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Cap’s ending in Endgame makes no sense. Instead of going back to the 40s, Steve would have gone back to the immediate past, told the team how they end up beating Thanos and probably would have saved Tony.

There’s no way he would have let his friend die like that.

Also, sending Steve back in time to Peggy takes away her agency and her choice to live a life that appeared to be fulfilling without him. IMO

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Based on this tumblr post (but if you read it first it will spoil the fic!) 

Fandom: MCU Avengers and MCU Spider-Man
Warnings: Somewhat Avengers Endgame compliant, discussions of grief, mourning and unhealthy coping mechanisms, major character death (you know who it is) 
Length: ~3000 words 
Thanks to @ferretshark and @friendlyneighborhoodsecretary for beta-ing! 

Read it below the cut OR read it on Ao3

Rhodey has to brace himself before he goes to the cabin, every time. He steps inside and it looks normal, just normal. Morning light streaming through the windows, clutter scattered all about. A pile of books in the corner, a couch that sags a little in the middle, reading glasses discarded on a benchtop. Little bits here and there, almost like a life.

Rhodey wonders what this house looked like before the world ended.


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Cap vs Thanos’s army

Three months this took me! Three freaking months! I have taken WIP’S of every stage as a record which I may have to put together one day as an animation or something (Unfortunately didn’t save it from the initial sketch, which is a shame)

But finally it is done, that scene before the massive fight in endgame….Is done and I can relax a little before I go for the next one.

The other thing is, I thought I’d show this in bits as well as the WHOLE piece because, lets be honest, you don’t get an idea of the scale of things in just the preview (I can also tell you that this piece is 60cm x 30cm, so quite VAAAAAAST in size)

If you like to see the progress please do let me know.

And yes. I have been called insane

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Chadwick Boseman stars as an NYPD cop in this police thriller that explores many different themes throughout. This film was marketed heavily around Boseman and the Russo brothers (Executive Producers) because of their success with Avengers: Endgame (21 Bridges was scheduled to be released in July originally). 21 Bridges is a world away from the CGI and special effects of the Marvel universe and it makes a nice change to see Boseman doing some decent acting alongside a top-notch cast.


Originally posted by softtroublemaker

When two small time crooks, who both happen to be Iraq vets, stumble upon a cocaine job which turns out to be a much larger job than they was told, things start to get out of hand. 6 cops arrive on the scene and one of the men murders them all. They flee with some of the coke. Boseman arrives on the scene and decides to shut down all 21 bridges leading in or out of Manhattan.

I really enjoyed 21 Bridges, it was an easy watch that challenged a lot of issues in society. Police brutality, police corruption, war veterans and police pay. These were key themes and they delved into these instead of just mentioning it once. Thankfully, it drove the story, making it more interesting than your average cop film. And although it was quite obvious that this was a set-up, or the police were involved, it definitely made you think about their actions, and why they was doing this. It was interesting in this aspect and it didn’t let the film down that something was fishy with the cops. What this film lacked however was something that really stood out. It was a typical police, cat and mouse film that didn’t have many surprises nor from a technical point of view did it achieve anything special.

It was a standard police film that covered some interesting and topical subjects. An easy watch that was entertaining, but nothing special.

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Thor x Black! Reader

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Warnings: Smut {NSFW, dirty talking, hair pulling, size kin, unprotected sex}

You rolled your eyes at the stupidly handsome face walking towards you. Thor Odinson knew just the words to annoy and tease you, whether it be about your height, attitude or anything you did.

He’ll tease you to the point that you think he was flirting with you.

“Little one isn’t passed your bedtime?” Thor asked, ruffling your curly h/l h/c hair, then making his way towards the fridge.

You were about to bitch-slap him for doing that but you let it go and took a breath. You had to remember your plan because a little birdy told you that Thor had a thing for short girls.

You smiled sweetly at him.

“You know I may be 5 foot nothing but I can still have any tall, strong men devouring me in seconds, wanting me to climb them up and never coming down. And that I think about it, you are one of them” You said, starting towards him, and he moved back until his back hit the fridge.

“I know you have a thing for short girls like me, Thor. Go ahead and admit,” You said, he lets out a deep breath through his nose and growled with it.

“Come on, tell me. You don’t think about lifting this fine piece of ass up in the air, pounding it fast and hard until I’m shaking and dripping out your cum?” You asked, looking up at him with lustful eyes while moving your hand up and down his chest, waiting for an answer.

“Y/N” He whispered, trying his best to keep it together but he couldn’t. Thor grabs you roughly and pushes you now against the fridge, making it shake.

You were so turned on right now. He bends his knees a bit to pressed his lips hard against yours, your mouth opened up to him when he deepened the kiss.

Thor moved his lips towards your jaw and neck then back to your lips. You whined when he broke the kiss and stood his full height. You bit your lip as he towered over you, you look up into his beautiful blue eyes.

“Take me upstairs to your bedroom!” You said, he didn’t say anything. Just picked you up, wrapping your legs around his waist, took you upstairs to his bedroom.


Thor roughly throws you on the bed and starts kissing up and down your neck, leaving soft strokes through your shorts. You pushed him back a little bit to take off his shirt and throw it across the room then your hands went to the belt of his pants.

You fiddled with the belt for a few seconds until it finally unhooked, you could see and feel the bulge growing rapidly in his pants. And you knew it was all for you which got you smirking. You slightly brush against his member, making him groan.

Thor quickly gets off the bed to slide his pants/underwear off and while he was doing that, you took your shirt, shorts, and panties off. No bra, yes.

He came back on the bed, hovered over you and you couldn’t help to let out a gasp, looking down at his big, juicy erected dick. How the hell was that gonna fit inside of me?

“Like what you see?” Thor asked with a smirk.

“Fuck yes!” You nodded, pulling him down for a kiss as his large fingers explore towards your breasts and massage them, his mouth moved away from yours to attack your right breast while he rubs the other one with his right hand.

You let out a slight moan as he was sucking and licking at your breasts. Your hand went down to stroke his thickness which caused him to moan and before you could go any faster. Thor pulls your hand away and kisses it then kisses your lips.

He was about to go down to your core but you stopped him. “No foreplay, I need you now”

“Well, beautiful you gonna have to beg for it!” Thor says, kissing your beautiful s/t skin. 

"Please, fuck me, Thor. I need your thickness inside of me” You begged with a moan.

“As you wish” Thor kisses you, gives your center a few light circle strokes before positions himself at your entrance. You wrap your legs around his waist and he soon fills you up with all of his goodness.

"Fucking shit!” You gasped, feeling how huge he was around you. You placed your hand on his abs as he began to thrust in and out, placing gentle kisses on your neck and chest.

The pressure built as he got into a rhythm, his breathing grew increasingly heavy. Beneath him, you were panting as he found your g-spot over and over again.

“You like that, little one?” Thor asked. “Does that feel good?”

“Yes, so good!” You purred, moving your hand to his upper chest. His thrusts became faster and rougher. Looking down, admiring the way his dick moves in and out of you. 

Moaning aloud to the sight of how your tummy swells when he’s fully sheathed inside you. Honestly feeling like you could break at any moment, but it’d all be worth it.

“Look at you taking my cock so well” You melt at his words. Thor brings his hands to your waist, holding you in place. He starts pounding into you with some unbelievable force, making you scream. 

With every thrust drove you wild but the next thing he was about to do was gonna leave you shook.

Thor stopped but still was inside of you. Lifted you in his arms to stand, you wrapped your arms around his shoulders as he gets off the bed.

He placed your legs over his arms as his hands landed on the side of your ass. Thor started back up with that unbelievable thrusts, he was giving you.

“Oh my god, Thor, your dick is pulsing so hard in my pussy!” You moaned, feeling your orgasm coming closer and closer. Thor groaned at your words as he kept going, you were losing your mind on how much pleasure he was giving you.

“So fucking good, y/n. Fuck I’m gonna com-” He cut himself off by laying you back down on the bed, turning you around to lay on your stomach.

Thor thrusts back inside you until the point you both orgasm togather. After a few seconds, he pulls out while looking down at your pussy. A smirk gracing his features seeing his cum spilling out of you.

He gets off the bed, goes to the bathroom to get a washcloth. So he could clean you up. When he was done, he lays down next to you, wraps his arms around you, kisses your forehead and whispers something in your ear. “I love you, Y/N!” 

You gasped, quickly getting out Thor’s arms while trying to get off the bed but you lose your footing and tripped on something on the floor. Luckily you used your power to prevent you from breaking your face.

“Y/N, are you okay?” Thor asked, coming to your assistance once he was on your side of the bed. You grabbed the sheets from the bed and wrapped it around your naked body.

You stared at him blankly, about to opened your mouth to answer but quickly closed it. You couldn’t get those three words out of your head. “I love you, Y/N”

“I have to go,” You said, grabbing your clothes from the floor and running out of his bedroom.

“Y/N WAIT?!” Thor yelled your name, about to stop you but you were already out his bedroom. Running away from your true feelings, you were scared.  

You honestly thought you and him were just lusting for each other or had sexual tension but that wasn’t the case. I mean, he couldn’t love you, he just couldn’t.

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