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Hey, could you please not call mlm ships yaoi? Its a really gross fetishy term and is super uncomfortable to see.

Well, I don’t go around calling mlm ships yaoi, unless I’m actually referring to yaoi anime/manga ships. After being a fujoshi for ten years, I’m not going to start referring to those as mlm as long as everyone else in the fandom uses these terms. I could call them shounen-ai ships, but shounen-ai and yaoi are different things after all.

Shadowgast is not yaoi .___. I’d never call Shadowgast or any other non-anime mlm ship yaoi or shounen-ai .___:

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Ok so this one needs some explaining. So basically there’s this really cute one shot manga called Dead Dead Love Alive by Kimura Hidesato, and it’s about this former zombie killer that turns into a zombie while saving the guy he likes but he only half-turns and though he’s not what’s typically called handsome, the man he likes still wants to go out with him and hffbdbsjsnebrb it’s really cute

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