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#Kuroko Tetsuya

okay but imagine a knb realistic au in which they made a pact to dye their hair the colour that was in their name but kuroko was a rebel and decided to go for light blue because his hair was already black (can’t imagine the horror of having to bleach his hair down to platinum and then go for that light blue) and akashi was a madlad and picked magenta instead of red. i think the funniest is midorima because of his personality. like kise just bleached his hair, pretty straight forward, murasakibara probably would have gotten his sisters to bleach and dye his hair for him or something and getting that dark blue colour aomine has is pretty easy with naturally dark hair. but imagine midorima shintarou, first of his name, having to sit through more than one round of bleach to get his hair to that incredible green tone is just fucking hilarious. also this would give a lot of depth to akashi’s otherwise flat character because dyeing your hair in japan is seen as pretty thuggish and rebelious so for this kid with a shitty helicopter father to actually go and dye it magenta, a colour that is coded as feminine, is pretty hardcore.

bonus: nijimura left because he refused to dye his hair the colours of the rainbow

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