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In Age of Ultron when the Avengers were staying at Clint’s house and Fury was cooking-

It got me thinking that:

What if he is secretly good at cooking, like reallyyyy good

So good that he participates in a cooking show (and wins)

Peter and Bucky watching Hell’s Kitchen: hey, that guy looks familiar

Nat, walking by: is that Nick??




Peter: yeahhh

Nat: what is he doing??

Bucky: apparently winning

Nat: wait what??

Fury, on screen: *looks directly into camera and winks (or in his case, blinks)*

And maybe he also has a whole bunch of other skills, for example:

Carol, walking outside: I didn’t know you could do that

Fury, riding a unicycle: neither did I



Carol: ok then

tony: *walks into lab*

fury: *hacking the pentagon whilst simultaneously fixing everything wrong with the iron man suit*


then when they’re in a fight…

fury: *sees hammer on the ground*

fury: *casually picks it up and summons some lightning to defeat their enemies*


Tony: *walking in the Avengers Tower common room*

Nick Fury: *knitting a small sweater for Goose to relax himself*

Tony: *sighs and walks out*

Tony: When did this whole thing *gestures to Fury cooking four scrambled eggs and baking three cakes and making pasta sauce* start?

Clint: *Looks at Fury* *Looks at Tony* I dunno.

Tony: *Looks at Natasha*

Natasha: *Smiles*

Bruce: Oh no… I broke my desk when I hulked out. I can’t believe-

Fury: *casually building a desk, chair, and full sized dresser*

Bruce: I-

Steve, holding the guitar Fury made:

Bucky, eating the pasta Fury made:

Natasha, wearing the sweater Fury made:

Tony, working on the suit Fury made:

Thor, staring at his hammer:

Peter, doing the Tik Fok dance Fury did: Yeah get used to it

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Tagged by @void-tiger

Tag 10 People you want to get to know better or catch up with :)

Favorite Color: Purple. Hands down. Purple is the best colour. I also enjoy pink and sky blue. Purple, pink, blue is my favorite colour combo! 

Last Song: more like current song lmao, it is Higher by The Score 

Last Movie: uhhh I actually don’t remember 🤔 it might have been Bloodshot? Maybe? That’s the last one I actually remember at least. I’m not sure if I’ve watched anything since then…. Oh! Actually it may have been Spider-Man! The 1st Tobey Macguier one (I was in a nostalgic mood that day, I also watched the first Michael Keaton Batman movie that day) 

Sweet, Spicy, or Savory: Sweeeeeet. Though I also like me a nice savoury treat, but then I want something sweet after to balance out the salt 😆

Tea or Coffee:  I do enjoy both but I have like 1 cup of coffee in the morning and then like 2 or 3 cups of tea after so definitely more tea than coffee. 

Almost forgot Currently Reading! And just today I finished Want by Cindy Pon. Which I enjoyed. 

Tagging: @maychorian @astral-space-dragon @haleykim84 @rangergirl3 @rohanrider3 @blondsak and whoever else wants to play 😊

Thank you for the tag, @noisypaintersong! :D

Favorite color: Sapphire Blue (although I’ve really come to enjoy purple, too)

Last Song: Unbreakable by Fireflight

Last Movie: Mortal Engines (I got it from the library on DVD)

Sweet, Spicy, or Savory: Hmm…I’d say it’s a tie between sweet/savory. :-)

Tea or Coffee: Coffee! :D (But I enjoy tea too)

Currently Reading: Neil Gaiman’s ‘Coraline’. It’s a short book, but oh wow. This guy knows how to keep you on the edge of your seat (and make sure the lights are all on, too.) 

I tag @callaeidae3 @haleykim84 @sunshine-hime @brushes-of-sage @heymynameismollyjk @zenthisoror @darkstrangevirgilanxiboi and whoever else would like to play :-) <3

Thanks for the tag <33

Favorite Color: Deep blue.

Last Song: Singularity by BTS

Last Movie: Captain America: Civil War (coulda done without watching it again, but it was with little sibling, and also Peter Parker Exists^tm for the first time in that one so/)

Sweet, Spicy, or Savory: Sweetttt

Tea or Coffee: TEA. _(—-)D_  (<- teacup and saucer)

Currently Reading: Uhh. Always various fanfics. But also “The most beautiful moment in life: the notes 1″ by Seok-jun Yoon… I guess?? That’s who’s on the copyright page?? Goodreads just says “Big Hit Entertainment”. Anyway. ^^’ 

Tagging: @spellcasterdouxie, @and-i-uh, @an-odd-idea, @learning-to-fly-on-my-own and anyone else who wants to

Thanks for the tag!

Favorite color: Teal

Last Song: The Unforgiven by Metallica

Last Movie: The Wave (2015)

Sweet, Spicy, or Savory: Sweet!

Tea or coffee: Tea

Currently reading: Fanfiction! Specifically, my own, which I stayed up until 4am last night writing and am still writing

Tagging some of my newer-ish friends: @carpediem369 @thedumbestavenger @sdottkrames @chopstickchild @just-about-nothing

Thanks for the tag!

Favourite colour: that very specific shade of orange in a really nice looking sunset

Last Song: actually current song - Fright of Their Lives from Beetlejuice (thanks for the rec @an-odd-idea I’m really digging this!)

Last Movie: A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood and I have to say, as a Brit who’s never seen Mister Roger’s show before, it’s kinda scary… like that scene in the cafe where Tom Hanks silently stares through the camera and into my soul? Yeah…

Sweet, Spicy or Savoury: 100% sweet

Tea or Coffee: *over the top posh English accent* tea darling

Currently Reading: The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet - I’m undecided as to whether I like it or not yet, not very far through

Tagging @jelly-pies @aliitvodeson @offbrandpeterparker and @peer-parker (no pressure if you don’t want, and if you do and aren’t tagged feel free!)

Thanks for the tag, @thedumbestavenger !

Favourite colour: pink. Either pastel pink or that nice deep rich shade of pink.

Last song: Free Spirits from the Life is Strange 2 soundtrack (love that song, and I’m learning it piano currently)

Last Movie: Spider-Man:Far From Home

Sweet, spicy, or savoury: sweet all the way

Tea or coffee: neither 😢

Currently reading: well I’m reading 4 books at once but… to choose my favourite, I’ll go with The Chrysalids by John Wyndham. I love me a dystopia

Tagging: @roseherondale @lavender-gray-moth @yes-i-am-happyaspie @imissyoutoo @iron-loyalty @lilithlibrxa @little-loonyluna @themoonlitsojourner and anyone else who wants to do this!

(The above tags are optional as always)

Thanks for the tag @peer-parker

Favourite colour: Green but pale teal is a close second

Last song:  Re: Your Brains by Jonathan Coulton (If you’ve ever heard this, you NEED to. Youtube

Last Movie: Halloween Town (Don’t Judge me!)

Sweet, spicy, or savoury: Sweet!  All the sweet!!

Tea or coffee: I like both.  It depends on the day.

Currently reading:  All of the fics on my ‘Marked For Later’ list on AO3.  

Tagging: @dredfulhapiness @irondad-and-spiderson @peterparkrr @science-and-chex-mix @skeeter-110 @obsessionoftheday

Thanks for the tag @yes-i-am-happyaspie !!

Favorite color: Yellow. Definitely yellow haha I own so many yellow things I might as well be yellow myself haha

Last song: “Put your head on my shoulder” by Paul Anka

Last Movie: Thor: Ragnarok which is one of my comfort movies haha

Sweet, Spicy, or Savory: I’m a spicy or savory person. I’m really not huge on desserts or candy

Tea or Coffee: I like both a lot so I usually have coffee if I’m traveling or have errands and tea is more of my comfort/ homework or things to write kind of drink

Currently reading: Well if we’re talking fanfiction it’s “Little Fangs” by punkybunny on AO3 but if we’re talking about physical books I’m currently reading “Here Lies Daniel Tate” by Cristian Terrill

Tagging: @joyful-soul-collector @spooderman04 @justme–emily @iron-loyalty (only if you want haha)

Thanks for the tag @skeeter-110 !

Favorite color: aqua blue

Last song: probably classical to help me focus while doing my homework.

Last movie: uhhh Now You See Me which is amazing by the way

Sweet, spicy, or savory: sweet all the away I live off brownies I think.

Tea or coffee: I don’t like coffee so it would have to be tea

Currently reading: black widow forever red book wise, fanfiction wise I’m currently reading the infuence of the earth by bluesyturtle on ao3.

Tagging (if you want to): @toryisturtle @nazezdha321 @favoriteficquotes @matt-murdok @lost-lunar-wolf

Thanks for the tag @spooderman04

Favorite color: black or turquoise

Last Song: Good Old Fashion Lover Boy by Queen

Last Movie: good question… Greyhound. I think.

Sweet, spicy, or savory: really just depends on my mood but probs savory.

Tea or Coffee: Both. Again depends on my mood

Currently Reading: still A Court Of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas bc I’m in such a bad reading slump. For fan fic literally too many to count but I’ve been going for mostly one shots or like 10k-20k words lately.

Tagging: @spooderboyandtincan @incorrect-spiderson @insaneasgardian @your-local-bi-bitch and anyone else who wants to do this!

Aww thanks for the tag!

Favorite color: Blue probably? Or like a sea foam green? Idrk

Last Song: 8D Audio Free Tibet (Vini Vinci Remix) by Hilight Tribe. Very stimulating

Last Movie: I think it was that new Adam Sandler movie Hubie Halloween? So good. Hilarious.

Sweet, Spicy, Savory: I prefer sweet but I am always down for some savory. Spicy isn’t really my jam. Doesn’t settle well.

Tea or coffee: I don’t drink much of either but if I have coffee I need it to be like… super sugary or with vanilla. Straight black ain’t a vibe. I like tea but I don’t drink it much.

Currently Reading: Fanfiction mostly… but I’m also reading The Ballad Of Songbirds and Snakes and omfg I love it.

I don’t usually tag people so join if u want!

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Bruce: So Peter, you said you’ve been feeling sick lately? Is there any reason you can think of as to why you don’t feel good?

Peter: Hm… well I did get on the subway the other day and this guy sneezed. I got a weird looking hotdog from this guy who’s bike I saved. Then I touched a piece of cheese-

Bruce: Peter… anything more… pressing?

Peter: Oh… maybe the bullet in my stomach. It has been a little more bleedy lately

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Well, guess we finally know how he got all those gray hairs. That’s what you get for pseudo-adopting a self-sacrificial teenager. 😅🤣

I came out with this incorrect quote after a good afternoon of many incorrect quotes on Tumblr and Instagram.

I’m already working on some new stuff but it won’t be as often since I’m aproaching finals.

Hope you like it.😉👍

Marvel, Sony, Stan Lee, Steve Ditko. ©

Art by Maryo274. ©

If you like my art support with a reblog, it is appreciated.


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If I may – I’ve been told to validate this idea. Y’all know I have my pill case business Crystal Case that’s brewing nicely but think about THIS.

I have ALWAYS wanted to work with artists, and just uplift them and shower them with gifts and things and promote them, and bring more happiness into the damn world by being surrounded by things we love. 

So take the  Redbubble/Society6 business model. You upload your work, print to order things. BUT FOR 7 DAY PILL CASES???


If that sounds like a fun timeeeeuhhhhhhh, can y’all reblog/heart this? I’m tryna see something. 

Omg my lady u gotta STAHP blowing me AWAY with your GENIUS. 💖💖💖 I LOVE the Crystal Case concept, but I would love this equally much. I just want something pretty and fun to look at every morning instead of my bland little plastic blue thing 😣 if I could get fan art that would be so BOMB


Thats actuallya really neat idea.
I have tried to find a pill case that I enjoyed, and the closes thing I found was something that is closer to a (rainbow)stacked seed bead case….a nd I lost the top to it.
Id definitely be  much more inclined to use the standard 7-14 day pill case if I could throw a custom skin on it.

^^^ THANK YOU. It’s REALLY this simple, but I have to convince all these investors, etc. etc. My entrepreneurial program is preparing me to pitch. I just wind up running in circles because I see and hear y’all!! I KNOW this struggle first hand. I know what it’s like breaking down in tears after a full search of every retailer, online website, etc. It leaves you feeling like you’re outta your mind because how could this not exist. Are you alone? Does no one else on the earth take pills? The FUCK??

I’ll be looking like this:


Except with tears in my eyes :)))))))

So if u want something cooler than this 


Please reblog and share. It’s just high time we can insert our personality into this crucial element of our lives like dear god. 

make it make SENSE

Exactly why I gave my thoughts, not just a reblog.

Erryone else out there scrolling cause thats all your executive dysfunction is allowing you to do today, give this a like, reblog, voice your thoughts through text to speech.

Id love to make my med case something I look forward to looking at. XD

And imagine how much easier they’d be tp tell apart in household who has multiple people who need these.

“Oh that’s yours, mines got sailor moon on it.”

“Oh, you left that in the bathroom again.”



Custom pill cases for your HRT meds, anyone?

Yay! 330 Reblogs! The problem is…..


That has to translate over here, to e-mail subscriptions:


Hey folks! I wish I could just point investors to my Tumblr and go “LOOK! YOU SEE!?? People NEED this!! ” But at most I’d get….. a laugh. 

It has to come in the form of e-mail subscribers. That’s what counts as “traction” to them. How many of you can I reach again when I actually launch, when my crowdfunding campaign starts…how many can I count on to hear from again. Please please please sign up for my e-mail list here.

The link isn’t a custom URL because it’s from ConvertKit – a dope company that helps founders build their dream business! The link looks spammy but I promise it’s not. 

I don’t know why 40 people have checked it out but only 12 subscribed :( If it’s not doing well someone let me know or say why? 


I’ll be following up with all 300+ of you to please subscribe but if you can make it a little easier on me T^T I’d be so grateful. Less than 1.% of black women get funding from venture capitalists when black women make up just under HALF of new entrepreneurs! Please help me out, subscribing makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE!!! I promise!!  

Hey y’all please support this! I really really love this concept!!

Plz Boost!

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Peter: So Mr. Doctor Strange… what’s your cloak’s name?

Strange: Um, well, it’s just Cloak of Levitation I guess.

Peter: Oh, lame.

Peter: *turns to the cloak* I just wanted to let you know I love and appreciate you Cloakie.

Cloak of Levitation:

Cloak of Levitation: *wraps itself around Peter protectively*

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Hey Cam, it's okay if it's taking you a while writing the abusive fic which I can understand is a heavy subject so don't let it be to much to you! 🙏🏻

Thank you 💕 I’m fine with writing it but going on for two hours while plotting out and writing about a heavy topic can be dragging. Again thank you so much.

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thank you for the tag, @unfortunatelyevent!

my seven comfort movies:

  • Iron Man (all of them)
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming
  • Tangled
  • The Incredibles
  • Rise of the Guardians
  • How To Train Your Dragon
  • Avengers


thank you for the tag!!!

  • every single iron man movie but specially the first one
  • the empire strikes back
  • the incredibles
  • high school musical, all of them
  • spiderman homecoming
  • the old guard
  • the greatest showman
  • pretends I don’t know how to count just so I can add spiderman into the spiderverse and the prisioner of azkaban BECAUSE I HAVE TO


objective: list seven comfort movies and tag seven people

Thanks for tagging me Rinaaaa @ihavetoomanyfandomshalp

  • Iron Man (basically all the marvel movies sans endgame)
  • Harry Potter (again all of em)
  • Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax
  • Tangled
  • Spy Kids (you guessed it: all of em)
  • The Old Guard
  • The Incredibles
  • (I know I’m done with seven but I must) The Croods (DYING to watch the 2nd one 😭)

Tagging ✨ @hitmypeakat6feet @unfortunatelyevent @aristotleisdead @syanara @quotidianheroics @cherriesblossomed @smol-diabetic-lesbean

tagging: @sirrriusblack @rabentochter @ishouldvebeenawelder @you-did-it-sir @whats-goingon @gallifreyanz @justpaymybills

tag list: @coffeecatsme @incorrect-spiderson @mjscornerr @shadedrose01 @lovelyrdjr @harleykeenee @teamspiderling

Hey thanks for the tag!

My seven comfort movies:

• This seems to be a trend but yeah Ironman

• Spiderman: HoCo

• Rise Of The Guardians

• Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban

• No judge but like… Barbie Movies 👌

• Any Star Wars movie tbh

• A League of Their Own (baseball/softball movie)

Y’all can just do it if you want to! I love seeing what you guys are into!

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Real quick y’all, I wanna apologize for taking a bit of a while to write this next fic. Child abuse is a really difficult subject and (as always) I’m trying to bring a bit of light into the story. Please be patient with me as I’ve never written about such a heavy topic. I’ve received a few anons about when it will be done but please realize that these fics are hard to write for some people. I know they’re just fics, but sometimes you have to insert yourself into situations to know how to write it well. Again just please be considerate and patient, the fic will come soon.

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I'm not good with names-

u pick u-u


I’ll just call you Non

Gender neutral and easy to remember lol😂

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Tony: Hey Peter, do you mind if I ask you a question?

Peter: Hm? Oh of course Mr. Stark! What’s up?

Tony: Well… I was looking through social media and saw that someone wanted me to ask you about something.

Peter: Oh okay. What is it?

Tony: Um… The Game?


Peter: *throws himself out the window*

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