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#kiyoshi teppei

I’ve received all your parts and there is nothing wrong with the size of your description, it’s even small I want to say !

Assasination classroom >>>>

I match you with…


  • He find your usual pikachu confused face charming and can’t understand why people instead believe you’re dumb.
  • Koro-sensei takes interest in you really quickly but don’t press the things and wait to discover all your facades.
  • Thinks that it’s cute that you don’t likes running but cries when he learns that you don’t like watermelon, cause there just so many funny things to do with them but it’s nothing serious.
  • You two just have fun everyday, traveling becomes an hobby and amusement parks your second home.
  • Koro is the more realistic of you two but don’t mean that he can’t be an airhead and he is.
  • Koro-sensei tries to lower the sound of his voice when talking to you but can’t help when Karma is pranking peoples around. Then after revolving the prankster issue he either begs to you for forgiveness or just feel embarrassed.
  • He’s very relaxing when you’re being anxious and protects you from clown and dolls at all it cost even if he may find them like “funny” fears to have.
  • Appreciate how helpful you are and like to spend time with him even if what you are doing isn’t really interesting. Your love language hit him directly through the heart.
  • This man falls hard for your curiosity and likes to teach you new things everyday, even the useless ones. His favorite word would be too something in the type.
  • TEACH HIM CHINESE DANSE and he’s at your feets, finds this knowledge precious and like to see you dancing.
  • Why ? Cause you’re just so elegant and delicate while doing that ! Okay he’s a perv.
  • Bouldering is an activity that he can’t do in his octopus form so he just watch but gives you advices.

Kuroko no Basket >>>>

I match you with…

Kiyoshi Teppei

  • He believe that you’re the most generous person that exists in the world cause of the way how you show your love : You spend a lot of time with him and just cares so much about his well being.
  • Plus you’re funny and friendly even if you’re introverted, just so charming !
  • He loves amusement parks and traveling too, you two can’t be annoyed together.
  • Won’t judge your fears cause it’s not his type but would also say nothing cause of his own for rats.
  • However, for what are you dislikes I’m sorry but Kiyoshi would try to make you appreciate them a little bit more and at least once ! Not a big deal, since he does that in a funny way and that he’s very soft on you. He doesn’t force you.
  • I think that he tries to make you support running to make you able to play basket-ball with him.
  • Know how to take care of you when you’re anxious, his aura is so calming and he put the right dose of physical affection ? His warms and big hands know where and how to touch you without being intrusive.
  • He avoid dumb and loud peoples when he’s with you cause. Okay they’re funny but they just can’t control their voice. cough cough Kagami ?
  • Always seen your pikachu face as the proof that you’re a thoughtful person, also people thinks the same of him.
  • Kiyoshi likes that you’re curious and consider curiosity and fun like they’re related.
  • TEACH HIM CHINESE DANSE TOO ! He’s not a perv or at least less than Koro. He’s very curious about everything but what you may do is just really interesting in his eyes.
  • What it feels like to be a princess ?
  • Kiyoshi would be happy to do bouldering with you.

Others potential matchs :

Hanamiya Makoto, Takao Kazunari, Gakuho Asano.

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It’s okay, you don’t have to send it again!

Your KNB match is Kiyoshi Teppei.


Originally posted by blackspringwhite

For him it doesn’t matter that your first impression isn’t the most approachable, Kiyoshi is a person who gets along well with anyone and doesn’t get discouraged even if you show him the cold side of yourself first. He can see you’re not always like that and waits patiently until you warm up to him. It doesn’t take long for him to notice your competitiveness and ambition and thinks those are great traits, supporting you in reaching for your goals. Kiyoshi knows how it feels to fear failure and tries to show you that no matter what happens, he’s there for you. He adores your sense of humor and thinks you’re a really precious person, even with your sassy comments. In his opinion your accidental flirting is cute and even if it can take him aback for the first time, Kiyoshi learns how to respond to it quickly and accepts it as another part of you he loves. He doesn’t push you to progress with your relationship and instead lets you set the rules and pace. Kiyoshi doesn’t see anything bad in procrastinating and despite the fact that he likes to be active and persuades you to do something like this together from time to time, he also doesn’t mind spending some passive time with you. He loves watching you draw and thinks you’re amazing in everything you do.

Your Haikyuu match is Tsukishima Kei.


Originally posted by misakachan

Because you seem very cold at first glance, Tsukishima didn’t bother to approach you for a long while of being classmates, same thing on your side. For a few weeks you’ve been positive the other one is not a very welcoming person and avoided talking with each other, until the day came when you had to work as a team. Tsukishima then gets to know more sides to you, experiencing your intelligence and ambition. He then notices in reality you’re not intimidating at all and that he just had to get through the first layer of your shell to find out. He has a very neutral approach to you for quite some time until he hears you throw a sassy comment at your friend that makes him smile secretly. It becomes a turning point in your relationship and Tsukishima gets curious of your other hidden sides, approaching you on his own for the first time. Depending on a situation, either you or him lead the other one and your personalities work well together. As you two grow closer to each other, he starts to collect you when you start being a little too chaotic and while he complains about it a lot, he enjoys seeing you have fun and be happy. You spend most of the free time at home listening to music but it never gets boring as you always have a lot to talk about.

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Pokémon x Kuroko no Basket Crossover

Headcanons on KNB characters if they were trainers

For only the “Generation of Miracles” (plus Kagami), I wanted to show that they are prodigies in the pokémon universe by each giving them the appropriate specialty legendary/mythical pokémon respective to their anime counterpart abilities/personalities.

Also, as GoMs in the pokémon universe, I was careful to also choose some of their respective pokémon based on base stats and the consideration of type variety, unless a team had most pokémon sharing a type for a reason, in addition to already choosing pokémon based on their pokédex entries.

I have also given pictures of said pokémon suited to each KNB character below the cut.

Warning: spoilers on KNB characters, it’s a given

Keep reading

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Hi there, my limit for match-ups is 2 anime per request, so I’ll just do the first two you asked for! Hope you’ll understand ^^

Your Haikyuu match is Oikawa Tooru.


Originally posted by mysteery

He knows you for your sense of humor and whenever you two are in the same room, Oikawa finds himself enjoying and laughing at your jokes. At first you’re surrounded by that straightforward, confident aura so when at some point he realizes you’ve become much more tame and awkward, he straight up asks you about it, teasing when hearing the answer from you (doesn’t matter if you decide to confess or play it cool). Oikawa knows you’re really passionate about everything you do and thinks it’s amazing, as he relates to it a lot. Whenever you have different opinions, it’s impossible to end the discussion right away and you always spend at least an hour arguing about your beliefs. He’s also the perfect person to help your deep talk needs, Oikawa enjoys doing that a lot and you two often create theories about certain matters. He’s happy that you love yourself but still showers you in compliments whenever he has the chance, hoping that you’ll become more confident. Oikawa often mentions your baby face and teases you for looking so cute and soft, laughing at your either embarrassed or annoyed reactions. He loves both your appearance and personality, thinking you’re an amazing person and is really happy to have someone like you close to him.

Your KNB match is Kiyoshi Teppei.


Originally posted by spaztictwitch

The side of you he discovered first was the positive one because that’s what you first showed to people. He loves your smile and it’s one of the things that catch his attention about you since the first meeting and later on often mentions it in compliments. Seeing you smile makes his mood instantly better. You’re on good terms, talking to each other casually and joking around together but at some point you become much more awkward and Kiyoshi is confused as to what happened. When he discovers that it’s because you start having feelings for him, he’s the happiest person alive and gently handles the situation. After some time into your relationship, Kiyoshi experiences your habit of arguing about what you don’t agree with and honestly loves talking about those things because he wants to understand your point of view. Who knows, maybe one of you will change your opinion after that? So you talk with each other a lot, about many different matters. Kiyoshi adores the fact that you’re passionate and love yourself and supports you all the time. He’s really soft for your baby face and feels the need to protect you from the world sometimes, even if he knows you’ll handle things yourself just fine. It also becomes a topic for your teasing and to be honest, Kiyoshi can’t argue with that and just laughs along.

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i mean, everyone can ship what they want tbh, and i can see why people ship kiyohana - just cause the whole enemies to lovers trope is quite popular atm. that said, i personally don’t vibe it, based off the following two reasons:

a) kiyoshi deserves so much better. i’m a big fan of hanamiya, but i can’t help thinking that their relationship would be very toxic. 

b) there’s a slight possibility of them getting together after high school, maybe even after college (aka when hanamiya’s had enough time/experiences to maybe not be a dick), but the likelihood of them being in a relationship in high school? practically 0%

nonetheless though, i’m happy to write kiyohana if people want me to - just because it’s pretty difficult making such stories in character, and so pretty fun to write. 

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i don’t technically write n/s/f/w, but i liked the concept of this, so i’ve kept this very lowkey - sorry if that wasn’t what you were looking for :) (also, side note, hanamiya’s eyes are hard to describe, so i’ve just called them grey)

You don’t know why you’re here.

All you know is the hands and the eyes.

The hands: how they slip up your spine, across your neck, and in between your legs. One pair grips your cheeks - the fingers are warm, their touch so soft that they feel like an extension of your own body, like your face has blended into his hands. The other pair has none of that tenderness. Their nails dig into your hips, sinking almost spitefully into your bones, grabbing at your flesh, pulling you back to their owner. These are the hands who leave marks. These are the hands who will bestow an angry red across your skin, their imprints swollen like a hot brand.

(The other pair of hands will have no legacy but a memory of how their fingertips kissed and caressed you; these will be the hands whose touch you can’t forget, as they brush an apology along your jaw. )

And, then, there are the eyes.

Before you, are the brown pupils. They glance at you with some sort of shame, an almost bitter gentleness, they close as if to capture the moment, but their gaze is fleeting - they meet the grey eyes behind you. And they stay fixed on the grey eyes. They harden, with an anger which looks out of place in the otherwise tame irises, and the eyebrows bend down with something not far from a snarl: hatred, that’s what they whisper, not a hatred directed towards you, but a hatred all the same.

The hostility is for the grey eyes. Those are the eyes behind you, whose glare is strong enough to scratch at your scalp, even when the hands don’t. They rip at your hair, and snarl with the joy of being despised, and they too stay locked on the other pair of eyes. You only see the grey eyes once - when their owner grabs your face momentarily, forces you to face him, stains your skin with the violence of his grasp, taints where the other hands had been stroking - and once is enough. For the rest of the night, the grey eyes will not leave you. You can look into the brown eyes, if you want, but the grey buries itself in your retina: it will not be forgotten.

Even when you moan out, “Kiyoshi”, the grey eyes do not lose their grin.

They know, just as you do, just as the brown eyes do, that no matter how many times you call out that name, you will not escape the grey.

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I wanted to post this sooner, but I got a bit busy, so sorry about that. I hope you like this!! xx

Scenario: Kiyoshi Teppei falls in love with his physical therapist’s daughter

You were often at your dad’s workplace at a rehabilitation centre because you planned on pursuing a job in the medical field in the future and this was good experience. However, the admission of a particular new patient that was about your age made your job that was usually filled with older folks, much more interesting. Kiyoshi was in your dad’s office for his first appointment when your father suddenly called out to you, who was just passing by the room. When you entered, Kiyoshi couldn’t take his eyes off of you; he thought you were gorgeous.

“Y/N, meet our new patient, his name is Kiyoshi Teppei. Kiyoshi, this is my daughter, Y/N,” your father introduced as you approached him and held your hand out for the boy to shake.

“Hi, nice to meet you,” he said in a deep, soothing voice, successfully concealing his nerves about meeting someone as pretty as you were.

“Nice to meet you too,” you said with a smile, before excusing yourself to attend to some work you were given.

Once you left the office, your dad informed Kiyoshi that you often help out at the hospital, which got him rather excited at the thought of being able to see you again. However, he was a bit let down when he realised that he couldn’t talk to you as much as he’d like to because you were always busy helping at other parts of the hospital.

On a particularly slow Thursday, you had no responsibilities given to you and you spotted Kiyoshi in the waiting area. You were quite nervous to be approaching him, mainly because he was twice your size, but you put your fears aside for a moment. “Hey, I’m Y/N, we met a while back,” you said to him, causing his heart to race as he didn’t expect you to be talking to him.

“Yes, I remember you, Y/N,” he smiled, making you feel so warm inside, “your father talks about you a lot. Are you busy right now?”

“Nope, today’s pretty slow,” you shook your head.

“Great,” he said as he patted the seat next to him, knowing that this was his rare chance to talk to you, “mind giving me some company?”

“Sure,” you said, happily accepting his invite and sitting next to him. You could smell his sweet cologne and it was heavenly. The two of you chatted for a while, learning a bit about each other, like how he got his injury, how old he was, where he’s from— that stuff. He was soon whisked away from your conversation as he had to attend his appointment with your father, and soon you got busy with work too. You didn’t see him again that day.

Over the span of a few weeks, he was able to exchange two or three conversations with you in the waiting room, which was frustrating because he just wanted to get to know you better but you always had something to do. Kiyoshi couldn’t get you out of his mind though. He often laid in bed at night thinking of your conversations and ways to talk to you. He had to admit to himself that talking to you brightened up his days, and he wanted more of it.

You were at the reception organising some files on one of the days that Kiyoshi was visiting, though you were only able to exchange a quick “hi” with him when he entered. As you were crouched over the small cabinet, you felt a tap on your shoulder from one of the receptionists. You turned around and she pointed at Kiyoshi, who was standing by the desk with a smile on his face, and you felt yourself immediately light up as you quickly put the files aside and approached him.

“Hey, I just finished my appointment. Can you take a break for a little while?” he asked you.

“Uh, I just need to finish with these files and I’ll be free. Why?”

“I just want to have a conversation with you without being interrupted for once,” he said, a light chuckle escaping him as he hoped that his face wasn’t as red as he imagined it to be.

Upon hearing that, you quickly finished the organising in the matter of five minutes and let one of the receptionists know before you headed out with him. The two of you went to a nearby cafe because Kiyoshi’s knee was still a bit too weak to be walking too much.

“So, how’s the recovery going?” you asked him as you sipped on your warm cup of coffee.

“Really well actually. Your dad is a miracle worker,” he said to you. “When he introduced me to you, I kinda thought I’d see you around much more than I actually do though.”

“My dad likes to work independently. Whenever I try to help, I just get told off because he’s a perfectionist.”

“Do you like helping out?”

“Yeah, but it was getting kind of boring because I rarely meet people my age.”

“So you like having me there?” He asked, his smile getting wider as you felt your cheeks flush. He was always one to speak his mind after all.

“We barely get to talk, but yeah,” you said, averting his gaze as Kiyoshi’s stomach filled with butterflies, “you’re pretty interesting.”

The two of you talked for about an hour, mainly about his time playing basketball in Japan, which you were thoroughly intrigued about. You eventually had to return to the centre, where you had to part ways. “I guess I’ll see you again on Thursday,” you said to him after stopping by the entrance, filling Kiyoshi with sadness at the thought of having to leave you.

“I was kind of hoping I’d see you a bit sooner,” he said, making you look up at him with furrowed eyebrows.

“What do you mean—”

You were quickly cut off by Kiyoshi holding your face in his palms and pressing his soft lips against yours. He had been dying to do this for ages and he finally did. You were obviously surprised at first, but you didn’t want it to stop, as you soon began to melt into the kiss. Kiyoshi pulled away after a few seconds though, adrenaline pumping through his veins as he grinned from ear to ear. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it,” he said, hoping that you wouldn’t get mad at him for that.

“It’s alright,” you said, your smile almost as wide as his. “I liked it.”

He felt his heart beat faster than a race car at this point. “Well as I was saying, I was hoping to see you a bit earlier than that, on a date,” he said, fearing rejection at first, but after that kiss he felt like he could do anything.

You couldn’t say no to someone like Kiyoshi Teppei. He was so sweet and kind, and you also just found out that he’s a great kisser. “A date sounds lovely,” you said, feeling your heart melt at the pure happiness in his eyes upon hearing that.

Kiyoshi had to control himself from kissing you again because he had realised that there were more people around than before, but he felt like his heart was going to burst with joy. The two of you eventually bid your goodbyes and Kiyoshi returned to his apartment. As he laid in bed that night, his mind still couldn’t process the fact that he got a date with you: the person that he found so incredibly attractive and intelligent. He had never felt this way about anyone before, so he knew that you were something special. He knew that he couldn’t let you go.

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Yo, what if Teppei used his grip like he does on a basketball on someone’s ass. What if he were to slap someone’s ass and grip the ass like he does with a basketball. Would the persons ass be ok??

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I just finished KnB’s last episode and I am truly shaken. I cried endlessly during the final😩😩😩😭😭😭😭 The characters truly impressed me, especially Kiyoshi’s character was reeeaaally touching for me. I felt like I was parting ways with my friends, it saddens me that it’s the end. 😟

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Quick Fic: Kind [NSFW]

Teppei was kind.

It was his kindness that lured you close to him in the first place.

He was charming you had to admit, being a person one could easily talk to it surprised you as to how easily he spoke to you the first time you two met. You were always one to prefer you the company of a book rather than interacting with people, but an assignment changed the world you thought you would be content with, that moment being the first time you meet Kiyoshi Teppei.

His tall structure nearly intimidated you, if it wasn’t for his kind smile and friendly greeting. He was quick to notice your preference for solitary, he didn’t mind it as he worked with you, even when he talked to you he he didn’t mind your curt words or how minimally you spoke, he still flashed you his kind smile. You couldn’t help but be drawn to him from that point forward, soon you found yourself befriending the guy and after that you began to show up at his games.

It always did impress you how Teppei’s kind smile also affected those around him, it was no wonder how it that same smile that had you falling for him. Time passed by rather quickly as you two found yourselves partnered up again for another assignment, and you two decided to meet up at your place since you weren’t able to finish the project in class.

You don’t recall how you got in the situation you were currently in, well you would’ve but the building pleasure coursing throughout your nerves and fogging up your mind weren’t helping you recall. Your back was pressed up to Teppei’s bare chest as he thrusted his dick into you as one of his hands griped your hip and the other your breast.

You moaned as you let out breathy pants as he rested his chin on your shoulder, panting through his nose before grunting as he kissed your cheekbone.

“Look (Y/n)…”, he suddenly whispers in your ear as the hand on your breast moved up to grip your chin, forcing you to look at the mirror that just so happen to be set up before you. 

“You look cute like this- fuck- so damn cute ridding me like this~”, he grunts as his dick continuously prodded at your cervix.

You let out a loud moan before taking in the image of yourself in the mirror, mouth hung agape with a small trail of drool from the corner of your lips, hair tussled and your cheeks were flushed in a red hue with small droplets of sweat sliding down the side of your face, cum dripped down your thighs and onto Teppei’s as he continued to buck into you.

The hand on your hip traveled down to your clit as you watched his eyes glint, all while he kept his kind smile painted on his lips.

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fandom: kuroko no basket
characters: kiyoshi teppei, aida riko
notes: character study/introspection; written for sportsfest 2020; wc 480

The whispers follow him out the gymnasium and into the hospital. The paramedics accompanying him in the ambulance ask questions about his pain level and about his day as they try to stabilize his knee and all he can hear is the great gust of the ground falling out beneath his feet.

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