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#immediately fails
mickules · 3 months ago
your comics make me scream but in a good excited way if that makes sense??
seeing what you said about headcanoning Kiyotaka's parents to be divorced, what kind of relationship do you see him having with his mother?
!! Good screaming is an excellent reaction !! I hope you're ready for something depressing! (the [ask dump] these head-canons came from) Use your discretion: the next comic has potentially distressing discussion of divorce and child custody ->
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Taka's mother was coddled and primed by her family for the sole goal of entering an influential, comfortable marriage, and was left woefully unequipped for the hideous reality she found herself in. She's far from heartless but trapped in this trainwreck of a scandal- given the option of escape or ostracisation, she took what she saw as her only lifeline. Once she was sent abroad and away from the influence of her family, she does end up marrying for love and eventually summons the courage write to Taka in an attempt to reconnect, and to atone.
Taka does feel conflicted, but since his father doesn't seem to begrudge her (outwardly at least) Taka is inclined to do much the same. He writes back to his mother diligently but (at least initially) out of obligation. The distance caused by the years and miles apart is just a little too far to bridge. Like an Aunt you can't quite picture the face of, who always kindly sends a birthday present every year, but she clearly can't remember how old you are, as the gift is far too childish for you.
Tumblr media
Hmmm. . . with as inflexible as Taka is, I don't think he'd just straight out call Hiroko 'mum' even if her and Takaaki were to marry. I can see him adding it to her name like a title or an honorific: "Mother Hiroko" or "Hiroko-Okaasan". Hiroko might not appreciate how old 'Mother Hiroko' makes her sound, but she can't bring herself to correct him.
Tumblr media
It'd be awkward to say the least (Taka's never said his mother was dead, but the way he acts around the topic has made most of the class assume that she is) Taka gets his tactile nature and over the top emotional and dramatic tendencies from her, as well as his volume.
Tumblr media
(!! AH thank you so much!)
Taka has no memories of his maternal grandparents, and in-fact doesn't even know his mother's maiden name. Funny Byakuya should be mentioned, because he knows who they are, and will happily use this information to his advantage.
While Taka's maternal family are also old money business royalty, they aren't as overtly caustic as the Togamis - Taka's mother did grow up feeling loved. It was only when the scandal hit and her family issued the ultimatum of essentially 'choose us or the fire' did she begin to realise that their love of her was contingent on her usefulness to the family name. Her father disowning Taka, a completely innocent child, was ultimately what started her on the path to eventually cut ties with her family herself, though by then the damage had already been done.
(edit: more Takaaki asks [here])
next set of asks are [about pairings] previous lot are [about Taka and Ishida as twins]
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glosscryptid · 10 days ago
the batkids absolutely watch american ninja warrior. they spend half their time making fun of it and the other half trying to convince Bruce that watching it counts as training because what if they were in a situation with spinning flaming monkey bars??? what then huh??? should they not study someone who's done it before as reference??? you're really gonna let us die because you don't like a tv show???? wow Bruce ok
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yikesevenworse · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
JJ stop touching Pope challenge
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tonyglowheart · a month ago
so many hate posts for jc in the mdzs tag lmao... so many ppl doing text analysis that imo is missing a lot of... like complicated cultural connotations & implications that factor into what makes jiang cheng & his situation complicated but not, like, almost cartoonishly villainous that some people seem to lean into trying to make him be.
And also, yes, Jiang Cheng DOES serve a narrative function vs being a "real person on trial," but I think adjacently to the post (which is talking abt redemption arcs), that "villainousness" should be considered that way too. Jiang Cheng is a narrative foil and at some points a narrative antagonist, but he's not a *villain* in mdzs. He doesn't have to be a villain or be villainous for him not to be "likeable"/ for you not to like him.
And again, mdzs deals so much with the themes of rumor & reputation vs “reality”/“truth” as a central thesis (and how sometimes perspective matters too for who is the “hero” and who is the “villain”). It's just interesting to me to see people swing hard one way or another on Jiang Cheng when most of what we know about him isn't told from his perspective or even centered around him. A major point of mdzs is highlighting and underscoring how you do Not often have the full picture just because you think you have enough information to extrapolate & receate the scene like some kind of BBC Sherlock, and that often there *are* more questions you should be asking, & interrogating your own assumptions & beliefs.
I'm just tired of the constant Jiang Cheng discoursing I see around that seems to fail to consider what the original cultural contexts would be which inform how Jiang Cheng acts & operates (or fails to realize that at some point unless you immerse yourself into a cultural understanding you can't in fact fully argue a pure "textural" argument in good faith bc you are bringing your own perspectives and biases into it, you are Not a blank slate nor are your experiences & context the default) and how it informs his narrative functions.
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starfirexl · 6 months ago
y’all must be getting very tired of my shitposts by now but,,,,
a Concept™ ~ i have this very clear vision (and when i say ‘very clear’ i mean unnaturally clear, so clear you could see your reflection in it) of the batkids being chased by paparazzi. like that’s it. there’s almost no context. just the batkids. booking it down the street bc someone cough jason cough thought it was a smart idea to try to fucking outrun the goddamn paps.
in the interest of context tho, i imagine it starting out with dick, jason, tim and damian going to the grocery store for smth really dumb like nutella or smth bc dick was getting Cravings™ and the last time he went to Costco alone he swears he saw an undercover Beyoncé in sweats and sunglasses but no one. ever. believes him. (“what would beyoncé even be doing in fucking new jersey?” “it was either beyoncé or an alien with her face.” “the alien theory is honestly more plausible.” “fuck you, tim, aliens can’t replicate that kind of perfection—”)
and so they’re coming out of the store (without seeing beyoncé, unfortunately T-T) and they’re immediately swarmed by this huge gaggle of paparazzi who see straight through their stupid baseball-cap-sunglasses disguise (and also bc they all know dick’s license plate by heart). and they just try the standard procedure, you know? dick and tim passive-aggressively telling them to shove it before jason aggressive-aggressively starts really shoving them, but then one of them gets too close to damian and asks a really invasive, really inappropriate question that you really should not be asking a fucking 10 year-old (but, that’s the paparazzi i guess) and damian has just enough time to turn bright red, sputter out a “excuse me?!” before jason crushes damian’s face to his chest and decks the paparazzo guy right in the jaw.
so now they’re all standing in this huddle staring down blankly at this guy who really looks like he needs a hospital and jason just meets dick and tim’s eyes and says, completely deadpan, “run.” then he scoops up damian and makes a break for it.
tim stares after him for a solid five seconds with such a Tired™ look on his face before muttering “oh my fucking god” and sprinting after him. dick just makes finger guns at the nearest camera before being like “oh well, what can you do? 🤷‍♂️” and following. and ofc, jason the brilliant idea man who forgot they’re dealing with goddamn paparazzi is all like “wHy aRe tHeY fOlLoWiNg uS???”
but it gets BETTER. they collect all the other batkids as they’re barrelling through the streets of gotham with the paps hot on their heels. steph legit sees them booking it down the street from the window of a café and she’s just like “hold my latté” to the nearest, extremely confused stranger and starts running after them with her phone on a fucking selfie stick or smth and she’s just instagram live-streaming her family running from paparazzi like “what‘s up guys, gals, and non-binary pals guess i have to postpone my cheat day for a surprise family bonding session! what’s the activity, you ask? oh nothing too fancy just hightailing it from these guys” *camera pans over to the huge crowd of paparazzi running behind them yelling out “MR. GRAYSON MR. GRAYSON IS DAMIAN WAYNE YOUR SECRET LOVE CHILD” while dick is loudly and obnoxiously singing a rendition of Pumped Up Kicks to drown them out*
beside steph you can just see cass saying “parkour” over and over again whenever she smoothly jumps over railings or spring-boards off fire hydrants into neat flips and you can hear duke in the background being like “why are we running again?” and tim answering “gee, it might have to do with the fucking sharks chasing us???”
throughout all this, you have bruce just sitting up in the wayne enterprises tower, sipping his coffee like “why am i watching live news footage of my kids being chased through gotham?”
#batfam#eventually tho alfred comes to save them#like full-on james bond mode w the shiny black limo n the tire-screeching pull-up to the curb#“get in if you want to live”#alfred is a MASTER at offensive driving like the cars will part before him like moses w the red seas#this man INVENTED the car chase he gon’ ditch those paparazzi faster than jason ditches galas#like five min later dick realizes that they abandoned his car in the costco parking lot#“MY CaAaAaAaAaAAR”#sorry dickie you’ll have to leave it behind the paps are probably staking it out at this point#dick has to drown his sorrows in nutella and damian’s (forcibly taken) snuggles#so now you have dick weeping n finger eating nutella straight outta the jar w his head in damian’s lap#while damian is still screeching at jason for hoisting him over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes#and steph is snickering over some amazing shots she got of dicks ass as he ran n of tim n duke trying (and failing) to out-parkour cass#tim immediately after seeing that: “WAIT I FORGOT MY PHONE IN DICKS CAR FUCK”#“WE HAVE TO GO BACK PLZ ALFIE KON AND I HAVE A VERY IMPORTANT CALL”#but dicks just like “SUFFER TIM. SUFFER. IF WE CANT GO BACK FOR MY CAR WE CANT GO BACK FOR YOUR PHONE”#duke: don’t worry tim you can have phone sex another day 😌#“SHUT UP DUKE NO ONE ASKED YOU”#and on n on it goes lmaooo#why do i make so many timkon sex jokes??#i love picking on tim thats why lolllll#poor alfie having to deal w all this 😂😂😂#too many people to tag it’s just everybody#my Concepts™#this has probs been done before lmao but whatevs here it is again
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river-bottom-nightmare · 10 months ago
DC: Taking another’s life,,,,,,,,,one of the most Treacherous Sins a man can commit. Who are we to play god? Who are we to be judge, jury, executioner? No, fair mortal, for we are but men, and we must remember that. We must protect our humanity and keep our hands clean of any blood that befall them. For we are honest, we are just. Protect the innocent, and save the condemned. That is a hero’s duty.   
Marvel: yea the only reason spidey can’t pick up thor’s hammer is cuz he’s too chickenshit to pull the trigger anyway who wants more comics of captain america decapitating and chopping people in half with his shield?
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bistephs · 17 days ago
anyways y’all know how much i love under the hood / lost days but even with them it’s very clear how jason’s characterization as the “bad” robin is inseparable from his characterization post-resurrection. like i love red hood jason, i think he’s an incredibly interesting and compelling character, but even the “good” post-crisis red hood stories still depend so much on the reader accepting that jason was the violent, reckless robin, the robin with the “mean streak”, the robin who never deserved to be robin. the idea that jason was the “bad” robin and that that’s what led to him becoming red hood is so entrenched in red hood jason’s characterization (both post-crisis and n52) that it’s honestly hard to imagine what his character would look like without it.
#dc#jason todd#this is... bleh thought dump but also something that really sticks out to me#ok like. for example#one of the things i think lost days did really well w/ this (and i do think lost days did better with robin!jason than utrh)#is showing that jason's grudge against tim comes entirely from the fact that he sees tim as proof that bruce didn't care about him#because not only did bruce not kill joker but he also (seemingly) immediately replaced jason right after his death#jason doesn't give a shit about tim himself he cares that tim represents the final nail in the coffin of his relationship with bruce#and then you have the titans tower incident which is like... the opposite#iirc raven explicitly says at the end that jason was motivated purely by wanting to prove himself better than tim and bruce#which if you accept the 'bad robin' characterization- as opposed to tim & dick as the Good Robins- makes sense#jason was the robin who failed and he wants to prove himself better than the Good Robins and is jealous of them being Good Robins#but alas they are still innately better than him the Bad Robin and he can never measure up to them and that makes him Evil Crazy idk#like. for the record i have no problem with jason straight up hating tim#ESPECIALLY if it was portrayed as like. explicitly misdirected anger towards bruce that jason is projecting onto tim#despite tim having nothing to do with the drama between jason and bruce besides being The Symbol Of Bruce Not Caring About Jason#but as it is it's portrayed as jason being jealous that tim's better than him#which is again a characterization based off of the readers already having accepted that tim IS a better robin than jason was#and it's honestly really frustrating to still have all these character traits that are just entrenched in red hood jason at this point#that come from his 20 yr character assassination following his own violent death#like again. TO BE CLEAR. i am not saying every bad thing jason has ever done is just Bad Characterization#i'm saying that the reasoning behind a whole lot of his characterization (even the parts that i like!) are based on him being The Bad Robin#it's just frustrating! it's frustrating that this is something we're apparently Never Getting Away From#bc without it so much of his character and reasoning just doesn't make sense anymore
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hoodedwayfarer · 16 days ago
The way that Aegon’s tragedy is both occurring within the narrative and on a meta level…within the narrative he isn’t seen as Aegon, only a puppet for various parties. To Jon, he’s Aegon Targaryen, son of Rhaegar and an opportunity to regain the honor he lost when he “let” Rhaegar die. He’s the living Trojan Horse to Myles, a Blackfyre thinking he’s a Targaryen as a way to finally win the throne for the black dragon. He’s a political opportunity to Illyrio, and if you believe the theory that he’s Illyrio’s son, then he’s a way to ensure the legacy of his dead wife. To the Martells, he’s likely to be seen purely as Elia’s son. In TWOW he’ll probably be the mummer’s dragon to Dany, a representation of something being stolen from her.
Nowhere in these perceptions is he simply Aegon. Aegon has never been anything but a tool or a representation of someone or something else to any other characters in the story.
But it goes further than that - on a meta level, Aegon is introduced as a tool. He’s only there as the fulfillment of a prophecy given to Dany. Furthermore, he exists within the story as a direct contrast to Dany. A lost prince versus a lost princess, being handed an army and a title versus having to fight for it, being given an upbringing befitting of a future king versus going from home to home. Aegon is everything Dany is not, and that’s the point of his character. Ultimately he’ll fail and while I can’t say Dany will succeed she’ll at least be viewed as noble for her early efforts, debatable mad queen arc or no. As for Aegon, even on a meta level he’ll never move past being someone that he’s not. fAegon, never just Aegon.
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ladysstardust · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hope you got your things together Hope you are quite prepared to die Looks like we're in for nasty weather One eye is taken for an eye
perfect needle drops (10/?)
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x688plsloveme · 3 months ago
I Took A Sip From My Devil's Cup, Slowly, It's Taking Over Me
Kim Dokja asks for Yoo Joonghyuk to accompany him to a Demon King's ball as his "faithful servant" to rack up notoriety for their nebula and Yoo Joonghyuk is far too soft for him to say no.
Posting the first lil chapter here. I wanna wait to have more written before I post to ao3. This is set a little before the Great Saints and Demon War but just think of it as canon compliant cause even that placement is a bit iffy. Oh and here's the art that inspired this whole thing. It's by one of the official artists for the novel @/1L9l2Aa8UCL0IGJ aka gumnem
Tumblr media
Yoo Joonghyuk didn't know if he heard quite right.
He watched as Kim Dokja took a deep breath and said - slower this time but no less strained, "Be my plus one for the ball and act as my servant."
Yoo Joonghyuk's eye twitched.
"Please!" He hurriedly adds, throwing his hands up in a hopefully placating manner.
Yoo Joonghyuk sighed. "And why would I want to do that?" He sees Kim Dokja light up. No doubt the man had already thought up a dozen ways to convince him to go along with whatever scheme he cooked up this time.
"If it looks like the great Yoo Joonghyuk is my faithful servant, then it'll turn the heads of the demon kings! It's basically free status for our nebula." He finished with his trademark scheming smirk. 
Yoo Joonghyuk was annoyed to find that he found it kind of endearing. He crossed his arms. "Fine."
"Now before you say no, just know that-" Kim Dokja stopped suddenly. He tilted his head. "What did you just say?"
He knows he's too soft for him. Nevertheless, "I said fine. I'll go along with your stupid plan."
Kim Dokja's smirk morphed into a genuine wide smile. His eyes seemed to sparkle in the same way they do whenever he gets a particularly rare item. Yoo Joonghyuk couldn't stop his heart from skipping a beat at the simultaneously smug and joyful look on the other's face. Which annoyed him.
So of course, his face naturally turned murderous.
Kim Dokja backed up from where he was about to pat the other on the shoulder and hurriedly turned away. He walked out of the other's room, but not before giving a final smile and a, "Thanks Yoo Joonghyuk!"
Yoo Joonghyuk had to grip his sword before he did something stupid like run after him and kiss him... He really was too soft.
The night of the Demon King Banquet, Kin Dokja and Yoo Joonghyuk met outside of the specialized portal that would take them directly to their destination. 
They both had their signature coats on but wore formal clothing underneath. Kim Dokja was clad in a black turtleneck underneath a white suit and white slacks. He completed his look with shiny (just bought from the dokkaebi store) dress shoes. 
Yoo Joonghyuk was a perfect compliment to Dokja with his white button-down and black three-piece suit and tie. He had shoes similar to Dokja's but without the laces. He also wore black leather gloves to match his coat.
The company went to send them off and all of them raved about how good they looked. Even Lee Jihye admitted that Kim Dokja looked all right tonight. The kids gave their adoptive father a hug and the two were off.
The portal they went through must've been an expensive one if the lack of dizziness was any indication. They were placed in the garden leading up to the grand hall where the main event was. There were demon kings and their plus ones scattered about and mingling. Kim Dokja thought about taking the time to enjoy the rare flowers and maybe make some connections, but thought better of it. He didn't want Yoo Joonghyuk to have to do this any longer than he has to and harbor any ill will as a result.
While they made their way up the stairs leading to the building, Kim Dokja could feel many, many stares on them. There were those who looked on warily, and others with contempt and greed. Only a couple with anything close to respect. No one missed sizing up the newcomers. He just smiled. It was about time to start their strategy.
[Joonghyuk. Get the door.] He commanded with his true voice, loud enough to be heard by some of the participants below them in the garden. 
Yoo Joonghyuk bowed sightly and did as he was told. Immediately, whispering from the guests got very loud and they entered without another word.
Step one, done.
They entered the foyer and were greeted by a "friendly" face.
"Demon King of Salvation! I didn't think this was your scene." The man said, sweet acid dripping from his words like usual. 
"Asmodeus." Kim Dokja nodded to him, then shrugged. "I don't particularly like parties, but you know how these mandatory things are. Not even Agares would want to pay the probability for skipping a special scenario like this."
"True enough." Asmodeus then gestured to the perfectly still man sightly behind the other demon king. "Now... Care to explain this? Potion? Ability? Or..?"
Kim Dokja just smiled. "None of the above. I just asked him politely."
The other demon king caught on quickly to what he was planning. He laughed. Oh, this was going to be good. But first...
"What will I get in exchange for keeping your secrets Kim Dokja?"
The man in question tapped his chin. "Hmmm. I wonder?" His grin was as fake as always when he answered. "I guess you'll just have to find out later."
Asmodeus' eyes flitted between the two before a thought popped into his mind. Why wait for fun? He quickly slunk close to Kim Dokja's right side, the one that Yoo Joonghyuk wasn't near, and pulled the man close. He leaned in to whisper against his ear, "I can think of a way you can pay me back right now, Dokja." Lust was in his modifier for a reason and he knew how to get a rise out of someone. He grinned at the involuntary shiver from the other.
Kim Dokja's smile turned a little sour and he stepped back enough to loosen Asmodeus' grip and quickly said, "Trust me, there's something better I have planned so there's no need-" He was cut off by Asmodeus suddenly getting pulled away by his collar by none other than Yoo Joonghyuk. He practically growled at the demon king. "Hands. Off." He emphasized the last word by harshly pushing him away. 
Kim Dokja would be a liar if he said he didn't find that tone much more shiver-inducing than what Asmodeus was trying to do earlier.
Instead of being perturbed, he just laughed. "Looks like your pet is protective, Demon King of Salvation."
Kim Dokja shrugged. "He's just doing his job today, nothing else. Now, if you'll excuse us." He beckoned Yoo Joonghyuk to walk with him and the two left for the banquet hall, the latter sending one last glare over his shoulder.
Asmodeus just sighed and thought to himself, "Poor guy. Getting with someone as dense as Kim Dokja would require much less subtlety." Of course... This also meant that he actually had something to look forward to at this banquet for once. He couldn't wait for all the drama that was sure to unfold.
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