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#p5 shiho

If anyone has any questions about the plot, characters, themes, relationships, or possible futures of the characters from Persona 5, please ask!!

I personally love ranting about it, and can go on for hours if anyone lets me. And I’m sure other people in the Persona fandom can help answer your questions, too

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It was morning. Several students were gathered around the bulletin board. It was plastered end to end with copies of the calling card. Sumire was walking by and she saw the crowd. Normally, she’d be adverse to large gatherings, but something about this drew her in. “Um, excuse me” she said, making her way to the bulletin board.

She began to read. “Suguru Kamoshida, the bastard sinner of lust. You push your sick and twisted desires on the children you are supposed to teach. When you’re not working them to their breaking point, you treat the female students as your own personal escort service. It’s gotten so bad that there are people out there that wish to see you wallow in agony as they send you up in flames. We cannot stand idly by and wait for that to happen. Henceforth, we shall steal your desires and make you confess your sins with your own mouth. From, The Phantom Thieves of Heart.“ She looked next to the calling card itself to spy a crudely drawn portrait of a thief in a top hat.

The students around were in shock. “Steal desires?”

“So, those rumors about Kamoshida are true?”

“Who are these Phantom Thieves?”

“What’s this ‘flames’ comment mean?”

Ren, Ann, Ryuji, and Morgana were watching from a distance. “This calling card is turning out great!” Morgana chimed.

“For real!” Ryuji said. “But, uh, what’s with that drawing?”

“Oh, I thought it needed something,” Ann said.

“OK, but doesn’t it look….” Ryuji began.

Ann was confused. “What?”

“Well, uh, how do I put this?” Ryuji said.

“It’s certainly eye-catching,” Ren said.

“Totally!” Ann said.

“…I think she missed your sarcasm,” Morgana said.

“WHAT?!” Ann said

“Yeah, it just doesn’t look good,” Ryuji said.

“Oh, like YOU could do any better” Ann huffed.

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the sweet ache of being bitter and old together, snarking to each other about how fucking dumb everyone else is, how they’ll never get you, being in love with other people but kissing in someone else’s bed because touching each other isn’t as heavy as touching someone you love might be, being afraid and being lonely and being tired, a dark laughter when someone asks if you’re together because you’re not together you’d just kill for each other and that’s something both of you need, because i’d be alive for you, i’d be good for you sounds great in theory but you’re not alive and you’re not good and sometimes you do just want blood on your hands and no forgiveness but someone guarding your back while you reload your gun.

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