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#aomine daiki

au prompt where kise spreads his spotify account and makes his close friends follow his account.

kise: hi follow my spotify account to win a free hug from me!! jk [inserts his spotify acc code anyway]

aomine: i don’t use spotify, can i just get a hug from u

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Sure!! I hope you like this xx

Scenario: Your first time with Aomine (nsfw)

It had been about a month since you and Aomine had begun dating and things were going rather smoothly. The two of you had been good friends before you started dating so you were able to skip the awkward stage most new relationships struggle with; your conversations weren’t any different now that you were dating, it’s just that there was a lot more touching and physical affection involved. It was still kind of weird getting used to having Aomine wrap his arms around you spontaneously or plant a kiss on your lips out of the blue, but it was always a welcome surprise.

The two of you never really got further than kisses and make out sessions though, however as time went one it was becoming increasingly obvious that both of you wanted more. An opportunity finally presented itself when Aomine was home alone one day and called you to come over. You had been texting each other back and forth prior to it and the conversation kept taking very suggestive turns until your boyfriend seemingly got frustrated by the lack of your touch.

When you knocked on Aomine’s front door, you were greeted by the usual, “Hey babe,” and peck on the lips before he welcomed you in.

His bedroom was in its usual state: a mess. With clothes sprawled out on the floor and a variety of magazines ranging from sports-related to gravure, scattered across his desk, his room was just as one would expect it to be.

“Er, sorry about the mess,” he said out of courtesy, though he didn’t seem the slightest bit embarrassed about it

“When is it not a mess?” You said, sarcasm laced in your tone.

“Momoi usually comes over and ends up cleaning. I guess it’s clean then,” he shrugged as he plopped onto his bed with his back resting against the headboard.

You were about to take a seat at the chair by his desk, but Aomine gave you a confused look that made you stop and stare back with an equally confused glare, “What?”

“Why are you sitting there?” he asked as if you did something criminally wrong.

“Is there something wrong with this chair?” you questioned, not putting it past him to have a broken chair in his room.

“No, but come sit with me,” he said, patting down the empty space next to him on the bed.

Sighing and shaking your head at his clinginess, you moved over and climbed onto the bed, leaning against the headboard as your shoulders touched. “Happy now?” you asked sarcastically, your head turning to him with a soft smile on your face.

“Overjoyed,” Aomine returned your sarcasm. “So overjoyed in fact, that I might just kiss you out of sheer joy,” he grinned.

“Well I hope you don’t because I’m saving my first kiss till marriage,” you said, making him chuckle.

“Seems like you’ve already broken that rule so you shouldn’t mind this too much,” he said, playing along before leaning in close. You could feel the smile on his lips as he kissed you, his hand slowly making its way to your waist, which he pulled closer to himself. As your tongues danced with each other’s, Aomine slowly rolled over so that he was laying on top of you, not losing contact with your lips for even a moment.

Aomine’s hips eventually began to move against you as his mouth slowly made its way down to your neck. Your skin was so soft and tasted so sweet that Aomine couldn’t resist nibbling on your neck from time to time, gaining soft groans from you as he continued to leave marks behind. The navy haired boy wanted more though. He wanted to leave marks all over your body. So as he fiddled with the hem of your shirt, he finally stopped his movements and looked at you underneath him with a devious look in his eyes. “Hey, why don’t we go all the way today?” he suggested, voice low and raspy after having kissed you for so long.

You couldn’t help but smile at the sound of those words. “Are you sure? Do you have a condom?”

He reached over to his bedside drawer and picked out a small blue square shaped packet. “Yep, right here,” he said, waving it around.

“Then sure, why not,” you smiled dorkily.

With a wide smile on his face, Aomine reconnected his lips with yours, lingering on them for a while before making his way down your neck again, however he soon pulled your shirt off, gawking at your chest for a bit before he continued to work on leaving more marks along your torso. He finally reached the waistband of your pants when he looked back up at you again.

“Are we really doing this?” he asked, unable to believe that it was actually going to happen, as he became giddy with excitement that was evident with the sparkle in his dark eyes.

Your hand met his cheek, softly caressing it as you nodded lightly, “Yes, let’s do it,” you smiled.

It was your first time with Aomine and you weren’t sure what to expect. As he pulled his shirt off soon after taking off your pants, you couldn’t help but get more excited upon the sight of his toned upper body, which undoubtedly had you holding back drool as he just looked so hot. Aomine seemed to know his way around though, effortlessly pulling clothes off and tossing them to the side until you were both completely naked.

You had to admit, a naked Aomine was definitely a sight to see. Every single part had you swooning over him, and his length was certainly impressive. Aomine seemed to be equally taken aback by your body too though. No matter how many gravure magazines he went through, seeing the real deal right in front of him never failed to leave his mouth hanging.

He quickly snapped out of it though and he began to leave kisses on your inner thigh. As he did so, your fingers began running through his hair absentmindedly, however they quickly gripped onto his short strands when he suddenly licked between your thighs. Flinching slightly at the sudden tug on his hair, he soon began to smirk as his tongue began to lick over, slowly making its way inside you as well. Hearing your gasps and heavy breathing only encouraged him to do it more, but he was also aching to feel you wrapped around him.

Aomine reluctantly pulled away from your body and tore open the plastic packet he’d taken out earlier. After rolling it onto his length, he lined himself between your thighs and looked at you eagerly underneath him.

Your cheeks were still flushed red from his tongue and Aomine seemed to be proud at the sight of it. You still managed to give him a small nod as a way of telling him to continue. So Aomine slowly pushed himself into you, making you flinch from the slight pain you felt of being stretched open. Aomine let out a deep long groan as his length was completely wrapped by your insides. “Fuck,” he muttered under his breath, feeling relieved that he was finally able to do this after he’d been aching for it for a while.

He paused for a moment to let you adjust as he leaned down to kiss you again. “Daiki,” you gasped when he pulled away, “Please move.”

Without hesitation, he did as you asked, slowly beginning to move in and out of you and gaining soft moans from you as he did. “Is this okay?” he asked you after a few moments, wanting to make sure that he wasn’t hurting you. He had a tendency to be quite rough in bed, so he was very cautious since it was only his first time with you.

You nodded, as pain soon subsided and was taken over by pleasure. “F-Faster,” you gasped.

Aomine slowly picked up his pace, though he was still holding back and you could feel it. It was clearly out of concern for you, but little did he know that you too liked it rough.

“Daiki, please go faster,” you begged, your hands gripping onto the bedsheets in desperation as your hips tried to move too in attempt to go faster yourself.

“Are you sure?” Aomine asked, voice soft as he looked at your small squirming body underneath him.

Your eyes stared straight into his with confidence, “I want you to fucking wreck me,” you said, the sound of those words along with the desperate look you gave him sending a wave of excitement throughout Aomine’s body as he became even more turned on.

“Well then, don’t complain when you can’t walk tomorrow,” he smirked before lifting your legs so they were over his shoulders before thrusting into you faster then you could imagine. He somehow managed to go deeper with every thrust, causing the volume of your moans to gradually increase as he went on. Before you knew it, you were screaming so loud that Aomine was sure even the people living three blocks away from him could hear. The navy haired boy pushed his lips against yours to engage you in a sloppy kiss that shut you up. As much as he loved the sound of you screaming for him, he loved feeling you struggle to kiss him back just as much.

After a minute or so of this, he finally pulled away from your lips but also pulled out completely, making you whine at the loss of contact.

Aomine flipped you over so that you were on all fours, with your ass facing him. He slipped inside you once more, making you moan in pleasure of being filled again. He leaned over to your ear and whispered, “I hope you’re still okay, because I’m not gonna go easy on you now.”

You felt shivers run down your spine as a smile spread across your face. “Do your worst,” you challenged, eager to see what Aomine was truly like in bed.

The navy haired boy straightened his back and gripped your hips tightly. Before you knew it, he was slamming into you faster and harder than before, hitting your spot with every thrust. You were once again screaming helplessly in pleasure, making Aomine inch closer and closer to his climax as his movements became sloppier and he began to let out groans of satisfaction.

“D-Daiki, I’m close,” you said breathlessly in between screams and moans.

You felt Aomine’s grip on your hips get tighter. “God you feel so good, Y/N,” he groaned, “I’m close too.”

With a loud moan of his name, you finally reached your high, tightening yourself around Aomine who was finding it increasingly difficult to hold himself together. Soon after you did, he too reached his climax and finally let himself go, feeling nothing but euphoria as he collapsed into his mattress, skin glistening with sweat.

“I didn’t know you liked it that rough, Y/N,” he smirked as the two of you laid in bed, catching your breaths.

“Well, I guess you know now,” you smiled, flustered.

A grin spread across Aomine’s reddened face. He could definitely get used to having more of this.

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okay but imagine a knb realistic au in which they made a pact to dye their hair the colour that was in their name but kuroko was a rebel and decided to go for light blue because his hair was already black (can’t imagine the horror of having to bleach his hair down to platinum and then go for that light blue) and akashi was a madlad and picked magenta instead of red. i think the funniest is midorima because of his personality. like kise just bleached his hair, pretty straight forward, murasakibara probably would have gotten his sisters to bleach and dye his hair for him or something and getting that dark blue colour aomine has is pretty easy with naturally dark hair. but imagine midorima shintarou, first of his name, having to sit through more than one round of bleach to get his hair to that incredible green tone is just fucking hilarious. also this would give a lot of depth to akashi’s otherwise flat character because dyeing your hair in japan is seen as pretty thuggish and rebelious so for this kid with a shitty helicopter father to actually go and dye it magenta, a colour that is coded as feminine, is pretty hardcore.

bonus: nijimura left because he refused to dye his hair the colours of the rainbow

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