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Dancing to the Grave
A short poem inspired by Romeo and Juliet (we jsut finished reading it in class)
They danced
They spun around her,
Whispers careful, never too close.
They sang
Sweet words twisting into images,
Of deathly perfect days,
But the look in their eyes were of a ghost
Never too close is what they told themselves
A sick game is what they played,
Crafted ever so carefully,
Making sure it was nothing more.
Yet their heart longed,
They couldn't imagine a life without her
She danced
She dipped and laughed,
Pulling them a little closer
She sang
Words a sea of endless love confessions
She chased, they ran for both of their lives
She was innocent,
They had the world upon their shoulders
And yet, they danced together
Same body, same tune
Wax, they melted into each other
She fell, deeply
An inevitable curse to fall upon her
Their laughs were far too bright, too strong
She rushed into them
They should have tried harder
But, oh, it was so hard not to love
"I've danced this dance a million times over"
She her laugh was the smooth, soft rain
"Of course, you have, so have I. Everyday"
For she was the sun, they were the moon
She misunderstood,
And they understood all too well
"I danced this dance before poets rhymed"
Her eyes, bright lightning, sparking in interest
"I've met you, a different time, different place,
Thousands of times have a met you,
It ends the same every time"
Death is what they did not say,
The word lingered on their lips
She smiled and kissed lips
Until the word was no longer in memory
They danced with her, as one
Crimson blood leaked from their bodies,
Wilted roses were her cheeks
Death has their eyes
News called them modern day Romeo and Juliet
Oh, if only they knew
They were to live and dance, begrudgingly
She was to be born, she found them
Forever stuck into a loop of tragedy and woe
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lady-of-the-spirit · 26 minutes ago
I'm obsessed with Light Hope and Mara and the tragedy of their relationship and Mara being adamant that the rebooted Light Hope is not her Light Hope and Light Hope keeping that one file of Mara during those thousand years even after being rebooted and Mara bringing flowers to a being that's not even a person but is someone Mara loves and Light Hope even after a thousand years since being reprogrammed being able to break her system by remembering Mara and how Mara made her feel and telling Adora to break the sword and destroy the system because the system drove Mara to her death and she loved her and
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dushman-e-jaan · an hour ago
There’s nothing “tragic” about Naruto’s childhood; it’s a wee bit sad, maybe; but save Bee, he still had the best childhood out of any orphan; everyone else had it a lot worse; and, yes, there’s a degree to everything; putting everything in the same category means that you’re incapable of critical thought.
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newdayslinguine · 2 hours ago
No because ok
C! Technoblade:
- immortal
- skilled in war (ESPECIALLY strategy)
- very busy (stockpiling weapons, organising the syndicate stuff, etc)
- has vast knowledge of ancient greece
He was definitely an immortal being (possibly part god i mean zeus would probably fuck a pig if not him it would be ares who is techno’s father)
Like how would someone that busy know as much as he does canonically about ancient greek mythology
Also is inhumanly good in combat
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jonathanmorse · 2 hours ago
Hommage à Maggie Nelson
Hommage à Maggie Nelson
I lay on my bed, free of pain. Then occurred the irreversible. At top speed in full extension, as if enacting the desire of a torturer-coach, this George leaped my body, using it as a springboard. Like a subordinate character in a myth by Faulkner, I had become adjunctive to the design. And, because such is the nature of tragedy, I still play my part.  
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malaflamed · 3 hours ago
Headcanon + Sam Cortland ( post KoA Aelin) ! !
@pillageddeath send headcanon and a word to get a relevant headcanon regarding it from my muse.
sam is the biggest what if. he’s what if i hadn’t been so stubborn, what if we’d just left - she wouldn’t trade the life she’s built and is continuing to build for anything but part of her wonders what would’ve happened if they had left. sam is her hope, her biggest regret, the light she kept with her throughout endovier. he’s fond memories.
he’s the first healthy love she’s had in her life for a decade -she hopes he’s happy wherever he is, that he’s finally safe. but there’s not a gaping hole anymore. just gratitude, and regret. and hope that he’s happy with what she’s became.
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piictureshow · 4 hours ago
@parakosms : “ you’re really into this… aren’t you? ” @ Annie from Renjiro :)
The actress looks up at him with wide eyes, like a child who’s been caught doing something they know they’re not supposed to. The deer-in-the-headlights expression is entirely unnecessary. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that she was enjoying herself - that was the goal, was it not? After all, they’ve only ended up here because Annie declared she was bored one day. A spontaneous trip to France certainly cured her boredom, that... that’s for sure!
Still, her face burns under Renjiro’s gaze, and her own flickers to the side as she sheepishly answers, “I...- Yeah, kinda.“ That’s not a straight answer, try again. She fidgets by smoothing out the wrinkles that have appeared on his shirt. Not that it matters, she’d rather have it off.  “I mean---we can, we can keep going if you want---”
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decimateddreams · 4 hours ago
like five seconds after sending you the last ask i died in lava, losing an enchanted diamond pickaxe and nearly 40 levels! i hate it here. im so glad ancient debris doesn't burn i would fucking lose it if id lost my only (nine!!) ancient debris. also i think the fact that im listening to the tma q+as is kind of helping
noooooo that's not good ;-;
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debelltio · 5 hours ago
Krennic's shit so for mother's day this blog celebrates Lyra Erso instead. She's a badass force sensitive explorer and highly intelligent -- since she works as Galen's lab assistant and interprets his notes into something coherent. Lyra was the first to figure out Krennic's game. Without her intuition, the Erso's would never have escaped.
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lagmennet · 5 hours ago
Hoodlums have attacked a police divisional headquarters in Abia State
Hoodlums have attacked a police divisional headquarters in Abia State
The attack on the police facility located at the Trademore Estate in Umuahia, the state capital was carried out at about 9:45am on Sunday, Channels Television gathered. While no life was lost in the incident, one of the police personnel on duty sustained an injury and has been taken to a hospital for treatment. The Police Public Relation Officer in the state, Geoffrey Ogbonna, confirmed the…
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writingwithcolor · 6 hours ago
Space based story with prison camps: problematic parallels?
Trigger warnings:
Unethical Medical Experimentation (in the post and resources)
ivypool2005 asked:
I'm writing a sci-fi novel set on Mars in the 25th century. There are two countries on Mars: Country A, a hereditary dictatorship, and Country B, a democracy occupied by Country A after losing a war. Country A's government is secretly being puppeted by a company that is illegally testing experimental technology on children. On orders from the company, Country A is putting civilian children from Country B in prison camps, where the company can fake their deaths and experiment on them. (1/2)
My novel takes place in one of the prison camps. I am aware that this setting carries associations with various concentration camps in history. Specifically, I'm worried about the experimentation aspect, as I know traumatic medical experimentation occurred during the Holocaust. Is there anything I should avoid? How can I acknowledge the history while still keeping some fantasy/sci-fi distance from real experiences -- or is it a bad idea to try to straddle that fence at all? Thank you! (2/2)
We are far from being the only people to have suffered traumatic medical experiments.. 
TW: Unethical Medical Experimentation (in the post, and all of the links)
Medical experimentation in history
Perhaps without intending to, you have posed an enormous question. 
I will start by saying that we, the Jewish people, are not the only group to have unethical, immoral, vicious experiments performed on our bodies.  Horrific experimentation has been conducted on Black people, on Indigenous people, on disabled people, on poor people of various backgrounds, on women, on queer people... the legacy of human cruelty is long. Here are some very surface-level sources for you, and anyone else interested to go through. Many, many more can be found.
General Wiki Article on Unethical Human Experimentation
US Specific Article  on Unethical Human Experimentation 
The early history of modern American Gynecology is largely comprised of absolutely inhumane experimentation, mostly on enslaved women (with some notable exceptions among Irish immigrant women)
An Article on Gynecological Experimentation on Enslaved Women
I  also recommend reading Medical Bondage by Deirdre Cooper Owens
The Tuskegee Experiment 
First Nations Children Denied Nutrition
Guatemala Syphilis Experiment
Unit 731
AZT Testing on Zimbabwean Women
Project MKUltra
Conversion Therapy
Medical Experiments on Prison Inmates 
Medical Interventions on Intersex Infants and Children
Again, these are only a few, of a tragic multitude of examples. 
While I don't feel comfortable saying, as a blanket statement, that stories like this should never be fictionalized, it feels important to emphasize the historicity of medical experimentation, and indeed, medical horrors. These things happened, in the real world, throughout history, and across the globe. 
The story of this kind of human experimentation is one of immense cruelty, and the complete denial of the humanity of others. Experimentation was done on unwilling subjects, with no real regard for their wellbeing, their physical pain, the trauma they would incur, the effect it would have on families, or on communities. These are stories, not of random, mythical "subjects," but of human beings. These were Black women, already suffering enslavement, who were medically tortured. These were Indigenous children, who were utterly powerless, denied nutrition, just to see what would happen. These were Black men, lied to about their own health, and sent home to infect their spouses, and denied treatment once it was available. These were Aboriginal Australians, forced to have unnecessary medical procedures, children given brutal gynecological exams, and medications that were untested.. These were inmates in US prisons, under the complete control of the state. These were prisoners of war. These were pregnant people, desperate to save their fetuses, lied to by doctors. These were also Jewish people, imprisoned, and brutalized as part of a systematic attempt to destroy us. 
The story of medical torture, of experimentation without any meaningful consent, of the removal of human dignity, and human rights, is so vast, and so long, there is no way to do it justice. It is a story about human beings, without agency, without rights, it's the story of doctors, scientists, and the inquisitive, looking right through a person, and seeing nothing but parts. This is not some vague plot point, or a curiosity to note in passing, it is a real, terrible thing that happened, and is still happening to actual human beings. I understand the draw, to want to write about the Worst of the Worst, the things that happen when people set aside kindness, and pick up cruelty, but this is not simply a device. This kind of torture cannot be used as authorial shorthand, to show who the real bad guys are. 
On writing this subject - research
If you want to write a fictional story that includes this kind of deep, abiding horror, you need to immerse yourself in it. You need to read about it, not only in secondhand accounts, and not only from people stating facts dispassionately. You need to seek out firsthand accounts, read whatever you can find, watch whatever videos you can find. You need to find works recounting these atrocities by the descendants, and community members of people who suffered. 
Then, when you have done that, you need to spend time reflecting, and actively working to recognize the humanity of the people this happened to, and continues to happen to. 
You have to recognize that getting a stamp of approval from three Jewish people on a single website would never be enough, and seek out multiple sensitivity readers who have personal, familial, or cultural experience with forced experimentation.
If that seems like a lot of work, or overkill, I beg you not to write this story. It's simply too important. 
-- Dierdra
If you study public health and sociology, it is often a given that the intersection of institutional power and marginalized populations produces extreme human rights abuses. This is not to say that such abuse should be treated as an inevitability, but rather to help us understand, as Dierdra says, how often we need to be aware of the risk of treating our fellow humans poorly. Much of modern medical history is the story of the unwilling sacrifices made by people unable to defend themselves from the powers that be. Whether we are talking about the poor residents of public hospitals in France during the 18th century whose bodies were used to advance anatomy and pathology, to vaccine testing in the 19th century, to mental asylum patients in the 20th century who endured isolation, lobotomies, colectomies and thorazine, one can easily see this pattern beyond the Holocaust. 
Even when we shift our focus away from abuse justified by “experimentation”, we have many such incidents of institutionalized state collusion in abuse that have made the news within the last 20 years with depressing regularity. Beyond the examples mentioned above, I offer border migrant detention centers and black sites for America, Xinjiang re-education sites and prisoner organ donation in China, Soviet gulags still in use in Russia, and North Korean forced labor camps (FLCs) for political prisoners as more current examples. I agree with Dierdra that these themes affect many people still alive today who have endured such abuses, and are enduring such abuses. 
More on proper research and resources
Given that you are going to be exploring a topic when the pain is still so fresh, so raw, I think you had better have something meaningful to say. Dierdra’s recommendation to immerse yourself in nonfiction primary sources is essential, but I think you will also want to brush up on many established works of dystopian fiction featuring themes relating to state institutions and the exploitation of vulnerable populations. While doing so, read about the authors and how the circumstances of their environments and time periods influenced their stories’ messages and themes. I further recommend that you do so both slowly and deliberately so you can both properly take in the information while also checking in with your own comfort. 
- Marika
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guiicy · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
❛    𝑤𝑒   𝑎𝑠   𝑝𝑒𝑜𝑝𝑙𝑒   𝑚𝑢𝑠𝑡   𝑎𝑙𝑤𝑎𝑦𝑠   𝑝𝑢𝑡   𝑙𝑜𝑣𝑒   𝑖𝑛𝑡𝑜   𝑎𝑙𝑙   𝑡𝘩𝑎𝑡   𝑤𝑒   𝑑𝑜,   𝑓𝑜𝑟   𝑤𝘩𝑎𝑡   𝑖𝑠   𝑙𝑖𝑓𝑒   𝑤𝑖𝑡𝘩𝑜𝑢𝑡   𝑖𝑡   ?    ❜
    MARIANNA   MAGDALENA   SANTOS   (   MAY   10,   1975-   OCT   16,   1999):   wife   of   BRYAN   SANTOS   &   mother  of   GAMILIEIL   SANTOS.
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geumja · 6 hours ago
I suppressed all the atonement sadness and now it's coming back so intensely.. the bus scene.. the fucking ending
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Natsu from This Is Not a Tragedy is aromantic asexual!
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cibolasburn · 6 hours ago
ah man hold on a second im thinking about the expanse and black sails and like the
“There are no legacies in this life, are there? No monuments. No history. Just the water. It pays us and then it claims us. Swallows us whole. As if we’d never been here at all” quote
but with space and more specifically ashford being lost to the void of space after making his living on it as  pirate, and miller/julie literally being claimed by the unknown, the protomolecule........
and its just like in black sails.... THEY do leave a legacy right, but its not their bodies, their bodies will be destroyed and changed (“full fathom five thy father lies...... nothing of him that doth fade, but doth suffer a sea-change”) their bodies are corrupted by the expanse, be it the expanse of waves or the expanse of the void. their legacies are what they mean to their friends, their crews, their found families.
their lives and deaths all change these people and that is the legacy.... a quiet legacy, and that’s one thing that black sails and the expanse have. so many of those people will be forgotten. flint’s crew, madi’s people, the crew of the cant, everyone who died on eros..... the story knows they will be forgotten, and so the main characters act as their monument
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