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#last line tag
spacesweepers · a year ago
I dreamt that there was a new meme that went, “If I dids it, I dids it. If I didsn't, I didsn't.” There was a third line, but I forgot what it was.
Edited to add: “It dodsn’t matter.”
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we’ve all heard of polio, a disabling and life-threatening disease caused by poliovirus, that ran rampant through the world before it was eradicated (in the west) with the introduction of a vaccine in the 1950s. enough time has passed that most of us, and most of our parents, have grown up without knowing people who survived polio.
what I bet you didn't know about is something called Post-Polio Syndrome. it occurs in more than half of people who survive poliovirus, and it occurs decades later. year after people have lived through polio, years after they have “recovered,” they begin to struggle. they begin to decline. they experience pain and weakness and loss of function. they develop new disabilities, and see old disabilities worsen. and there is no cure, only management. 
That’s what happens post poliovirus. It happens bc poliovirus causes lifelong damage, the extent of which is only revealed decades later. We are among the first generations to grow up not knowing people who live with the longterm consequences of poliovirus.
We will be among the first to find out what Post-Corona Syndrome looks like.
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quinintheclouds · 2 years ago
I’m just waiting for the episode when the Sides are having an argument and eventually Virgil notices Logan hasn’t spoken in a while... they look to see Logan covering his mouth. They worry it’s Deceit, but instead, as soon as Patton asks if he’s okay, Logan just lets out a tiny sob and starts crying.
Okay, well now I have to write it.
“Guys, can we stop with the yelling? This isn’t helpful.” Roman and Virgil’s fight had left Thomas with an incredible headache, and he couldn’t take another second of it.
“He’s right.” Virgil tugged at his hoodie. “We’re getting nowhere.” 
Something had been off all day; everyone felt it. A beat passed before Virgil could place his unease. “Logan, you haven’t said anything in a while — what do you think?”
It set in that Logan had been uncharacteristically absent from the conversation, and everyone turned to acknowledge him. Logan was standing with one arm folded against his chest and a hand clasped firmly to his mouth.
Roman gasped and drew his sword. “Deceit?” 
Though the others stiffened in preparation, Patton shook his head. He knew Logan best, and this was still his Logan.
“Lo?” The room hushed at the quiet strength in Patton’s sincerity.
Logan had kept his eyes averted until now, fixated hopelessly on the wall’s big picture, but something in Patton’s tone made him look over to meet his safe, familiar gaze. There was a pause of recognition between the two.
“Are you okay?”
That broke him. A quick, barely audible sob escaped Logan’s lips and through his trembling fingers, and the tears came all at once. Logan tightened his arm about his ribs, compressing his lungs and forcing his palm still harder against his mouth. All attempts to steady himself failed. He stood shaking silently while everyone else exchanged looks of confusion and fear. Except for Patton. He was still staring right at Logan, unfaltering and calm. Logan almost laughed at the irony, but instead choked on his frustration.
Each tear scorched his skin in a cruel confirmation that everything he’d worked for, everything he’d tried so hard to be, had been undone. Irreparably. All he’d accomplished lately was hurt the others and fail to serve his one purpose. His glasses fogged, pulling clarity even further from reach, and he clenched his eyes shut. Hand and face were drenched in this horrifying display of vulnerability. 
No one spoke for a long time. Logan swallowed hard and let out all the air he’d been holding. He looked around the room at the faces of the people he’d let down. Then, against his own volition, one thought finally broke through the last of his defenses. “I’m just so... lost.”
Virgil’s voice caught in his throat. “I know.”
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druidx · 10 months ago
Last Line Tag
I got tagged by @inkwell-attitude​. Thanks, cariad!
Rules: Post the last line you wrote (from any WIP) and tag the same number of people as there are words.
"Baurus, I vomited in the Emperor's chamber.”
- Flowers and Ice
7 tags for 7 words (as always, null pressure): 
@strosmkai-rum @ezwriting @clarissa-archello @lexiewriter @leannehuang @aquadestinyswriting @adelinemwriting
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catjacket-scribbles · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
star wars + critical role concept where caleb and essek are the top force-sensitive prodigies sent from rival systems to train with the mysterious cerberus assembly and ultimately end up joining forces to unmask the assembly’s sith nature and defeat them with their new pals from across the galaxy…
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mageyalook · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
princess fjorm... suppose we had chosen a different path back in nifl...
could we have been... with you, could we have been...
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diphthongsfordays · 22 days ago
Last Line Tag
Tagged by the fabulous @winterandwords, thanks!!
Last line I wrote was for camp NaNo, in the outline draft of Firetide Rising book 3!
“Be very, very careful what you say next, child,” said Maile, eyes moving meaningfully to where Kina’s friends had formed ranks behind her. “For their sakes, as much as yours.”
I tag (with no pressure!!): @akindofmagictoo, @writingonesdreams, @all-whumped-out, @ashen-crest, @thegreatobsesso, @riftversus and open tag for anyone else who wants it!
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kitkatwinchester · 11 months ago
Thanks for tagging me @baloobird and @snarky--starky! 
Rules: post the last line you wrote then tag as many people as there are words in the line.
This is from an X-Men fic with an OC that I wrote forever ago and put up on QuoteV, but I’m trying to re-format and re-plan it before I move it to AO3. 
But, I can’t help the smile that sits on my face, because even with all the craziness, I have to admit there’s a tiny part of me that had just a little bit of fun. 
I’m tagging @misha-moose-dean-burger-lover, @crowleyellestair, @iron--spider, @ironfamjam, and @i-am-irondad. Have fun! 
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pinkmangostudies · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
one of the things i dislike most about our education system is that in physical education, we have to sit in class and write down notes. i understand that learning about the workings of our body is important, but shouldn’t that be covered in health class? isn’t the entire intention of p.e. for students to y’know, move around a bit?
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muppenthings · a year ago
Tumblr media
So you thought the whale looked small? *places Logan on him* Behold.
This was inspired by Anon Octopus :D But then I had to incorporate it somehow into the story. This takes place somewhere in the middle of it. So have a small peek at what’s to come I guess?
Tag list:
@bunny222 @justanotherpurplebutterfly @vitriolic-artist @sparrow-flightninggale @unsurepotatohooman @welovelogansanders @the-aroace-queen-in-the-quiver @lonelyanxiousbean @justanothernerdyfandomblog @luci-the-android @hiddendreamer67 @raccoonrabbit15 @theregoesmygpa @hikarisakurariver @thenaiads @secretlypansexualmango @infinitywarkilledmysoul @averykedavra @yalltookmyurlideas @iamdarknessiamdeath @nonbeenary-enbee @alexisthedevilsfox @agoddamnrayofsunshine @rainbowbowtie @fakeestateart @firefox2215 @mynamehasbeenstolen @werewolfsonpage394 @pixelatedrose @sablesides @ncanspeak
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gamblermp3 · a year ago
shownu is genuinely the nicest person ever and here are some reasons why:
when minhyuk confessed and apologized for having used his toothbrush while they were at jeju island his response was “I don’t care. nevermind.”
when wonhyuk were on vlive they pranked called shownu by pretending to be the main desk on the hotel phone told him he needed to go downstairs immediately bc it was an emergency so he got dressed and went down only to find it was a joke and he just laughed it off
that one time he shot a cf and distributed his earnings w ALL members
to wake up hyungwon he literally guides his body softly and gently out of bed
when the members were asked when do they feel shownu is great changkyun immediately said all the time every time he looks at him jooheon said when he’s on stage next to him bc he’s reliable wonho said when he’s sick bc he’s the first person to care for him and ask him how he’s doing and then he said he’s nice like that every day 
when shownu and changkyun went to support hyungwon’s dj set and told mbb to pls film hyungwon instead of filming them 
he’s not greedy at all and shares his things w the members often changkyun said he can see this in his actions as well
the way kihyun respects shownu for who he is as a person I don’t even have an example he just does 24/7 it’s evident that shownu’s kind heart is seen constantly by him he only ever has good things to say about him
when he surprised hyungwon and changkyun for their bday during their 2020 fancon by pretending to need to go to the bathroom and brought back a cake and had a graphic and song playing in the background and no one knew about this he’d kept it a secret and hyungkyun were so happy about it
when they were in hong kong during the right now reality tv show and they were playing a game where the loser would have to go back to the hotel room and couldn’t partake in the rest of the day’s activities and he ended up losing and going back to the hotel room w ZERO complaints whatsoever
when they were on idol room during we are here era and they were asked what complaints they had about his leadership and no member could come up w anything bc he lets them do what they want lets them be who they want w no judgment or prejudice whatsoever
when they were on idol room during follow : find you era there was segment involving a balloon that would be passed around and would pop he stepped to the side w wonho and asked if he didn’t want it to be passed to him bc he knows wonho doesn’t like the sound of balloons popping and wanted to be considerate
this list is endless... shownu is an incredible person and we’re all so lucky to have him in our lives
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mypottah · 3 years ago
Harry: Ron, tell me, what's the best way to ask a Valentine's date out?
Ron: Just walk straight towards her, give a complement and ask her to go with you.
Harry: Ok, thanks mate, I'm going to do it immediately.
Ron: You're welcome, good luck!
*** a few minutes later ***
Ron: Hi Hermione, has Harry already asked you to be his date?
Hermione: No, will he?
Harry: *heard from behind the corner* Hey Draco, your hair looks really nice today!
Ron: Oh...
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