

(And personally, Flapple > Appletun I said what I said.)

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Despite the fact that these two pokémon are commonly sought after as a pair, they’re actually completely different pokémon with wildly different needs, so my first word of advice is, contrary to popular tendency, do not house flapple and appletun together unless you’re prepared to handle pokémon with wildly different needs. For most trainers, this isn’t a problem, as you’re often on the go and therefore in spaces where you don’t need to juggle two pokémon at once (or that can otherwise accommodate two pokémon at once), but if you plan on keeping them as pets, be prepared.

Still, there are similarities between them, including:

Diet: Both pokémon are still primarily frugivores (meaning, they mostly eat fruit), with apples being their fruit of preference. However, they really should be fed a wide variety of fruits in order to maintain a truly balanced diet. Furthermore, appletun is actually an omnivore and will also feed on insects, especially fruit flies. You’ll therefore need to feed it twice as much fruit as you think it will need. Half of the fruit you’ll give it should be for its actual diet, while the other half should be left to ferment long enough to attract insects. Both, of course, need plenty of water every day, but appletun will take it from a water dish, whereas flapple will need a bottle suspended from one of its perches or the walls of its enclosure.

Space: Both need plenty of space. However, the reason why and the specifics of those spaces are entirely different. Appletun need a relatively clean floor, as they amble low to the ground and prefer settling in underneath trees, but their undersides are often softer than the rest of their bodies and will grow irritated if there’s too much litter about. Also, they need to be kept outside for the above-mentioned reason regarding their diet; most people, shockingly enough, are rather opposed to keeping rotten fruit inside their homes.

By contrast, flapple don’t often carry themselves on the ground, and thus, ground litter is less of a problem for them. However, the open air is, for a number of reasons. First off, flapple are prone to want to fly, which means they’re very likely to escape a yard (or, well, any sort of open space you place it in) at the first opportunity. Second, flapple’s wings are about as thin and flimsy as apple skins. In perfect weather, they’re stiff enough to carry the weight of a flapple, but the moment it starts getting to be too humid or too wet, flapple will be grounded in an instant. Third, flapple are small, meat-based pokémon with parts of an apple attached to its body and not much speed or defensive capability to speak of—it has many, many predators. For all of these reasons, flapple is best kept as an indoor pokémon, so long as you give them plenty of space to fly about in and plenty of structures on which to settle and create their nests. (They sleep in these nests, so on the positive side, you won’t have to purchase a bed. On the negative, always keep an eye on what your flapple tries to make a nest out of, as it will always try to make it out of old fruit and vegetable husks first. Supply your flapple with plenty of paper instead, and refresh that paper every so often when it isn’t looking.)

Grooming: Both pokémon are fused to the apples they evolved with, but shockingly, very little care is needed for the apples themselves. (In other words, it’s not like applin, which needs a fresh apple every so often.) Both will need to have their apples polished every so often, though.

Beyond that, flapple require shallow dishes of water in which they can soak the draconic portions of their body. They may also need your assistance to clean themselves, which you can provide by gently washing water over their backs and scrubbing away (again, gently) any skin they may be shedding).

Appletun, meanwhile, require a more thorough scrubbing. The nectar on their backs very easily builds up, so it’s imperative that at least once a week, you use water, a soft brush, and (if the nectar is particularly thick) a gentle soap to scrub excess nectar, as well as dead skin, off appletun’s body. This process will also require you to roll your appletun onto its side to get at its underside as well, in order to clean off any debris and dirt that might have accumulated there. (This is also a good time to check your appletun for any sores or other injuries.)

And of course, both types of enclosures need to be cleaned every so often. Flapple will absolutely relieve itself right around its favorite perches, so if you keep yours in a cage, clean that once a week (every other day if you have multiple flapple). If you keep it in a room in your home, be sure to clean its play structures and the floor of its room thoroughly. Appletun, meanwhile, will relieve itself in one neat place in your yard. Clean this up, as well as any fruit more than two weeks old.

Enrichment: Both require at least an hour of training to hone their grass- and dragon-type abilities. However, it’s important to know for battle-training that flapple is a more offensive pokémon, whereas appletun is more of a defensive one. As such, you’ll need to tailor their individual regimens with that in mind.

Beyond that, flapple is a high-energy pokémon and thus needs plenty of enrichment and attention. It will want plenty of toys (the noisier or shinier, the better), and even then, it’s really happiest when it can hear its trainer, regardless of what that trainer can afford to give it.

Appletun, on the other hand, is a far more laid-back pokémon. It’s most content simply lounging in a sunny area, eating whatever it can get within reach. You only really need to supply it with a warm spot (preferably a smooth rock under a tree) to keep it happy. Of course, you’ll still want to exercise it every day, but you may find that the most challenging part of owning an appletun is getting it to move. It’s considered perhaps one of the most low-maintenance Galarian pokémon for this reason, really.

All in all, yes, they’re similar. They’re from the same evolutionary family. But no, they are very, very different, and it’s important to understand this when considering how you want to raise a pair of applin.

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If it helps, two things:

1. If Cookie could have crushed Vessel, then she would have already. That’s if shedinja really were as brittle as they seem, which leads to the second point:

2. Shedinja are actually more resilient than one would think. It’s likely due to the spiritual energy within them, but they’re capable of withstanding quite a beating from practically anything except fire, falling rocks (or rock-type attacks), dark-type attacks, flying-type attacks (or wind damage), or assaults of ghost energy. So believe it or not, but Cookie can hug Vessel all she wants; so long as she doesn’t apply the five specific energies that can rip apart a shedinja like a sheet of paper, her sleep-hugging won’t even scratch her partner.

In other words, I wouldn’t worry about Vessel. If anything, I’d worry about Cookie, given that it can’t be all that comfortable to fall asleep next to a ghost-possessed ball of chiton.

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Raihan’s dad is not a pokemon trainer. Raihan has always wanted to train dragon types, but that really scared his dad. As a compromise, his first pokemon was actually an unusually small Applin. His dad hoped that by giving him a wimpy dragon pokemon, he could convince Raihan to change his mind and go for a safer type, but Raihan took that Applin all the way to the finals with him during his league challenge. He still has his Flapple, but he’s old and Raihan retired him a while ago.

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