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#hey look art

I needed to break in a new sketchbook tonight and new markers I got.
And what better way than @twiggenstein babbins?
I couldn’t find a good outfit for her, and went with the Pokemon outfit.
-shoves and flees-

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Lion of the Eightfold Star -Luvview, 2020

Finally finished this lion piece. Learned so much in the process about propotions in animal facial anatomy and also how to do shading values with ink washes.

I might make scans of it eventually but this was a piece that really taught me alot when i worked on it. Was inspired while reading about Inanna Ishtar on wikipedia (sort of an ancient mesopotamian precursor to athena and aphrodite. total badass. look her up)

Wanna tip me so that I can keep doing this? Here’s my ko-fi!

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I had decided to do some artwork and decided I’d try to draw myself in the anime version of Diabolik Lovers because.. I love the anime.

This is how it turned out:


I’m so nervous to post this🙈 but I really wanted to share it.

(2 versions because one is extra and the other is yk, plain for the average look of it XD)

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