cuptoast · 3 months ago
benchtrio mains will be "i'm a dsmp fan 🥰🥰 NOT a dream stan 🤬🤬🤬" bestie who are you trying to impress we're all cringe in the end
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apple-bottom-jeansx · 4 months ago
“Only boring people get bored” that’s the most neurotypical fucking shit I’ve ever heard!! Some of us are just perpetually understimulated Brian!! I bet you’ve never sat outside watching the birds, painting, and listening to a podcast all at the same time and still felt that itch in your brain that said you needed more!! You’re not that interesting!
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relaxxattack · 6 months ago
we didn’t write lists of trigger warnings for tommy’s stream each day to help the people sensitive to abuse know if they could watch the daily vod just for you to say exile “wasn’t that bad”
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ctubboapologist · a month ago
dsmpblrs will have a public highschool english class under their belt & then believe theyre the most qualified literary analysists on the planet <3
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bucketofcrows · 3 days ago
i think it should be legal to dropkick someone who isn't wearing a mask when they should be or is wearing it incorrectly
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positivi-did · a month ago
“Good people can do bad things” and “Nobody is owed forgiveness” can co-exist.
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thatjeanjacket · 8 months ago
normalize this, normalize that.. how about we normalize contacting someone and telling them privately that something they said was wrong rather than making an eight part callout
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uncanon-south-park · 2 months ago
y'all r so weird abt these new designs. are you really surprised that a 40-50 y/o looks like they are 40-50 years old? they aren't supposed to be supermodels because they're old. they are aging. that's not a bad thing and you all need to stop acting like it is, you weirdos.
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insertawkwardpeacesignshere · 2 months ago
The fact that I’ve seen more on tumblr about Supercorp last night and know everything about them in the last episode but heard literally nothing about the Kelly and Alex engagement (I literally found out because of Azie Tesfai’s instagram post). That really shows me the priorities of the people on this website. Like we literally have a canon lesbian couple who is now engaged and starting a family and like happy and so many people here just completely ignore it and that makes me so incredibly sad
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tomoehotarus · a year ago
hey white-tla tumblr 🗣️ specifically popular white tumblr accs who keep reblogging whitewashed art and contribute to white zuko alternate universe 🗣️ those posts about racism and your white discomfort? It's about YOU 🗣️ and your silence? It's an ANSWER 🗣️ trust me, I know you don't care, but at the very least reblog posts about racism 🗣️ so your followers of color can feel some sort of relief 🗣️
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messybuu · 5 days ago
by the way you sons of bitches, black people deserve to have safe spaces in fandoms without being harassed for having fun!!!
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crystal-dee · 2 months ago
if your work is over 300 words and you don’t put a :readmore: i will not be reblogging it no matter how much i like it
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kirbyofthestars · 3 months ago
everyone is entitled to their own headcanons. however when people imply irl gender stereotypes/sexism/homophobia/etc exists in the kirby universe’s scifantasy utopia land i give them the biggest fucking side eye in existence.
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spooky-catboy-angel · 2 months ago
wtf is a “romance” bitch im going to kill you
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zannolin · 5 months ago
sometimes it is just incredibly tiring to be a c!wilbur fan and try to explain to people why certain depictions and tropes are deeply hurtful and get brushed off because “it’s not that deep”. maybe not but the hurt it’s causing can be.
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ablednt · 4 months ago
Some of y'all think tolerating people is allyship and it's really kind of embarrassing
Just because you aren't taking part in discourse against people like aspec people or nontraumagenic systems doesn't mean you actually support them. If you say things like "they can interact but i don't believe they're valid/real" that's... that's still not supporting them.
To be any kind of an ally you have to actually listen to people and take some kind of action outside of a bare minimum convenience to help or accommodate them in some way. To call yourself an ally without doing that is just being a coward who never cared in the first place.
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heistshenanigans · a year ago
If you are the type of person that would willingly post Mark or Ethan or any other youtuber’s home address onto social media, I’d prefer you to never interact with me again, k thanks
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b1rdza · 6 months ago
why do big blogs act like big content creators… babe ur on the same site as the rest of us
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cupqueencake · 4 months ago
On the topic of the whole "semi-lore" discourse. Do people realize that the start of L'Manberg was not only a drug empire, but it started with c!Wilbur and c!Tommy trying to convince c!Tubbo and c!Sapnap that brewing stands make you uncontrollably shit yourself in order to steal them and create scarcity so they could make drugs?
Like lore from the very beginning has always been goofy thats what I love about the Dream SMP its that doesnt make it semi-lore just because it's not angst.
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radioduo · 5 months ago
you guys realize that one argument doesn’t immediately mean divorce right 😭 like if beeduo is the “healthiest relationship on the server” then they’ll talk it out and be fine, one miscommunication doesn’t mean the end of everything /rp
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