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#marvel endgame

Word Count: About 3175

When I was a little girl, my father would tell me stories about the Universe, about him and his brother running rapid, doing as they wish, with no one to tell them no. My father told me that he created me for a very important reason. Protect the universe from the things that created it.

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- Jean Grey Vs Apocalypse

- Wanda Maximoff Vs Thanos

X-Men: Apocalypse

Avengers: Endgame 

  • Sophie Turner
  • Oscar Isaac
  • Elizabeth Olsen 
  • Josh Brolin
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Late Night Flight


Summary:Y/N has always been scared of flying but mabye this could change her mind…

〰️Sebastian Stan×(Female)Reader

⚠️Warnings:Some swearing the rest is just FLUFF

💟Note:This was requested anonymously.Hope you all enjoy,feeback is appreciated💟


You check your plane ticket again making sure you have the right seat.Your hands are shacking as you walk throw the plane.You should have said no to the offer to go to Italy for the week with your boss,not that your complaining about the first class tickets but your fear of a iron bird a few thousand miles up in the air quickly takes over the joy of enjoying the experience.You see your seat and take a breath atleast you found it.You quickly slam down on the seat not noticing the person next to you.You shigh and drop your head against the seat closing your eyes.

“You okay?”

Your heart stops when a sleepy voice makes your eyes open and meet the most beautiful blue grey eyes looking at you in the seat on your left.But when it finally comes into context that he is indeed the man you think he is,your heart speeds up instantly.

“Uhm y-yeah just uhm o dammit”

You wish the earth could swallow you whole right now.You had no energy to look decent today,with a way over sized hoodie and some grey sweatpants that probably should atleast been washed and a messy bun or more a crow’s nest on your head and here the man is Sebastian Stan in all his fucking Romanian glory.Your ability to speak has also left just like your dignity.

“Heyy are you okay?”

You remember your starring when that sleepy but sexy voice makes you just nod slowly.

“Yeah sorry sorry I am just kinda scared of flying-this flight is going to Italy right?Italy is a cool place yeah super cool-god I’m rambling sorry I ramble when I am-”

You stop rambling when Sebastian starts chuckling and you join in nervously trying to calm your stress and the blush spreading throw every inch of you.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to ramble,I just don’t like flying”

Sebastian smiles at you when he stops laughing.

“It’s okay don’t say sorry I do it too and yess the flight is going to Italy”

“O thank god”

You take a deep breath and finally settle into your seat.

“If I may ask why are you heading to Italy?”

“My boss is at a conference there and she asked if I wanted to join her and I said yess and now I regret it”

The flight attendant starts making the safety announcements,you instantly start to listen to every singel word and instruction.You look back at Sebastian who is desperately trying but failing to hold in his laugh.

“Don’t you dare laugh at me”

You whisper throw your teeth at him.

“Sorry sorry”

You clutch onto your seat checking your seatbelt once again as the plane starts to take off.

“O dear,o dear,o dear o dear god please don’t let me die please please please don’t let me die”

You thought your saying the words in your head but Sebastian poking your shoulder makes you look at him again.

“Heyy calm down okay?we will be fine,tell me about your job?”

You take a deep breath calming yourself abit.

“I’m a journalist at a magazine in Los Angels”

The plane suddenly shakes and you feel like your about to pass out.


“What’s your name?”

“Y/N its Y/N”



The plane stops shacking and the seatbelt signs get switched off.You keep your eyes shut,you just embarrassed yourself way beyond the point that small talk could fix.

“So Y/N where you from?”

You look at him with one confused eye keeping the other shut.

“I just screamed at you and now you are still talking to me if it’s out of pity please stop…”

Sebastian smiles as he hands you a bottle of water that you gladly take your throut dry drom all the screaming.

“I’m not talking to you because I pity you,I’m talking to you because I want to”

You look at him with a lifted brow.

“I don’t want to invade your privacy,you don’t have so much being a celebrity and all that,I kinda just told the whole plane I am fangirl and you really don’t have to-”

“Dammit Y/N,I want to talk to you because you seem interesting and I’m scared of flying aswell,I was internally screaming inside when it started to shake,so please let’s help each other out and talk?”

You stare at him with a shocked face,he just blushes and looks down.

“I’m from New York”

Sebastian looks up at you and you smile softly at him.For the a majority of the flight you talk about everything you can,your childhood,stupid stories from your school years,your family.There wasn’t one awkward silence or nothing to talk about.When the night time hit you decided to watch a movie both of you deciding on Notting Hill that you know is his favorite movie.Sometime throw the flight you feel asleep on his shoulder.He looks down at your sleeping figure,he didn’t have the heart to wake you up knowing the stress got to you.He carefully reaches for a blanket,covering you with it.He rest his head on your and sleep quickly takes him over aswell.

You are woken up by the flight attendant who says the flight is landing soon.In your still sleepy haze you nod softly not wanting to wake up Sebastian who is still sleeping on your shoulder now.You start poking his thigh.

“Heyy Sebastian you gotta get up where landing”

He groans and snuggles into your shoulder.

“Five more minutes”

You smile at him.He told you he was tired after a long day filming his new movie,you didn’t want to wake him up but you needed him to calm you down for the landing.

“Come on Sebastian get up”


You giggle,he sits up also giggling in a still haze state.The seatbelt signs go on and both of you get ready for the landing.You close your eyes and sit back biting your lip,you suddenly feel a warm hand wrap over yours and your eyes shoot open meeting Sebastian eyes,he squeezes your hand delicately.

“We are going to be fine”

You nod softly squeezing his hand in return.

You walk with each other until your paths go separate ways.Standing awkwardly next to each other.

“Thank you for all that”

Sebastian nods and smiles softly at you.

“Thank you too,uhm Y/N i know it’s too straight forward but we may never see each other again so uhm can I get your number?”

You giggle when he looks down at his feet.

“Y/N Y/L/N flight support system at your service give me your phone”

He laughs as he gives you his phone,you quickly tipe in your number and had back his phone.

“Bye Sebastian”

You turn around walking to your gate.

“Bye Y/N”

You turn around and he waves at you.

When you get to your taxi your phone dings,a message from a unknown number

You smile at the message.

Mabye flying isn’t that bad.

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Summary: You are Tony Stark’s daughter who was born with powers that match those of the infinity stones. What will happen when you lose your perfect control after discovering your father’s lifeless body on the battlefield?

I DO NOT own Avengers, you, or anything, but the scenario of the story.

You stood in on the battlefield panting and watching as Thanos’ army faded to dust around me. You knew that meant we had won. That somehow you and your teammates, were able to recreate the one ending that Doctor Strange spoke of. The one ending where the Avengers prevailed. 

You let out a sigh of relief, knowing you had won and went to find your father, so you could revel in your success. You around the battlefield looking for any sign of him, only stopping when you noticed the other Avengers all crowded around something… Or someone. You made your way over to only to discover that hidden behind the bodies of your friends and allies was the lifeless body of your father, with his wife Pepper Potts and your best friend Peter Parker already by his side. You examined him closer as you made your way over, ignoring the looks of pity you received from your companions. You saw the Infinity Stones, and, instantly, you knew what he had done. You now knew how severe the price for your victory was, and you were not sure if you could live with it.

“Dad?” you said, armed with a shaky voice and tear-filled eyes, whose dams would blow at any minute. You collapsed by his side and held his hand in yours, clutching it to your chest. Tears now flowed freely as you stared into his dull, which once housed life and mischief inside them. You could feel your owers beginning to grow erratic as you became unhinged, but you did not care, for the person, you love most was lying lifeless by your side. You clutched his hand tighter and released a wailing cry. And, now, unable to comprehend any form of control, your powers sprang to life, releasing surges of energy with each passing moment. You closed your eyes and continued to wail at the loss of your father, not fully realizing what you were accomplishing with your powers. All around time began to flow in reverse as your powers pulsed. The Avengers headquarters was repairing itself, flowing backward to before Thanos had even conceived the idea an attack. Your friends’ wounds stitched themselves shut. Everything around you was going in reverse. But, you paid it no mind and simply continued to shriek in your grief, until you felt the hand you had been holding squeeze your hand in return.

After feeling his movement, everything around you ceased. You opened your eyes, slowly, fearing you had hallucinated the feeling of his gentle squeeze. When your eyes opened all the way, you saw him. He was alive and looked as if he had never been dead, to begin with. He was sitting up, staring you directly in the eye. Before either, one of you could say anything however, you collapsed. The physical exertion from both the battle and the temporary loss of control, finally catching up with you. Tony caught you right before you hit the ground, and as he held you in his arms, you gave him a smile as your vision turned black.

* Two Days Later*

Your eyes lazily, and you turn your head from side to side, momentarily forgetting everything that had occurred after the battle was won. You sat up slowly in the bed you lay in, recognizing it as your own. As you stared around the room, wondering how it was possible to be here after the collapse of the headquarters, it came rushing back to you. You could see in your mind the image of your father lying dead on the ground and reviving before your eyes. That memory alone made you shoot out of bed and out of your room. You ran throughout the hallways searching everywhere that you could fathom him being. You had to know if what you remembered was real or a mere delusion cooked up by your grief-stricken mind. 

You searched and searched, and finally, you found him. He was standing with other Avengers in the living room area of the facility. As if he felt your presence, he looked right t you through the door. You walked forward into the room and rushed into his arms. Tears cascaded down your face as you gripped onto him. You felt him pull you tight against him. He held you as you cried, relieved that he was alive. But, how had he survived?

You pulled away quickly and stared into his eyes, and you said,” Dad. You’re alright. How are you alright? I mean, those stupid stones nearly killed Bruce, so how?” He stared at you, a look of pure confusion on his face, as he simply answered,” You. I’m alright because of you.” 

It was your turn to look confused. “Because of me?” you asked. You looked at everyone in the room, and they were all nodding their heads. You turned back to your father, silently asking him for an explanation Before your father had a chance to speak Doctor Strange stepped toward you. 

“ When saw Tony dead, you lost control of your powers. You reversed the time of everything around you,” he gestured to everyone in the room and to the room itself,” you restored the Avengers headquarters, and brought your father back from the dead.” You took in everything he said. You processed it all and began to shake your head. You would not believe it if the proof was not all around. Your father was standing next to you, in the Avengers headquarters, whose inhabitants lacked even the smallest scratch, despite the giant war they had just fought and won.

“ Tell her else she did.” Doctor Strange said, looking in your dad’s direction. You looked at him as well. “ What else did I do?” you asked your father.

“ Your power surge created six new Infinity Stones. You created six new Infinity Stones.” he said, pulling out a silver briefcase from under the table. He opened it up and inside you indeed find there to be the six rainbow stones, shining and beautiful. 

“ What are we going to do with them?” you asked, to no one in particular.

“ We were waiting for you to decide. We figured, you created them, you should decide their fate.”  your father explained to you. You nodded your head. You stood, staring at the stones, trying to decide what you wanted to do with them. You came to your conclusion moments later. 

“ We don’t destroy them, but we separate them.” you said to all the Avengers, as they stared at you confused. 

“What do you mean?” Steve spoke up from behind you.

“ We separate the stones amongst us. The Guardians will take and guard the Power Stone. The Mind Stone will be used to remake Vision. The Time Stone Will be returned to Doctor Strange. The Asgardians will watch over the Space Stone. I will implant the Reality Stone in Captain America’s Shield. And, I will protect the Soul Stone.” you told everyone. “If that’s okay with everyone?”

“It’s perfect, Lady Y/N.” Thor said.

“Yeah it is.” your dad said coming up behind her.

After everything was done and the Infinity Stones had been dispersed, you were curled up in your father’s arms on the couch in the living room, watching TV. Everyone else left the room hours ago, either to their bedrooms, their kingdoms, or their space ships in the stars. You turned to your father and stared at his face, relishing in the feeling of his grip pulling you into his waist and holding you tight. 

“Dad?” you said. 

“Yeah?” he responded, looking down and meeting your gaze. 

“ I’m glad your back. I love you.” you said, kissing his cheek, then snuggling deeper into his side. 

“ I love you too, kid.” he said, strengthening his grip on you and knowing that he will never have to let you go again.

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Hi there!!

I am again taking requests!

I’m open to all OCs, and a decent amount of fandoms.

Here are some I am a part of, but I’m not limiting them to just these:

Harry Potter

Musical Theatre

Shadowhunters Series’

Grisha Trilogy/Six Of Crows

Umbrella Academy

Star Wars

If you have a question of if I can make it or not, just feel free to ask!

DM me or comment if interested!

Much Love,


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A Little High

Pairing: Steve/Reader

Word Count: 671

Warnings: no drug use, but feeling of being high, if that triggers anyone

Based on @papi-chulo-bucky ’s post about how supersoldier cum gives you a major high


“Fuck, Steve!”

Steve slid into you hard, fast, not quite giving you the time you needed to adjust to his length. He groaned, swearing as he bottomed out, panting above you.

“You feel so good, Doll, so tight… . Always so tight.”

He bucked his hips with enough force you had to hold onto the headboard to keep yourself from hitting it. Growling, he bent down to the crook of your neck, nibbling and kissing your sensitive flesh. You moaned and Steve picked up his pace, the tip of his cock poking at your cervix. You yelped, clenching onto the bedsheets as he kept driving home, determined to hit that spot, rubbing against your g-spot, as much as possible.

“Steve!” you babbled. “Steve, Steve, Steve!”

The ever-tightening coil in your core snapped, and you came with a sharp cry, spasming around Steve’s cock and he thrust into you, hands on your hips to better angle himself as he fucked you through your orgasm. Has many was that now? Three? Or was four?

“Fuck, doll.”

You let out a whine as his thrusts became less rhythmic, uneven and his groans were more frequent. He was close.

“C'mon, Stevie,” you slurred, running your hand up your side to cup your breast. “Give me your cum, baby.”


A few more thrusts and he let out a loud, deep groan, spilling into you. You let out a string of moans, feeling his hot seed stick to your walls, the warmth taking effect immediately. You felt the searing bliss spread through your body, up your spine and through your fingertips, radiating at your core. It all felt so good, the ecstasy muffling your thoughts, slowing your neurons. You barely registered Steve pulling out, the bed creaking as he got up. You smiled, closing your eyes in content as the tips of your toes tingled.

You giggled as Steve pressed a warm, wet washcloth to your glistening, abused pussy. It felt good, it felt so good. Not in an arousing way, though, more like a euphoric, relaxing elation. It felt like vicodin and oxytoxin, but times ten. You were so relaxed, so content. Steve had that effect—well, Steve’s cum. It was a side affect from the serum.

He didn’t know about it when you first had sex. The condom had broke and some of his seed had spilled into you, he didn’t understand why you weren’t responding to him afterward, scared he had done something to hurt you. You assured him you felt good, real good, giggling to yourself with a blissed-out expression on your face. It took twenty minutes for the effect to wear off. You two talked about it, coming to the conclusion that whatever happened to you resulted from Steve.

He didn’t want to do it again, thought he was taking advantage of you and giving you a high you didn’t ask for. But when you came home one day after a mission, upset and tired and angry, Steve came in you and suddenly you couldn’t remember what you had been so upset about.

You’d be in a high for about thirty minutes, long enough for Steve to clean up between your legs and slip a shirt over your head and then you’d be asleep, content and happy and sedated in the best way.

He’d do anything for you, you both knew that, and if he could so easily take your pain away by just coming inside you, he’d do it as many times as he had to. He knew you’d suck him off later as a thank you, swallowing his sweet cum—another side affect of the serum—and lick him clean, and they’d do this all over again.

Throwing the dirty washcloth in the laundry hamper, Steve laid next to you, hugging you as you curled up next to him, smiling in your daze and snuggling against his chest. He pulled the covers up, covering the both of you before he kissed your forehead.

“I love you, sweetheart.”

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