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#marvel endgame

If I see anyone being rude to this girl, I will find you and shove my hand down your throat, grab your asshole and pull you inside out.

Why yall mad? Because it isn’t Zendaya?

Sorry but shipping REAL LIFE people is creepy and not okay, especially when Zendaya has said in the past that she doesn’t like people shipping her and Tom. Their characters, fine, because it’s FICTION. These are real people, with (possibly hidden) real relationships, they are characters in a movie. She more than likely knew about this girl.

You mad because it ain’t you? Henny you are some rando behind a screen, did you think you had a chance with Tom?

I hate this side of fandoms. Harassing their partners. It reminds me of my 1D days and how all the girls would scream bloody murder if they dated a girl.

Calm down.

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Favourite avengers movies scenes? Favourite each iron man movies scenes?

Oh god, there’s so much!!! I would include cacw and also Homecoming and ffh but you asked for the Avengers movies and the Ironman ones specifically.

  • Avengers- I love, love, love when Coulson tells Loki, “You lack conviction.” My guy out here, dying and he says the god who murdered him, he can’t win because he lacks fking conviction. Ugh, big mood, big stan. And funny story, I broke up with a past boyfriend (he was an ass) with that very line. Also when Tony says to Fury after he’s hacked all the info he needed, “I’m sorry Nick. What were you lying?” And the fact that now we know from Cpt. Marvel that no one called Fury anything other than Fury!! Tony is the king.
  • AOU- Gotta be Tony finding out Clint has a family and he just can’t comprehend, so he calls them smaller agents. Ooh that and Nat being happy and an Auntie and I just… Gimme that back pls… Also “Language!” I hope as much as it makes Evans cringe, it never dies, never let that die. Hot take, I kinda really liked Nat and Bruce together, even though it was a little forced. “If you step out that door, you are an Avenger.”. Hawkeye <3
  • IW- Bucky is goat-man. “He said get lost Squidward!”, “If you throw another Moon at me, I’m gonna lose it.”, “A bit chalky.” Need I keep going? Just Tony and Stephen. That whole movie was just Ironstrange fuel and I’m here for it.
  • Endgame- It’s not canon. But all Captain Marvel scenes and happy Ironfam scenes. “On your left!”, “Hey Peter Parker, you got somethin’ for me?” I’m soft…The women of the mcu are badass. Tony adopting more children, aka Nebula.
  • Ironman- Obviously when Tony first suits up, its the most fking iconic shit ever and I will never un-sear it from my memory. When Yinsen says, “Well then, this is a very important week for you then isn’t it!” And we get our Ironman. Soft Tony. “Work it! Come on!” When smol Tony headbutts Happy’s shoulder after he throws the dice. When he’s first building mark II and blasts himself into the ceiling. DUM-E <3 Pepper taking out the trash ¬_¬ hehehe… “Please don’t turn down my music.” Okay, I can’t just type up the script, but that’s it, all the best bits are the movie. The entire movie.
  • IM2- Nat!!! Paint me like one of your french girls Tony in a doughnut. “I think I did okay!”. Pepperony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “It’s me, I’m here, get over it.”, fml basically the whole court scene, I’m such a slut for that whole scene and Rhodey and Tony and ugh. “Double cycle.” Coulson bby. Again I can’t write the whole script… And the theme is gonna continue with IM3 XD
  • “Do you know how I know? We’re connected!” *Drives away*. “Which happens, dads leave all the time, no need to be a pussy about it!” MOOD. -The Mechanic. And as much as it pains me to say it’s one of my favourite things about the movie; Tony dealing PTSD and anxiety because he’s human and he’s not impenetrable and he’s so brave. When I first saw IM3 in the cinema I sobbed, full-on body heaving, sobbed. Because I felt what he was feeling and it was such a strong feeling and connection and I was never more in love with Tony, never more connected to a character.

I don’t understand how people say that Ironman one is the only truly good Ironman movie. It’s fucking iconic, it’s a masterpiece. But so are the other IM movies. Because as much as they’re “fighting a bad guy, ooh” movies, they really aren’t. Tony Stark is a human being and the movies 1,2 and 3 flesh this out and prove it wholeheartedly and as much as I love all the other characters, The Avengers… I don’t think I could love them more than him, partly because the first movie came out when I was dealing with a lot of difficult things, and as an 11-year-old, watching this human man overcome and become better just clicked… I was a silly little girl who wanted nothing more than my own Ironman suit, and then I grew up and as I did, I watched Tony grow and I didn’t want the suit (though how fucking cool would that be???!!!??) I wanted to be Tony Stark. Because he was the strength I needed…

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typing MCU characters✨

Tony Stark - ENTP

Steve Rogers - ISFJ

Thor - ENFP

Scott Lang- ENFP

Gamora- ISTP

Vision- INFJ

Drax- ESTP

Mantis- INFP

Rocket- ENTP

Peter Quill- ESFP

Clint- ISFP

Natasha- ISTP

Bruce- INFP

Carol- INFP

Nebula- ISTJ

Doctor Strange- INTJ

Peter Parker- ENFP


Pepper- INTJ

Bucky -ISTP

T’Challa- ISFP

Shuri -ENTP

Wanda- INFP

Deadpool- ESTP

Thanos - INFJ

Loki- INFJ

Mysterio- INFJ

if i’m right thinking most of mcu villains are infj’s maybe that’s why i stan them so much🤔

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You know, now that’s it’s been several months I’ve gotten to thinking about how the snap and events of Infinity War/End Game would affect everyone outside of the avengers in the MCU and the complicated community dynamics that would arise and have to be dealt with on a universal scale. Like I want to see how everyone in the world is suddenly dealing with the return of billions of people they had mourned already.

  • Younger siblings watching their older brothers and sisters return younger than them and suddenly feeling like the role models they weren’t intended to be
  • Twins reuniting to find they’ll never go through their milestones together
  • Childhood pets returning spontaneously and realizing you still have some time with them
  • Partners returning to find their loved ones married to someone else
  • Parents returning to find that their baby had been adopted in their absence, never even being able to raise or know them
  • Babies returning completely unprepared parents
  • People returning and expecting to find their loved ones only to realize they’re actually gone—not vanished like they had but gone before they ever had a chance to reunite
  • Second favorite kids watching the golden child come home and their parents return to old habits like you hadn’t been there
  • Children returning to families with younger siblings or older adopted kids who watch their parents reactions closely and wonder if they were just a substitute for the kids their parents missed
  • Kids whose parents return and take them back home but have no memories of them and no emotional attachment—kids who don’t know this home anymore and don’t know how to feel
  • Family members/friends returning to find their lgbtq+ loved ones out, the trans kids comfortable in their identities and fulfilled having made the journey without them and feeling like they missed so much
  • Kids trying to use their pre-snap IDs to buy alcohol when they are clearly still a teenager but the year is still technically correct
  • Returning to find adult children graduated or married or starting families and having no connection or memory of any of them
  • Business owners coming back to find their life’s work desolate and shuttered
  • Once respected community leaders returning to find their crimes come to light and justice finally being served
  • Never feeling like you can catch up or fit back in because everyone around you has 5 years of memories, of mourning, inside jokes, lives lived without you. Missed birthdays and trauma and milestones and being reminded of that when you see each new line on someone’s face or hear a reference to the years you weren’t there and try to fit like a mismatched puzzle piece back into everyone else’s lives
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Bucky : okay so let me get this straight; you rescued me from the hydra base in ‘43, you let me beat yourself nearly to death when I was mind controlled, you decided to risk everything, including your friendship with Tony and your own good name for me, you told the Secretary of State to kiss your ass back in 2016 and you literally became a criminal just to be sure I was safe. Plus you haven’t seen me for 5 YEARS because of the snap and now you’re telling me YOU’RE GOING BACK IN TIME TO THE WOMAN YOU KNEW FOR 2 FUCKING YEARS, LEAVING NOT ONLY ME BUT EVERYONE ELSE BEHIND?!

Steve :

Bucky :

Steve, realizing he fucked up : yeeah, it doesn’t really make sense now, does it?

Bucky :

Bucky, trying to stay calm : YEAH NO SHIT STEVEN

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