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#gom x reader
Generation of miracles with a S/O who’s better than them at basketball but is shy about it/doesn’t show off too much headcanons plz! 🙌🏼😁🤩😁🙌🏼

A/N: Heyy anon,,these were fun to write so we hope you like them hehe ~Bliss & Lily


Originally posted by stuff-y


  • You knew your boyfriend, Aomine, was a really really good basketball player
  • He was also really intimidating on the court
  • Which was why you never told him you could play
  • Of course he found out eventually when he invited you to play 2v2 with him against Kagami and Kuroko
  • He honestly didn’t think you’d be able to play well and just thought you’d look cute playing
  • He was right about one thing
  • You were extremely cute when playing
  • But you were also extremely good
  • Like he barely gets to touch the ball and you guys were winning??
  • Let’s just say Aomine was confused and just stood there with a dazed look on his face
  • “Oi Y/n, why didn’t you ever tell me you were good at basketball?”
  • “Ummm…”
  • “Nevermind, I know now,” he said with a smirk
  • He proceeded to practically kick Kagami and Kuroko out of the court and challenged you to one-on-one
  • In which you beat him
  • When the game ended, he just stared at you with the same dazed face except this time you could see his eyes were brimming with happiness and love
  • Having an s/o who not only plays basketball but can beat him in it was the best thing he could ever ask for
  • “Guess I’m not the only one who can beat me now”
  • You blushed at his words
  • From then on, you guys would spend lots of time playing basketball
  • You’d teach each other different skills and challenge the heck out of each other
  • The scariest thing is when you two team up
  • Once you played together a bit and got used to each other, you two became unstoppable
  • At the end of every game you play and win together, Aomine would now say “The only one that can beat us is us.”

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OH MY GOD I HAVE ONE. College AU where literally all of GoM go to the same college and live in the same house or apartment (and its nice af cuz Akashi's got most of the rent covered lol). But the thing is, Akashi's s/o is also there and they share a room. But every time they try to get in the mood to do the do, one of the members always interrupts. In the bedroom, living room when they're alone, or even when the place is fucking empty. Up to you if they ever succeed in having they're sexy times~

College AU because I’m heading back to college here but I CAN TOTALLY SEE THIS THANK YOU ANON. FUNNY STORY I’m kinda hanging around my boyfriend’s place like Akashi’s s/o (but I don’t live there) so this IS KINDA RELATABLE.

Your eyes perked up as someone fumbled with their keys at the door. It opened, but it was only Midorima’s tired green eyes that greeted you — not Seijuro, as you had hoped. “Hey,” you said. 

As a regular student, not a member of the university’s competitive basketball team (that practiced ‘til late evening), you were home quite frequently, and the boys would trickle in depending on their schedules. Together, you and the Generation of Miracles shared a large two-story house a few blocks from campus that Akashi had graciously rented for his teammates. Since you were Akashi’s significant other, he asked for you to share a room with him, and of course, you couldn’t decline. 

Midorima was usually one of the last ones home, since he usually enjoys studying in the library. However, Akashi never failed to be the latest one back, and for that reason, you missed him desperately. Usually, you end up falling on the sofa waiting for him and he would gently scoop you into his arms, carrying you up the stairs and placing you on the fluffy king-sized mattress. 

Or, on nights when he was extremely tired, he would open up the sofa into a futon mattress and curl up next to you with extra blankets. He never woke you up, but you did anyways — just to kiss him good night. 

Today, you were determined to stay up. After all, it was a Friday and Fridays were reserved for late night wine and…some after hours fun. You and Sei didn’t get that very often. You sighed, rubbed your eyes and was about to lay down for a minute when you heard the door knob jiggle and Akashi appeared, with windblown red hair and reddened cheeks from the fall weather. 

“Hey handsome,” you called from the sofa, and his lips quirked into a small smile. “What took you so long?” 

He looked apologetic as he scooped you into his arms, placing gentle kisses across your face. “Ah, you know…errands. I hope you accept my deepest apologies,” he said, flirtatiously kissing your hand as he pulled you closer to him. Akashi gives you the deepest kisses; he was no stranger when it came to boldly invading your mouth with his tongue, as you gently moaned into him. 

Just when he began sliding his muscled arms down your back, you both broke apart when you heard heavy footsteps descending down the stairs. Aomine’s hulking body was covered only in a towel as he obliviously walked past you two, heading towards the kitchen. 

“Put on some clothes,” Akashi remarked, but his eyes never left your lips. It felt like an eternity as Aomine made his nightly protein shake (with his screeching blender blasting noise), but Akashi’s fingers were sensuously massaging your body the entire time. As soon as Aomine’s footsteps ascended the stairs, Akashi immediately pounced on you, like a tiger that had been patiently awaiting its prey. He nipped, bit and sucked as you struggled to hold back your moans, and just when he scooped you into his arms to carry you up the stairs… 

“Akashiiiiiiiii-cchi” Kise’s bright voice pierced through the silence of the house, and his blonde head peeked out from his bedroom. “I forgot to ask you, but did you see any magazines in our mail box when you came home tonight?” 

Akashi’s jaw hardened, and for a split second, you thought he was going to drop you. “No. Check it yourself,” he said, before storming up the stairs with your body still in his arms. 

He yanked open your shared master bedroom and threw you on the mattress (the biggest piece of furniture in the room). “Stay,” he commanded, and you did. After all, it was futile to disobey Akashi in the bedroom, for he only sexually punishes you for it later. You stayed, but only moments after you left the room, Murasakibara barged in, a bag of chips in hand.

“Do you know where Akashi keeps his treats? He owes me some,” the giant said, as he casually popped five chips in his mouth. Before you could respond, Akashi returned and slammed the door loudly.

“OUT!” he yelled at Mura, and you winced. In your boyfriend’s right hand was a pair of handcuffs, and after he slammed the door in Mura’s face, he wasted no time settling you in with his metal toy. 

“Ahem,” you heard a quiet cough inside the room. You blinked. It was Kuroko. Akashi flushed a deep shade of red and nearly flung himself at Kuroko, if you hadn’t pulled back on his right arm.


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Can I request a cute scenario of Murasakibara please? Opening presents together, or rather trying to open presents together because they're too busy stuffing their faces with Christmas snacks (they're both snacks junkies and those snacks are presents from their friends) :D

Opening presents with Mura was a task that took about a couple of hours, since you both were so easily distracted in the holiday setting. You came over to his house early Christmas day, since your family had late night festivities on Christmas Eve, and you were bombarded with various delicious aromas coming from the kitchen.

“Atsushi, what’s that I smell?” you call out, and your giant of a boyfriend came out, his hair tied up with reindeer antlers on his head. “My entire family is here, and well, we have several cooks in the family,” he said, munching on a leftover candy cane. You clucked your tongue, chiding him that he would not have an appetite for the toffees you brought over. 

The Murasakibara household was in organized chaos – with the young ones running around, trying to find their presents and Christmas cookies. Mura led you to his bedroom, and you sat on the huge bed as he plopped down multiple gifts in front of you. “Not all of them are from me. Himuro and several of my other teammates gave them to me for you,” he said, but he made sure to show you that the largest package was his. 

“Alright, let’s do this then,” you said, tearing into the package that was from Himuro. You smiled in delight as you tore through the wrapping paper. He had accumulated for you both snacks from Tokyo Disney since he went just yesterday. “What do we try first?” You looked in fascination at the mouse shaped milk buns and caramelized popcorn. “Why not a little bit of everything?” your boyfriend suggested, throwing you a sly grin.

You rolled your eyes, knowing that “a little bit” meant everything. Before you could respond, Mura leaned down to peck you on the lips, saying that the kiss was his first snack. It was a running joke between you two. Before Atsushi would dive into a snack or a new dish, he would kiss you to say that he tasted you first and foremost, before any food. 

You sighed, throwing in a piece of caramel popcorn into your mouth. Suddenly, your nose perked up at the wafted scent of apple pie coming from the kitchen. You and your boyfriend locked eyes, and you instinctively hopped off the bed, desperately wanting to beat him to the kitchen.

He tried to pull you back by wrestling your stomach with tickles, but you jumped ahead, making your way towards the stairs. He caught you halfway down and threw you over his shoulder. “I love how you always try to race me to food, ____-chin,” he said, and you groaned, knowing that the festivities at Atsushi’s house would surely take the entire day — just because you were fighting over food. 

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Hello Taeri ❤ Are you familiar with High School Musical? A scenario where Himuro and his fem!crush are in the same situation (got randomly picked in a party to sing a duet together)? Could be a romantic Christmas song if you want lol and also how would they interact afterwards? Thank you, I hope this is okay :'D

YES, High School Musical is a part of my childhood <3 Long scenario warning, but I put a lot of work into it. 


Himuro felt his face flush as the spotlight fell on him. The Akashi residence had an annual holiday party, and every year, there was a karaoke tradition that started, largely, for Akashi’s amusement. Everyone partook in the tradition, however, and Himuro could see Kagami whooping loudly in the background as his name was called out to sing the next piece. 

He walked on stage towards the empty microphone, eyes averting the crowd, scanning it for the person whose presence mattered the most at this time. He was about to breathe a sigh of relief, seeing that you were not there to witness his embarrassing karaoke ordeal. Himuro could sing, but he only did so in the shower, or when preparing his breakfast. It wasn’t like he had the voice of an angel or a pop-star — he was just an average singer. 

His sigh of relief, however, never came. Himuro realized he never heard the name of the second person who was to duet with him, and when he turned to his left, he saw you in a flowy pink gown and his heart dropped, as did his jaw, slightly. 

“______?” he whispered incredulously. “This is ridiculous, huh,” you laughed, tucking a loose strand of hair behind your ear. His eyes traveled from your ear to your neckline, and he allowed himself a moment of admiration in your beauty. 

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One lone mercenary.
Six co leaders of a gang.
If they were to meet again..
What would happen?

You took a deep breath, and sprinted across the rooftop, and leaping off of it to the next, scrambling for the edge. Dust and pebbles kicked up, You had only barely brushed the edge, when you clambered back to your feet, and once again started to race away.
“Why is she so fast? She’s only a girl, it’s not like she can do much.” You heard one of the men behind you shout. ‘Sexist much?’ You thought irritably, and gripped onto the satellite cable that was coming up, and swung around, lifting up your foot and kicking the man right in the throat. He sucked in a breath, and clutched at his throat, falling backwards and tripping over his own feet. “What is wrong with this chick? Can’t she buy her own guns? She’s in a gang, right?” One of the other men muttered behind you. You quickly spun around, giving a harsh roundhouse kick along with an uppercut.
“Well, you see honey, I’m not part of some gang. And this gun so happens to be the particular one I want, if you couldn’t see that already, and I have no intentions of giving back anytime soon, unfortunately.” You gave a sickly sweet smile to the man on the ground clutching his jaw, and turned to the last man standing. The fake grin you had quickly disappeared, and you pulled out the gun you had stolen, and pointed it at the last guy, a bored expression now plastered onto your face.
“Now, sweetie, you better go tell your petty boss that I’m not handing this back….. or would you rather be shot off of this building?” You asked, starting to cock the gun at his face. He stuttered out a yes,and fled pathetically, nearly tripping over the edge of the roof. “Now with that done and over with….” You sighed, placing it back in your jacket. You turned around, and was about to head back to your place when you knocked your forehead against someone’s chest. You groaned, and clutched it, glaring up at the person in front of you.
“You know, it’s pretty funny when you do that considering you’re trying to scare me off yet you’re so much shorter than me.” Aomine snickered, his short blue hair slightly waving in the wind. You rolled your eyes, and shoved past him, annoyed already.
“Shut up, you ganguro, go jerk off to one of your gravure magazines.” You flipped him off, and shoved past him, ready to walk off, when you were grabbed around the waist, and pulled back, knocking your head back into his chest.
“Aomine-chii, what’s taking you so lo- (Name)-chii~!” Kise popped his head above the edge of the roof, squealed loudly while climbing up, and running at you quickly. Your eyes widened slightly, shuffling backwards and pushing Aomine along.
“Kise, I swear to god if you pounc-” You threatened, starting to reach for your gun. He lunged at you, pulling you out of Aomine’s grasp. He then hugged you tightly, burying his face
Into your neck. “I missed you (Name)-chii, why didn’t you visit like you promised?” He slightly whined, nudging you. You rolled your eyes, and grabbed his arms, pushing him away from you.
“I didn’t promise anything, much less promising I would actually come visit you.” You muttered, shoving him away and shooting him a look. You walked over to the edge of the roof, and grabbed the edge of the ladder, choosing to slide down it instead of climbing. You soon hopped off, brushing your hands on you pants, wincing the small cuts appearing on your skin. As you looked up, you were startled to find two shockingly red orbs staring at you.
“It’s been a while, (Name). Now, I’d appreciate if you stopped for a bit over at our… flat right now.”

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