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What do you think T’challa would have to do to get Erik to say he hated him? (Like after they’ve confessed their feelings and shit)

I’ve been thinking about this question. It’s a good one.

T'Challa would have to hit Erik where it hurts most. And that would be not being actually sensitive to all Erik has been through in his life. From his mom being away in jail, his dad’s murder, growing up quickly, and wanting to avenge his dad’s death. T'Challa empathized with him, but if it all turned out to be a lie just to get Erik to not destroy Wakanda, he’d do more than hate T'Challa, he would want to kill him all over again.

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vibranium collared; bear your teeth

All Doms were the same. Hoping for anything else just proved how much of an idiot he was. He already felt like a big enough idiot for getting swept away by all this but…at least, he could try to protect himself as best he could. A Dom like T’Challa…he was dangerous.

listen on spotify 

for @tjadakacollection. Happy birthday, Mika! I hope you enjoy this fanfic and playlist made especially for you.

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OK but like……Erik killmonger with a pussy is 👌.

He’d be able to have regular periods and stuff. But when he does he has really bad cramps and is always whiny and have cravings.So his boyfriend T'Challa would always give Erik chocolate,belly rubs, massages, and ass massages because we all know Erik is thicc but they can’t *bang bang* because Erik’s on his period so T'Challa reduces to slapping Erik’s ass. Erik would then get embarrassed after he gets his ass slapped and blush like crazy. 🤤

…………….I just died a little inside

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I am pretty new to this Tumblr thing, but am considering writing some T’Cherik fanfiction. It wouldn’t be posted here of course, because, you know, rules. I would post on AO3. However, I am interested in knowing, what kind of story people would like to read. That does not mean that I am taking requests, it just means that I wanna know what my fellow T’Cherik lovers are hungry for, aside from something good and smutty (I don’t know if I write smut, I have yet to try it or decide if I want to). So what’s your fancy? What type of situations would you enjoy seeing our favorite king and favorite shoulda-been-saved villain in?

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Erik masturbating while t’challa watches from below

T'Challa simply can’t say anything. All he can do is lay on the bed and watch Erik jerk himself off above him, his dick right over his face. There are light groans coming out of Erik’s mouth that T'Challa loves to hear. This is the second time they have done this, but before with Erik watching from below.

Like last time, T'Challa wants to touch Erik, but Erik specifically told him not too unless he tells him too. T'Challa didn’t mind at all. All he can do is lay back and be excited about what’s taking place.

Erik is getting close as pre-cum starts falling onto T'Challa. They both have that same kink, even though Erik will swallow too. T'Challa moans as he feels the substance falling on him, no longer able to keep quiet and soon Erik let'sgo, more cum landing on T'Challa’s face and some on chest.

When Erik is done cumming, he leans down to kiss T'Challa before getting ready for round two.

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Ok so your stories are like super duper great and I enjoy your intersex t’challa stories but have you ever thought of writing about intersex Erik?

I have, but for some reason I just haven’t actually written it. When it comes to T'Cherik, I’ve been trying to produce more Bottom!Erik content but I will definitely try to write intersex Erik now that I’m mainly focusing on T'Cherik again. Thanks for the suggestion! edit: Thank you for the compliments too!!

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1. Tics

Thank you for the ask! Like I’ve mentioned in the fic, it originally started as an April Fool’s Day one shot where Erik drew cat whiskers on T’Challa and T’Challa would have likely just pinned him and kissed him at the end (maybe licking his face like a cat too, idk). But then it turned into T’Challa and Erik play-fighting, nipple twisting, and Erik dealing with T’Challa discovering his feelings for him. 

So I guess the initial inspiration for it was fluff between the two, and then it became about using some ideas I’d wanted to use like T’Cherik eating breakfast together, T’Cherik talking science because both of them are smart as fuck and fluff with hurt and comfort.

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Bright Lights

Part One of the Five Times T’Challa and Erik Had Fun Series. Pairing - T’Challa/Erik.


As a child, Erik wasn’t able to enjoy much of what the world had to offer because of difficult circumstances. His father was working alone to make ends meet and a majority of whatever money he made was spent on trying to get Erik’s mother out of prison. So, naturally, as soon as Erik opened up to T’Challa about never going to an amusement park as a child, T’Challa knew he had to change that.

Sauntering through the park, Erik maintained a firm but gentle clasp on his boyfriend’s hand as he circled his sights around the bright lights around them. The beauty of the night in the amusement park was ethereal and despite the time they had already spent there, neither of them felt any strain in their legs from all the walking. T’Challa noticed a brief flash of his kimoyo bracelet as it chimed and he opened a message from Shuri which made him smile. Erik noticed the expression and rubbed T’Challa’s arm with his free hand.

“What is it, baby? You gotta go back for a meeting?”

Despite his side smile, Erik’s voice sounded slightly hesitant and T’Challa understood that Erik didn’t feel like leaving just yet. They were both having the time of their lives and it was practically like a dream come true for the Californian. Luckily for both of them, it wasn’t a message regarding a meeting - although the monarch was more than aware of the fact he wouldn’t have left if it was anyway.

“No,” T’Challa chuckled lightly, “Shuri sent me a message calling me a ‘traitor’ with this replaying image of a random robot-man-thing. I think it’s because we went without her…”

Erik scoffed which followed laughter once he realized T’Challa was referring to a stormtrooper. Erik didn’t really watch Star Wars that much but still knew what one looked like, also understanding that T’Challa had probably never even heard of the franchise. Adjusting his hood, T’Challa looked around to see if anybody had recognized him and so far he remained unknown to the general public. If he and Erik were going to enjoy the day to themselves, he couldn’t afford to be stopped every two seconds.

It was only when they saw a bright, long red tunnel when Erik’s interests heightened despite him not believing it was possible to be more excited. If there was one thing left to tick off his list, it was getting T’Challa to get on a ride before they left. He’d somehow managed to get away with some of the larger rides being busier and Erik not being interested in those, choosing the more tame rides to join him on, but this time the waiting line was much shorter.

“Hey, ‘Chally?”

T’Challa knew exactly what Erik was alluding to once he wore his signature mischevious smirk. Nonetheless, he still entertained it by answering his question.

“Yes, Erik?”

“I know we’ve already been on a few rides today, but could we go on one more? Look how cool it looks,” Erik smiled, pointing at the rollercoaster in front of them. He tugged softly on T'Challa’s arm and watched him as the king mulled it over and to make it even more unfair, Erik pouted with his delicate brown eyes slightly shaking in a way T'Challa found it impossible to refuse. He knew today was Erik’s day and whatever made him happy was the priority, so T'Challa grinned showing his teeth and shook his head.

“How could I ever say no to you?”

Erik jumped gleefully and squeezed T'Challa’s hands with both of his before kissing T'Challa excitedly on the lips.

“You know I fuckin’ love you right?” Erik smiled and he pressed his lips against the soft skin of T'Challa’s cheek to emphasize what he was saying. T'Challa nodded and returned the kiss as they stood in front of the ride and cupped Erik’s chin in his hand to lose himself in Erik’s eyes.

“Why do you think I would risk my life just to make you smile?”

Erik let out a small ’aww’ and they continued walking until they got until the line. Looking at T'Challa with a protruding eyebrow and a quizzical smile, Erik rested his head on T'Challa’s shoulder after.

Risk your life? So you’re fine jumping out of jets and buildings but a ride is where the line is drawn?” Erik giggled, a sound T'Challa loved because of how much Erik had developed. Before, a conversation seemed impossible once Erik decided not to fight him at the waterfalls. But now, Erik’s head vibrated against T'Challa’s shoulder as he giggled at the ridiculousness of T'Challa’s wording.

“I have control of where I jump. I don’t have control of where these rides go…” T'Challa insisted. “But I still take these risks for love.”

“Whatever…” Erik snorted, rolling his eyes amusedly.

It didn’t take long for them to get on the rollercoaster and once their seats were strapped in, T'Challa’s breaths became shakier. Erik noticed and took the man’s sweaty hand to braid his fingers with T'Challa’s in an attempt to calm him down. Slowly kissing his hand, Erik stroked his panicky boyfriend’s cheek with his thumb.

“It’s fine, baby. You know I ain’t gonna let nothing happen to you.”

The warm press of Erik’s breath against his skin and the gentle tone of his voice helped T'Challa feel easier, and he eased into his seat with a grip remaining on Erik’s hand.

“Think of Wakanda at night. All those lights flashing through the sky. You’re flying through Wakanda…” Erik whispered and T'Challa looked at him. If looks could say anything, it would be an emotional ‘thank you’.

Feeling less nervous, T'Challa smiled as they began to move forward and Erik began to cheer, encouraging him to do the same a few seconds later. They were both excited, even if T'Challa was a bit hesitant but he forgot all the worries and held onto Erik’s hand as they saw the rise, as well as the start of the light red tunnel, approach them and T'Challa cheered loudly. The Ferris wheel next to the ride was bright and unmissable, reminding T'Challa of the lights on skyscrapers in Wakanda. The carriage stopped in position and T'Challa looked at Erik.

“I got you,” Erik promised, and they kissed quickly before returning gazes at each other.

“I know,” T'Challa said. “It’s just all so beautiful. The lights, you. Everything.”

The ride shot off and throughout the entire thing, T'Challa yelled, laughed and screamed but all of it was done with excitement as Erik did the same. Seeing how happy Erik was made the ride even better and once it was over, it almost felt bittersweet. They got off the ride and Erik wrapped his arm around T'Challa’s shoulder, unable to restrain his smile.

“So? How was it?”

“Not so bad,” T'Challa shrugged. “But I think I prefer my own methods of flight. I wouldn’t rule out another ride though.”

Erik’s mouth rose in the corner to form a smirk and he moved his hands down to T'Challa’s ass while moving behind him.

“I’m sure we can work that out, 'specially with the bravery you’ve shown.”

T'Challa chuckled but grabbed Erik’s wrists and brought them up to his waist with a raised eyebrow and a tilted head.

“I just risked my life for you and you want sex? The least you can do is win me a stuffed animal for my troubles,” he teased, further entertained by Erik’s shock. But his shock dissolved into an agreeing nod and he caught a glimpse of one of the carnival games where the games were clearly rigged for regular customers to always lose. However, they’d designed it for regular customers, and not for Erik Stevens.

“Sure, why not? Might as well use these aiming skills for something. Let’s go,” Erik offered, taking T'Challa’s hand and leading him to his upcoming prize. Although he’d done this for Erik, T'Challa was having one of the best days of his life as well.

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I've come with good news! Or at least, I hope it would be good news to you. Last time I checked the T'Cherik fandom is thriving! Although I will admit that we're still having rough patches. As you probably already know, most of the Black Panther fandom has kicked us to the curve and left us to the wolves, so some of us get real fucking nasty stuff in our inboxes. On the bright side though, Thorki shippers seem to be our friends, bless em, the absolute sweethearts. Point is, we're still here! :)

I will never understand how people can condemn dark subjects in fiction while acting out the same behavior IRL. I guess they just can’t see the hypocrisy. The most unsettling part is that I used to get hate from racist in fandom now I get hate from other Black fans for behaving inappropriately. SMDH

Stil it’s great news! The only thing that makes my dark heart happier than seeing “inappropriate” ships thrive, is “inappropriate” shippers finding friends in other ships and fandoms.


Originally posted by horsesaround

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Hi everyone!

So I know I haven’t been on here in a while and I apologize for it. I’ll respond to any messages and asks soon. But I came back with something you all might enjoy if you haven’t seen it yet!

I was in line waiting for my omelet at school and I’m scrolling down my Twitter feed when I see this:


Um…I’m telling y'all right now I was left SHOOKETH IN THE DANG DIRT!


Originally posted by jess-1907

The Lord is blessing me this morning as always, but it took me a moment to get myself together because right when I saw this my omelet was ready.

I hope all of us micwick/t'cherik shippers enjoy this (or even if you’re just a fan) because I know I did. I mean I wasn’t prepared for this but since it came to this it was worth it!

P.S. I’m still laughing and slightly blushing about this because I’m enjoying this too much 😂😂👏🏿

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