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#last line tag

Tagged by @hellokaelyn

Rules: post the last line you write (from any wip) and tag the same number of people as there are words

“Oh my gosh. This, this makes it all worth it.” Squinting his eyes and tilting his head, Nick looked at Ellie oddly. She was sitting on the opposite end of the sofa, what had quickly become her end over the last month, digging into a pint of Ben and Jerry’s double fudge ice cream with M&M’s. 

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thank you @haventriestowrite for the tag :D

okay so this is one of those where you’re supposed to tag as many people as there are words in the line but like. I may not manage that. 

yet again I used a random number generator to get a page for this, so you guys get some fluff :) you’re welcome

Aella climbed over his legs to sit down on his right side. Her finger brushed the side of his neck, featherlight. “What’s that?”

He jumped. “Your hands are cold!”

Theo and Aella stargaze and flirt (well, Aella is flirting with Theo. Theo may not have noticed, but he’s enjoying himself nonetheless) 

tagging (I do not have 29 people to tag…) @writingbyjillian @zmlorenz @isherwoodj @the-orangeauthor @themindfulmint @abeanstories and @writingonesdreams :)) 

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i’ve wrote, like, nothing this past month because of the insane amount of work i have for college applications so here is the one (1) thing i have to share.

Sage handed me an envelope, a shimmering jade seal stamped over the mouth.
“What is it?” I asked, rubbing my thumb over the wax. It was molded into some kind of organic sigil, but I couldn’t recognize what for.
“A letter—don’t open it yet!” she blurted when I had begun to dig my nail under the paper, “I want you to do it when you’re alone.”
I didn’t get why, but nodded anyway. “Okay.”

tagged by @wordsofpaintandsmoke

tagging @lexaawrites @indecentpause @keeperofthequill (no pressure if youre not up for the tag!)

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tagged by @fictional-semantics! I feel like I was tagged by someone else a while back too, but at that point I was in a little dead spot and didn’t do anything and I can’t remember anymore.

this isn’t from any wip, but it’s from a rough short piece I wrote to get a feel of the history/backstory of the world.

Kayo raised her hands. Small tendrils of fire appeared, curling around her fingers like vines and illuminating their faces. It didn’t burn her, not when she was in control. Instead, it was a slight warmth, slightly ticklish.

Drian laughed softly in delight. Kayo leaned forward, and brushed her lips against his. Then she turned, the fire extinguishing, and mounted. “I really must go. Until another day, Drian.”

“Until another day, Kayo. I love you.”

Drian turned away first, then Kayo did too. She nudged her horse into a walk, and left the village behind her.

Neither looked back.

tagging (no pressure!): @rubyleaf @catandwitch @ravens-and-rivers @doriians

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Thanks for the tag @c-writeblur

He could feel the speech bubbling up inside him, the long practiced mission statement of the ferrymen, the need to limit the crossings for the health of the In Between, and the need for greater unity among Othersides denizens, like was being practiced in the Mortal realm. But he held himself in check. She wasn’t looking for a lecture, she was trying to engage him. He liked the feel of her attention on him. Wanted to keep it there.

“But for my part, serving as a ferryman is incredibly fulfilling. Pomona helps me feel the connections between all things, not just where to make the best crossings but the way one second passes into another, the way sea gives way to sand gives way to sedge. Through In Between magic, I can almost feel the world changing, and it’s–” He stopped, laughing at himself. “I feel I’m doing my best work here, out in the world forging connections for the court, and you can’t ask for a better calling than that. Doing what makes you feel right inside…” He shrugged. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to get all gospel on you.”

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Saw @linariouswrites‘s one for Raven’s Era and thought to my own:

“Fantastic,” Jay’s voice responded. “You’re the last one Ren got to. Now, does anyone have a visual on the mark?”

A series of negatives before Hol’s voice came on. “Affirmative. They’re in my cart. Three.” 

The Lydi family. Now just to grab the kids before Jay and the rebels find out she was double crossing them. 


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AKA a graphic in lieu of actual text, but thank you, @lightpurplelilies! Although I guess these sort of are the last lines I wrote. Raven’s Era is coming together, word by word. ❤


 WRITER TRILOGY TAGLIST (ask to be + / - )

@alternativeforensicscientist@shattered-starrs, @anomaly00, @thestarlitmuse, @leave-her-a-tome, @frvnwrites, @myhusbandsasemni, @authoreli, @svpphicwrites, @overlap, @rhikasa​, @missingpeace

New WIP intro coming because I felt the old one was barely holding together, and also I haven’t posted in ages

Loving this? There’s a whole Discord for it. Voila.

Tagging whoever sees this >:) Do it, I triple-dog dare you!

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@writeanapocalae tagged my main fandom account @mojonesin. This is my writers blog

I have been getting a book ready to publish, so I haven’t been writing at much. Here is a little bit from a new WIP.

Emma taps her finger on Bats’ hand. “Thanks. I forget that none of you are mind readers. I get trapped inside my head a lot.”

“Thomas [psychic] said he heard surface thoughts when you walked by one day. Gave him a headache.”

She furrows her brow. “Is that way he avoids me? I’ve seen him stop and cross the street like I’m some wicked Karen.”

“Yeah. You scare the poor boy.”

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Last Line Tag

WOW so ive been tagged a lot for this by @writingbyjillian @writingamongthecoloredroses, @svpphicwrites @andiwriteunderthemoon

sorry for my inactivity lol

okay so I’ve been grinding on the archetype file and:

Tiffany stood up, drawing herself up to her full height, plus the three inches of her heels. “Then there’s no need for further discussion. Come back when you have a concrete claim and evidence that Shockwave, who has lingered in the shadows, yes, but has done nothing but help our city, promises to be an actual threat.”

oh, and i did flash fiction for the first time:

“You’re beautiful.” I breathe. My hand reaches out, brushing against the fabric of one of their skirts. The fabric is impossibly soft and smooth, like it was stitched with water.

“I am not beautiful. I am death.”

so uh I’ll tag with no pressure @wordsbynathan @shattered-starrs @jadeywrites @reininginthefirewriting @pen-and-inks

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last line tag

thanks @writingbyjillian for the tag :))

full disclosure I used a random number generator to pick a page. this is chapter 25: Food for the Prisoner 

Whatever had happened with Tempest, it had happened before Laila had ever boarded the Nasir. It had been a long time. Who knew what had really happened? Besides Tempest, of course.

Did it even matter who was telling the truth?

The answer to the question came more easily than she thought, but it wasn’t the answer she wanted. She folded her arms and fixed her gaze on the wall.

moral crisis time for Laila lol 

edit: I’m supposed to tag people in these things aren’t I -_- how did I forget that

open tag! if you see this and want to do it feel free :))

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Thanks for the tag @pheita

“What’s a lovely jewel like you doing so far from the Capitol’s crown?”

“Enjoying some of the wonders of the world.” It wasn’t a lie, she was supposed to be on vacation. Looking him over more carefully, she could see the signs of a Noble on walkabout. She was surprised that another Court Faery was here in New Delphi, but she probably shouldn’t have been. It wasn’t as if faeries didn’t travel and New Delphi did seem quite a unique wonder. Her family had simply preferred more isolated locations for vacationing. Tilting her empty glass, “And refilling my drink. What of yourself?”

Just then, Pom darted under her hair, wet with droplets of spray. A large fish splashed against the wards, splattering into runnels of water, only to reform again and leap back up the falls. It had clearly been interested in Pomona, and just as clearly been contained by the fall’s wards.

What wasn’t clear was why it was made entirely of water.

“Rsh’rhea,” Belior said, answering her unasked question. “The living waters of the Crystal Spire. They tell me they’re a lesser cousin of the legendary wyrms that carved out these tunnels eons ago. A sort of animalistic elemental, if you will. Very magical, very rare to see one take form this high up in the spire. They mostly tend to the Floating Gardens downstairs.”

“Water fish that tend to Floating Gardens - quite an oasis for a land of desert.” She mused. The easy back and forth was reminiscent of Court parties, and the familiarity was relaxing. She hadn’t realized how tense she’d been until her shoulders began to ache without it.

“Beauty is what brought me here–I’m a painter, in search of inspiration. Though I didn’t expect to find so lovely a muse quite this early in the day. I must remember to thank the local goddess for such happy kismet.”

Tagging  @cataclysmic-writer @lets-get-fictional @ninalitediting, and anyone else who’d like to do it

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Last Line Tag

Tagged by @writingamongthecoloredroses, tagging you back

I haven’t written much but I did repurpose a ventwrite to make it into a brief journal entry by Hala. Section 2.

Winter has finally set in, so of course my hands are dry and cracked and bloody. Bleeding? Bloody? Same thing. I almost sound like moon there, she’d love that type of wordplay. Observing her thought and speech patterns made me notice that, late at night, she’d always get in a state where she’d say and think things which made her seem ‘bad’, ‘guilty’ of a crime almost, which makes sense now, though it will never stop it from being upsetting. Always late at night, she’d think such thoughts and then tell me to sleep. It’s as if she’s doing that now from [REDACTED].

open tag

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Last Line Tag

he says “yes sir” and “no sir” to

not me not having written in weeks…not this tag exposing me like that…

I was tagged by the lovely @writingamongthecoloredroses !! here are the last lines of a poem i wrote bc i think it’s the last thing ive worked on? anyways:

he says “yes sir” and “no sir” to

men half his age who would snap

their cars locked if he walked past.

-he fixed my glasses; they are dirty, not broken

I tag: @kirsten-is-writing @lightpurplelilies @gottaenjoythelittlethingzz @highlycosmic @an-ink-mess @c-writeblur & anyone else who would like to participate!!

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Rules: create a new post with the last line you wrote, then tag as many people as there are words in that line.

Shoot, @myevilmouse really is evil because I had to go write something else just so I could have something to put down that wasn’t my drabble fics. ;-)

“Ready?”—Hoseok reached out his hand—“The others are waiting for us at Jin’s.”

Looking at EM’s tag list, it looks like a lot of the usual suspects have already been tagged so I’m not going to have 14 people. I’m just going to tag @xjoonchildx because I know she’s curious about this WIP, and @podracing-on-lothal, @carawyno, @inconocible, @taestybae, @gabrielseven , @btsmakesmehappy , @veritascara, @theycallmebecca ,  and @velvetsunset for good measure.

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Rules: post the last line you wrote (from any wip) and tag the same number of people as there are words 

Tagged by @fezwearingjellybananas, thanks. :)

My last WIP worked on is the one I’m posting today so I feel like I’d rather post from the previous WIP. Also, one line alone would not make a lick of sense so have a snippet of a Caitlin and Cisco conversation instead, from the sequel to another WIP that I am sure won’t be finished anytime soon. Warning for angst/MCD mention.

“The future isn’t all hunky dory,” Cisco replies.

“Well no, Barry’s dead, I didn’t expect it would be… but you mean something else, don’t you?”

“I just think… you need to think carefully about what you want out of your future.”

“Is this about my powers?” Caitlin says, not sure if she wants to know much more but unable to resist asking for some idea.

Cisco looks away – the topic is making him uncomfortable, and Caitlin dislikes the reminder of the last time seeing her future made him act like this. “It’s not not about your powers.”

Tagging just a few people: @sophiainspace, @takeunknownroadnow, @battys-home, @ttinycourageous and @tygermine (and anyone else who might like to do it please consider yourself tagged - I’m bad at figuring out who might want tagging so feel free to tell me if you like doing these things)

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Thanks for the tag @the-writing-fandom

Sennec clapped her hands, either ignoring or oblivious to the tension. “So. Who’s hungry?”

Trying to ignore Sennec was awkward, so Daphne addressed Shale. “Breakfast would be nice.”

Shale moved up, taking Daphne’s elbow again. Brisket snickered and Pomona growled, but otherwise the riftlings behaved.

“Whatever you’d like, m’lady, it’s on me.”

Sennec elbowed Shale. “And what about me?”

Shale snorted. “You can get your own food. Daphne is my guest.”

Sennec gave him narrowed eyes. “I thought she was your client.”

Shale answer through gritted teeth. “She is. And since my actions have diverted her from our original course, that makes her my guest until I have made things right. And I remind you, she is standing right her. Please don’t talk circles around her. I shouldn’t have to tell you it’s rude.”

Tagging back  @candyapplewriting​, ​ @castironbitch​, @clarissablackm, and anyone else who’d like to do it

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Thanks for the last line tag @thechapelscrow

“It’s not as big as it looks. That’s what happens when our eyes meet the edge of an edgeless space. It’s stretched to fit, as many or as few baths as we demand of it. That’s why it needs a magical fire, one that can adjust to the demands.” He sighed. “M’balka’s gonna miss me…”

Tagging back  @charleewritesabook, @howdy-writes, @emdop, and anyone else who’d like to do it

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