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Treating myself with some more Atsushi fuel~

Meant to remain a study from a photo I found on pinterest. But like every damn time I just want to draw my fav characters :’(

Upset to post it without crediting the original source I tried to get back to them, but seems the photo is pretty old and was reposted so many times on different platforms… So yeah… anonymous source (but will happily credit if given the op behind it). Uh uncredited repost is sure hell… The more I stumble across interesting pictures I want to redraw the more I’m disappointed to find out nobody cares about crediting creators -___-

- As usual please do not reupload my illustrations on other platforms -            I’m already somehow active here and on twitter @orda_ixii

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Dumbest ideas are priorities~

Quickly made this one today cause it suddenly hit me and I HAD TO.

I made a second version of this meme to feed my MuraHimu fuel :

( Murasakibara Atsushi literally every time he sees Himuro Tatsuya)

but dunno if it’s relevant enough to post it =x

Now let’s go back to my new year MuraHimu illu for a total redraw cause after few days I’m still upset by the weird pose I came with for Atsushi…  :’)

Time for an endless circle of suffering again o/

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of course ~ i focused on doing it gn so more people can feel included, ok?

protective akashi x s/o

  • it’s not like a big deal, but he always asks you were you are/ where you will be if you are going out
  • if he thinks it’s a dangerous place, he might tag along
  • “ah? akashi? what are you doing here?” / “just ensuring you are happy and safe as you deserve, my empress”
  • if he can’t go for whatever reason, he eill send Mibuchi, Hayama and Nebuya (maybe even Chihiro).
  • if someone flirts with you, akashi will torment them for sometime - long enough so they won’t even look you in the eyes anymore

protective aomine x s/o

  • aomine is rather chill
  • he has a massive ego and trust you with his whole soul
  • so you often hang out with the tōō basketball team and have fun the guys and he’s so proud that you are able to have fun with him and his “friends”
  • are you wearing a top/ short shorts/ short skirt/ short dress whatever that shows your body more? he won’t ask you to change, nor insinuate it, but if someone looks at you the wrong way and he notices he will give the person a death, really scary, glare
  • if a guy (like haizaki) flirts with you, aomine might get violent depending on his insistence

protective kise x s/o

  • kise likes to take you to his games and practices so you can watch him play
  • but this makes you close to the team - to the point you befriended some of his teammates
  • and sometimes Kise gets jealous - like when they win a match and you compliment the whole team
  • you probably didn’t thought it was possible but ehen Kise gets jealous he gets even more clingy
  • he will be holding your arm and saying your name in a high pitched voice

possessive! murasakibara x reader

  • murasakibara doesn’t share. he doesn’t share his sweet, he doesn’t share his s/o
  • like kise, he’s around you most of the time but not always touching you. but if he sees someone making a move to touch you (even if it’s just himuro trying to take out a leaf that got in your hair), he gets between you and the person in 0.1 sec - “what are you doing, muro-chin?
  • atsushi you would take you to his games where you would meet the rest of the generation of miracles
  • and murasakibara just hates how aomine and kise talk to you in a flirtish way (aomine because he wants to piss of murasakibara and kise because it’s in his personality)
  • if it happens before the game, he’s most likely going to go the the zone because he’s already pissed of and wants to smash his friends heads
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Happy New Year 2021 and all~ ୧⍢⃝୨

Starting with some wise words and resolution from a sweet, innocent and naive boy.

Im bringing the college era MuraHimu redesign cause I just have so much stuff for grown-up them.

And now time to get back to work on them some more o/

(hahaha I honestly hope this illustration isn’t a glimpse of what 2021 could be cause damn it was sooooo exhausting to work on it ಥ_ಥ). Used some ref from Kibbitzer’s poses book and self poses to get through it.

-No reupload / repost on other platforms-

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i am here to offer you cute headcanons mwehehehe

Murasakibara x Reader


  • “Muro-chin… Am I too tall?” it was quite an unusual question considering it was coming from Murasakibara
  • “Well, you are the tallest here. Why do you ask?”
  • “Tch, never mind.”
  • while Murasakibara never really thinks about anything other than having a steady supply of snacks and how bothersome basketball can be, sometimes he gets agitated at the fact that Himuro is quite a popular looker himself because 1.) it’s way too noisy with people around and 2.) it does remind him that Murasakibara is universally feared by everyone and by all walks of life
  • he really is tired of the strange/fearful looks he gets from everyone: the little kids, his own peers, the elderly, and even some strays, but it’s something he’s mostly grown accustomed to
  • but recently, he’s been thinking about his physique ever since he fell a little too hard for you

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I just thought about some dumb stuff

I just started dipping my toe in the haikyuu pool and wondered why it was so familiar and weird…

Kept trying to sweem in the big kids pool and I drowned

It’s because I am already a Knb fan..let me quickly step out and go before I get buffed by someone

Sorry, I can only support one baby and I must see my giant one


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Probably last MuraHimu post for 2020  

Already got enough stuff I’d like to doodle to go on with them until late 2021.

I’m trying different styles everytime cause I ain’t happy with my current sketching/lining and I hope it’ll improve nicely enough to get to the Himuro I’m dreaming of !!

2021 will be an interesting journey art wise, and I plan to get through it stronger, keeping those precious boys by my side o/

(Will probably go back to some MakoHaru/PharMercy/Tomoyo x Sakura as well cause I miss them so much  ╥﹏╥ )

Wish you the happiest ending for 2020 !


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So… I have a text file filled with quotes and stuff to draw featuring Atsushi and Tatsuya. Some are from funny quoting blogs or series I’m fond of while the biggest part is just from me wandering around in my thoughts and giggling like “ahahah that is actually interesting I wanna draw that”.

Today I stumbled across an amazing recipe video I found some weeks ago and a flood of MuraHimu situations just flew in. And I’m like “omfg I need to draw every quotes and ideas !!!” knowing January will be focused on that stuff cause now I can’t get it out of my stupid head… So yeah I’ll probably kinda end up like that cute drawing meme girl.

Anyway here’s some Adventure Time AU Atsushi x Tatsuya from October.

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A WIP from some sketches I’m doodling about Yousen boys at the Tōkyō Kirby Cafe picking Kirby goodies….

Probably won’t come with a lot of stuff before January so I’m considering to upload some wip as well =/

ʕ •ᴥ• ʔ

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“Atsushi no Kamikakushi”

Uploading both versions cause I cannot decide which one I like the most =x

Quick Ghibli redraw (from Spirited Away) including the Yousen boys for multiple obvious reason :D so here’s the handsome icy dragon boy and the giant hungry kid he’s babysitting.

I kinda kept the original proportions from Chihiro and Haku to get Tatsuya a decent size, as I could not picture a tiny dragon ^^’

(Do Not Use/Upload on other platforms thanks) 

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“Matcha Pocky”

Okay~ it seems like I will definitely not be happy with this one (omfg Atsushi’s hair… it’s…. just SO HARD to draw) so let’s just move forward and work on something new é_è

I’m so so glad to get back to them after all those years T_T

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ㅤㅤㅤㅤ•⠀.⠀۟⠀𖧷 。 ₍🌂 ₎ Murasakibara Atsushi ◞ .⠀۟⠀。⠀♡. ․⠀᳝

ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ注意: don’t repost

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atsushi best boy this is non-negotiable thank you for coming to my ted talk

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i should be finishing my 30 days of hq challenge but this spoke to me on a spiritual level bc im 5'2, so hunnie, u’d be taller than me HSJQH ):

murasakibara with a really short s/o.

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fandom : kuroko no basket
pairing : murasakibara, reader
stats : wc1373 ; nsfw : porn w/o plot ( trying to get used to lactation kink ha ha ) ; also on ao3 ; i honestly have no idea who is in charge here
warnings : breastfeeding / lactation kink ; spanking ; dirty talk ; not quite thigh-riding ;  praise ; fingering ; slight cum play / hint at breeding kink ; verbal power play ; mommy kink mentioned

Murasakibara leans over you when he returns to the dining room, one hand braced on the tabletop while the other reaches over your shoulder to settle on the back of your chair. There’s a smirk playing on his lips and lazy mirth in his eyes as he dips closer to your face.

With pretense long abandoned, he lowers his mouth onto yours, tongue swiping the swell of your bottom lips before he kisses you, hurriedly and hungrily, as though you all didn’t just have dinner. He doesn’t stop for air and you’re certain he wouldn’t have pulled away if you hadn’t gently pushed him once your neck began to ache from the angle.

“Missed you,” he murmurs, kneeling at your feet. “Like crazy.”

You draw your fingers through his hair, pushing it away from his forehead as he pushes between your thighs.“I missed you, too.”

“Do you mean it?”

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