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#mushroom art

Sooooooo some crazy person decided that, since we were doing a unit on waste in the world and decomposers and all things that break down and recycle other things in science, the logical next step was to connect it to art and have the kids draw a picture of their favourite weird mushroom from our collection of weird mushroom reference pictures.

…I have never seen so many penises, and I was at the University of *redacted* for the great 3-year-long Dildo Censorship In Art Battle. Send help, I cannot grade these I’m dying.

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mushrooms mushrooms mushrooms !!!! don’t worry they aren’t poisonous :P

this is actually a piece that i digitalised a couple days ago and changed up a bit, the original sketch/painting was posted on here a while ago :)

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Here is my happy tears 🤣 I finally managed to get my assignments done before class, and draw some cute mushrooms 🍄

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Mushroom Cat 🍄

[image: a orange cat with dark orange stripes facing right with 3 mushrooms growing from its back. the cats tail is curled around its body with the end of its tail curled up. the cats paws are under its body and it’s in a loaf position. the middle mushroom is red with white speckles, the mushroom on the right is orange with faint darker orange stripes down it, and the left mushroom is yellow. the cats ears and nose are pink, it has greenish-blue eyes, and one of its teeth is sticking out. the background is a solid teal colour.]

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i forgot to post this awhile ago :P

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