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#generation of miracles

Day 14: Favorite Member of Kaijo - Kise Ryouta 😍💛

Oh my boy,Kaijō no Kise…😭

He is the strongest player. But in order to preserve Aomine’s stamina, he sacrifices his own😭😭 he is too good 😭

He is playful, cheerful, and seems easy going. But in fact he knows who he is, he knows his skills and he knows his own worth. Fujimaki san says: “Kise is a person who only affable to those he admitted & feel worthy after measuring with his own eyes. Other than that, he is usually cold-hearted. I’ve recognized him who has two faces. He is not completely good-boy, you know.”

I’m just mesmerized

But I also want to include players, who are not GoM. Cause we all love them and for most of us they are the most favorite players of their teams. And it would be quite unfair. Soooo…


Kasamatsu senpai also owns (part of) my heart😂

He is the best captain, I think. He is responsible, motivated and he trusts his teammates wholeheartedly. And I really admire him cause he wasn’t affected that much by the fact that Kise is one of legen…wait for it…dary GoM. Ofc he knew about Ryōta’s abilities and he knew that he is the best player of Kaijō. But those are not the reasons to cut him some slack and ignore his inappropriate behavior (like in Too, but I like them too😭😂) “I’ll tell you what’s so great about it. Before you even factor in being good or bad, this is Kaijō High School’s Basketball Club. It’s not because we were born earlier. The second and third years here have been working hard on this team longer than you have. I’m telling you to have respect for that experience. Doesn’t matter if you’re from the “Generation of Miracles” or anything else. You’re now a freshmen at Kaijō. And I’m a senior here, the captain, Yukio Kasamatsu. Got any complaints?”

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There wasn’t much I could think of for this so it’s a bit short. Hope you enjoy xx

Headcanons: GOM and the style they prefer on their s/o


  • He doesn’t like drawing too much attention to himself so I feel like he’d tend to go for someone that’s a soft boi™️ like him
  • He’d probably like it if you wore more pastel colours because he just finds those colours calm and pleasing
  • You know, that whole spring aesthetic— flower crowns and whatnot
  • He doesn’t really care too much about hair, considering his is a mess half the time
  • But he probably likes longer hair on his s/o because he’s jealous of how much easier it it to manage
  • Like, you just tie it up and it’s solved??
  • So he pretty much lives his long-haired dreams vicariously through you


  • Listen, if you’re not already fashionable, Kise will make you fashionable
  • He loves to take you on shopping dates where the two of you just try on a bunch of clothes you pick out for each other
  • Obviously, he loves it when you wear the clothes he buys for you
  • And the two of you are totally that couple that coordinates their outfits
  • Kise tends to lean into the brighter coloured clothes because, and I quote: “all black outfits might always look cute, but where’s the challenge in that?”
  • You probably wouldn’t care too much about styling your hair because you couldn’t be less bothered
  • However, Kise would definitely insist on you letting him do your hair
  • While how he styles it is dependant on your outfit, his go-to is Dutch braids into pigtails because he thinks you look absolutely adorable in them


  • If you were to ask him what clothes he preferred on you his answer would probably be something along the lines of “Nothing at all,” with that stupid smirk of his
  • For the most part, he didn’t really care about what you wore
  • However, if you were to wear anything that was rather revealing, he literally wouldn’t take his eyes off of you
  • But as much as he’d gawk at how hot you’d look in those clothes, he had a soft spot for the way you looked in his clothes
  • Especially when you wore his hoodies with shorts underneath
  • Literally makes him melt every time
  • So whenever you raided his closet, he didn’t do much to stop you
  • You were pretty much always wearing his clothes to the point where your friends as well as his ones found it so strange in the rare times you wore your own clothes
  • In terms of hairstyles, he tends to like shorter hair— about shoulder length
  • There’s not too much explanation behind it though
  • He just doesn’t like getting tangled up in longer hair when things get heated up


  • He definitely doesn’t pay too much attention to looks to be honest
  • As long as it fits well and is functional, it’s good to him
  • He really found the more muted colours more pleasing though
  • It amplified the calmness of your personality that he appreciated
  • He liked it when your outfit would coordinate with his because he’s all about that aesthetic
  • Oh he really loves seeing you in sweaters for some reason
  • He just found it cute how your sleeve would cover your palms and give you those adorable sweater paws
  • He also liked it when your hair was out of your face because it really brightened up your look
  • Also he just liked to admire your face in its entirety because he just found you beautiful


  • He really doesn’t care about clothing trust me
  • He’ll find you cute no matter what
  • You’ll literally be in your pyjamas and he’d be like “Y/N-chin you look really cute.”
  • So you didn’t have to pay too much attention to your looks around him
  • Just generally, he’d be more drawn to an s/o with a laid-back and comfy style
  • If you look comfortable, he’s more than happy
  • So you’d often find yourself wearing sweatshirts, shorts and whatever you felt the most comfortable in
  • He also really likes curly hair
  • He just finds it so fun to play with
  • He’ll literally spend hours cuddled up with you, meddling with your hair and nothing else


  • As we all know, he likes an s/o that’s refined
  • He likes it when his s/o knows how to dress appropriately for different occasions
  • He generally prefers a more sophisticated colour palette on you
  • Dark reds, browns, and sometimes a nice white never fails to draw his attention
  • He secretly likes the winter time because he can lend you his coat when you feel cold
  • He’s instructed you many times to carry a coat or jacket but you never did
  • But it’s okay because he really liked the way his coat would wrap around you
  • In a more casual setting, he really enjoyed it when you let your hair down because he just admired how it gracefully fell over your shoulders
  • You usually have your hair up at other times though and he found that very refreshing too because he’d then be able to get a nice view of your eyes which he swears he could look into for hours on end
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Oooh I love all the options ahsjdj I wanna do them all 😭 I’ll do 1+2 for now, but I might do the 3rd one for fun sometime later. I hope you like it!! xx

Scenario: Aomine taking care of an overworked Kise (aokise)

It’d been a while since Aomine had gotten a chance to spend time with Kise. Between modelling, basketball and school, the blonde always had one commitment after the other and it was nearly impossible for Aomine to have him all to himself. It didn’t help that they went to different schools either. However, Kise finally had some free time after a practice game and he chose to spend it with his boyfriend.

Kise suggested that they meet up after his game, but there was no way Aomine was going to miss a basketball match that Kise was playing in- even if it was just a practice match. It would give Aomine the opportunity to see the progress that Kise had made during his practice as well as the ability to just watch him. Aomine would be perfectly content with watching Kise do absolutely nothing for hours, and the ability to watch that model run up and down with his perfect skin glistening with sweat? Yes please.

Aomine got there while the Kaijo team was still warming up and Kise’s face immediately brightened up at the sight of him. He stopped his stretches just to give Aomine an enthusiastic wave, to which he responded with an awkward wave of his own. However, their small moment was quickly cut short by Kasamatsu yelling at Kise to concentrate, making Aomine chuckle as Kise got back to what he was doing. And almost immediately, Aomine noticed that Kise wasn’t putting any weight onto his left ankle. Was his injury back? Once their warmups were over, the blonde wasted no time in running over to Aomine and pouncing onto him and giving him a hug that made him lose his balance for a moment.

“Aomine-cchi! You made it! I haven’t seen you in so long! I missed you,” Kise greeted, voice as cheery as ever.

“Hey, I’ve missed you too, you dumbass,” Aomine smiled, holding onto his waist and giving him a peck on his lips. “Is your ankle okay? It seemed a bit off when you were warming up just now.”

“Huh? Oh that,” Kise remembered the slight ache he felt on his ankle, “it’s nothing, don’t worry about it. Anyways, are you ready to see me absolutely demolish the other team?”

Aomine was very well aware that it wasn’t just ‘nothing’ like Kise said it was, but he didn’t dwell on it too much because he believed that it wouldn’t be too much of an issue since it was just practice. “I know you can beat all those other teams but I know you’ll never beat me,” Aomine teased, sparking the start of their usual back and forths.

The game eventually began and Aomine headed up to the second floor to watch after wishing Kise good luck. As expected, Kaijo dominated the other team with ease. However, that didn’t stop Kise from showing off- Aomine was watching him after all. The amber eyed boy was giving it his all, and Aomine was definitely amused by it, but a small part of him was slightly concerned about Kise going overboard. And just that thought popped into his head, Kise collapsed to the floor all by himself. The game stopped and the coach and a few others rushed to check on him. Of course, Aomine also sprinted onto the court without hesitation.

“What’s wrong?” Aomine questioned as he got there, seeing his red-cheeked and delirious boyfriend on the floor, being held up by the coach.

“He has a fever,” informed Kasamatsu. “Do you mind taking him home and making him get some rest?”

“Home? No!” Kise protested, slurring his words. “I’m fine, I can play more!”

“Don’t worry, I can take him home,” Aomine said, ignoring what Kise had to say.

Aomine took his jacket off and wrapped it around Kise before heaving the blonde onto his back to carry him home.

“You’re such an idiot, you know that?” Aomine scolded as he left the gym while giving Kise a piggyback ride.

“I’m not! I can play more! Put me down,” Kise demanded, on the verge of tears. His body was too weak to put up a struggle though.

“Babe your body is literally trembling right now, you’re not going anywhere,” Aomine said sternly.

Kise’s head rested on Aomine’s shoulder in defeat. Thinking that it was the end of Kise’s ridiculous protests, Aomine continued walking towards his house in silence. However, a few moments later he heard a soft sobbing which sent him into panic mode. Did he just make Kise cry?

“Kise? What’s wrong? Why are you crying?”

“My ankle hurts,” he cried into Aomine’s shoulder.

“It’s okay, I’ll put some ice on it when we get to my house— we’re not too far, just hold on for a little longer,” Aomine instructed, picking up his pace. In any other situation, Aomine would’ve been teasing him for crying over nothing, but he was fully aware that Kise hadn’t gotten a proper rest in weeks so he didn’t want to test him.

“Aomine-cchi, I let my team down,” he continued sobbing.

“It was just a practice match. It’s fine. Plus those guys will be just fine without you, they’re all strong,” Aomine reassured, gaining only a hum in response as Kise remained silent for the rest of the walk.

They finally got to Aomine’s house, where he helped Kise freshen up and lent him a fresh set of clothes. Even when he was sick he managed to look absolutely stunning to Aomine. Something about the way that his sweater was oversized on Kise’s small body had Aomine’s heart going into overdrive. All he wanted to do was cuddle him and shower him in kisses, but he didn’t because he was aware that Kise didn’t have the energy for that.

Aomine didn’t know how to cook, so he fed Kise some heated up pasta that his mother had left for him in the fridge before tucking him into his bed. Aomine carefully placed a cold towel on Kise’s forehead as well as an ice pack on his ankle.

“Are you comfortable? Do you want me to massage you or something?” Aomine asked.

“I’m fine. It’s just weird because you’re not teasing me or scolding me for once,” Kise said with a weak smile on his face.

Aomine chuckled and shook his head, “Once you feel better you won’t hear the end of my scolding, just you wait,” he threatened jokingly, making Kise giggle. Aomine sat on the floor by the bed and began to softly caress Kise’s warm cheek, making the blonde feel more at ease as his body began to completely relax.

Kise didn’t say anything for a while; all he did was sniffle. “Aomine-cchi,” he spoke again, voice soft as ever.


“I’m sorry we couldn’t go on our date,” he mumbled as his eyelids got heavier.

Amidst all the frenzy, Aomine had completely forgotten that they were meant to be going out until Kise brought it up. “Oh, that’s alright. We can go some other time,” Aomine replied.


“Of course, you weirdo. I’ll always make time for you, just say the word,” Aomine said, “Now I’ll leave you here to get some rest—“

“No!” Kise said quickly, gripping onto Aomine’s hand. “Please stay here with me.”

“My god, you really are a child,” Aomine sighed as he sat back down and returned to caressing Kise’s cheek. As much as he hated to admit it, couldn’t say no to Kise. “Alright I’ll stay.”

“Thank you,” Kise smiled as he closed his eyes. The room became silent after that. After a few moments, Aomine assumed that Kise was asleep but he remained seated there, watching his boyfriend look as beautiful as ever. “Aomine-cchi,” Kise mumbled suddenly, startling him for a moment. “I love you.”

Aomine felt his heart melt as a dorky smile spread across his face, making him glad that Kise’s eyes were shut. “I love you too dummy.”

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knb-kreations is proud to present it’s first event… all hallows’ eve. please read and follow the info&guidelines to participate in this event ⇜



  • this event is open for fics, art, edits, and just about any type of fan-created content
  • you may choose one or more of the prompts found below to use for your work
  • nsfw submissions are allowed but must be put under a ‘keep reading’ and must be tagged accordingly
  • to submit your work, tag @/knb-kreations in your post or in the reply section of your post
  • if you don’t tag this blog, your work will not be reblogged


𝘴𝘪𝘮𝘱𝘭𝘦 𝘱𝘳𝘰𝘮𝘱𝘵𝘴

  • pumpkin
  • trick-or-treat
  • costume party
  • black cat
  • moonlight

𝘈𝘜 𝘱𝘳𝘰𝘮𝘱𝘵𝘴

  • vampire AU
  • werewolf AU
  • yandere AU

𝘥𝘪𝘢𝘭𝘰𝘨𝘶𝘦 𝘱𝘳𝘰𝘮𝘱𝘵𝘴

  • “you look like you just saw a ghost.”
  • “are you two seriously making out in a graveyard?!?”
  • “you’re on my cape”
  • “what’re you gonna be for halloween?” “yours.”
  • “there’s blood all over your clothes…”

SCHEDULE: oct. 31, 2020 (no specific time)


if you have any questions, feel free to send in an ask or dm to clarify<3

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Isn’t it lovely?


Kuroko no basket (Kuroko’s basketball)




“All alone…”


He hid behind a mask that fooled everyone into thinking nothing could break him. When deep down inside, he was breaking.


Read on ao3

Or Here:

Part 1,

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Ah you didn’t mention if you wanted scenarios or headcanons, but it’s alright, I’ll just do headcanons, I hope you don’t mind! Also they’re a bit short bc I’m not too familiar about dance but I did my best and I hope you enjoy xx

Headcanons: GOM with an s/o that’s in a dance cover group


  • When you told Kise that you were in a dance cover group, he assumed that you meant some normal hip-hoppy group dances
  • While you did do that sometimes, your group really liked to do more ‘sexy’ dances
  • So when you showed him one of your videos, his jaw dropped
  • He just didn’t expect to see your body move like that
  • He was a mixture of shocked, impressed and slightly aroused
  • “Y/N-cchi why didn’t you tell me about this sooner? You’re awesome!”
  • “Really? Thanks,” you smiled
  • “You know what would make you guys better though? The addition of a certain person that knows how to break it down,” Kise said smugly, referring to himself
  • “And who might that be?” you laughed, playing dumb
  • “Obviously me, you dummy,”
  • He was joking for the most part, but sometimes he’d insist on dancing with you whenever you were alone with him
  • He’s literally your biggest fan
  • He likes and comments on every video you post in a matter of seconds of it being uploaded
  • He loves to support you in everything you do


  • He’s a very passionate person and he loves to be supportive of his loved ones’ passions too
  • So when he learned that you liked to dance and that you were a part of a dance cover group, he was nothing but thrilled
  • He barely even paid attention to the sexiness of the dances because he was just impressed by the talent and coordination in your group
  • “Y/N-kun, you guys are so talented,” he smiled at you
  • “Aw thank you Tetsu, that means a lot.”
  • “Maybe you should teach me how to dance sometime. I’m awful at it,” he admitted, thinking maybe it’ll give you an opportunity to spend more time with him whilst enjoying dance
  • Of course, you thought it was a great idea
  • So you would teach Kuroko how to dance in your free time
  • And he genuinely believed that he was falling more and more in love with you after seeing how passionate you were towards dancing


  • Midorima always hears you talking about being in a dance cover group but it took him some time to realise that he’d never seen any of your videos
  • So he finally asked you to show him one
  • And it was far from what he was expecting
  • How did you make dancing look so sexy?? He thought
  • Easy to say, he became incredibly flustered after watching to video
  • “Well what do you think?” you asked when he didn’t say anything
  • “Huh? Oh, you guys are pretty good,” he said, clearing his throat and avoiding eye contact because he didn’t want you to notice his cheeks getting redder
  • “Thanks Shintaro,” you beamed, “there are more videos like this on our page.”
  • “That’s cool, I might check it out later then,” he said, trying to be nonchalant
  • The very same day, he ended up watching every single one of those videos
  • He couldn’t get enough of them
  • You just moved so effortlessly and you looked so hot while doing it
  • He was nothing short of impressed


  • Aomine’s head was practically always empty, but after you showed him a video of one of your group’s dance covers, suddenly it was the only thing that occupied his mind
  • Something about the way you moved your body got Aomine hooked onto your dances
  • He found himself watching all your videos almost every day
  • Mainly the sexier stuff because although he found the more edgy ones impressive and cool, the sexier dances had him practically drooling
  • “You know, you should do these dances when you’re alone with me,” Aomine grinned suggestively
  • “It seems like you’re enjoying those videos a bit too much Daiki,” you laughed, although you were glad that he liked what you did
  • “You just look so good when you dance, I can’t help it,” he shrugged
  • He wasn’t lying; he was absolutely addicted to watching the way your hips swayed to the sound of the beat
  • Of course, the thoughts that ran through his head weren’t the most innocent
  • But that was to be expected of Aomine, all you cared about was the fact that he was extremely supportive of you


  • Murasakibara isn’t interested in much, so he’s hard to please
  • All he cared about was basketball, food and you
  • So when you showed him one of the dance cover videos you made with your group, all he really focused on was you
  • Although his expression didn’t show much, he was quite amazed
  • You looked even sexier than you normally do and it definitely made him a little flustered
  • “Woah Y/N-chin, how do you move like that?” he said once the video was over
  • “I don’t know, practice I guess? Do you like it?”
  • “Well duh, you looked incredible. You’re too good, it’s not fair,” Murasakibara said
  • “Thank You, Atsushi,” you smiled, “I can teach you if you’d like?”
  • “No thanks, I’d rather not move. I’d just look like a wiggly noodle anyways,”
  • It goes without saying that Murasakibara actively keeps up with all your posts
  • Whilst he didn’t care too much about dance, he did love you a lot so he always made sure to be as supportive as he possibly could


  • He cares about you so much to the point where he had memorised your schedule
  • So it goes without saying that he was incredibly interested in the dance covers you make with your group
  • He’s not one to use social media too much, so the only notifications he has on are for you
  • Whilst he did find your dances incredibly hot, he was mainly just proud of the fact that his s/o was so talented
  • “Seijuro, what did you think of the new cover we posted?”
  • “You were incredible as always, my love,” he’d say with a smile as he placed a kiss on your forehead
  • He also liked to help you practice when you needed it
  • He wasn’t too good at the more upbeat dances so he’d often just watch and give you pointers based on what he can observe
  • However, whenever you took a break he liked to slow dance with you
  • As the two of you slow danced, he liked to talk to you
  • “You know, you’re really talented, Y/N,” he’d say softly as your hips swayed in sync
  • “That’s so sweet of you to say, Seijuro,” you blushed
  • “I’m so lucky to have someone as amazing as you are.”
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Oh right I remember this request! I’m sorry about earlier ahsjs. I’m not 100% confident as to whether I answered this right, but I hope you like it anyways xx

Headcanons: Midorima, Kise and Aomine with an s/o who they thought was older


  • The two of you didn’t really know each other before you started dating
  • You met at this library that you’d frequent
  • It took him ages to muster the courage to talk to you in the first place because he thought you were so hot that you were almost unapproachable
  • You were browsing through the books in one aisle and you spotted him reaching for one of your favourites, so you decided to strike up a conversation
  • When I say that Midorima got flustered, I mean flustered— bright red cheeks and all
  • The two of you began to talk a lot after that
  • You went to different schools so Midorima didn’t know how old you were
  • He assumed you were probably a third year that he had no chance with, so he felt that his fantasies of dating you would remain as fantasies
  • “So are your studies tougher in third year?” he asked you one day in attempt to get a conversation going
  • “Huh? Wait, you think I’m a third year?” you replied, chuckling a bit
  • “Are you not? Oh God, I’m sorry for assuming,” Midorima apologised quickly feeling incredibly embarrassed
  • “It’s alright. I’m a first year like you by the way,” you informed
  • And now he was surprised and embarrassed
  • It became slightly easier for him to talk to you after he realised that you were the same age
  • Soon enough you became very close and began to date as well
  • Sometimes he completely forgets that you’re not older than him because you just seemed so much more mature
  • Especially when things would get a bit more heated between you two
  • It was incredibly easy for you to turn him on because he just thought you looked so sexy all the time
  • Something about girls that were more mature really got him going
  • And of course, you certainly moved like you had experience and Midorima couldn’t get enough of it


  • You and Kise met at a photoshoot for a magazine since you were both models
  • The moment Kise laid his eyes upon you, he was absolutely smitten
  • You were hot, and everyone including Kise saw that
  • In his eyes, you looked much older because of how sultry and independent you looked
  • It kind of made him nervous to talk to you, which was new to Kise
  • Of course, he was still able to make conversation because well, he’s Kise
  • The girls he’s come across before were often cute, but it was rare that he found someone that was sexy to him
  • Even the way you talked was cool and attractive and Kise found himself hooked onto you
  • Being dressed up in the outfits for the photoshoot often amplified Kise’s adoration for you
  • They somehow managed to make you look even hotter
  • How is that even possible??’ Kise thought to himself
  • Kise, being the smooth talker he is, managed to get you to agree to go on a date with him
  • It was a really fun time and you even ended up going back to your place since your parents weren’t home
  • The two of you completely clicked when you were in bed
  • Your lips moved in sync and Kise was in awe at the way your body looked as well as the sounds you made
  • There was no way you were the same age as him
  • No one he knew could move the way you did
  • Needless to say, you both had a great time and continued to go out with each other
  • He finally found out about your actual age after about one week of dating you
  • You were filling up a form for something in his presence and he just watched as you scribbled your information down
  • When he noticed that you were born in the same year as he was, he let out the loudest “What??” you’ve ever heard
  • You didn’t know what was going on, so his sudden outburst made you jump
  • “What’s wrong?” you questioned, slightly worried
  • “We’re the same age?” he exclaimed
  • “Well yeah, what did you think?” you nodded, still confused
  • “I thought you were older than me!”
  • “Really? Is that an insult? Do I have wrinkles?” you asked, beginning to get scared yourself
  • “No no no, not like that! You’re just so much hotter than girls my- our age. I just assumed you were older. You don’t have wrinkles, don’t worry,” he clarified
  • After that, you found it rather funny
  • You began to laugh at Kise’s reaction, which made him super embarrassed
  • “Y/N-cchi, stop laughing! I’m dumb, I get it!” he pouted like a child
  • You teased him about it for a while after that, but only because you found his reactions adorable


  • You were the manager of a team that played against Touou and you met Aomine at a match
  • Aomine could barely concentrate on the game because he found you so hot
  • It was okay though because he didn’t have to try too hard to win
  • You seemed so badass and cool that Aomine absolutely had to talk to you after the game
  • “Should I really be going out with the ace of the team that just beat us?” you said to him with a small grin after he asked you out
  • “I don’t see why not,” he shrugged. “I’m sure we can have some fun.”
  • You found him very attractive, so you just decided to go along with it
  • Aomine of course, was very pumped about being able to go out with someone that he thought was older
  • You just gave off this mature and effortlessly cool energy that he was instantly drawn to
  • You weren’t one to sleep around in your very first date, but Aomine was an awfully smooth talker to the point where you swayed and made an exception
  • And my god, he was amazing
  • Aomine found that evening to be one of the best experiences he’s ever had with a girl
  • Unlike most girls he’s been with, you knew your way around, maybe even more so than he did
  • And at this point he was convinced that you were older— you just had to be
  • He knew that he shouldn’t let you get away because no one made him feel as good as you did
  • You were totally irresistible to him
  • However, Aomine is practically the epitome of oblivious when it comes to most things, including your age
  • He believed that you were older than him for a good month of dating you before finding out
  • And he didn’t even find out for himself
  • It was Momoi who brought it up when you met her for the first time
  • “So, Y/N, which school do you go to?” Momoi asked you
  • “Oh, I’m a first year at Seijo High,” you replied
  • Aomine began to choke on the water he was sipping upon hearing your response
  • “Ahem, first year?” he coughed in surprise. “You’re kidding right?”
  • “No? Why would I lie about that?”
  • “I thought you were older than me,” Aomine mumbled, beginning to feel slightly embarrassed
  • “Dai-chan, you’ve been dating her for a month now, how did you not know this?” Momoi sighed, feeling the need to apologise to you on behalf of Aomine
  • “Shut up, she’s just really hot, I thought that she couldn’t be the same age as me,” he huffed
  • “Should I be thanking you for saying that?” you joked, making him groan because he just wanted to move on from the conversation
  • You eventually did move on though, but it didn’t fully register in his head that you weren’t older
  • Sometimes he’d just think you were older especially when things got more frisky— he thought it was much hotter that way
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Kuroko: Your friend seemed very nice but the main problem was how much skinship you two shared. Kuroko was the one being your boyfriend yet he felt like it was the other way around. He didn’t want to make a big deal out of it even though seeing you be so comfortable with them stung a little. Kuroko tried to focus your attention on him more and kept hinting for your friend to tone it down. He wasn’t mad at you for this and explained his feelings after your meeting ended, admitting his jealousy and apologizing. You promised to tell your friend about it next time and tone down the affection, wanting those two to become close as well.

Kise: He was pretty happy when you told him about your friend’s visit, curious of what they’re like and excited to meet them. But when the day finally came, he realized how close you two are and while at first Kise had no problem with it, with time passing he noticed how your friend hugged and laughed with you at things he couldn’t understand. It made Kise feel that little something deep inside that made him a bit left out. He didn’t confront your friend directly but put his arm around your waist and made it obvious that you two are in a relationship. Even if they already knew it, something in Kise’s gaze made them back down a little.

Midorima: Jealousy is a foreign feeling for him – that’s what Midorima thinks and would absolutely say it if someone asked. But looking at you and your friend talking so comfortably and laughing at inside jokes while he was there too changed his view. He’d still never admit that he became jealous and tried to justify their behavior for quite a while but it was getting more and more problematic with each minute. Midorima was sure your friend was a nice person and was happy that you have someone like that and yet… He didn’t do anything about it throughout your whole meeting but decided to talk with you about it when it’s over.

Aomine: Your friend seemed like a cool person and Aomine was quite excited to see what they’re like, knowing how much you liked them. But when you two started getting a little too touchy even for best friends, he had to step in. At first it was just a small, playful comment but when it didn’t stop, Aomine put a hand on your friend’s shoulder and asked if they could talk one-to-one, then warning and trying to intimidate them. You seemed a little suspicious, knowing Aomine well enough to notice his slight annoyance but decided not to mention it only until you were alone, taking your chance to tease him. You could see he didn’t take it very seriously but promised to tone it down next time.

Murasakibara: From the time you hugged each other as a greeting, Murasakibara was suspicious of your friend. He knew you were really excited to meet and didn’t want to ruin it for you but watched them closely for the whole time. He liked your laugh a lot but seeing someone else making you laugh made Murasakibara really jealous and he kept sending offended looks towards them, not taking part in your small meeting aside from being present. When it all ended and you said goodbye to your friend, he dropped his façade and looked like an offended child, explaining his feelings only after a while. You sighed at his behavior but realized how he must’ve felt not getting your inside jokes and apologized.

Akashi: He knew well how to act politely and wanted to make a good first impression on your friend as well. He had no actual problem with your inside jokes, asking about their meaning and dropping the topic whenever you said it was too complicated to explain. Even your hugs weren’t a big thing for him but at some point Akashi realized that he didn’t like the way your friend was looking at you. It might’ve just been an illusion but he stuck closer to you for the rest of the day, letting them know that he is, in fact, your boyfriend. He trusts you but not them and wanted to make sure your friend got the hint, sending them a few warning looks every once in a while.

Kagami: Even though he was happy to meet your friend you were talking about so often he soon felt left out, listening to you two talk about old memories and laughing at inside jokes. It wouldn’t really be that bad if only your friend didn’t keep touching your hands and wrapping their arms around your shoulders all the time, making Kagami feel like a third wheel. Noticing a chance, he embraced you and asked if you remember something related to your relationship, starting to compete for your attention. Every time your friend got a little too close to you, he’d send them a grumpy look they pretended not to see (or maybe they just didn’t but Kagami’s mind was too occupied with jealousy to think straight).

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So many requests for Aomine ahsjs I love it!! I hope you like this! xx

Scenario: a date with Aomine

It had been almost a year since you and Aomine had began dating and you guys were practically inseparable. Any moment where the two of you were free, you’d spend in each other’s presence. As a result, you were pretty much always either at his house or he was at yours.

“You know what we haven’t done in a while?” You said one day while the two of you were laying down next to each other on your bed, scrolling through social media in comfortable silence, which would sometimes be interrupted when either of you found a funny post that you’d show the other.

“Hm?” Aomine hummed, looking up from his screen.

“We haven’t gone on a proper date in forever,” you told him.

“What do you mean? We’re always together,” he said, raising an eyebrow in confusion.

“Yeah, I guess. But I mean, a date where we dress up cute and do date stuff, you know?”

“Oh so like the cheesy movie stuff?” Aomine said.

“I don’t like how you put it, but pretty much,” you shrugged.

“Aren’t we closing in on our one year anniversary this weekend? We can go out then, cool?” Aomine suggested.

“Okay, that sounds fun. What are we gonna do?”

“Hm, I’m not sure yet. I might just surprise you,” he said as his eyes wandered back to his phone screen. Unbeknownst to you, he immediately began searching for ‘date ideas’ because he was absolutely clueless as to where to begin.

“Great, I can’t wait,” you smiled as your mind already began to decide on what to wear.

The weekend came around rather quickly, and you had just finished getting ready quite early so you sat around waiting for Aomine to get to your house. You knew that he wasn’t the most punctual person, but that’s where the surprises began. At exactly 4 pm, the doorbell rang and Aomine was standing in front of you.

He held out a box of chocolates, avoiding eye contact as his cheeks began to redden. “Here, these are for you.”

“Chocolates? Aww Daiki, you didn’t have to,” you smiled, feeling your heart melt.

“I was gonna get you flowers too, but those just end up dying anyways, so what’s the point, you know?” he explained, rubbing the back of his neck.

“Well, I really appreciate it. Thank you,” you said. You quickly kept the box in your room before heading out with Aomine. “So where are we going?” you asked, walking alongside him with a bounce in your step.

“Our first stop is that cafe we went to on our first date,” he told you, a small smile spread across his face upon seeing how excited you seemed.

“Ooh, that cafe was amazing. Good choice,” you beamed.

“What can I say? I’m just good at everything,” he shrugged smugly as he put his arm around your shoulder while you walked.

The two of you continued to chat as you headed there, talking about whatever popped into your heads. Once you entered the quiet little cafe, you were greeted with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee along with the scent of a variety of pastries that made your mouth water. Without thinking twice, you walked over to the table you sat at on your first date, which was right by the window and had a gorgeous view of a nearby park.

You had placed your orders and finally settled down when you noticed that Aomine’s eyes were glued onto you. “What are you staring at?” you chuckled, causing him to snap out of it.

“You just look really cute today— I mean, you always look cute, but even more so today,” he said.

Your cheeks began to heat up as your smile grew even wider. “That’s so sweet. Thank you. You look as hot as ever, you know?” you replied.

“Well duh. What’s it like dating someone as hot as I am?” he said, leaning back in his seat. Aomine had never been able to take compliments so he’d always respond with a snarky joke which often made you roll your eyes.

“It’s great. I feel like the luckiest person ever,” you answered honestly.

“No comebacks today?” Aomine questioned. The two of you loved to joke around with each other through lighthearted sarcasm, so for a moment he began to wonder if you had gotten possessed because you’d never miss an opportunity for a comeback.

“Nope, I’m just grateful today,” you replied.

Aomine huffed. “Maybe this date thing was a bad idea then.”

You shook your head and groaned. “You know, being a six foot tall high school student, I’d expect you to not act like a child.”

“There it is! I knew you couldn’t hold back for a whole day,” Aomine grinned triumphantly, making you bury your face in your palms as a show of annoyance.

“You’re so annoying.”

“What’s that? You love me so much? Aww, I love you so much too, Y/N,” he said, making you giggle even though you absolutely hated it.

The two of you continued your conversation, having a constant back and forth like you usually would. At some point you began to reminisce about your first date, recounting and joking about how nervous and awkward you two were. Once you were finished with the amazing food that was served to you, you and Aomine stepped out of the cafe, stomachs satisfied. You were about to start walking back in the direction you came from, but Aomine began heading the other way.

“Where are you going? Aren’t we meant to be going that way?” you questioned, pointing back to the other direction.

“Nope. The sun’s about to set, we’re going somewhere else,” he said, taking your hand in his.

“Where?” you asked, allowing yourself to be dragged along with him.

“You’ll see.”

You didn’t ask too many questions because you knew Aomine was arrogant enough to not answer at all, so you just talked to him like you normally would until you got there. Before you knew it, the two of you were approaching the seaside. “The beach?”

“I thought it’d be nice to watch the sunset here,” Aomine shrugged. “Unless you think that’s boring, then we can head back—“

“No, it’s a great idea. It’s very romantic,” you smiled. You breathed in the salty air as you looked out at the waves crashing against the shore. The sky was filled with hues of pinks, oranges and violets that were complimented by the fluffy white clouds that swam amidst it. You swore that you had never seen a sunset more beautiful than that one.

“I never understood why people liked watching the sunset so much,” Aomine said out of the blue. You felt him squeeze your hand a bit tighter, “but I kinda get it now.”

“Yeah it’s the most gorgeous sight ever,” you nodded as a gust of wind flowed through your hair.

“Nah, I disagree.”

You furrowed your eyebrows and looked up at him in confusion, “Really? What is it then?”

“You are,” he said to you with a soft look in his eyes.

You couldn’t help but burst into a fit of giggles. “Oh wow I didn’t know you were so cheesy Daiki,” you teased.

“Shut up,” he groaned, nudging you with his elbow as a way of getting you to simmer down. “It’s true though. I’m glad I got to spend a whole year with someone as cool as you.”

“That’s so sweet. I’m glad I got to spend a year with you too. I love you,” you said, beginning to feel all sorts of butterflies erupt in your stomach.

“I love you too, Y/N,” Aomine smiled. He then pulled your waist closer to him before pressing his lips against yours and engaging you in a kiss that can only be described as passionate. As the sun continued to disappear behind the horizon and the sound of the crashing waves filled the air with serenity, the two of you stood in the white sand, feeling nothing but pure gratefulness and bliss to be in each other’s arms.

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I was initially planning to make it silly and fun, but I got carried away and things just got heated towards the end, so it’s slightly nsfw. This was such a fun request to write and I hope you enjoy it!! xx

Scenario: Aomine reacting to his s/o looking at a magazine with hot guys in it

It was a regular Saturday afternoon at Aomine’s house and the two of you were just chilling in each other’s presence. There was no particular reason for you being there, but this was pretty much how most of your weekends were spent. Both of you were going about your own things, with you just aimlessly scrolling through social media while he indulged himself in the new gravure magazine that he had gotten.

It wasn’t that you minded him reading that stuff, but you had been wondering for a while about how he’d react if the roles were reversed. So you dug around your bag and pulled out a magazine of male swimsuit models that your friend had accidentally left at your house to see if you could gain a reaction from him.

Your shifting around in your place next to him to do so caused Aomine to glance away from his book for a moment. He didn’t think too much of it until the shirtless guy on the cover caught his eye, making him do a double take. “What are you doing?” Aomine questioned with a confused look spread across his face as you began to flip through the pages.

“Oh a friend of mine left this at my house accidentally. It’s actually pretty fun to look at,” you said nonchalantly, doing your best not to burst out laughing at his speechless expression.

“Hm, you don’t think they’re hot right?” Aomine asked, his attention suddenly completely directed at you.

“What?” you said, not able to help letting out a laugh this time around because you did not expect to be asked that.

“Never mind,” Aomine shook his head, pretending to be okay with it by returning to his own magazine.

You gave him a strange look before continuing to peruse through the pictures of the well-built men in their swimsuits. None of them could compare with Aomine, but you still browsed through out of boredom. The room was filled with silence for about two minutes and you could feel the tension radiating from your boyfriend. However, you didn’t say anything about it and pretended to be invested in these men.

“Do you think they’re hotter than me?” Aomine burst out suddenly, breaking the silence yet again.

“What? No way,” you laughed, lightly shoving him at the absurdity of that question.

Aomine hummed in response, though he still wore a skeptical look on his face. He reached out for your magazine and tossed it aside along with his own one before climbing over you so that you were trapped underneath his hovering body.

“Daiki what are you doing?” you giggled, wanting to ease the tension in his stern face that was awfully close to you.

“You do realise I’m not stupid right?”

“I’d beg to differ,” you challenged, a smug grin still spread across your face.

“If you wanted to see a good body, you could have just asked,” he said in a low voice which made the stupid words actually sound sexy. You couldn’t just let it go though.

Someone is quite full of themselves today,” you taunted, lighting a fire in Aomine’s eyes. You knew that he wasn’t going to hold back with you, but you just couldn’t help provoking him like this. Something about the fact that you had the power to make him lose his cool was incredibly appealing to you. You pulled yourself up slightly so that your lips were near his ear, “Why don’t you show me how much better you are than those boys?” you whispered.

That act alone pushed Aomine over the edge; he went absolutely nuts. “You’re such a little bitch,” he said, shaking his head.

“That’s not very nice of you to say,” you pouted, even though you very well knew he didn’t mean it. “I bet those models wouldn’t say that—“

Aomine quickly cut you off with a rough kiss, his tongue making its way into your mouth almost immediately. He was desperate to prove that he was better— you could feel it in the harsh movements of his lips which barely gave you space to breathe. Aomine took your hand and guided underneath his shirt, allowing you to feel around his smooth skin and defined muscles, which elicited a muffled hum from you as you smiled against his lips. You finally managed to match your movements with him as your hips began to buck up as a signal for more. However, Aomine being the dominating tease he is, completely stopped what he was doing and pulled away from you, smirking as you let out a small whine at the loss of contact.

“Why’d you stop?” you frowned as you caught your breath.

“Well, I thought you liked those models more, so why bother, you know?” He said coolly- it was his turn to taunt you.

As much as your pride was harmed in moments like these, there was nothing you wanted more than Aomine. “Please continue,” you begged, fuelling his ego.

“Then admit that I’m better,” he grinned, watching you helplessly struggle underneath him.

You finally decided to give up and tell him what he wanted to hear. It was true after all. In your eyes, no one could make you feel the same way he does. “You’re so much better than those models, Daiki,” you gasped.

“That’s what I thought,” he smirked before leaning in again and giving you what you wanted, in a way no one else could but him.

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Request: GOM having a movie night (or any kind of get together) and AoKise (especially Aomine) do a lot of PDA. [ @hkbs-world ]


pairing: aomine daiki x kise ryouta

genre: fluff, crack

trigger warnings: none

word count: 1,012

song recommendation: sucker by jonas brothers (

a/n: wrote this in class so this might be a little bad. sorry!! 😭 requests are open btw!! <33


“Can you fix yourselves, and just watch the movie?!” Midorima snapped, when he had enough of the chaos that is happening right before his eyes.

It has been 6 months since the gang got together. And Momoi being Momoi, she organized a “movie night” which took a lot of effort, and bribery so that the movie night would actually happen. It was easy to convince Kuroko, Akashi, and Kise since they are always down for anything. Akashi bribed Murasakibara with large packs of cookies, potato chips, and maiubo just so he would join the movie night.

Momoi asked Takao to convince Midorima, and Midorima being the tsundere that he is, he told Takao that he won’t go, but the green haired boy showed up the earliest at Momoi’s house, which is the venue for the movie night.

Momoi had no problems convincing Aomine because his boyfriend, Kise, is going, which means he would definitely not miss the movie night. Aomine and Kise did not see each other for 2 weeks now, which is why Aomine was so excited about the movie night.

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Kuroko: You stopped paying attention to your bruises a long time ago, as they’ve become a natural part of your life. So when one day Kuroko sat you down and asked what’s happening, you became genuinely confused and almost laughed hearing his explanation. He was really surprised when you told him everything and with some persuading, he agreed to come and see you fight. Watching you like this made him super proud but also changed the way he was looking at you.

Kise: Seeing your bruises made him really concerned. At first he didn’t think much about it but when one time he noticed how many you have, Kise became worried, thinking whether he should ask about them or not. But as he experienced you beating someone up and being all badass and professional, your later explanation seemed obvious. Watching closely as you threw fists at that person was a weird experience, his precious s/o acting like this. Kise now knew not to make you mad.

Midorima: He’s noticed your bruises appearing on your body regularly but thought you might not want to talk about them. He thought about every reason possible, but he’d never come up with the idea of you being in a fight club. So seeing you beat up someone one day, Midorima couldn’t believe his eyes. Was that really you? But after realizing that yes, it was his s/o being all aggressive, he gave you a surprised look when it ended. You definitely had some explaining to do for him later.

Aomine: When one day you asked him to come to your club’s practice, he still had no idea. You’ve told Aomine about being in one but he never knew what activity it was. He watched in shock as you threw your first punch at the person’s face and froze, not ready to see his cute s/o to make a move like this. Coming back home with you, he was obviously hiding a smile and soon expressed how proud it made him. Who knew his s/o would be such a badass fighter?

Murasakibara: You’ve been having bruises way before you two got to know each other so he treated it like a part of you and never mentioned it, unless some new, serious one appeared. You knew he was curious about them and kept everything a secret until one day he agreed to accompany you to the club. Realizing that you’re a fighter, he’s really surprised and watching your fight was really weird. As much as he was proud, he asked you to be careful and not beat him up if he makes you mad.

Akashi: He’s been paying attention to your bruises constantly for the past weeks and carefully looked for new marks on your body. But when he noticed a more serious-looking one on your face, he decided to talk with you about it. Hearing your explanation, Akashi was surprised and expressed his worries, being then calmed down by your smile. He definitely wasn’t ready to see you beating someone up and had to just believe you how fun it is. It might be an odd activity but as long as you’re happy with it, he is too.

Kagami: When you first told him about the fight club, Kagami didn’t believe you at first. He thought that there’s no way you’re a fighter and the bruises must be caused by something else that you don’t want to tell him about. So when you challenged him to see for himself, he didn’t think much of it. But when he saw you beating up your opponent, Kagami’s eyes became wide with shock. Each second of your fight was making him more and more nervous, even though you won. He might have been a fool not believing you.

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pairing: kise ryouta x female reader

genre: fluff

warnings: reader being insecure of her stretch marks

a/n: this has been on my notes for a month now lol might as well post it 🤪


• You and Kise are on your 8th month of relationship

• Your relationship w/ him is going well, but there are times that you can’t help but feel insecure and jealous every time Kise’s modeling w/ girls

• No, you support his modeling career, you are actually so proud of him BUT YOU JUST CAN’T HELP IT

• Seeing your boyfriend with girls whom you think are prettier and sexier than you makes you feel smaller than ever

• Not to mention their ✨f l a w l e s s✨ skin

• You were very, very jealous and very, very insecure

• But every time you felt like that, Kise was always there to assure you that you are the only one that he loves and he adores

• That you are the most beautiful girl in his eyes and no one can ever beat you

• You were on your 2nd month when he first saw your stretchmarks

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request from @.anon: hi! may i request a part 2 for the akashi hcs where the reader went to seirin after junior high? since they’re going out now, akashi became more jealous of reader’s teammates (i.e. izuki, kagami, furi, hell even kuroko) because he’s worried that reader will leave him for someone who,,, idk doesn’t have a bad past with her. thank you!

# tags: headcanon; seirin!au; current (long distance) relationship; manager/nurse!y/n; romance; mild angst/drama; but also fluff; sfw

  • includes: seijuurou akashi & seirin team {knb}

a/n: Seijuurouuuuuu, bby! Thank you cute anon for this request! I hope you’ll like it <3


↘ Akashi trusted you a lot, but the trust couldn’t stop his fear and jealousy for you. The captain of Rakuzan High School basketball team knew that you would never cheat on him, he knew perfectly well that your eyes were on him and only on him, and he knew that you never lied when you two were talking live or on the phone.

↘ However, he didn’t trust the boys who were around you for almost half of the day. Seijuurou knew he could rely on you, but could he rely on the Seirin basketball team who liked you more than they should?

↘ Living on the two ends of Japan and studying in two different schools was hard, it was a sad fact.

↘ For Seijuurou, however, it was even worse seeing notifications on his own phone; these tons of notifications from various social media on which you were tagged. Sometimes it was Izuki’s Instagram, sometimes Furihata and Koganei’s Facebook post, and sometimes even Kagami’s Snapchat. You were clearly having a great time and also a good relationship, with an emphasis on Kuroko who has been your closest friend, for better or worse. You had a lovely friendship with everyone in Seirin; from the beginning and possibly to the end. Not like with Akashi and this one (long lasting) moment at the Junior High and until the match against Seirin High during the Winter Cup competition.

↘ An unpleasant shudder ran through the red-haired man’s spine as he thought about how your own friendship had ended for a moment, all because of those stupid and immature games in ‘Who gets the most points’ or the sick ideals of his father, who, fortunately, some time ago realized many of his mistakes. But still… 

↘ Seijuurou still felt bad about what he did to others, especially you, during his last year at Teikou Junior High.

↘ His mind was obscured by not nice thoughts, so when his phone rang, he didn’t even glance at the colorful screen and who was making the call. He picked up quickly, still feeling the weird weight on his heart.


“Sei-kun, my baby.” Your warm voice reached to his mind and he immediately shook his head and exhaled under his breath. “Something happened?”

“Why are you asking? I’m fine, love.” He frowned and you sighed loudly.

“You haven’t written back to me for a long time. I was worried. I will ask again; if you are alright, Sei?”

↘ The male teenager smiled slightly, slowly thinking about what to say to you. Truth? Once again, a lie that he’s ‘okay’? Change the topic? Or maybe…

“… Y/N, be honest to me, please. Are you feel okay and safe with me? Am… Am I a good boyfriend for you?” Your beloved one’s shy voice reached to your ear, and you frowned a bit, as if not knowing if you understood the question correctly.

“Of course I am. Silly question.” You laughed lightly. “I don’t understand why you wanted to be sure of this, you know I love you with all my heart.”

“Yes, I know, but… You also have a good relation with your teammates and I was wondering… maybe you would feel better with someone who didn’t behave like me in Junior High School. I don’t want you to get tired or be sad because of someone like me.”

↘ You took a deep breath, clenching your free hand into a fist. “‘With someone like you’? Sei. Don’t kidding to me like that.” You started with a soft voice tone, then added a new card on the laptop screen, quickly going to the train ticket page. “You pissed me off.”


“You pissed me off. You’re gonna get punished for this stupid thing. And it will be soon. I’m going to you.”

“Wait, what? You don’t have to come here, Y/N.”

“Well, I have to. I have to show you that I love you no matter what happened. Let’s stop thinking about the past and focus on the future, Sei-kun. I love you and my good relations with the Seirin team is still not at the same level which I’m with you. I love you, they are just my friends. And you are my boyfriend, my everything. And I’ll show it to you when I get to see you… Tomorrow is Friday, so I’ll book tickets for 4pm and be in Kyoto at night.”

↘ Akashi swallowed the lump forming in his throat, then smiled softly, feeling that his heart warming up.

“I’ll come for you on the platform. Thank you.”

“Anything for you, baby. I will love you always, so don’t think about that nonsense anymore. Better tell me about your training. I prefer when you are happy and talk about the things you like…”

“I also prefer it when you are happy, love. I’m sorry to upset you. As for my training…”

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Sexy Halloween Costume You Wear That Makes Your Basketball Boy Simp Part One 🎃

GOM x fem!reader
Contains mature themes.

Akashi - A Sexy Tinkerbell 🧚✨

  • Everyone knows Akashi has a HUGE size kink!!!!!
  • Considering he’s only 5’8 with BDE that he can back up,” he doesn’t like having to look up at people… so his kink makes sense
  • So even though he didn’t realize it, when he took you Halloween shopping and you chose to wear a Tinkerbell pixie costume?????
  • His size kink when WHOA 🎢
  • Not only did you look brilliant in green, it brought out your Y/E/C like crazy …..
  • not to mention that dress showed off all your curves tantalizingly….
  • Seijūrō’s subconscious couldn’t help but think about the cartoon Tinkerbell who was the size of what, his middle finger?
  • So You somehow looked even smaller to him, and it turned your bf on like crazy.
  • When you exited the wardrobe in his mansion to show him that you were all done up, he tilted his head, studying you

“Akashi-san, why are you staring at me like that…?”

  • This man
  • This cool, calm, and always collected man……
  • This dominate man…….
  • He was now under your command that night, completely….. due to that costume
  • And from then on out her gave you the cute little nickname ‘My Tinkerbell’ 🥺✨

Murasakibara - An Edible Candy Girl 🍭 🍬

  • Mura would literally try and eat you if you dressed as a candy girl for Halloween
  • hahahahahahahaha
  • Dont laugh !!!!!!! 😅
  • I’m serious.
  • It was actually the best day of his life
  • The ONLY two things this skyscraper admits to liking in this world - Snacks and YOU have conjoined!!!!!!
  • He wouldn’t forget this day for as long as he lived !!!!
  • At the Halloween festival you dragged him to, he wouldn’t let you out of his arms, just like he does with his snacks
  • Atsushi shamelessly left bite marks on your skin in public, while you two waited in line for rides and for carnival games, and at any other point

“Mmmm… taste soooo goood…..Y/N-chaaan…..” Murmured your boyfriend as he held you from behind.

  • You giggled every time he brushed his teeth on your skin, making you shiver
  • You pushed him off, but honestly—
  • You found the way he couldn’t keep his mouth off you extremely kinda sexy

Midorima - Fortune Teller 🔮👁

  • are you surprised!!!!!
  • This man is RELIGIOUS about being able to tell his future and the future of everyone around him
  • Actually, I don’t think anyone knows what his life would be without it
  • So just to see his reaction, Takao told you to get this costume and surprise your man with it so he can film Midorima’s reaction 😂
  • Sooo you agreed & on Halloween, After a Shūtoku team reunion dinner + drinks at a local sports bar, Takao offered to give Midorima a ride home,
  • against his better judgment, the green haired athlete agrees because although he had fun he just wants to be home with you laying on your lap reading a book
  • Midorima deadpanned harder than he ever had in his life when he realized Takao was going to drive him home on his bike and attached cart 😑
  • Lmaooooooo it’s been yearsss where is your whip sir!!!!
  • Anyway, Takao biked to your house , texting you secretly that they are almost there
  • Midorima the NBA player made a mental note to buy his friend a car for his birthday, lol.
  • When the duo gets to your driveway, you grab your crystal ball and head outside to greet your boyfriend and his best friend!!
  • Midorima’s 6’5 figure was in the middle of climbing out of the tiny cart when he spotted you, taking him off guard and making him fall right out of the cart.
  • 😩😂
  • He couldn’t believe how amazing you looked
  • You laughed and high fived Takao as he filmed the entire thing.

“Keeping this to play it at our next reunion, Shin-chan!” Kazunari explained, laughing as he walked over to extend a hand out to your bf

  • Shin-chan slapped away his hand, which made the two closest people to him laugh even harder
  • The look on Midorima was priceless: a pouty glare, looking like a Christmas tree what with his red cheeks and green hair. I repeat, Priceless.

“I hate you both, really.”

  • The poor baby 🥺
  • But Don’t worry, you ended up helping your boyfriend up and whispering in his ear that you looked into the crystal ball and apparently: his future has a naked you in it, and he perked up instantly.

Kuroko - Hot Referee 👁‍🗨⚪️⚫️

  • we all know that kuroko loves following the rules lmao
  • He gets so mad in any game where the other team is slimy enough to try & cheat the well established system that is basketball
  • It literally makes him rage but in a good way
  • He just values fairness above all else.
  • So when he is met with his beautiful girlfriend dressed as the ultimate rule enforcer —he is blushing like MAD
  • He can’t stop picturing how distracted he’d be in a game of basketball if you were on the court, running up and down alongside Seirin wearing that tight uniform
  • and blowing that whistle!
  • Tetsu blushes even more at the idea of you blowing another whistle 🤤
  • The entire time you two are handing out candy that night, he can’t stop sneaking glances at you with a deeper and deeper blush
  • You caught them all & thought he was adorable!!!!
  • When it was getting late and you two gave out the last of your candy, you went straight to straddling your invisible boy’s lap, smirking down at him and kissing all over his face
  • Tetsu hummed in delight, incredibly happy

“You going to follow my rules tonight, baby boy?” You blew softly in to his ear.

  • Your sweet boy nodded enthusiastically……. wanting to score more than just a basketball.
Aomine, Kise & Kagami in part 2!

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synopsis: A little bit of jokes about your height from GoM’s boys or situations where you need some help. But don’t worry, we all know that you are super cute and adorable.

# tags: scenarios; current relationships; comedy; fluff; romance; jokes; also protective/helpful boyfriends; sfw

  • includes: ryouta kise, daiki aomine, shintarou midorima, atsushi murasakibara, seijuurou akashi & tetsuya kuroko {knb}


You’ve been wondering how to impress your boyfriend for a few days, because he hasn’t paid much attention to you for a long time. Even when you came in a different hairstyle or changed your perfume, Ryouta just smiled at you, then stole one kiss from you and run for basketball team training…

Oh, right. Basketball. You didn’t know a bigger fan of this sport than your boyfriend. Stupid thought of playing basketball passed through your head to show off your skills (or rather attempts to have any skills to play in this sport) to Kise.

The more you thought about it, the more convinced you were. You decided to try and on Friday immediately after your lessons you went to the gym. You knew that at 5 p.m. the Kaijou team would start their training, so you only had an hour to take off your whole uniform, jump into the P.E.’s tracksuit and pick one ball from the big bin and start slowly throwing into the basket hoop.

Of course, it’s easy to guess that it was hard for you to hit into the hoop with your… small height. Certainly when you were born, you didn’t queue for ‘being tall’, but rather for a nice smile and big eyes. No wonder that for the first ten casts only one was successful and it was certainly a coincidence, because the ball spun three times on the rim before falling inside.

“I suck in this game.” You muttered under your breath, again taking a position on the first line on the court.

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