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From September of 2015: Dream and Death of the Endless in “Delirium-Vision” (i.e., as seen through the eyes of Delirium). India ink, watercolor, and gouache on watercolor board.

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Mx Lucifer, i am your loyal footsoldier

Still incredibly excited about Gwendoline Christie Lucifer in Sandman. Do we think they’re gonna go original style with it?

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A 2010 India ink and graphite reworking of my art from Death Gallery (DC/Vertigo, 1994). I ended up doing a few of these, each with some variation in the drawing and degree of nudity. Technically, this image is an Internet-exclusive hybrid of two different versions!

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My 1993 art for Graphitti Designs’ Sandman IV T-shirt. It got quite a bit of exposure in the nineties, thanks to WCW wrestler Raven and the popular Roseanne TV sitcom.

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ALSO did y'all notice whom they’ve cast as the first brothers? Cain and Abel? NOT white dudes but brown men of color.

Brown men who are accurate representations of what the Fertile Crescent looked like thousands of years ago.

And this is what I love! Like we have a diverse cast but it feels so intentional and just lovely.

UGHF love it already 😭

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neil gaiman got mad at us for making short jokes about lucifer morningstar so they had to make him fuckin HUGE in the both the audiobook and netflix show

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I love how Asim Chaudhry is getting more and more attention and that’s just amazing but I’ll always remember him as the dude that got disqualified on Taskmaster for Grape or No Grape 🍇

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Proud of my collection but annoyed at the same time cause there is at least 3 comics missing. 

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