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#they break the rules on PURPOSE
incorrect-dnd-classes · a month ago
Sorcerer: Are you suggesting that I occasionally stray away from the rulebook?
Paladin: No, I'm suggesting that you do not own a copy of the rulebook and if you do, you have certainly never opened it.
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gyavaforradalmar · a year ago
i’m starting to realise that having a diverse cast of characters actually lets you cheat your way out of many creative writing rules.
'this character is just infodumping and also talks too formally, the dialogue is not realistic at all!' yeah except they are canonically autistic.
'male viewpoint characters don’t tend to describe other men this accurately' he is bisexual, next question.
'the pacing is off, why does she think in full-ass pharagraphs before saying a word?' it's called general anxiety disorder look it up.
and maybe the most gut-punching one: ‘wHy dOnT tHeY jUst gO to ThE poLiCe’ no offense sir but you sound really white.
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worstloki · 8 months ago
funny story but I’ve never heard anyone criticize liking Thor by saying “but he killed people” or “he attempted genocide” or “he tried to conquer a realm” :/
#im just saying#Thor's on-screen kill count is higher than Loki's#¯\_(ツ)_/¯#and Thor has been the one saying he'll slay all the jotuns since he was 7 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯#he also then went on to try and proclaim a war to ''break their spirits'' after his failed coronation because ''as king of asgard''#that#that's what conquering is#he wanted to take the armies and beat up an already put down planet#even though he was already all set to rule nine realms he thought it necessary that his first act as king be establishing military dominance#might I add that Loki attempted genocide under extenuating circumstances? and for the purpose to prove himself? and end a war?#Thor was just doing it for fun#''but Thor changed his mind at the end of the movie!'' mhm ok when. and how. tell me how a day in Jane's presence taught him worth of life.#because Asgard views Midgard and Jotunheim *very* differently so even if Thor values humans after becoming one for a while#how does that relate to the Jotuns? which he's been raised on war stories on since he was a kid?#and I'm not saying that Thor's more easily influenced but Loki spares Jotun lives where he can in the opening of Thor 1#even though they've both been raised on the same stories and with the trademark Asgardian god complexes#and while Loki is allegedly the one who lets the frost giants in at the beginning he's also attempting damage-control the entire way#Thor is painfully unsuited to a throne let alone the one to the nine realms at that point and Loki is the reasonable one who is also ignored#yeah he resorted to letting 3 jotuns into the vault and he stretches the truth to thor about odin's sleep and#he also sets things up so he can be a hero by making a deal with the enemy BUT you know what? it WAS the most effective way to solve things#there was a war? ok cool if Laufey tries to kill Odin and Loki kills him it's fair game#problemo solved war over Loki's done crisis management and doesn't need to worry about having another father either#then THOR comes along with his treasonous friends and spills the beans and Loki#Loki's going to have to prove himself again for real when he TRIED to avoid the war and unleashing the bifrost? most efficient way to do it#Odin had already left the planet to a slow death and all Loki did was try and do what Thor had failed at#if you're not criticizing Thor for a failed attempt at genocide why criticize Loki for being a bit more successful?#they're in the same boat here except Loki has reasons behind what he was doing that wasn't his ego and that goes for New York too#check and mate#for real though I don't think i have ever heard anyone argue that Thor killed people :/ everyone is on about him being a himbo sweet bean :/#I must find out where so I can determine whether cultural differences are being infantalized or it's the fight:non-fight-time ratio
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casenergies · 5 months ago
#okay i totally understand that the tinhatty post that went around was generally not taken by those in my circles to be like#ooohh misha is gonna send us secret messages#and more along the lines of 'misha perceives people here and loves to troll'#although i personally am doubtful it was on purpose#i understand people just want to have fun#and at the heart of it op was genuinely just trying to be well-meaning#it was one of those instances where i felt i needed to step back and reassess how i talk about jenmish here#i adore all of my cockles mutuals and i understand those who reblogged it did it all in good fun and more as an 'wtf misha'#i just think no matter how removed the direct contact is - any semblance of asking actors directly about cockles is just. not. it.#so yes i do count texting about cockles to that number as similar to tagging the actors on twitter#if you don't then - we just disagree there i guess.#and it's a slippery slope from there#anyway my take is if you reblogged that this is not an attack on you#but for me it veered far too close to conspiratorial and breaking of the One Sacred Rule of rps#and. i gotta be honest. it didn't vibe with me at all and i felt a bit estranged from this community for a moment#one of the reasons i feel comfortable here in the first place is that people here don't veer into conspiracies#keep each other accountable with strict boundaries#and most of all keep a cool head and stay rational about how much we supposedly 'know' in relation to these people#once again: this is not an attack on people who reblogged that because it WAS meant to be well-meaning and i KNOW it was just#taken as classic misha trolling#but all those things considered it was still a shock to my system#and made me want to step back from all of this from a bit
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kissingcannibals · 4 months ago
blood and milk is such an underused motif like. you take two substances who's entire raison d'être is to sustain life and corrupt them through the simple allowance of touch. contact between the two turns the stomach with it's primitive wrongness. idk where i'm going with this but blood and milk.... yeah
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adammilligan · 10 months ago
see now i wonder how much michael would’ve cried when adam died and how much adam would’ve cried when he woke up alone. we KNOW archangels can cry because lucifer did after gabriel yelled at him but knowing michael and how he reacts to things of that magnitude he probably would’ve given himself two minutes tops for a tear or two and then flew off to go hide in the church because there was no time to grieve and he doesn’t process his emotions anyway. adam on the other hand woke up on that beach with the world at peace so he had time but in a way i think that would make it worse because he doesn’t process his emotions either he just compartmentalizes so he’d probably give himself like one minute tops and then sit up and start trudging back towards civilization. and then in the future he just keeps suppressing everything by sheer force of will. which wouldn’t surprise me, since that’s probably what he did the majority of his time in hell
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randombubblegum · 3 months ago
okay the full context is that alex and jack hosted the alternative press awards and as their opening act they went around making fun of bands and metro station didn’t find the jokes funny and called them out when they won an award and jalex were like wtf but at the end of the night trace challenged ALL OF ALL TIME LOW to a boxing match i can find the full vids if you want
what the FUCK goes on.......
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lithrotz · 17 days ago
eventually ill make a more comprehensible post about this but like. peridot's arc and the way her character and the way she acted changed so suddenly honestly makes a lot of sense? before, when we first see her, she's just doing her job that she was made to do and has always done, for her diamond, yellow diamond. then things start to go wrong on a simple, easy mission, and she looses her way to go back to homeworld, and is trapped on a planet that is going to be destroyed by the cluster she was tasked to come check on
and she becomes so desperate in fear of the cluster that she even asks steven for help (by. kidnapping him but whatever), and then is captured by the crystal gems, looses her limb enhancers and all her other things and is out of her area of expertise and finds herself not knowing anything for probably the first time in her life
and she's panicked because she has nowhere to go and is now in danger from the cluster which was never supposed to happen. and now she has to betray yellow diamond if she wants to survive, and the only people who would understand or be able to help are the crystal gems, whether that's giving in and joining them or somehow trying to betray them
as bismuth said rose quartz told the gems that they could be something other than what they were designed to be, and that they could be themselves. peridot ends up with a "defective" gem, a pearl without an owner, a permafusion, and a steven, whatever that is. while jasper is faced with this opportunity she just denies it because she's used to being "better" than everyone else and the most powerful gem, peridot has lost everything and has no power over the crystal gems, and she is able to actually realize who she is as her own person
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effthisnothingworks · 22 days ago
Instead of traditional masking I do this thing where I turn off my entire personality and behave like I’m in an instructional video for how to human that was made by aliens
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i-have-doubts · 3 months ago
cas can never obey heaven's orders for long. maybe he really woulda thrown dean back to hell if he thought "this stupid man is going to get all of humanity killed. im not gonna let that happen no hot piece of ass is worth it"
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e-102 · a month ago
you know sometimes you don’t notice or don’t care about incorrect anatomy in a piece of art because it was sacrificed for a better looking piece, usually the artist knows anatomy well enough to bend the rules when they want too. all rules of art can be broken for one reason or another.
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thatgirlwhokeepsreading · 3 months ago
So anyway found out last night that two of my cousins are refusing to get vaccinated and I now understand why my mother has been extremely anxious about the fact that I hadn’t gotten a vaccination appointment until yesterday, but also Ma… Ma please tell me that you knew it was because of a combination of terrible roll-out (which means spots weren’t staying open for long) and ADHD brain and not because… fucken hell Ma please say sike
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hotsharkgirl2000 · 5 months ago
Every day I have my alarm that goes off at 8 am for my vitamins and I never fucking take them at 8 am but you know what. today I will. 🥱
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ayankun · 4 months ago
Jesse Tribble - Filming The Office
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stairset · a year ago
Okay another thing I feel like clearing up about Mandalore, specifically the darksaber, is if u go by the “defeat the current wielder and u become the wielder” rule then technically no living person has a claim to it or ever will as it’s literally impossible to claim it by those rules now. To elaborate:
There’s a lot of theories that are like “Palpatine became the wielder cause he beat Maul in The Lawless” “Ahsoka’s the wielder cause she beat him in Siege of Mandalore” “but Obi-Wan killed him and then Vader killed Obi-Wan then Luke beat Vader so-” etc etc but I think the main flaw in logic with all of these is that everyone’s assuming that winning the darksaber is like, and forgive me for making a Harry Potter comparison in 2020 but it’s the best comparison I could think of, but the assumption is that the darksaber works like the elder wand when it really doesn’t.
Remember, Maul won the darksaber from Pre Vizsla, but before that Obi-Wan and Ahsoka both defeated Vizsla and it wasn’t treated as a big deal in either of those cases, and that’s because Maul was the only one who actually challenged Vizsla. It’s in the dialogue.
Maul: Vizsla is a soldier, and like every soldier he is bound by honor. I will challenge him to single combat in front of his men. He will not deny me.
Almec: If you defeat him, according to the ancient laws of Mandalore, his soldiers will be honor-bound to follow you.
The impression I get there is that just beating up the guy who has it at the moment doesn’t automatically make you the rightful owner, you actually have to initiate the proper challenge against the darksaber’s current wielder and they have to accept it before you can win it against them. So it doesn’t belong to Ahsoka, or Luke, or whoever else, Maul was the last person to win it by the rules, then Sabine took it and passed it to Bo-Katan, and then Obi-Wan skewered Maul in an unrelated incident meaning the last person to truly “win” the darksaber literally cannot be challenged, so the cycle essentially died with him and the rule is now basically obsolete lmao.
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I feel kind of like I just keep starting new WIPs instead of finishing old ones?? I don’t usually have this problem! But it’s like I need to cycle through a bunch of different ideas so I don’t get burnt out doing just one?
anyway, list of things that are in the works right now:
currents chapters 7-10
soft klapollo proposal fic (that’s taken a turn for the comedic because I’m me and I can’t help it)
Klavier Has Two Bands(TM) (and one of them is Apollo’s favorite)
faraskye oneshot (that’s like...going to be Long, I can just tell)
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catgirlpeeties · a year ago
im a big fan of the class groupchat for a project where we all just openly admit to cheating
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