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have some thoughts on [static noise]’s [screech] and why the [truck backing up] was not informed entirely by [cracking wood] but like about [apartheid]

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Originally posted by oishi-des

     hello!! this is my first writing piece that i’m uploading :D i wrote this a little bit ago for the writing club i’m in, but i never submitted it unfortunately because i didn’t finish it but i did today and i’m kinda happy with it! i feel like i ended it a little to quickly and way too like… suddenly? please give me some critique if you want! have fun reading though, i love you <3

tw // kind of about death/breakup (depends on how you interpret it), and loneliness

     the swings on the playground danced with the wind, standing tall and proud. the seats were coated in dew, and the midnight blue skies were muddied with grey clouds. the swampy, soggy grass squeaked and squelched under the rain boots that walked on them. the moon was still out, and the morning was young.

     she made her way to the lonely swings, and gently wiped the water droplets off of the one seat. she sat down, sighing softly. looking up at the sky, the moon was still out, glaring at her intimidatingly. life lately has just been one long dream, and not a good one. the days felt so long, and so dreadfully boring. i just want to feel that connection again, she thought, the tough of another. nothing seemed to fill her though. she never felt like she was needed genuinely, or that people really held onto her as much as she did them. she felt as if she’d never find love again.

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Y’know that feeling when you’re looking for something very specific on the internet and you know that it doesn’t exist but you still get upset when it doesn’t? Or am I just weird.

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old, familiar feelings. still just as immobilizing and only slightly more manageable. putting into perspective how difficult it is isn’t easy; just know that despite no longer revolving my day around it when it does push its way in it’s still as isolating and terrifying as it was four years ago when i didn’t have a name for it or a reason. i want to kill this thing in my head i thought i had but i guess i haven’t. i’m understanding it will never truly be dead and learning to be brave despite that

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