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#kiyoshi teppei
"Never do that again, okay? My heart is fragile." & Kiyoshi Teppei from Kuroko no Basket pretty plz!!? 馃挆

You watched in horror as Hanamiya’s team continued to inflict pain on Kiyoshi, who, against everyone’s wishes, was willingly taking all the hits to protect his teammates. The sight caused you both grief and frustration. You wanted to run into the court and slap some decency into the opposing team, but you knew better. All they cared for was winning. No amount of scolding was going to change their minds.

Instead, you focused on preparing ice packs and warm towels for Kiyoshi. Part of you was doing it so you could immediately tend to his soon-to-be bruises, but another part couldn’t bear to look at him getting hurt any longer. It was as if they were physically hurting you as well. Each elbow to the ribs or jab to his knee felt like a punch to your gut. Your heart ached with every passing second.

But soon after, he walked off the court, having reached his limit. You sighed, relieved he was no longer taking a beating and rushed over to him. Letting him put most of his wait on you, you guided him over to the bench and began to clean any cuts and tend to his bruises.

“You should be a nurse,” he murmured, grimacing when you dabbed a cut on his forehead.

“That’s not funny, Teppei.” You glared at him, but it wasn’t hostile, just a warning.

“I know, I know-”

“No, you don’t!” You paused your movements. “I get you’re trying to protect the others. I know the other team doesn’t play fair, but do you have to go that far? It isn’t just some foul. It’s not just some cut or a bruise. You’ve sustained injuries from them before. You almost didn’t get to play again because of them. Do you understand that? Do you get where I’m coming from?”

Kiyoshi looked at your saddened eyes and nodded. “I’m sorry…”

“I’m sorry too, I kinda overacted, didn’t I?” You chuckled, reapplying an ice pack to a bruise on his knee.

“No, it’s okay. I appreciate it because I know you care.”

“Never do that again, okay? My heart is fragile.”

“But with you by my side, I’ll be up again in no time.”


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Just published another request set onto AO3, you can find it here  Chapter 8! What if you were absolutely terrified of thunder and lighting? How would some of the Miracles react? What would Hanamiya, Haizaki, or Takao do? 

I also wanted to thank everyone that is still following, and let you know that I’m preparing a different Tumblr for Haikyuu content. I’d always wanted to write for Haikyuu, but never felt comfortable enough to truly do any of the characters justice. After 5 years and consuming copious amounts of fics, I’m working on a multi-chaptered Haikyuu story. I will be giving details, previews, and updates over there. 

I love KNB and am so grateful for have been part of this community, so I want to put my new and original content onto a new blog Little-Ki. Thank you all again for your support on my drabbles so far and I hope you’re willing to give my new stories a chance too. :) 

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For KNB let's go with Teppei, my love, my heart, my pride and joy. Randomly meets his soulmate (you can pick the sm trope) and upon talking with them finds out that they are preparing for knee surgery. Similar to what he had hut from vball instead of bball. How the conversation, and sm relationship ensues.

red. i love you with all my heart. as well as this request. esketit

under the cut for length :)

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pride flag edits pt 3 of,,, idk: uncrowned kings and their s/o’s edition and also alex!

alex may seem out of place just,, let her be,,, she deserves rights,, 

all of these are canon in @umisabaku‘s designation: miracle series (except bi riko but,,,, isnt she though??)

flags used: bisexual flag, trans flag, straight flag, polyamorous flag, lesbian flag

edit: added izuki and alex

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It makes sense, don’t worry.  It was a little hard to write, but I did my best!

Kiyoshi Teppei

  • He doesn’t understand why you do what you do.  He doesn’t understand why you would want to be seen as a villain.
  • Especially since to him, you are the most wonderful person in the world.  He thinks you’re sweet and kind and wants other people to see that.
  • He knows you have problems expressing your feelings and it always patient with you.  Learns to read you so he can always see behind your back.
  • Will absolutely defend you every chance he gets.
  • Does not let you take responsibility for things you didn’t do or let people blame you for things.  He’s doing his best to drag you out of your habit of letting people think the worst of you.
  • Always points out to people how helpful and kind you are, even when they don’t believe him.

Akashi Seijurou

  • Being that he is all too familiar with being made a villain, this aspect of your personality doesn’t bother him in the slightest.
  • Does not tolerate anyone talking trash about you though. Beware the wrath of the Emperor should he overhear anyone saying bad things about you.  No one can terrify someone like Akashi, not even you.
  • Refuses to let you deny your feelings with him, he wants to know exactly what you feel for him.
  • Doesn’t mind if you avoid PDA, but does mind if you try to avoid him in public.  Having you beside him is enough.
  • Your life is your own, and he respects your desire to do what you will.  At least to a point.  If it even goes too far, look out.
  • Does point out the idiocy of a lot of the attitudes towards you.  Is pretty quick to state the reality of situations, thus ruining your attempt to play the villain.  He does this mostly because he doesn’t like anyone saying things they shouldn’t about his partner.

Kise Ryouta

  • Literally ready to square down with anyone that so much as makes a peep about you.  Like HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT ABOUT MY _____!
  • Doesn’t get it at all and gets mortally offended when you or other people do it.  
  • Gets super clingy whenever he comes across such a situation.  Throws his arms around you and holds you tight, glaring at the offending party.
  • If you aren’t around when he hears things he gets really cold and really mean.  His secret personality comes out to play and it is not pretty.
  • He wants you to think you are as wonderful as he thinks you are, so he’s always giving you compliments and trying to get you to admit your squishy insides.  If you refuse, he just tries harder.
  • Hovers whenever people are around, since he knows you won’t defend yourself and will probably actively take a role in making yourself out to be the bad guy.  He feels he has to protect you since you won’t protect yourself
  • If he ever hears of it, the next time he sees you, he’s extra affectionate.  I mean he’s pretty affectionate anyway, but there will be some sweet, sweet cries in in both of your futures.

Takao Kazunari

  • He finds your proclivity amusing.  He doesn’t really get it, but it’s amusing nonetheless.
  • He’s less cavalier about it when you aren’t around. He doesn’t want to hear anyone badmouthing you and will stop them.
  • But he wants to respect your boundaries and feelings so he doesn’t say anything to you about it and lets you do what you will when you’re around.  
  • In these cases he teases and flirts with you until you are no longer actively making yourself a villain and your attention is focused on him.  He thinks you are the cutest thing ever.
  • Will steal kisses in front of your detractors, practically daring people to comment.
  • Midorima doesn’t pay attention to others or really care. He likes you well enough and ignores your personality quirks.  But since he finds him in your proximity a lot, he doesn’t ignore you and just treats you normally.  He gets denying your feelings.
  • Probably brags about you to anyone who will listen though.
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Um hello. 馃憢 just want to say I love how you write KNB characters. So good!!! Can I request Kagami and Kyoshi with a girl who is nervous about intimate activities? Maybe she’s a virgin? Your choice. The longer the better! 馃槈 I love reading your stuff and I love the emotional depth you give to the characters. NSFW please. 馃榿

Thanks for waiting doll!

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Hmmm let's see. How about 1.)knb headcanons for midorima, murasakibara, and teppei on asking out their longtime crush and how they go about it when homegirl is either stupid or dense and doesnt realize they are confessing for real (maybe a joke or they think boy is practicing to ask someone else).

ooooh this is gonna be a good warm up i looove this request

- pocky


  • he’s already pretty shy around you for starters, but since he’s known you for a long time, it’s kinda like…a recurring shy ?
    • like you guys will be chilling + he’ll be normal but then you’ll do something cute or say something that makes him internally scream + then the ShyTM will occur
  • he’d try to do it in a way that is super predictable because he doesn’t wanna catch you off guard or put you in a hard spot
    • he will have already started by subtly dropping hints over a long period of time 
    • he will make poor attempts at FlirtingTM
    • he’ll try to be nicer (even tho that’s impossible he is already the nicest person on the earth) + do more little favors for you
    • he’ll ask around for ideas from his friends + he’ll only listen to Riko’s since Hyuuga’s was too straightforward + Izuki’s just involved a cheesy pun on a huge poster
    • he MAKES SURE that you are single + that you like him
      • Riko does a little bit of recon for him + confirms
    • if all else fails, he’ll just come out + say it
  • “y/n-kun, I really like you…and I’d like to get to know you better.” he’d say in the s m a l l e s t voice
  • you wouldn’t hear him the first time so he’d have to repeat it, and this is where he gets in trouble
    • he starts to ramble off things that he likes about you + how pretty you are + give you all the reasons why y’all should try to be a couple
  • you would NOT understand, like, you would think he’s just playing a prank you
    • yes, teppei played a prank on you once
    • it was Izuki’s idea
  • but Kiyoshi would do everything in his power to assure you that he is not joking + that he likes you very much
  • you accept his feelings because you like him back + he knows that so there’s NO ROOM for rejection in this boy’s life


  • honestly i cannot see mido having a crush on someone who’s stupid/dense so lets just say that y’all like each other but you both refuse to admit it
  • midorima would probably not like to let his feelings stew for long, because he thinks that is unhealthy + could result in poor mental health
  • he’s probably already really doting toward you (doting in a mido sense, not actually compassionate) 
    • he gives you your lucky items daily
    • always checks your horoscope before his
    • will make sure you stay safe during your unlucky days
    • acts like his usual tsuntsun self but with a dash of protectiveness
  • midorima is not a beat-around-the-bush type of guy, so when he confesses, it’s very direct
  • it’s a seemingly normal day…
    • he walks with you to school + gives you your lucky item
    • he lets you know how the stars + moon + plants will affect your day
    • he plays into your banter until he decides that enough is enough
  • he’ll probably just come right out + say it really firmly, almost like he’s telling himself that he likes you
    • obviously he’ll plan for it to be on the day that he has the best luck
  • “y/n, I’ve liked you for some time now and I think it’s about time that we do something about it. Let’s get to know each other in a different setting and see where this goes.” 
  • you’re honestly so taken aback by his confession that it takes you awhile to respond, which makes him all the more nervous and unsure
    • and mido is always 100% sure when he takes action
  • if you accept his confession, he (very slowly) starts to test out the waters by trying to learn more about your goals + aspirations
    • physical contact won’t come until he’s certain that you guys will make a good couple
  • if you reject him, he’ll go into this really deep despair
    • he’ll wonder how he got the signals wrong + how the stars had been wrong
      • he honestly might be more dejected about the accuracy of the stars not gonna lie
    • but he’d want to continue to be friends with you, he’s a mature boy, he can handle it


  • also a very direct boy
  • honestly, he might be the one who doesn’t even realize he’s got feelings for you
    • he knows himself but he also is super ignorant of himself (if that makes sense?) like he’ll acknowledge things that he knows about himself but he’ll ignore them or he won’t tend to them
    • that being said, Himuro probably has to put the idea in his head that he should confess/ask you out
      • and then atsu would probably be like “yeah i should ?? tf” 
  • you’ve known him for a while, and needless to say you two are pretty similar in the fact that you’d never in a million years realize he had feelings for you because he didn’t even realize he had feelings for you
  • he’d probably confess in the same manner that a child confesses to breaking something
    • he’s all bashful + like not able to meet your eyes
    • “i guess i kinda like you, chibi-chin? you smell nice and…i’ve known you for real long…and you’re not as bothersome as everyone else…”
    • you’d respond with something like “of course you like me, we’re best friends”
    • and then he’d try to get you to understand using terrible examples “nah, i’m not saying like like best friends. i’m saying like LIKE LIKE, ya know?” 
    • it would just going on like that for an unbearable amount of time + someone that the both of you know (himuro) would have to step in + force the two of you be on the same page
  • if you do ever get around to accepting his confession…
    • y’all would honestly act the same way that you did before you were dating because y’all were basically IT
    • the only thing that would change is that atsu would be ALOT more touchy + a lot more whiny when he wanted something
      • dating that man is like dating a big ass baby. weird.
    • but he’d be really sweet nonetheless. very thoughtful.
    • OH BOY WOULD HE BE PROTECTIVE. he’d be jealous of anyone you hung out with a lot when y’all were just friends, but now that y’all are dating OOF it’s so much worse.
  • if you reject him…
    • nothing changes. you literally go back to being best friends.
    • atsu’s personality makes him immune to awkward situations since he doesn’t get many social cues, therefore he’d just be really nonchalant about it. he may even apologize.
    • you’d be like nah i don’t feel the same + he’d be like eh so you wanna go grab a bite ??
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