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Well… It all started as a simple “quick pose study” from a photo of two cute girls I found on pinterest and I got carried away somehow ^^’

Quite happy with the final result ‘cause I wanted to try different light flows and anatomy after experiencing a lot of struggle with it lately.

Warning : Years ago, when I wasn’t into that ship as much as I am now, I found some amazing MuraHimu arts on tumblr/pinterest which were obviously reposted and I never get to find the original artist. I’m 99% positive they are Japanese, cause some artworks feature texts but no signature… I checked pixiv and nothing came up. The way they were drawing them is mind-blowing, especially their profile so I feel a bit bad cause after using it as references it turns out the profile I drew are VERY similar, I tried to get out of this copycat thingy but ended up unhappy with the result. I’ll try to work hard in the following month to come with something more personal =< (I won’t display the following artworks because I do no wish to take part of this uncredited repost hell).


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