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nostalplant · a month ago
idk if you're still drawing the guys, but kaenbyou rin *-*
Tumblr media
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glambots · 3 months ago
Okay but like consider with an Animal Crossing AU: Monty being a menace with the bug net
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leona-florianova · 7 months ago
would be real dandy if fanfiction net finally did something with the whole endless captcha loop... would be real cool... 
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eaterofstickers · 6 months ago
iasip analysis videos of any sort get me so angry theyre like the worst genre of video. i also specifically hate all of the random people who think they know anything about what more stigmatised mental illness is like, and just carelessly demonize disorders in those "diagnosing ____ character" videos. they act like it's a fun, casual, inconsequential thing to do. anD because they say everything with such authority and confidence, it just reaffirms the common idea that any mental illness makes people evil. sorry to rant in your askbox lmao
dont apologize i luv getting asks <3
bestie ive been dying to talk abt this 9/10 of these vids r fucking awful i gotta turn em off not even a minute into em. that one like.... 50 mins long "diagnosing dennis" one thats done by some random guy w no qualifications whatsoever. enrages me to no end.
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m0e-ru · 9 months ago
Izanami's nickname is probably "Izzy" but only Marie and Margaret can call her that
hehe thats cute but for the longest time it's always processed like this in my head
Tumblr media
and it's a fact that everyone has something to call Mimi
as for it au-wise....... i have something in mind
Tumblr media
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ohnoyizhan · a year ago
I hope you're having a lovely day❤️️ Your tags are funny! It became a habit of mine to scroll down the post and through them because I KNOW I WILL LAUGH
I am glad i can make you laugh with my silly tags. I’ll try to hone them better now that i know, but idk if i’ll manage lol. (prolly not)
Thank you for sending me this.
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headofhelios · 10 months ago
I have looked up how to pronounce damhnait many times just in case we have a convo but I always resort in my head to saying “damn nath”
OH THATS FUN i havent seen that one actually omg.....
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drabblewithfrannybarnes · 5 months ago
Sweet Defeat (2/?)
Tumblr media
Pairing: hockey player Ari ‘Levs’ Levinson x itty bitty (female reader)
Summary: Ari’s team won, but when he still hasn’t scored a goal it will make you rethink your deal.
Warnings: Cappy giving reader a derogatory nickname, sexually explicit content- thigh riding, fingering, oral- m and f receiving, acrobatic shenanigans in a truck, explicit language, two idiots in love, friends to lovers, HUGE SIZE KICK- Ari is 6’6 without skates and reader is smaller than him (must be 18+)
Word Count: 3.2K
A/N: Huge thank you to my sweet hoemate @stargazingfangirl18 for reading through this and helping spitball a few of the acrobatic scenes! Siri, you’re the best ♥️
This parts comes after Light that Lamp
Levs (Ari) x itty bitty: hockey AU
Lucky Charms: hockey AU
This is not beta read. All mistakes are my own.
Tumblr media
This was it, you held your breath watching Ari's brake away from the rival defensemen. He was skating full force towards an empty net- the other team pulling their goalie in a last ditch effort to tie up the game. Your breath hitched when you heard the slap on the ice as his stick made contact with the puck. It flew in the direction of the net and just as the horn sounded the puck caught a groove in the ice and ricocheted off the post.
You let out a shaky exhale, keenly aware of the defeated slump in Ari’s shoulders, waiting for his reaction as the crowd erupted around you. Ari and the boys had won- but Ari hadn't scored.
Ari slammed his stick against the ice so hard you could tell he bent it. Again. How many was that now?
"Shit" you hissed to yourself, already mentally running through ways to make this better.
All around you the fans were chanting. A win for the team, but another scoreless win for Ari. Since your deal that would make 3 games where the alternate captain didn't get a goal. He had a handful of assists, but he was adamant that didn't count. Ari and his damn superstitions.
You had tried to reason with him. It was just a silly deal. But it wasn't silly to him. He was scoring on the ice before he would ever let himself score with you. It was all so ridiculous... Another superstition from the man of rituals.
You should have known better.
At this point, Ari's superstitious ways were starting to get to you and, try as you might, you were starting to blame yourself.
You squeezed your way through the crowd, trying to make your way to Ari as you resigned yourself to another night of trying to snuggle the broody beefcake.
You waited anxiously outside the locker room, teammate after teammate strolling out with partially wet hair.
"Sorry, itty" Sam, Ari's best friend shook his head, as he gently tapped your shoulder with the meat of his closed fist, "he's in pretty bad shape."
You knew Sam probably didn't know the why of Ari's recent dry spell on the ice, but Sam knew it had something to do with you.
"He played so well" you sighed to Sam as Cappy strolled out to his usual hoard of adoring female fans.
"What's with Levs, tt?" Steve asked, when he saw you, breaking away from his fans as you rolled your eyes at the use of his derogatory nickname. 
"tt?" Sam asked, turning to you for clarification.
"tt... titty... rhymes with bitty" you sighed, "you know Cap... always keepin' it classy" rolling your eyes again.
"Really, man?" Sam asked Steve, pulling him into a headlock as they left you waiting for Ari. "You can't say shit like that…”
Sam gave you an apologetic look as he waved back at you. You smirked when you saw him shove Steve for grumbling something about Ari needing to find some good luck pussy.
As crass as he was, Cappy wasn't wrong. You were starting to think this deal was a bad idea. Levs was too stuck in his head and it was all your fault.
"Y/N?" Jensen said, concern in the goalie's eyes as he tried drawing you back from wherever your mind had wandered.
"Sorry... Yenzy" you shook your head, eyes watery as you smiled weakly at him, "good game" you sniffled, wiping at your eyes, "that save in the second period was bonkers!"
"It was nothin' " he smiled, "but, thank you."
"Well... *Jensen's girl name* didn't think it was nothing" you smirked as his face flushed pink all the way up to his ears.
"She was here?" he asked, unable to contain the elation that washed over him.
"She was... sat by me for the first two periods" you smiled affectionately at him, "think she'd be really good for you" you gave him a suggestive nudge as he ducked his blushing face.
"Naaaah" Yenzy tried shrugging off your words before he caught your gaze again, his expression falling serious, "hey... he's ahhhh... not good... ya know" he gestured back towards the locker room.
"I know" you whispered as your eyes prickled with tears again.
"What's going on with you two?" Yenzy asked softly.
"I...." but your words failed you, clearing the emotion from your throat, you wiped a stray tear, composing yourself.
"He the last one in there?" you asked, your eyes pleading with Jensen not to press the issue any further.
"Yeah... y/n... he's alone" Yenzy said, giving you a soft pat on your back along with his signature lopsided grin as he left you to it.
Tumblr media
"Levs?" You called tentatively from the doorway, knocking softly on the metal frame as if he would hear you in the large locker room.
You made your way past the small coach’s office and showers to the hockey team's personal locker room, pushing another door open you found him sitting shirtless in a pair of sweatpants. A towel draped around his shoulders, hair still damp from showering.
He had his headphones on, the heel of both palms pressed into his eye sockets. You walked over, standing in front of him as you brushed a strand of hair back into place.
Ari sat up, startling for a moment before his blue eyes met yours, he looked so defeated.
"Bit" his voice was hoarse with frustration as he reached for you, pulling you into him and burying his face into your stomach.
You stood there, silently combing your fingers through his damp hair. You had known him long enough to know that telling him it would "be OK" wouldn't work.
"I was so fucking close" he growled, "I'm sorry" he looked up at you, a sadness in his eyes.
"Enough" you sighed, pushing his shoulders upright so you could climb into his lap, straddling him.
“You know all that means nothing to me” you reassured, cupping his face in your hands as he pulled off his headphones and put his CD player on the bench.
You pressed a hard kiss to his lips, needing this as much as he did. Ari groaned when your tongue swept into his mouth, leaning back into his locker, his fingers gripping bruises into your hips as you rolled over him.
"I didn't score, bit" he grunted, breaking your kiss in frustration, “I don’t deserve this…”
"This isn't for you..." you crashed your lips to his, kissing him breathless, "it's for me" you whispered when you broke for air.
Ari smirked up at you, his hands roaming down your body and cupping your ass, pulling you into his chest as you chirped with delight.
Ari shifted you until you were straddling his thigh, moaning when he bunched up the hoodie you were wearing with his number on it and helping you drag your legging covered core over his rippling leg muscles.
"This what you need, baby?" he asked, mind drifting farther and farther from the game with every sweet sound he pulled from you.
"Yes" you whined, but it wasn't enough and Ari knew it. His large hands reaching between your bodies to tear your leggings right down the center, revealing your ruined panties that he haphazardly yanked to the side.
"Hey" your protest was half hearted as a shiver zipped down your spin and the feral look in Ari's eyes lit a fire deep in your belly.
You shivered, leaning back on his thigh to give him a good view of your glistening pussy.
"Fuck... sweetheart" Ari growled, running his thick fingers between your soft folds as he gathered your arousal, bringing his fingers to his mouth and sucking them clean.
“Just as sweet as I remember” he hummed with appreciation.
You whimpered his name, crashing your lips to his and moaning at the taste of you on his tongue. Your movement was frantic, rutting over his thigh as he helped your along, cooing filth and praises as he kissed along your jawline.
"Doing so good for me, bit... tell me what you want, baby" Ari's husky voice went straight to your core as you clenched around nothing.
"Oh, god... Ari, I need you. Need you to make me cum" you panted, head thrown back as he pulled your sweatshirt up over your head, pushing your tank top and bra down just enough to capture a pebbled peak between his teeth.
You gasped as Ari sucked and nipped at your breasts, a rush of arousal coating his gray sweatpants as your hands carded through his hair.
A deep rumbling growl clawed up Ari's throat when you tugged at his roots, riding his thigh with everything you had.
"I'm so close" you whined, tears pricking behind your eyes as you gasped for breath.
"Cum for me, baby" Ari rasped, capturing your lips just as your orgasm crashed over you, swallowing your muffled cries of pleasure as you road out the waves on his thigh.
"Did so fucking good for me, bit" Ari's chest was heaving, "so fucking good" he smirked, pulling you back into his lap, his hard length pressing at you soft curves.
You stayed curled up in his lap for a few minutes, almost content enough to fall asleep as Ari rubbed small circles over your hip.
"Come on, bit" Ari whispered, pressing a kiss to your forehead, "lemme take you home."
You hummed your reply as you stood up. Ari helping you pull his sweatshirt back over your head.
"Sorry about your leggings" he smiled sheepishly at you as he grabbed a tshirt from his duffle bag and pulled it on, "I'll buy you new ones."
"It's OK" you shivered a little, pressing your thighs together, the ruined fabric sticking to you as you pulled the hood up over your head, “can’t even tell,” you smiled softly up at him, his large sweatshirt hitting almost at your knees.
"Sorry about your sweatpants" you cringed, looking at the mess you left on his thigh.
"Don't be" he rumbled from his chest and it took everything in you not to drop to your knees right there.
Ari smiled softly at you, bending to grab his duffle before smoothing a hand down your back as he stood up, tucking you into his side and walking you both out of the locker room.
Tumblr media
"The barn?" He asked after you were sitting in the spacious bench seat of his old truck.
"Can we just drive for a while" you asked, sleepily, snuggling into Ari's side, his arm wrapping around you and resting at your hip.
"Sure" he smiled, thinking of all the times you'd taken night drives together. Back then you would usually end up asleep in his lap by the time he got back to your dorm.
As Ari turned the engine over and pulled away from the hockey arena, he turned the truck away from town, driving in the opposite direction of campus.
"This is nice" you sighed, pressing a kiss to his cheek before you moved down, resting you head on his thigh to lay across the front bench seat of his truck.
Ari's hand went to your back, rubbing gently down the length of you. Your eyes fluttering shut as you relaxed into his touch. You felt content knowing that Ari was a little more relaxed about the game tonight.
Watching Ari as he drove, you counted the stop lights until you were far enough out of town to be away from other drivers. Your hand going to Ari's leg, starting at his calf as you kneaded your way up his tight leg muscles.
Ari groaned, muscles loosening as your fingertips worked their magic. He grunted when you cupped his hardening bulge.
"Bit..." his tone was a low warning, "what are ya doing?"
"Time for me to take care of you" you smirked, shifting to your knees, your ass in the air as your hands worked over his length to the waistband of his sweatpants. You pulled them down along with his boxers as his cock sprang free, slapping into his stomach while he shifted, making room for you under his arm.
"Fuck... itty bit... not sure we should..." he groaned low in his chest as you wrapped your mouth around his pre cum drizzled tip.
You moaned, his salty tang swirling around your tastebuds as you tongued the long length of him, memories from freshman year on your knees in front of a younger Ari made your belly bloom.
"Missed your taste" you moaned, pulling back to swirl your tongue around his tip before swallowing him back down.
"Goddamn, bit... you always knew how to suck a cock" he grunted, forcing his eyes to stay open and on the road.
Ari's hand moved to the back of your head, holding you in place as your lips stretched around the base of him. You hollowed out your cheeks, gagging slightly as you controlled your breathing through your nose. When your throat was relaxed he eased his hand away, letting you pull away slowly before sucking him to the back of your throat on a drawn out moan.
"Fuck, baby" Ari growled, "don't tease me" he sounded desperate and halfway to his ruin as you took pity on him, bobbing your head faster and working your free hand into his sweatpants to tug at his balls.
"That's it, bit" he grunted, "keep doing that" he panted as your hand twisted over the base of his cock, complimenting your warm mouth.
"Shit" Ari swore, "fuck... ‘m not gonna last much longer," he jerked his truck off the road, throwing it in park along the shoulder of the deserted roadway.
Ari's large hands framed your face, gingerly pulling you from his cock, his tip resting on your tongue. Your teary eyes met his with confusion as he stared down at you, a soft desire swirling in his irises.
"You gonna take all that I give you, bit?" He rasped and you whimpered as you tried to nod your head, "that's my girl, so fucking good to me, bit... this cock is just for you… only you, baby," he relaxed his hold on your face and you eagerly swallow him back down with renewed vigor. Your panties completely ruined as your arousal seeped down your thighs to your torn leggings.
"Fuck" Ari groaned, holding your head in his lap as he fucked your face at a bruising pace. You whined, gagging while drool pooled at the corners of your mouth, fingers dipping to your clit, rubbing frantic circles as you brought him off.
"Shit" Ari hissed, rutting deep into your throat as he shot his warm release down into your belly. A large hand skimming the length of your back and squeezing your asscheek before brushing your fingers out of the way to push his fingers to your sopping entrance.
Your pussy fluttered as he pressed his fingers inside you, curling into your velvety walls as his thumb brushed over your puckered hole. You whined around his cock, still half hard in his mouth.
When you moved to pull off his length he held you in place with his free hand, fucking back into your mouth as you felt him growing hard again.
"Fuck, bit" his voice gravely, "take such good care of me... just wanna take care of you... need to fill you so full of me, this tiny little pussy will never get rid of me."
You were so close the filthy sounds of your squelching hole filling the cab of Ari's truck as tears streaked down your cheeks.
And just as you were reaching the edge of another orgasm, your world was ripped out from under you, chirping when Ari reached for the seat release at the side of the bench, throwing himself backwards until he was nearly laying flat.
In one swift motion Ari pulled his fingers from your cunt, moving to grip you from the hips as he pulled your ass up to his face.
"Levs!" you squeaked, his cock dropping from your mouth as your hands went to his thighs, steadying yourself.
Ari just hummed as his nose nudged your bundle of nerves, his thick arms wrapped protectively around your waist to keep you pressed to him.
Ari inhaled your scent, rutting his hips up appreciatively as his cock brushed your face. He licked a wide strip from your clit to your asshole as you gasped, your nails gripping at his sweatpants as you clenched around nothing.
"You OK, bit?" Ari smirked, one hand taking a handful of your asscheek as he turned his head to kiss your bare inner thigh, the gentle scratch of his beard making you whimper.
"Levs" you whined, "please..."
Ari moved his head slowly to kiss the other thigh before he dove into your fluttering hole, spearing his tongue into you as you cried out, your head lolling at his hip as you laid spread out over Ari's long body.
Ari's large hand squeezed almost painfully at your asscheek as he pressed into you, his tongue bottoming out in your quiver cunt as you fucked his face.
"Oh, god" you whimpered, "fuck... Ari... please..."
When Ari pulled away you whined in frustration, turning his head so you would hear him.
"Take me in your mouth" his voice was almost as ruined as yours as you moved a shaking hand to his throbbing cock. You stroked him a few times, lifting his length as you drew a ball into your mouth.
"That’s a good fucking girl” Ari groaned and you whined when he nipped at your soft skin.
You both moaned as your mouthes worked each other over, Ari rutting into your fist and licking back through your folds.
It didn't take long before you were close again, thighs trembling as he pulled the prettiest sounds from you.
"Fuck, bitty" Ari's groan rumbled though his entire chest, making you clench around the thick muscle of his tongue, "cum for me, baby... let me taste you" he grunted, bucking up into your hand as he speared you open on his tongue, the coil in your belly snapping as you came, moaning his name with his ball still in your mouth.
Ari lapped as your juices, pressing firm kisses to your bundle of nerves as your shaky thighs framed his face, rolling your hips over his mouth with every aftershock.
As you floated down from your high, he lifted your trembling body, gently maneuvering you until he had you cradled against his chest, capturing your lips in a soft kiss.
"Levs... that was..." you murmured against his lips but your brain was too broken and tired to finish.
"Just what I needed" he smiled, pressing his tongue past your lips and moaning when your tastes mingled.
"Come on, bitty" he said, helping you sit up in the bench seat before lifting the seat back into place and tucking himself back into his sweatpants.
"Sleep?" you couldn't even form full sentences anymore.
"Let's go sleep" he smiled, pressing a kiss to the crown of your head as he turned the car on, starting it and easing back on the road in the direction of campus.
Tumblr media
The divider was made by the lovely and talented @firefly-graphics ♥️
Pic from 123rf.com
As always, thank you for all the love and support. Please check out my archive blog where I only post new fics @drabblewithfrannybarnesfics ♥️
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my-my-only-angel · a month ago
Steve cooking in underwear and an apron 😍🍳
Steve Harrington x reader, pure fluff, it's implied that they had sex the night before, Steve is taller than the reader.
You awoke to the smell of breakfast cooking, the delicious aroma of food wafting through the door and making your stomach growl with hunger. The empty space in the bed beside you was still warm and you smiled to yourself as you untangled the sheets from your body, rubbing the sleep from your eyes and searching for some clothes to put on. 
Steve’s shirt lay on the floor exactly where you’d thrown it last night after you tore it from his body and the memory washed over you warm and fuzzy as you slipped the fabric over your head, revelling in the way that it still smelt like him. 
“Steve?” you called as you padded out of the bedroom. 
“In here” he shouted back from the kitchen and you pushed the little door open revealing him to you.
The soft morning sun was filtering lazily through the net curtains, making the room glow with light and Steve was standing by the stove attending to a sizzling pan of eggs. He was shirtless, clad in only a pair of white boxers that stood out stark white against his tan skin and an apron that said “kiss the cook” on it. He’d not brushed his hair yet and it was still sticking up fluffy from where you’d run your hands through it and tugged on it the night before. 
“Morning handsome” you smirked, leaning against the doorframe and shamelessly raking your eyes up and down his figure. The silly apron came to rest at the top of his thick thighs and you could see his chest hair peeking out of the top of it. 
Steve grinned at you, waving you over with a hand “beautiful” he greeted, kissing the top of your head softly “I was going to bring you breakfast in bed.”
You laid your palm flat across his chest, tracing the words on the apron slowly and feeling his heartbeat thrum under fingers “you're so sweet Steve Harrington” you said “sweeter than anyone would guess.” 
He squeezed your hip and smiled sheepishly at you, “have you read the apron?” he asked and you raised an eyebrow at him “I have.”
“Well you best do what it says” he teased “compliments to the chef and all.” 
You let out a breathy laugh at his antics, standing on your tiptoes so that you could lean up and peck his lips. He chased after them when you pulled away, large hands skimming your thighs and coasting under the bottom of your borrowed shirt as he pulled you closer. It was the kind of kiss that made you lose yourself slightly. He tasted like the slightly bitter notes of coffee alongside something distinctly Steve and his lips were warm, soft and as tempting as ever. You’d just wound a hand into his hair, dragging him even closer when the pan crackled loudly next to you and oil spat out reminding you of your surroundings. 
“Right,” Steve sighed a little breathlessly, “cooking, I was cooking.” You nodded “right yeah, you were” you said as your hands explored the long scratches in his back, yet another reminder of last night and the way he’d made you feel. 
You reluctantly pulled away, missing the warmth of his calloused hands exploring your body. “Back to it, Mr Chef” you teased, lightly smacking his ass on your way past. Steve let out a quiet yelp looking over his shoulder at where you’d spanked him in shock. “Hey!” he exclaimed but you only winked at him and waved him back towards the stove. 
You worked together in comfortable silence, Steve finishing off the eggs as you toasted some bread. Once it was ready you went to pour a coffee, reaching up on your tiptoes in an effort to grab a mug from the top shelf. You were just about to give up and grab the little stool when you felt a pair of strong arms slide around you from behind. “Let me” Steve whispered huskily in your ear and you leaned back into his chest as he effortlessly grabbed the mug and poured you a drink from the pot. 
You stayed like that for a few moments afterwards wrapping your own arms around Steves and feeling content in the warmth of his embrace. “I love being with you like this” he confessed and you opened your eyes so that you could look in his eyes as he spoke. “I wish we could do this everyday, not just when my parents are out of town” he said seriously, stroking a few stray hairs away from your face “wake up beside you every morning, make breakfast and afterwards…” his hand skimmed up your thigh again and you leaned into his touch shivering as he traced a line over your hip bone. 
“It's a nice dream” you breathed and Steve nodded seriously “It could be a reality” he said, his face looked slightly nervous, without his usual confidence “one day, it could be a reality - if, if you wanted it to be.” 
You twisted around fully in his arms, stroking back his fluffy hair before cupping his cheeks and pulling him down for a quick kiss. “I want nothing more,” you assured him “but you and me forever, wherever.”
Steve’s grin had never been so wide as he scooped you up in his arms and lifted you on the counter, slotting between your legs as he kissed you with passion and a desperation to show you his love. And if the food got cold in the meantime neither of you really minded all that much, it was a worthy distraction.
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dick-nightwing-grayson · 5 months ago
Dick in canon: has had multiple jobs (bartender twice, museum curator, male model that one time, a c*p, an acrobat trainer, a personal trainer, etc) and did the Titans finances when he left Bruce's care. He managed his own money and used it to help those in need (buying his apt building so the tenants could stay and Clancy could keep a job, helping the homeless, wondering how he could make a tent city better and safer, etc). He made his own car that could change bodies as opposed to asking Bruce to pay for it. He bought a boardwalk to invest and lost it and was broke and still refused to ask Bruce for help financially.
Dick in fanon: He dOesN't KnoW hOW mUch a BaNAna COstS
Tumblr media
Like I get it is supposed to be fun and silly, but a large basis of Dick's character is that he refuses to be controlled, especially not by Bruce. By making it seem that he is some ignorant rich kid is such a disservice to his character. He has entire plots revolving on how he wants to help and not be attached to Bruce. He has the safety net of Bruce and he knows that of course, but he knows it isn't his because he didn't earn it. Like he doesn't even ever refer to it as his money- it is always Bruce's money or the Wayne fortune.
I don't understand why anyone wants to make Dick into some airhead, ignorant heir. If they want a batboy who is a spoiled rich kid, Tim and Damian are literally right there.
Tumblr media
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aitarose · 6 months ago
Ooh okay. Like I had this idea in my head where the haikyuu boys (doesn’t have to be just kuroo could be anyone you want) practicing with their s/o and teaching them new stuff or smthing like that. ( sorry if this is a lot, I was just excited you answered but I dont wanna seem pushy and you mostly write for nsfw as far as I know so you dont really have to write it :P )
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝐂𝐇𝐀𝐑𝐀𝐂𝐓𝐄𝐑𝐒. kuroo tetsurou, oikawa tooru, akaashi keiji, bokuto koutarou, suna rintarou 𝐂𝐎𝐍𝐓𝐀𝐈𝐍𝐒. sfw, gn reader, established relationship, classmates to lovers, fluff, making out, kissing, inaccurate descriptions of volleyball (idfk this sport) 𝚳𝚬𝐒𝐒𝚨𝐆𝚬. i stole @/kazudon’s divider for this, my little maknae <3 love u sorry i’m too lazy to make my own ajskdlfj
Tumblr media
he’s a natural teacher who wants nothing more than the person he loves most to have an equal appreciation for his livelihood. any chance he gets, he’s talking about the last game or practice that nekoma just partook in - so much that it’s nearly all you hear about - volleyball this, volleyball that, you’re sick of it. so, after weeks and weeks of him deliberately annoying you - you agree to play with him. one practice is all you give him, two hours in the gymnasium where he can call out all the plays, terms, and phrases he can think of - and you think this is going to be it. little did you know how much love you’d gain for the silly little sport.
“okay, baby.” kuroo stands opposite to you. the net divides your face from his, yet you can still so clearly see the twinkle in his dark eyes. the wisps of his black hair blend with the threads of the net - abstract and perpendicular lines meshing with one another in a perfect chaos that is so kuroo. “what you’re going to do is hit the ball as hard as you can when i toss it over the net. slam it down on my face for all i care, just don’t let me block it. got it?”
“you’re sure about this?” you grimace at the thought of a bright red bruise dawning your boyfriend’s handsome face. sure, he was one of the most attractive people you’ve ever laid your eyes on - but that didn’t mean he was completely invincible to tough skin and break outs. a volleyball to the face was sure to leave a mark, and you’d likely be the one nursing his overdramatic-self back to health. he nods his head, eyes on the prize as you begrudgingly get into position. “alright, tetsu. you asked for it.”
and at the end of your sentence, he tosses it up. the sphere spirals through the air, looking like a snowball at primary school recess, and comes heading your way. you jump up with ease, having had prior experience in the sports department due to nekoma’s rigorous gym courses that had been required from the years before, and feel a rush of adrenaline rise to your cheeks at the feeling of the light leather against your palm. the ball stays within your touch for a split second, before slamming down to the ground beside kuroo’s right foot.
“what the hell? that was so good!”
kuroo’s mouth is agape. his arms dangling at his sides in distress over the realization that you’re naturally gifted in the spiking department. even he hadn’t had such success his first time spiking - and while perhaps it had been his complete faith in you not being able to work your way around his large body, you’d still just beaten him at his own game. you’re a complete natural - and boy, did he find that so hot.
“really?” you exclaim, rushing towards the middle of the court, and stopping once you reach the net. he meets you in the center, lacing his hands with yours through the woven knots, and presses his forehead forwards. a soft smile dawns his face, the gentleness in his eyes is so comforting beneath the fluorescent lights - to which he then steals a kiss.
when his lips meet yours in a perfect mix of passion and longing, it reminds you of the nights where he’d twirl you beneath his arm - the sparkle in his irises shining bright with love, showing how meaningful you are to him. the kiss goes on as the rest of the world drowns into silence. your eyelashes flutter against your cheeks and you surge for more - completely forgetting the key detail of the volleyball net dividing you.
“oh, shit!” kuroo exclaims as he realizes his fingers are tangled in the wired web. “babe, can you help me out here?” 
what he doesn’t realize is how utterly ridiculous he looks. his six foot self standing helpless with puppy dog eyes - begging for the love of his life to come to his aid. you’re his night in shining armor, and he’s the damsel in distress - it’s so unbelievable that it just works. “c’mere, you big baby.” you snort and reach for the ties, palm extended to which he presses a quick kiss to the back of it. “hey! untangle first, kiss later!”
Tumblr media
· ꒰ ⊹ ˖ ࣪ 𝐎𝚰𝚱𝚨𝐖𝚨 𝐓𝐎𝐎𝐑𝐔
while he does have a large streak of perfectionism and ambition, that doesn’t make him in any way a controlling teacher - only when it comes to you, that is. he’s nothing but surprised when you first tell him that you want him to teach you how to set, and the gears turn in his head of all of the possibilities that could come from you learning the basics of volleyball. you’d be able to talk about the gameplay, spend time going to professional matches, and have an actual opinion when he asks you whether or not his performance during the latest game was good - the list is practically endless. so, with stars in his eyes, he agrees wholeheartedly to become your very own personal coach. 
“does this look right, tooru?” you spin your neck to the side, catching his gaze while the ball lays flat in your palm. your dominant hand is raised behind you, preparing to make action whenever its target becomes air born - and your boyfriend nods his head. he reaches towards you, adjusting your position slightly, before giving you a confident thumbs up. “alright, here i go.”
you jump, the soles of your sneakers leaving the hardwood floor, and boosting your weight upwards in order to gain more momentum. the volleyball goes flying across the gym, hurdling its way to the opposing team’s usual side, before diving right into the laces of the wired netting. it’s almost painful - the sad sound of the ball bouncing lightly on the ground - and the shocked gape of your mouth sends oikawa spiraling into a fit of giggles. 
“hey! give me a break! that was my first try!” the former grin on your face morphs into a pout. your lips pucker with a frown, which just propels your boyfriend’s humor further. “tooru! if you don’t stop laughing, i’m going to hit you next! forget the net, you’re my new target!” 
he’s doubled over, laughter consuming his entire body as you reach for another ball. the weight feels more comfortable in your hands now, as if that first terrible throw has given you some sort of super power, and you smirk. in an instant, you’re left with nothing and the ball flies away from you - straight for his bright red cheeks that are glowing like neon lights in the midst of the city night. “baby! did you do that on purpose?” 
“you just started a war.” he grumbles, a sinister smile on his face while he gathers the balls at his feet, and begins to hurl them one-by-one. there isn’t room for you to breathe. it’s as if the onslaught of leather weaponry is never-ending. oikawa doesn’t even take a moment to pause between attacks, he just keeps going again-and-again - his new livelihood is hitting your thighs with the balls - never once targeting your pretty face, as he’d never want his perfect person to be bruised. 
“okay! okay! that’s enough!” you exclaim with your palms facing outwards, doing their best to cover your face from the war-zone. “you’ve got me in a bind! you win!”
“i win?” his ears perk up. he looks as if he’s a puppy being asked to go for a walk or a child on christmas morning. the balls he’s gathered immediately fall from his arms, bouncing in asynchrony as he surges towards you - purpose in his steps like a man on a mission. you don’t think you’ve ever seen him with such glee. “care to give me my prize, darling?”
“and what might that be?” you purse your lips, crossing your arms as you do so. “what could you possibly want in return for attacking me, you big idiot?” 
oikawa smiles, really smiles. the whites of his teeth are blinding, similar to the sunshine that showered down on the two of you during the sunrises you watch together every sunday morning. his fingers dance across your cheeks, gracing the skin of your nose and eyelids as if you’re porcelain - and he leans in. 
“this is all i want, baby.”
with his words, he presses a soft kiss to your lips - savoring the your taste as he deepens the act of love. you can feel him pouring his emotions into you - his happiness, excitement, and passion that he feels for you and volleyball - his two favorite things in the entire world. you feel content. so content that you don’t think it can get much better than this. he’s all you need, him and the inevitable future where he’s always going to be holding your hand.
Tumblr media
· ꒰ ⊹ ˖ ࣪ 𝚨𝚱𝚨𝚨𝐒𝚮𝚰 𝚱𝚬𝚰𝐉𝚰 
he’s not shocked when you tell him that you’d like to learn more about his favorite sport. after all, it’s one of the only things he’s passionate about - you’ve never heard him speak about anything quite like how he does with volleyball - and after so many hours of listening to him ramble on-and-on about it, you figure it’s time for you to learn, yourself. “care to give me some private lessons?” is what you said to him one night while you were laying together on the couch, and he nearly falls off at how out of the blue it is, but he agrees - why would he not? he gets to mix his two favorite things, you and fukurodani’s team - it’s a perfect world, and he’s blessed to be living in it. 
“you made a lot of good progress today. ‘m really proud of you.” his voice is soft as he watches you gather the spare balls that had flown out of bounds throughout the entirety of your two-hour long practice. akaashi doesn’t think he’s ever seen you so dedicated to learning something - even with your own passions, there was a sense of determination with volleyball that drove you to push yourself further than he thought you would. “did you like it, beautiful?”
you smile gently. a nod bobs your head up and down, confirming that you had a great time today. the sound of your steps approach him, your arms falling to your sides as you drop the stack of volleyballs into the cart that he’d stolen from the equipment room. “i loved it, keiji.” the sound of your voice perks his ears and the delighted tone makes his heart warm another two degrees. “we should make this a weekly thing. every wednesday, perhaps? or whenever you want another person to shoot on you? i’d be perfectly willing to.”
it’s as if you’re reading his mind. every word that drips from your beautiful lips leaves him wanting more. there’s no doubt in his mind now that you’re his perfect match. in all his time dating, he’s never been with someone who shares his appreciation for volleyball - his exes have always considered it to be a burden with the amount of time he’d spend in the gym rather with them. he sees you in an entirely new light, now - and you look angelic in the dimming lights of the gymnasium. 
without any words, he grabs you by your forearm. you yelp in surprise at the sudden force, and nearly trip over your own feet as he spins you into his embrace. akaashi seems to be in his own world - focusing on nothing, yet on everything at the exact same time. he doesn’t even give you time to think, before he’s kissing you. there’s passion in his lips - as if he’s trying to communicate all of his feelings into this one little act that he’s done so many times before. 
“i love you so much.” he whispers against your lips. “never loved anyone like you.”
your heart burns ten times brighter at his confession, having never heard it before. you’ve only been dating for half a year and akaashi was one to move slowly with his feelings - so, you’ve given him as much time as he needs to get to that level with you. he’s been extremely appreciative, of course - and his face showed simple shock when you’d told him those very words two months ago - but he hadn’t been able to respond. 
“keiji.” you rest your forehead against his as he presses a butterfly kiss to your nose. “thank you.” 
“‘m going to tell you that every day now, i hope you know that.” he smiles against your lips, wanting more and more of your taste. his calloused palm cups your cheek and pulls your back once more, capturing your mouth with his, and deepening the passionate embrace that you share. “i love you. i love you. i love you.”
you’re on cloud-nine. the rapid beat of your heart is pioneering your love further and further into the sky, cementing the place that akaashi has in your chest, and pouring hot oil onto the fire that burns for him. “if you say it that much, you’re going to grow tired of it.” you laugh and exert your happiness into the atmosphere around you. 
“you’re always going to be my everything, gorgeous.” he murmurs, hugging you tightly. “you and volleyball, of course.”
Tumblr media
the smile on his face is bigger than anything you’ve ever seen when you utter those three little words. “teach me, kou.” in that moment, he grabs your hand, drags you down to the gymnasium locker rooms, and places his favorite practice jersey in your hands. the look in his eyes is one of adoration as you drape the fabric over your shoulders, admiring how it looks on your frame, and noticing just how beautiful you truly are - he’s so in love with you it consumes him. “you ready to go, baby?” he asks you, raising his thick brows. “it’s you and me from here on out. you. me. and this ball right here.” with those words, the bond between you becomes tons stronger - and it’ll become stronger as the days go on.
“you did a great job today!” bokuto shouts, the booming sound of his voice echoes as you give him a high five. it’s your third or fourth time practicing with him, having enjoyed your first session so much - and you’re actually somewhat getting the hang of it. so far, he’s been having you play his position - assuming that you’d like to be the oh-so-powerful ace between the two of you - and he’s gotten one too many volleyballs to the face to be so happy. “making me the proudest boyfriend there is, baby.” 
with a large grin on your face, you slap your palms on his cheeks and pull his face to yours. he winces at the feeling of your forehead slamming against his own, and sends a small pout your way at the small pain - but no matter, you were about to kiss his booboos away, anyways. “c’mere, big guy.” you whisper, bearing your teeth at him and giving him a toothy kiss. “gotta show my appreciation for my fantastic coach.” 
he quirks his head to the side and gladly reciprocates your kiss. you can feel his lips moving in tandem with your own, pushing and pulling with every ounce of passion he has. there’s a small moment where his tongue slips into your mouth - savoring the flavor of your taste and letting you have him in the small entirety he was allowed to give you in the public gym. you smile against his mouth, attempting to become even closer to him than you were before - but then again, you were already all over each other and any closer would be publicly indecent.
“are you guys seriously making out, right now?” akaashi’s monotone voice calls out from behind you and you jump at the sudden sound. it was as if he appeared out of thin air, you both having totally forgotten that he was still packing up his things and heading out for the night. “i get it, you love each other and whatever - but i really don’t need to see it.”
“keep it in the bedroom, guys.” he continues, shooting a short glare in bokuto’s direction. he’s had enough of your shared antics. “- or at least out of my face.”
your boyfriend throws his head back in laughter, shooting an hand up to his temple in a mock salute as akaashi rolls his eyes and heads towards the exit doors. with the quickening disappearance of his figure, your boyfriend wraps his arms around your waist and lifts you with glee. he spins you around in a large circle, listening intently as you laugh at the sight of your legs dangling like helicopter wings - and sets you down in a gentle ‘plop’. 
“that stays in the bedroom.” bokuto grumbles, mimicking akaashi’s tone with his hands placed on his hips in fake disgust. he continues muttering incoherent sentences as you giggle at his mocking tone, and pretends to stalk off towards the doors, just as his best friend had moments before. “when’s he’s going to cave and just accept us as we are, baby? it’s you and me against the world, and i’d have it no other way.”
“dunno, kou.” you reply, reaching out and lacing your fingers with his. he swings your arms in waves - beaming as you skip with childlike excitement - and completely forgets how you’d been trying to pick up the gym from your earlier practice. without locking everything up, he lifts you in his arms - bridal style- and carries you out of the gym. he knows hell get a mouthful about it when monday comes around, but for now it doesn’t matter.
only you do. you’ll always matter most to him. 
Tumblr media
at first, he hadn’t been too thrilled at your suggestion that he teach you how to play. after all, you were just one of his classmates that he’d see every third period in his english language class - and he wasn’t going to lie, he paid no attention to you, at all. yet, for some reason, he agrees to your proposal - and he was so glad he did. the two of you just click for some odd reason. perhaps it’s the way you cheer for yourself every time you make the ball in bounds or how you compliment his teaching techniques when it’s just the littlest things - but he can feel himself falling for you each and every day. you’re not just a stranger anymore, you’re someone he’s genuinely grateful for - and his heart can atone to that. 
“your hair looks nice today, rin.” you quip, bouncing behind him with each step you take. he can’t help but notice how you’re even more energetic than usual, today. sure, you’re constantly bouncing off the walls with excitement - mostly from the daily realization that the suna rintarou of your english class was your personal and private volleyball coach - but for some reason, the caffeine in your system is racing through your veins at an even faster pace. “it’s like messier? i don’t know how to describe it, but you look cute.” 
he feels an uncontrollable heat rise to his cheeks at the compliment. his skin blossoms a rosy red, despite how hard he’s trying to suppress the physical onslaught of love he feels for you. yes, you’d only been practicing with him for a few months - but he has no deciding opinion on how his heart feels for you. if he did have a say, you would’ve been long gone by now. you’re constantly talking, asking him questions he doesn’t know the answer to, and butting yourself into his personal life - yet he can’t seem to find the strength to just tell you ‘no’. 
suna thinks there might be something wrong with him - but he’s smarter than that. after all, it was time for him to experience his first love and while you weren’t what he had been expecting to fall for, that’s what made your connection even more special. no matter how much energy he put into pushing you away, you just came running back with full force. “you like it?” he raises his eyebrows, brushing away some loose strands with his thin fingers, and smiling to himself. 
“hey! stop that!” you shove his hands away, immediately. the look he gives you is one of complete and utter confusion. you were so strange to him - one minute you’re telling him that you think he looks attractive and in the next your shouting and shooting him glares as if he’s enemy no.1. “i told you, i like it messy! why’re you trying to ruin my view? that’s so rude of you!” 
“i’m sorry?” suna replies, throwing his hands up in exasperation. “fix it if you want, i don’t care anymore. you don’t listen to me, anyways.”
you grin and he can’t help but notice that you just might be the most beautiful person he’s ever seen. with a light pink tint to your cheeks, you begin to brush through the dark strands of his hair with your own fingers - lacing them in the silky threads and brushing them to your liking. you can’t believe he’s letting you do this right now. when you’d first asked him to train you in the game, it was simply to feed into your massive crush on him - which you thought was completely hopeless. yet, here you were now, so close to him that if you leaned in any closer your lips would be on his. 
“y’know,” he murmurs. his eyes are staring into yours, memorizing every fleck of color and shine that’s lying in your irises. “you can be pretty cute sometimes, too.”
your jaw practically drops at his words, never hearing anything like them come out of suna’s mouth before. you never dreamed his face would flush due to something you did - but they were, and you’ve never been more happy. “you really mean that, rin? like really really mean that? ‘cause if you’re joking right now, i’m going to hit you where it hurts - and you know i mean that.”
he laughs softly, nodding his head as he remembers the time you threw a volleyball straight at his groin in anger at a snarky comment he made about your volume once. “i mean it. i promise.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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nostalplant · a month ago
reimu would call all the fairy troublemakers rapscallions
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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crytalstellar · 21 days ago
insomnia (katsuki bakugou × gn!reader)
notes: a vent piece, if you will. not edited either lmao. also posted from mobile because my net decided to go out weeps. sorry if the formatting seems weird as a result. I'll fix it in the morning and title it and other stuff.
Tumblr media
You can’t sleep. 
In the darkness of the night, everything seems louder. The whirring of the fan. Your partner’s soft snoring. The thoughts plaguing your mind. You want so very much to just yell or scream or something, but he’s asleep and so is everyone else you know. With no outlet, your thoughts swim in your mind, aimless, restless and growing louder. 
You can’t stand it. 
Slowly, you rise from the bed, taking great care to not make any sounds and wake the other person in the bed. He’s got a big day tomorrow, and you don’t want him to catch your sleeplessness. The bed, on the other hand, has other ideas, squeaking out a protest at your early departure. You immediately still, but all you hear is his quiet breathing. Sighing in relief, you amble into the living room. 
At first, you thought to just plop onto the couch, but now your anxiety has got you in a vice grip and you just start to pace back and forth in the living room, a crude mimicry of the way the thoughts are darting around the walls of your mind. It doesn’t do much to comfort you, all you feel now is dizzy. 
Maybe you should go back and grab your phone and your earbuds. Maybe listening to some music or one of those eight rainstorm videos will help drown out the thoughts. You consider it for a moment. Yeah. It could be a good idea. You know for sure your phone is on the bedside table, and your earbuds… you think you left them next to it. 
You turn and start to head back to the bedroom but run face first into something solid. You were feeling dizzy. Did you get close to the wall and not realize? But it’s warm, almost like…
“What are you doing?” Katsuki’s voice is loud in your ears, cutting through the silence of the night.
“Um.” Your mind goes blank as you wrack your brain for an answer. “I, uh, was going to the bathroom.” 
“If you’re gonna try and lie to me, then at least try harder.”
“...couldn’t fool you, huh,” you sigh.
 Katsuki snorts. “You’ve been walking in circles for almost five fuckin’ minutes.”
“...you saw?”
“Ain’t that dark.”
After that he goes quiet. Probably waiting for you to properly explain yourself. It’s simple really, and yet you can’t find the words. 
Finally, Katsuki’s lack of patience gets the better of him and he asks, “What is it?”
“Oh. Um… I… I just can’t sleep.” It sounds so silly to say aloud. “I’ve got a lot on my mind and, well…”
You trail off.  
Katsuki doesn't say anything but, you feel like his eyes are on you. Idly, you wonder if he's got some sort of night vision quirk along with that explosion of his. He grumbles and grabs you by the arm, guiding you over to the couch. Katsuki sits you down and plops next to you. 
"Now spill," he almost commands, wrapping an arm around you to pull you closer. 
"But, um…" You hesitate. "You… have work early tomorrow." 
"...yeah, so hurry up. Don't got all night." Despite the brashness of his words, there's still a softness, a kindness to them. Reflexively, you lean closer to him and lay your head on his chest. 
"C'mon," he urges softly when you don't start. "I said I don't got all night."
"I'm thinking." You take a deep breath. "You're gonna think it's all dumb."
Katsuki snorts. "Most of the shit you worry about is dumb, so stop stalling."
"Yeah, yeah…" You press closer to him before unloading your thoughts. 
All of them.
One by one, you pluck the thoughts from your brain and release them into the night air. 
And not once does Katsuki interrupt or tell you that you're being an idiot even though you know he's thinking it. 
By the time your mind is finally devoid of the thoughts that were plaguing you before you think that it must be nearing three in the morning. 
"That it?" Katsuki asks when you finally grow silent. He doesn't sound tired at all and you wonder if he's faking alertness so you don't feel bad for keeping him up.
"You were right. You really do worry about some dumb shit." Despite the roughness of his words, he pulls you closer, his grip tightening and you know he's just comforting you in his own way. 
Katsuki shifts and you feel him gently bonk your head with his other hand. "Maybe if you didn't bottle so much of that shit up we'd both be sleepin' right now." 
"...yeah, maybe."
Katsuki clicks his tongue in annoyance and leans his head against you. It almost inaudible but in the stillness of the night you can hear him murmur, his voice almost soft, almost sweet. "...feel better?"
You tilt your head so it's leaning against his as you answer. "Yeah."
"Thanks, Katsuki. For everything." You turn your head and press a soft kiss to his temple. 
He grunts, sleepiness clearly catching up to him. Quietly, you chuckle and shift a little to get more comfortable before finally, finally falling asleep in his embrace.
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Hii, hope your day's been alright! Can I get Sara, Beidou, Lisa, and Rosaria with an S/O who offers them a massage after they had a long day at work and S/O ends up being unexpectedly good at it?
You Being Unexpectedly Good at Giving her Massages
Characters: Sara, Beidou, Lisa, Rosaria x gn!reader
Warnings: spoilers to Liyue Archon Quest in Beidou’s
A/n: hellloooo my day has been good indeed <3 ty for the request tho, even if it’s short I hope this is to your liking :)
Tumblr media
• Sara definitely needed a break or a way to relax, after training all those sweaty men she began feeling a little dejected about herself. If only there was a way to prevent such a feeling.
• She remembered you offering before to give her a back massage, she would feel anxious asking for it again. She wanted to wait for you to ask her again if she needed it, but that day would be too far away for her.
Sara came home with a large yawn and a pained look. It was quite early within the day for you to see her as the clock struck 6 pm. “You’re home?” you asked her surprised. Normally she would take overtime, or at least be in office till 8. You were still preparing dinner for her to come home to.
You could tell her shoulders were stiff as she walked like an old grandma, holding her lower back as she winced trying to hold herself up. Your greeting towards her was probably masked within her muscles aching. “Love, are you okay?” you asked her, placing all your utensils down. She looked up at you with one eye closed in suffering.
She looked as if she was holding water in her mouth, a blush appearing on her face. “uh-,” you stood awkwardly waiting for her to spit whatever she had to ask to you. “D-do you think you can give me a back massage?” she asked hiding her facial expressions by looking away.
You sighed deeply, “If that’s all you had to say to me you could’ve just said it silly,” you tried lifting the mood a little. “here, lay on the couch I’ll be there in just a moment,” You took your cooking gloves off and there Sara was lying face down as she rested on her arms as a pillow. You didn’t even have to take her shirt off as if already exposed most of her back, simply lifting the sheet of clothing that loosely laid over her top. 
Rolling your sleeves up you began kneading her back, her face tensing up with each roll. Sometimes you’d even hear her groan when you hit a specific spot. The General wasn’t so accustomed to asking for favors, but this was one that she didn’t regret asking for. “T-thank you,” she said under your touch. Short yet sweet, that was probably the first time you’ve heard those words from her directly without beating around the bush.
Tumblr media
• Beidou needed a massage because she’s always hoisting nets full of items back into her boat. Whether it’s fish for the economy or the fallen items from the Jade Chamber, her back was surely aching.
• Beidou will ask straight up, she’ll plop herself down before you with her legs in a wide man spread and her sword in the opposite hand. It’s like massaging your grandpa essentially.
You sat in Beidou’s office leisurely reading a book while the crew did their afternoon fishing. You could faintly hear them heave-hoing in the background, a sound you’ve gained immunity too. That was until you heard the door slam open, it was Captain Beidou, the door swinging closed behind her automatically.
She was sweating from her head to her toes as she sat down on the ottoman that rested before the sofa you were on, her back facing you. “hey, give me a massage eh? These seas are killing me more than usual today,” she demanded, rolling her shoulders in a circle. You put your book down slowly, although her extroversion was never a surprise, it was rare for her to ask for a favor. 
You hesitated, thinking of the best point of action to tackle on her back. “What are you waiting for? Cat’s got your tongue?” she teased you, peering back at your bashful face. Luckily for you, Beidou’s upper back was already exposed, you brushed her shawl aside to give you more access.
You began with her upper shoulders, her smooth skin felt like dough against yours. You could feel the softness of a woman, but the hard sturdy muscles of masculinity on her shoulders. She even let out a loud masculine groan or two when you hit a spot she particularly liked. “You’re pretty good at this sport, is this your first time giving a lady a massage?” she laughed so that all could hear.
The statement was slightly embarrassing, making your movements stiffer and her massage experience lacking from before. “Hey, hey- don’t stop now, I was just messing with you,” you regained your composure along with her encouragement. “Seriously though, thank you for this. If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t know who to ask to do this for me.”
Tumblr media
• Lisa didn’t need a massage, but she wanted one anyway. This lazy librarian thought your touch was so sensual. If you give her one she’ll give you extra brownie points with her and a yellow star sticker.
• Lisa will try buttering up your bread before asking you by flirting with you. She’ll massage you a bit with her hands to insinuate it, only for you to end up massaging her for hours.
You visited the library daily during Lisa’s multiple breaks, typically around 12 pm she’d take an hour-long break. Meaning you could spend an hour with your lover as she lazed around as usual. This time however you sat on a rocking chair in the corner, reading a book that caught your eye, Lisa sitting pretty disappointed that you weren’t giving her the same amount of attention.
She pouted holding her teacup with both hands, giving you a little more under lip than normal. “Are you a child?” you asked her knowing exactly she was going to manipulate you into her schemes. You didn’t even have to look at her to know what she was doing, she always recycled the same tactics that you’ve learned them all by heart. 
“Cutie, why don’t you be a good little helper come give Miss Lisa a good massage hmm?” she tried reaching to you. “I could really use one,” she teased.  Knowing you’d already cave into her request she unbuttoned the shawl around her shoulders to give you full access to her back. Upon hearing the buttons unclasp, you sighed while placing the book down so you wouldn’t lose your spot. 
Walking over to her chair you began kneading in her upper shoulders, rotating around her neck area as she nuzzled into your touch. You knew sometime soon she was going to turn this into a perverted experience, that’s just how she was. As if on cue, she began moaning under your touch whenever you hit a certain spot. “mmm that’s so good, just like that,” she squeaked. 
A massive blush covered your face and your ears, she knew what she was doing full well, your movements slowing down as her breathing got louder with each thrust of your hands. “Please Lisa...” you let out finally, you could no longer take such torture.
“Please what hmm? I’m simply enjoying my lover’s massage, relax a bit. You’re such a prude,” she complained.
Tumblr media
• After a night of taking down suspicious travelers that threatened Mondstadt, she’s of course gonna feel aching in her muscles. You’ll first treat her wounds, next treat her to a nice massage.
• You’ll rub a bunch of herbal medicine on her scratches, patching all the open cuts, and give them a quick peck for good measure. It would later turn into a full body massage for Rosaria as you noticed her stiff body when your hand brushed against her.
Rosaria didn’t have to say anything for you to tell she was clearly suffering from back pain. She waddled to the bed you two shared as if she had a torn tendon somewhere. she groaned loudly in pain as she struggled to sit down, you knew her night jobs were demanding on her body, but you’d never seen it take such a toll on her.
You sat up from your side of the bed in attention, grabbing her shoulders as you helped her balance as she slowly lowered herself on the bed. “Thank you, my love,” she sighed, a bead of sweat dripping down her forehead. Her eyes were more droopy and tired than normal.
“Ah- what can I do for you, Rosaria? You look so fatigued,” you tried to convince her. She looked up at you with puppy dog eyes, somewhat surprised that you noticed and were caring enough to offer her a helping hand. “How about a massage hmm? Then I’ll get started on covering your fresh cuts,” you told her.
She bit her bottom lip in bliss as you rolled her exposed shoulders, her head raised to the ceiling as you hit all the good spots. “Ah that’s nice,” she murmured, unintentionally groaning whenever you hit a specific area on her shoulders.
Her pale purple skin was cold to the touch, you didn’t mind however, it was kind of attractive to you. She was like a vampire in the night, fighting valiantly for Mondstadt, you were just happy that out of everyone you were the one she sought refuge in. She placed her hand over yours, looking up at you with loving eyes, “that’s enough, I don’t want to abuse your service any longer. But I will take your offer on bandaging my wounds, I don’t want them getting infected anytime soon.”
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emissaire · 7 months ago
tokyorev boys & heartbreak
characters: chifuyu, mikey, sanzu, draken, ran, kokonoi, rindou, kakucho, kazutora
warnings/includes: just pure angst, unrequited love, toxic relationships hinted, unedited
note(s): some of these are inspired by a song, a movie or things i've read on the net lol. happy heartbreak new year, guys! 💖
Tumblr media
Chifuyu Matsuno ◞︴ chifuyu loved you, saw the best in you despite all your imperfections. in his eyes, you were the best even when you're at your worst, but sometimes that kind of love is not enough to keep the one you want in your arms.
from the start, he knew you were but a distant dream he could never afford to have. admiring you from a distance became his favorite thing even though you'll never look his way– until everything fell apart. the night keisuke left he was there, listening to you and hurting for you. he stayed until your broken smiles became bright again, until you were no longer wallowing over the fact that you lost someone you loved. it gave him immense hope despite of how silly he looked.
still, it wasn't enough. for you, he was never even a choice. from the past, present and future, it'll always be baji keisuke. it's him, just him. always him. you will choose him over and over and over again. chifuyu realized that the hard way. there was no space to fill in your heart when there wasn't even a gap in the first place.
Tumblr media
Manjiro Sano ◞︴ you never liked confrontations with mikey because most of the time, they never get resolved. not because none of you want to admit you're wrong but because it's tiring. between you both, someone has to drop it until it's forgotten and all those unresolved issues that piled up, if accumulated over the years, are more than enough to wreck what's left of your failing relationship. more than enough to leave scars within your souls, never to be mended.
nevertheless, the both of you refused to let go. empty promises and little white lies to cover up the damages you both caused, only saying the things what the other wants to hear and never the one that really needs to be heard.
it became a cycle– one that became your routine that when the time you've finally had enough and wanted to leave the destruction of your past, you kept looking for it. the pain, the unrequited, never ending conflicts. it became so hard to move forward without it.
Tumblr media
Haruchiyo Sanzu ◞︴ haruchiyo was everything you needed and more. he was the one who understood you better than anyone. he was your home, you loved him with everything you are that's why it really baffles you how things got to the point that even looking at him pained you.
it wasn't healthy, you needed out and it was one of the hardest decisions you've ever made– choosing between loving him and loving yourself. he didn't stop you, too confident that you would crawl back to him and be his docile little girlfriend again. he gave you a week. a week that turned into three, to months to a full year until there was nothing left of you but a bitter taste in his mouth.
you walked away. out of the apartment that houses all your memories with him–both the good and the bad. out of the life you once wished to always be a part of. being free was intoxicating, felt like a liberation. it's when you realized that when walking away from him felt better than walking towards him, you knew you made the right choice.
Tumblr media
Ken Ryuuguji ◞︴ they say that memories lasts forever and that absence makes the heart grow fonder to which you thought was silly until draken. you admired how he cherished everything in his past before he met you. his distant smiles and the faraway look on his face were pretty much the proof.
you asked him one time and he answered you with all honesty. what you didn't expect is that he would give you hints about your unasked questions subconsciously. it's clear in his blank eyes, how much he still longs for emma. he showed you a picture of her once, calling her his "the one that got away" with a lost expression on his face. he called out to her in his sleep on your first night together, still does, even when you're the one beside him on the bed. sometimes he would mistakenly call you by her name and you would brush it off, try and forget about it.
it hurt you, to say it simply. his slip ups were the reason why you cry at 3 in the morning, cold and laying on the bathroom floor. what makes it worse is that you're not even up against a person... you're fighting with the ghost of their memories.
Tumblr media
Ran Haitani ◞︴ everything with ran was fast paced. to the way he lives his life, to your relationship– you used to always find yourself flooded with adrenaline, high from the adventures he takes you on. it's so different with takashi. the latter is stable, calm, passionate in every way.
"what? you into boring guys now, sweetcheeks?" he asked you, his usual cocky smirk plastered on his face. he looked so confident, so big, so terrorizing.
a small smile managed to slip past your lips, looking up at him with the most serene expression he's ever seen on your face. "ran, our love may be quiet and boring, but it is sure."
it felt like a slap to his face– no, it hurt so bad he wished you just slapped him instead of saying those words. all the memories and moments he shared with you hit him like a wave. it is sure. your love is sure. for a second, he wondered what's different with what you had with him and your new lover then he realized. oh, i never told her i love her. i took her for granted and ruined everything good for her.
Tumblr media
花 ‧₊˚ general tr taglist: @sugusshi @beidouluvr @haikyuuswhore @hxked @ahnneyong @eriskaitto @rinrinchin @souyatr @lagrimasdeglitter @rietvellld @dilf-city @angelmitsuri @crapimahuman @kenma-yuuu @wakasa-wifey @1818cigarettes @waywardzonkprofessorpainter @ellobozo @sanzusangel @meshellexplosionmurder @ranilingus @sxenjill @simpnation @zoroxjin @Imbabii @izanasqueen @nyapnyat @snoopysxng @somerandompipzsxh @ramens-posts @captainsbaby @rqnslut @rinny-babe @4leafcloverwithawhitecraneforyou
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kenzumekodma · 10 months ago
18+, minors & ageless blogs dni
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: atsumu miya x reader (established relationship), osamu miya x reader
wc: 1910
warnings: consensual cucking, praise kink, body worship, voyeurism, spit, edging, unprotected sex (don’t be silly, wrap your willy)
find the rest of my kinktober masterlist here!
Tumblr media
“‘Samu? Really? Outta all the people in the whole entire world, you had a crush on my brother? Before me?” Atsumu clutches his heart in feigned hurt.
“‘Tsumu, babe, baby, love. Light. Of. My. Life. You’re being dramatic. I just met him first and he fed me,” you giggle.
“It’s his job to feed people!”
“And I’m easily swayed!” you counter. “Besides, you have the same face, anyways. I ended up liking yours a little better, didn’t I?” You reach for his cheeks, intent on planting a kiss on his soft, petulant lips.
“Yeah, yeah, so ya say,” he pouts. His face softens into a smile the more you pepper kisses on him.
“Uh oh,” you say as you see his expression turn mischievous. “What’s going on in that pretty head of yours now?”
“You said ya wouldn’t wanna do a sex tape, but…” he trails off.
“‘Tsumu…” you warn.
“Angel,” he teases, mimicking your tone. “I’m just sayin’, we could knock the ball over the net in two hits, if ya know what I mean.”
You quirk your eyebrow.
“Fuck my brother and let me watch,” he says.
And that’s how you wound up where you are, pulled into yourself to take up as little space as possible on the bed. Who were you to refuse when Atsumu had that glint in his eye? And, really, when you were quite possibly as curious about it as he was. Osamu, thankfully, didn’t need any convincing at all. You know you have nothing to be nervous about, but the nerves are there nonetheless.
“Doin’ alright, sweet pea?” Osamu asks you. You just nod. “What’s the matter, cat got yer tongue?” he asks, softer now. He moves to close the distance between you.
“Give her a minute, will ya? Let her adjust,” Atsumu mutters from his seat on the chair in the corner of the room. Osamu holds his hands up and sits on the edge of the bed a few feet away from you. You take a deep breath and relax your muscles.
“Alright, I’m ready.”
Osamu doesn’t need much more than that to snap into action. He crawls to where you sit at the headboard, caging you in between his arms.
“‘M gonna treat ya so well, promise. You’ve got nothin’ to worry about,” he murmurs. You nod slightly. Steeling your nerves, you close the gap between his lips and yours, letting yourself melt away into the moment. “That’s a good girl. ‘Tsumu said you wanted me first. Should’ve told me, sweet pea. Could’ve been all mine,” he teases, a throaty chuckle leaving him at the sound of Atsumu growling in the background.
Osamu trails kisses along your jaw, your neck, sucking a light mark at your collarbone. Strong arms wrap around your thighs as he pulls you down further on the bed, letting your head fall against the pillows. He trails his fingers in light patterns along the skin of your thighs. He’s wanted you since he first saw you, and been resigned to the knowledge that you belong to Atsumu for nearly as long. Fuck if he won’t take his sweet time, fuck if he won’t savour every delicious moment he’s allowed to have you underneath him.
He nips at your breast, a path of pink nibble marks and wet, open mouthed kisses forming on his way to your nipple. He takes the pebbled bud between his lips and alternates between swirling his tongue around it and flicking his tongue quickly against it. God, the sweet, small moans his actions elicit make the wait worth it, so fucking worth it.
As he moves to give your other breast the same treatment, his cock strains against his underwear. One of your hands comes to lightly grip his hair, the other reaching down between your bodies to pay attention to his arousal.
“Don’t think so. Let me take it all in while I can, yeah? You can do what ya want with me after, promise, just. Let me have this. Please,” he murmurs. He takes your wrist in his hand, gingerly pinning it to your side. He’s gentle with you. It’s strange, given how you tend to like Atsumu being rough with you, but the change is far from unwelcome.
His lips meander down you, kissing every inch of skin he can get to. Hills and valleys of plush skin, all his for a limited time only. He presses soft, slow kisses to your tummy, to your mound, and you think he might finally touch your poor, neglected cunt, throbbing already with arousal. The lack of attention he pays to it only makes it worse. He continues making his path down your outer thigh, up your inner thigh, and you think once again he’ll take mercy on you. He just pauses to bite and tease your thigh with small kisses and faint licks.
“O-Osamu, touch me, please,” you whimper.
“She always this impatient for you?” he asks Atsumu. “Or d’ya just not fuck her the way she deserves, huh? Look at that, her pretty little cunt’s fuckin’ drooling for me,” he smirks. “Haven’t even touched it yet.” He finishes his tour of kisses along your other thigh, back up to your hips. Holding your legs apart at your groin, he finally licks a long stripe up your cunt, groaning as he collects your essence on his tongue.
“Just as sweet as I thought you’d be... Fuck, ‘Tsumu, you don’t take yer time with her, do ya? Should try it sometime,” he says, lips barely pulled away from your pussy. His words vibrate through your skin, causing you to whine and squirm for him.
Osamu lifts his eyes to meet yours, his smirk half hidden from you by your body but you can feel it. Every quirk of his lips, every breath, his little chuckle at your eagerness. You feel it all go straight to your burning core. He pushes himself up enough to make sure you can see him as he lets a trail of spit leave his lips and land on your cunt. With three fingers rubbing your clit, he lowers his head again and snakes his tongue into your pussy.
It’s not long before he has you nearing your climax. You feel like he has you wrapped around his finger, but if you only knew he was at the mercy of your little mewls, of the way you buck your hips and twist under him, of getting to experience you.
“P-please-!” you cry out. As if on cue, Osamu draws back from you, leaving you hanging. He kisses your mound, intent on distracting you to make you calm down more quickly.
“‘S’okay, baby, I’ve gotcha. Yer doin’ so well for me, lettin’ me play with you,” he says to you. Atsumu grunts from across the room, catching your attention. You can’t tell if he’s painfully jealous or enjoying the sight, trying to pretend it’s his blonde hair between your thighs instead of his brother’s dark brown locks. But one thing’s for certain from a glance to the prominent bulge forming in his pants -- he’s turned on beyond belief.
Osamu crawls up the bed and kisses you. He swipes his tongue at your lower lip, silently begging for access, needing you to know just how good you taste for him. He hooks his elbow under your leg, hoisting it over his shoulder. He thinks to himself that he doesn’t need to wait until he’s dead to see heaven, he’s certain this is the sight that’ll greet him at the pearly gates. He slides his cock against your pussy once, twice, coating it in the mixture of your juices and his saliva. As he’s about to push the head in, Atsumu speaks up.
“Go slow, she’s tight and likes to bite off more than she can chew. And, and she squeezes the life outta ya if you rub her clit while you’re pushin’ in the first time.”
Osamu nods and does as his brother suggests. He’s thicker than Atsumu, not quite as long, and the prominent veins along his cock rub just right along your walls. You could swear you’re seeing stars and he’s barely done anything. A lazy smirk crosses his lips as your breathing becomes more ragged the more he eases into you. With a final inch to go, he turns to look at Atsumu over his shoulder, his smirk turning to an impish grin as he snaps his hips into yours.
The way Atsumu’s face reddens when he hears your moans and cries for more makes Osamu sure he’s gotten under his skin.
“Yer a shithead, y’know that,” Atsumu says to him.
“Your girlfriend doesn’t seem to think so,” he retorts. He eases himself onto his elbows, letting your one leg wrap around him as he has the other pressed to your chest. “Isn’t that right, sweet pea?”
All coherent thoughts, words, anything, they don’t exist to you anymore. All that exists is Osamu and your ever nearing orgasm. “Y-yes, p-please, anything, just let me, lemme-” you moan.
“Ah, ah. Want somethin’ from you first,” he tuts.
“Hm? G-gonna do anything, whatever you w-want, promise,” you babble.
“Want you to say my name,” he says, his voice a deep rumble next to your ear. “I want you to say my name when you make a pretty little mess on my cock. Can ya do that for me?” The question is more of a formality than anything. You nod frantically. Your moans get louder as he angles his hips, grinding his pelvis against you clit.
“‘S-sam-, ‘Samu please, please,” you beg.
“Go ahead. So pretty when you beg, aren’t ya?” he coos. His voice comes out strained, not at all hiding the fact that he’s about as close as you are.
“Oh, f-fuck, oh-! ‘Samu, I-!” you squeal, feeling yourself tighten around him as he pushes you right to the edge. With one more slow, deep, thrust, you’re freefalling off the cliff of your orgasm. “Osamu-!” you squeal.
“Waited so, fuckin’ long, to hear my name, from your pretty, fuckin’, lips,” he pants. “Thank you, y/n, s-such a good, good girl for me,” murmurs as he fucks you through your release. The coil pulling taut in his abdomen threatens to rip from him entirely and he knows, he knows, he should pull out. But what if…
“‘Samu I swear to fuckin’ hell if you’re thinking what I think yer thinking…” Atsumu’s voice is low and threatening, but nothing can deter Osamu at this point. He steals a glance at where your bodies are connected. Seeing how your soft pussy stretches to accommodate him, how you’ve left a ring of creamy white around the base of his cock, it sends a rush straight to his head. Seconds later, he’s groaning, his hot, white spurts painting your insides.
“Gorgeous, so fuckin’ gorgeous. Did so well for me,” Osamu says. You let out a little whine as he draws his cock from you. Atsumu sits on the edge of the bed next to you and brushes a stray piece of hair from your face.
“Looked so good gettin’ stuffed full. I’m proud of ya, angel,” he says.
“You’d better earn your keep after that, ‘Tsumu,” you tease, a fucked out smile ghosting your lips.
By the way his eyes darken and the smirk that makes its way across his face, you know you’re going to be sore in the morning.
Tumblr media
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whoreforharlow · 4 months ago
Author's Note: Based on a personal experience lol, don't bother asking me about sports y'all. A little self indulgent, but it's another one of the un-specified main character ones. It could be Urban or Jack, so take your pick.
"They just scored a goal," you comment, the boys still reeling from the prior play you felt like you should bring their attention back to the game.
"What did you say, baby?" He asks snickering, his body leaned back in the rolley chair he was seated in, turning away from his crew to look at you.
"I said they just scored a goal, you missed it," you repeat, pointing at the tv screen. This only garnered more low chuckles from everyone else.
"A what?" He presses, his body leaned towards you, his ear angled dramatically to catch the words from your lips. Now, your eyes slit low knowing damn well he heard you, but was teasing your lack of sports lingo.
"Okay, so I guess it's called 'shooting a goal' because it's basketball, right?" You say questioningly, making everyone release the laughter they were holding back. You didn't think it was that funny, but you rolled your eyes and laughed at yourself a little bit. You hated being teased, but you learned that to hang with the crew, you needed to learn to be a bit more light hearted. He knew you hated being teased, but he knew how to help you loosen up a little, and in other times, he knew when to make sure to back off.
"That's not what it's called baby, try again." He encourages, the most contagious smile on his face as he tries to catch his breath a little, his hand coming to lay on yours lovingly; it was his small way of comforting you in case you got overwhelmed at all. You could squeeze his hand three times and he would shut down the entire room to make sure you felt safe, secure, and comfortable. You try to keep an annoyed look on your face, but you can never resist the positive vibrating energy that came off of him in waves, it was your favorite thing about him.
"Um...," you begin, bringing a hand to your chin to add to your exaggerated thinking process, "scoring a shot, then? That sounds pretty accurate." You reason to yourself, proud of your answer. This earned nothing but another round of doubled over laughter, you shook your head and rolled your eyes another time at all of their silliness.
"Honestly, I don't know what else to say! How else do you describe the action of shooting a ball into a net, or bucket, or hoop, or whatever the fuck it's called, and then accumulating points for it—scoring a point!" You shout excitedly as the words finally come to you, jumping out your seat as you jump in excitement.
"Is that right? Is it scoring a point?" You repeat eagerly, excited to know if you finally got it, but they were too busy laughing at how excited you had gotten. Finally Nemo gets up from the couch and walks over to you, his hand up in the air as he comes over to give you a high-five and a hug.
"Yeah, you got it, lil sis," he informs you, chuckles still falling from his lips as he was the most collected of the bunch, the others were still laughing their heads off.
You crossed your arms and jutted a hip as you watched them in faux annoyance, Nemo's arm around your shoulder. You got out of his embrace and walked a few steps forward, your foot lifting to kick his rolley chair back a little to get his attention. He turns to you, his face beet red from all the laughter, his eyes teary as he wiped at them, his lips pulled into an airy grin that caused your lips to split into your own smile. He tugs at your crossed arms, pulling you into his lap as you continue to play annoyed with him, turning your head away from him with a loud huff.
"C'mon, it's cute baby, don't be like that." He says, his arms fighting and tangling with yours to wrap around you as you continued to push and twist away from him, your contagious laughter now filling the large room.
"Uh-uh, you don't get to make fun of me and then try to be all cute after!" You scold him, finally being over taken by his strength, his arms pulling you almost uncomfortably tight against his chest, his lips pressing to your cheek and neck repeatedly.
"Listen, I just didn't think you were that clueless about sports."
"That's your own fault! I told you from the jump I don't know a single thing about them. You set your damn self up for failure with that one, boo."
"I was trying to give you the benefit of the doubt, that's what a good boyfriend does," he teases. His arms are no longer squeezing your tightly, his hands now running up and down your upper arms as he held you to him. Everyone else had gone about their own business now, most playing on their phones or laptops.
"If you went on one of those "Be A Millionaire" shows, don't phone me for help with sports questions; anything but sports." You tease, your head leaning back against his shoulder.
"Well, unfortunately, yours is the only phone number I know by heart, so I'd kind of be stuck with calling you."
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