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#2 lovely partners
mizgnomer · 12 days ago
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Tumblr media
Staged 2 Photoshoot - featuring David Tennant ...and of course Michael Sheen and Georgia Tennant
Photographer: Simon Ridgway at The Bottle Yard Studios in Bristol
With thanks to the David Tennant Asylum on vk for some of these photos
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abusivelittlebunny · 19 minutes ago
Top 5 headcanons?
Oooof Aight I have thoughts!! Big thoughts my lil friend. These are in no particular order but all of them are unshakable cannon in my head in one way or another unless we're talking some kind of au where I bend the rules a little bit.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(...Nights where it takes you two seconds to come inside and then I have to finger myself to finish for like half an hour like a bloody caveman, Freddie.)
1. Freddie and Tommy were friends with benefits with Freddie being in love with Tommy but the other not reciprocating his feelings because he fell for someone else. However they were very intimate during the war so Freddie thinks that somehow means they're meant to be together and took every promised word seriously that they would whisper to each other in the mud with their trousers down their knees and their arms around each other. It was more than disappointing to see his army wife Tommy go back to not loving him once they made it back home and that's why he knocked up Ada, a way of revenge, and wants to get back Tommy. In my head Freddie didn't die off camera from the flu but Ada quickly divorced him once she fully realized that she was a lesbian so he's still hanging around causing trouble.
Tumblr media
2. Luca Changretta was Tommy's childhood sweetheart and the one that took his virginity. It just makes sense. The Changrettas helped the Shelby kids canonically, Audrey Changretta being their teacher and Vincente mentioning how he fed and clothed them when they were in need free of charge, and Luca and Angel weren't that much older when it all happened, and presumably still at home; Tommy finding his first crush in the handsome older boy who more than likely gave in to his beauty. If Tommy doesn't have the traumatic childhood I thought of for a dark fic, it is Luca that takes Tommy first to bed without question, regardless if their first time together plays out as in Now and Forever or maybe differently...yes I have another fic planned out where its a different situation jdbdnjdnsfhdh because I thought the age gap was only 4 years but it turns out that in pb it's supposed to be a full 10 year age gap and I thought huh then it wouldn't be as sweet and innocent as two young adults falling into bed in puppy love, but perhaps a more power imbalanced occasion, Tommy the crushing teen and Luca the young man about to leave for America and giving into the temptation, knowing it wouldn't have much consequences to sleep with the beautiful little thing. If not for falling for him inevitably and coming back one way or another to lay his claim on Tommy. Whether Tommy accepts that is another question....
Tumblr media
3. And with that the obvious fact that I've been chanting for so long: Tommy has been with men before being with Alfie. Many men. The boy is gay af. And hoe af. After Luca, Tommy found comfort in Freddie and the war happened where, as I said many many times before, Tommy was the designated army prostitute hence the "everyone is a whore" comment; it would just make so much more sense if Tommy whored himself out to men on countless occasions, whether to help his siblings at home when they had no money, in the army to get cigarettes and fucking survive, his beauty is just too prominent to ignore and don't think a boy this pretty and fragile wouldn't be forced onto his knees in the mud, at least he should get paid for it and spread his legs or open his mouth on his own terms. So he is in no way a beginner when Alfie first proposes sexual favors into their dealings and doesn't see the issue with bending over for a more powerful man (big fucks small rings in his head for days) to gain an ally. Alfie however isn't just satisfied with their arrangement of business partners who fuck on the desk at times or lets Tommy suck a few more percents out of his cock, oh no, he wants Tommy all to himself but not in the way that most men do, he wants an equal, a partner, who matches him and he'd like to grow old with and that deep and sincere affection scares Tommy at first, that being a completely foreign concept to him, but he learns to ease into it and reciprocate it in time. That is, if someone doesn't steal him away first....
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
4. Inspector Campbell is attracted to Tommy. And we don't blame him. You all may know that I couldn't give less of a fuck about the Canon storyline, I'm not gonna watch the show again to get angry and try to etch a fic into the cracks around the scenes, but Campbell does show up, guns or not, in Birmingham to sabotage the peaky blinders as ordered, but then he meets Tommy. And all hell breaks loose. Rather than Tommy McGayAssBottomBitch hooking up with the very obvious 21st Century Beach waves hairdo gal, he realizes very early on that old man Campbell has an eye for his applebottomjeansbootswiththefur- so he's lookingTM and Tommy, the whore and businessman he is, decides to rather sell his services to the copper to keep the shop running. This is much more satisfying to me than to use female characters as tools so there's no need to drag Grace and try to force her into sleeping with Kimber or having Polly get r*ped to break Michael out; Tommy is a big boy, he can do it himself and with gusto, as well as give good head to the chief inspector who becomes one of his regular dick appointments and also something much more. So instead of screaming in disgust with the crew at the scene where Campbell is trying to propose to his old friend's daughter like a creepo, we get the satisfaction of character development from homophobic hatefucking the blue eyed twink and then proposing to him and actually becoming a semi wholesome chap. Still an asshole though but one that loves his little wife named Tommy in his own way.
Tumblr media
5. As for the ladies!! Ada is a lesbian, so is Jessie and they should couple up as I've seen in many fics before, but she could also get together with Lizzie, who's bi! I just want a perfect happy ending for Lizzie and that to me means either Ada or Angel Changretta (read Thinking About You, mates). Linda is bi too but in denial before shaking up with Esme (queens of leaving hubbies for each other). But who else is bi you may ask amongst the lovely women? Who else if not Polly Gray, the queen herself, she is just too iconic not to be bi and a top, I said what I said, also in my head if we're taking the Canon storyline (why tho), Grace hooks up with her instead of Tommy, since, you guessed it, Grace is a five star lesbian and instead of the soft emotionless mannequins rubbing together that was the sex scene on the show we have Polly hatefucking her in the garrison and at home, not trusting her for a second but fuck if she's not pretty and Grace can only hold on for the rodeo because oh god♡ So Campbell's plan failed but that's alright because Grace still gets away to America, marries a rich man yadida, but she comes back, looking for Polly, who has to break her heart by coming out as a mom ("but I like milfs" Grace sobs) and has to focus on Michael now, she can't fool around with some little girl. So we have the scene where she's angrily smoking at Epston in the pink dress (with no baby inside to cause harm to, thank fuck) and out comes Tommy's horse trainer in that red dress, eyeing her obviously. That was the scene in the show where I screamed LESBIANS so you can fucking guess what happens next? Yep that's right they hook up and get married and live as the richest cattiest lesbian couple in alllllll of England with Tommy at times coming over to beg for money or horsetraining and they laugh at his disaster gay bottom romantic life. Also they throw fabulous parties on which none of them gets shot dead as a plotline. They might adopt a kid might not either way they're happy♡
Tumblr media
These are all just my headcanons however I am universally right and sexy af for it and that's the take on that, hon ☕
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shadyteacup · an hour ago
Dazai fics Masterlist
Rainy days
Noise Canceling Headphones
Annoyingly Sexy
My Cup Of Coffee ☕
Morning Texts
Morning Texts part 2
I'm Crazy But I'm Free hcs
You're My Reason
Hogwarts hcs
Lovesick Addict
nb s/o hcs
Let Me Teach You, What Love Feels Like
Partners pt 2
Till We Meet Again
Careful, You Could Cut Yourself
Fem! s/o that Cosplays hcs
Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High
Series: Triagonal Heartache
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bisluthq · an hour ago
Two part question. 1) is the fact Joe dating make him a PR nightmare in general or is it compounded by his refusal to mention her at all? And 2) why in the world did an up and coming actor decide to get into a relationship with such a PR nightmare partner? I mean there are plenty of beautiful and interesting women on this planet, why would Joe make such a disastrous career move? And what did his publicist think?
1) No it’d be 1000% worse if he talked about her. Like if he were willing to discuss her, that’s literally the only thing he’d be asked about ever. That’s obviously
2) yeah I mean he fell in love with her lmao. It wasn’t smart and it wasn’t “wise” and it wasn’t good publicity but like... he fell for her and he didn’t care what happened next, he wanted to be with her 🤷🏻‍♀️
His publicist told them to keep it quiet and encouraged privacy.
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mysticseleste · an hour ago
Can you do a reading on Jay from enhypen ideal type and as a boyfriend please?
Of course! Hope you enjoy the reading!
Tumblr media
Enhypen Jay ideal type
Gemini, 10th house, materialistic, wealthy, patient, resistent to change. Knight of Swords, Ace of Wands, 2 of Swords.
His ideal type is someone smart who likes to talk a lot and knows how to use their words in the correct way. Social and witty, carefree but deep at the same time. His ideal type may be someone who likes to share ideas and make plans, give out "boss vibe" and may prioritize their job as they want to be the best in their work. They may be good at strategizing and sharp witted always coming with new ideas and solutions. This person could also be really magnetic but at the same time can look icy.
Enhypen Jay as a partner
Ace of Pentacles, 10 of wands Rev., 10 of Pentacles Rev.
He likes the idea to provide for not only himself but also his s/o and when he has kids for them too. So he may feel like he doesn't provide enough and tries to work even harder. He's a really responsible partner and would love for his s/o to rely on him.
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influencertoolkits · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Avoid Posting This on Instagram As A Creator Or Brand
Hi Friends,
So Alice and I have been on Instagram for a while (@influencertoolkit) and we know all the tips and tricks of 1) how to make your page a success as well as 2) how brands can sometimes exploit influencers into ruining their credibility and authority on Instagram through sponsored posts. We want to help you today know what to post and what not to post on your account to make your page ready for those followers!
Tumblr media
Ratio of sponsored posts to ad posts
Have you ever visited someone's Instagram account just to leave quickly because their feed was riddled with #ads and #sponsoredposts? We've all been there, I believe. And don't misinterpret me. There is a distinction to be made between labeling the brands you're sporting in the picture versus using a caption to maximise brand awareness. How do you ask people to trust you if every single post is a sponsored or gifted post? People want content not 24/7 ads?
A brand needs to know that when you post their brand, people will actually pay attention. Aside from the fact that your viewers will not like a lot of advertising on your website or page, a brand wants to know that people will actually pay attention and engage when you go to publish that post or story. Since there is a lot of competition for space and features on a blogger/ influencer's page take your time creating your brand and only partner with brands you really care about. It'll be worth it! 
When a company is looking for a blogger or influencer to partner with, the person in charge of the collaboration looks at your profile to see if you'd be a good candidate. However, you should profile the brand to ensure that it is a good match for your personal brand too.
You should not accept every deal that comes your way, so if you're receiving a lot of attention from advertisers, make sure your sponsored post material is spaced out and worth while. Here are few suggestions:
Spread funded content around your feed as far as possible. One funded post for every four daily posts, for example.
In between gifted or sponsored posts or advertisements, show off who you truly are and engage with your incredible audience.
Serve, serve, serve, and then offer. Your viewer does not want to feel exploited by being bombarded with advertisements by you every day! Offer them any pointers or ideas to help them reconnect with you.
This also relates to brands as well, you should be providing value as well as product promotion! Don't push your product 24/7. People love freebies.
Tumblr media
What you should do:
You must first prove who you are online before you can collaborate with brands. Putting yourself out there for people to interact with is the first step in developing your own personal brand. Is it possible to know who you are as an individual simply by looking at a couple of your photos? 
When a brand comes across your account, they'll look and see how your style matches that of their target market. As a result, you should refrain from sharing too many sponsored posts and advertisements because they detract from your identity and the chances you have to show them who you are.
As a result, make sure you're still displaying YOURSELF. People often ask why advertisers don't want to partner with them, but their Instagram feeds are full of food photos and random quotations. Post a picture of yourself at least once a week.
Brands also want to know if you have any creative style. As someone who has focused on marketing as both the brand and the influencer, I know that this is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a blogger or influencer. The brand needs to know that they'll be able to use your material, so think outside the box!
Experiment with different techniques, angles, and photo editing to see what works best for you. Do remember to act as though you're a brand, making it as consistent as possible.
Remember that you don't need a lot of followers to be innovative on Instagram. In reality, you don't need any supporters. What you have to do is add value.
 Anyone will collaborate with companies in today's overly crowded influencer culture so if the proper steps are taken to create their own personal brand first you can easily stand out from the crowd.
It can be enticing at first to embrace any brand deal or bid you get, but remember to keep your audience in mind and remain consistent. Don't lose sight of the fact that being an ad platform will switch off both the viewers and brands. Keep true to yourself and your brand instead; you'll be shocked how far you can go.
All the best and head over to our Instagram to get involved in the conversation!
Tumblr media
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outdoorsgirl · an hour ago
watched ‘Bloodline’ on Netflix. Loved the series. Big fan of Kyle Chandler. Interesting concept. About a very dysfunctional family with dark secrets. To some degree every family has their issues.
I believe we all have a role to play in a family, especially if it’s a large one. All the things we process as a child that go unresolved show up in our adult life. Addictions, how we handle stress, to the very partners we pick to marry. Our jobs, careers. All an extension of how our personalities formed in childhood. Sure people can change, 2 siblings going through the same things can turn out very different. Parents form so much of who we become. The friendships, the relationships you build further influence.
I question now why I stayed so long in bad relationships. Is it I feel comfortable in chaos bc it’s all I knew? Did I feel undeserving of being loved for who I am? I speak in past tense bc I recognize so much more about myself. I’m personable, friendly. I love to know individuals for who they are, not for what they have. I’m not impressed with surface stuff. That’s all a facade anyway.
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kuroolongtea · 2 hours ago
Heyy, congrats on your milestone for 1.5k if I'm not mistaken you really deserve it boo<3 bad news is literally a masterpiece
I would like to get a cafe note if you dont mind,
- can I get a chocolate latte + tendou (I'm literally in love with chocolate)
-for the bitter/sweet thing, scorpio + oikawa + sweet
And now for the cafe convos,
I was sent to the counselling room in my school bc of the maks of the mental test the school had was a little concerning, (I was even joking with my friends that I would be sent there LMAOO💀) idk what magic my counselling teacher used on me, but she managed to make me cry and tell all of my feelings in just two minutes in the session🧍🏽‍♀️
Someone pls tell me how tf do you even do a fucking physics and chemistry solution in a official test, I never had one cuz of the pandemic and it's in 2 weeks😭✋🏽 and additional mathematics is literally taking half of my life span
My brain is currently filled with Iwaizumi Hajime as some type of CEO (man will look so good in a mf suit while he attends his meetings and sign contracts😩)
When I first visit your blog, my first thought was you must really like pink but in the ended you actually hate the colour lol and your baking skills are quite unique, especially the baby groot you made
I'm so curious which character is currently brain rotting in your brain rn, and who's your favourite female character (mine is hanji from AOT and bishamon from noragami!)
Pls tell me you're getting some decent amount of sleep and rest, one more last thing marry me pls💍
Have a nice day and sorry for the long ass ask<3
aw, thank you!! 1.5k was actually the last sleepover i held in december, haha. but that one had a different tag bc i think i tagged it #jinandtonic1.5 back then ldasjkdalkjd 
Tumblr media
tendou hands you a chocolate latte, and it’s got a note on it!
“you’ve got a really nice smile :)”
sweet — oikawa admires a lot of things about you, but one thing he really loves is your ambition. he feels it’s only right that his partner is just as determined as he is, and you two inspire each other to be better versions of yourselves (which includes practicing self-care)
ahh wow thank you for sharing all this with me? i know it can be very personal but i’ve also been sent to the counseling center when i was in high school lol, it’s actually how i first started going to therapy! so in hindsight, i’m very grateful for how things turned out. i hope your session went well, but it sounds like it did :’) don’t be afraid to cry! counselors are there to help you feel safe and remind you that it’s okay to be vulnerable.
and oh my goodness you are so right iwaizumi would look illegally good in a suit,, it’s ,,, it’s killing me just thinking about it OTL but ALSO i don’t actually hate pink haha i just used to be indifferent to it but now i think it’s nice!
as for favorite heroine, the first one who comes to mind is yona from yona of the dawn (akatsuki no yona)! i think it’s probably my favorite anime (which says a lot) and EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH IT. brainrot wise.... i think i’m safe for now? i mean hak from yona of the dawn is taking up a lot of space bc i recently rewatched the show but there are so many other beautiful men in there too i don’t know what to do w myself 🗿 
Tumblr media
my sleepover event is now closed!
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fivenightsathoneys · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Missing Children's Incident : Part 1
July 1985
After ditching Fredbear's because his now former business partner refused to cease turning it into a family friendly children's venue, Wayne hatched a plan that would not only force Fredbear's to shut their doors for good, but let him scratch a newfound itch that he had discovered after the death of his own step son; the thrill of the hunt.
He earned the nickname of the Bunny Killer for his method in this cruel tragedy; the costume of his rabbit character that he wore to lure the children away from prying eyes. It wasn't hard when the Stranger Danger phenomenon either hadn't reached its full power yet or just forgot to cover big smiling bunnies with friendly voices; the poor things never had a chance.
Five innocent lives taken with their bodies cut up, and stuffed into the bellies of the animatronics, with blood smeared on their faces and inside of their mouths to make it appear as if they had eaten the kids for a snack. In Wayne's twisted mind, the bots would be blamed for sure, and destroyed along with any chance of Fredbear's remaining open a minute longer.
He didn't plan for the place to rebrand after its closing, the moron.
Below are the names to go with the faces of the victims described.
Connor and Andrea Abhrams, ages 11 and 2 🐻🐻
A kind, doting older brother and his infant sister wanted to spend the day at their favorite hang out with their single father, who had fallen on hard times and wished to give them a day of fun. Wayne had only intended to lure Andrea, as she was easy to pick up and carry away, but protective brother Connor wasn't having it. So awful that he would end up the same as her in the end.
Aaliyah Brooks, age 8 🐰
An outgoing social butterfly loved by her peers and teachers alike! She went to a friend's birthday party at the restaurant and was awestruck when she saw Bonnie strumming his guitar, as her favorite animal was the rabbit. She even had a pet one at home by the name of Cookie.
Kiersten Springs, Age 9 🐤with Butterscotch the Lab🐶
Born to a rich family who saw kids more like status symbols instead of kids, she spent whole days at Fredbear's to be picked up at closing by her own personal butler. This day though, her best friend Butterscotch had gotten loose, and her parents let her stay at the restaurant while they searched. While the dog was eventually found, Kiersten wasn't so lucky.
Ryan Simmons, age 9 🦊
The little autistic boy who lived, breathed and ate pirates! He was so excited when his grandpa took him to meet a real one by the name of Foxy. When grandpa returned from the restaurant, Ryan was already gone, never to be seen again.
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missylost000 · 5 hours ago
treat jealousy
1. explore the past
I was discarded and hurt before. My family prefer my sister and i have been removed and ignored. She is clearly loved and suppoted which makes its worse.
bitterly betrayed- abandonned by my family- 
2. Separate Past from Present
I expect my partner to become bored and leave me.
how is he difference : he communicates, he’s kind, he’s open, he’s clear in actions and words, he’s loving
3. stop imagination
stop getting ahead of myself. see those situations when calm. link relaxations and negative situations. rematch the pattern
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mustafakemalgormus · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Have a Nice Tuesday Classic🙏🌸❤️BEAUTIFUL WORLD BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE💐 will Save the World Love And will start with the love of a child ..
Very Little Time.
We'll See Less,Good Days, Sunny Days.
To be born again from the ashes in TURKEY! The World's Capital Istanbul Of Love.
- World Bank Of Currency Incorporation Board Member
İYİ AKŞAMLAR!🍀🌺 Güzel Bir Salı Klasiği 🙏🌸❤️
GÜZEL ÜLKEMİN GÜZEL İNSANLARI..💐 Bu Dünyayı Sevgi Kurtaracak.
Ve Bir Çoçuğun Sevmesiyle Başlayacak.. Güzel Günler Göreceğiz, Güneşli Günler. Türkiye Küllerinden Yeniden Doğacak! Dünyanın Başkenti İstanbuldan Sevgiler.
- Dünya Bankası Yönetim Kurulu Üyesi
#coronavirus #presidentbiden #nato #unesco #rockefeller #rothschild #gulbekian #morgan #worldbank #newsystem #newworld #newturkey #newfinancesystem #newpresident #economy #money #turkey #presidenterdogan #tsk #millisavunmabakanligi #hulisiakar #inspad #mustafakemalataturk #preciousmetals #digitalmoney #petrolium #kaleiciltdsti #gormuscapitalmanagement #rockefellergormuscapitalmanagement #mustafakemalgormus
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zafirosreverie · 6 hours ago
1. HI MAMA MARINA! I'M VV EXCITED TO GET TO KNOW YOU MORE! Also yes you're vv smart and your chosen emojis are vv cute. Also, I'm rooting for you! You can defeat Momma Irene one day!
Mother Zaf: 0 (you double grounded me. Hmmp)
Momma Irene: 1
Mama Marina: 1
I'm just kidding I love you all, that includes the partners who haven't shown themselves yet. They're all amazing. 😁💕
2. Yes I'm the chaotic sibling. I'll proudly wear that title. Hi nice to meet you too. Also, Maple anon, that's so incredibly unfair! I suggest you don't do your work and let your teacher fuss and fumble. Maybe they'll see how unreasonable that is.
3. I'm very mature minded mother. Yes that's in ✨green dirt✨ sense (ahem ahem. no im not innocent anymore because my innocence was stolen from me w/o my consent. Although I'm thankful my v-card is still mine. It was almost stolen but I manoeuvred my way out of it like a bad bitch.) and in brain sense. Just don't ask me about math. 🤢 Ask me about fiction, fanfiction, fantasy, greek mythology and psychology and you'll win my heart.
Hi kid! Thank you! You're so sweet! But no, no one can defeat Irene, trust me, we all tried. But she's cute and we love her so it's fine. -Marina 🐳🐚
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datkiddmikee · 8 hours ago
I’m going to text you tonight...
I think I really like torturing myself..
Like really what is wrong with me. Yeah I’m going to text you. Legit every person is telling me this should show you her true colors and all the same shit. Legit like 6-7 of my friends ... everyone! There all saying block her block her block her on everything!! That’s the only advice I’ve ever gotten from every person I talked too. And you know what I tried that it doesn’t stop be from thinking about you 24/7. Legit you are ALL I think about every single day. And I just pray you text me but you haven’t. I wish you did but you didn’t. But there is 1 person that told me to text you. I couldn’t believe it. Like I just kept saying no you have a boyfriend no there’s no point , no no no no no. And I just kept saying no. But it’s been about 2 hours and I’m just like fuck it he’s right. And you wouldn’t believe who it was..
It was Dennis, my partner.
Like I was just in shock on the phone, only because every single other person told me to just block you. He came at a completely different angle.
He told me “dude your obviously still thinking about her you have to text her!”I was like “no she posted a picture with her new guy and she has a boyfriend.” He said “so what!! He’s not her husband.. bro you and Tati are both very stubborn, you guys need to talk this out. If it’s meant to be if there’s still something there you need to talk to her. Just ask her if she’s happy, is she is just say great you deserve it... but what if she says no?? I don’t believe this social medial bullshit posting your significant other doesn’t mean shit, it’s all a lie. She could be posting to get you jealous or just for attention or just to show off her boyfriend or for all sorts of reasons, but you and Tati have a lot of history. Ask her to go get a drink and go talk this out. He’s like trust me I was immature and I blocked my ex in the past but it just doesn’t do anything you don’t wanna do that, you don’t wanna end up hating each other and never being in good terms. It’s not what you want. If you are still thinking about her everyday you have to talk.”
I’ve been thinking about this since I got off the phone with him. And I know you’ve done nothing but reject me but you still tell me you love me on tumblr. I know there has to be some feelings. Am I the only one that can’t sleep at night because all I think about is you. I can’t work because your all I think about. I need to step out so many times and just drive and cry and then come back like I just went to get lunch. Is this really the end???? Forever ???
I need to know if you are truly happy with him I just need to know. If you say yes I promise myself right now after this conversation I will never text you again. I never will. That will give me what I need to move on and it will tell me you don’t want me anymore. But if you say no.... then I don’t know I guess we’ll have to cross that bridge when it comes.
Omg I can’t believe I’m about to do this.
Jesus I Fucking love you so much no matter what.
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star-of-nobility · 8 hours ago
Sally the magical water lady au cuz I refuse to believe wilbur fucked a salmon
In my au the sbi fd Au is canon
this au is basically the result of me reading too many sbi fics and looking at too much sally fanart
Philza and techno were always gone :(
thus leaving the crimeboys + Tubbo (the random kid in a box they found) together all the time
wilbur basically raised them both
when they got older Wilbur left them at the house more often so he could take a break
he loves them but it’s tiring to raise 2 bundles of chaos
he liked taking his gutair and writing songs near a lake not too far from the house
here’s where sally (my beloved) comes in
Sally’s basically ariel the Disney princess in this au except less 🥺 and more 🤬
She’s a shapeshifter that normally take some the form of a salmon
she’s obsessed with humans and wants to learn more abt them
Wilbur noticed a salmon was always at the lake when he went there so he began bringing bread and feeding it
sally thought he was really sweet, especially when he sometimes brought his two brothers out and would play with them, Sing to them, and tell them stories
sally LOVES children and was DESTINED to be a mother
One time, she fell asleep in human form at the lake
Wilbur went to the lake like he does and was like “holy fuck there’s a pretty lady at the lake what the fuck what the fuck”
He like. panics and does nothing for a solid 7 minutes until Sally wakes up
she just wakes up and the guy she’s been stalking like a creep and that she has a teensy weensy crush is just standing there like a dumbass
also sally uses she/they prns cuz I said so
she also panics and they just stare at each other for like 5 seconds before sally is abt to yeet herself into the lake
but wilbur stops her
*cue romantic music*
also sally is bi
shut up this is MY Au I can make sally as queer as i want
Wilbur introduces himself and sally does too
it was awkward at first but then
wilbur began talking about music
and sally was like “holy shit I love your songs btw”
and wilbur’s like “wait really?”
cuz only Tommy and Tubs have heard his songs
and like they’re really sweet but it was nice that someone that was Wilbur’s age appreciated and loved his music too
✨montage of them doing friends things✨
They quickly become friends
Sally finally meets clingyduo and HOLY SHIT
they love her sm
Tommy and tubbo barely remember sally anymore
but they do remember that she was pretty and nice and had pinkish hair
Sally becomes their adoptive mom
tommy would constantly tease Wilbur abt sally
“Heyyyy wilbyyy your girlfriend’s hereeeeee”
”yea sureeeeeeeeee”
or like when sally would come over looking pretty af and Wilbur gets FLustered tommy would say
“OOH this must be sooooo awkward for you wilba“
(yes the tailorinnit hc is canon here)
Sometimes Wilbur and sally would sing duet together
and it was like angels were singing when they did
anyway yeah love happened
they both started thinking of each other as more then a friend
then in cliche teenage romanitc mOVie style
they confess their feelings in the moonlight
haha sike
wilbur finally musters enough courage to tell her and writes a song
wilbur consulted tommy a lot abt the lyrics
tommy was the no 1. Wilbur x Sally shipper
Wilbur finally sung it in front of sally
they are now partners :>
*horny teenager stuff my ace ass doesn’t understand /j*
Wilbur has no idea how to react
he’s already basically a dad to tommy and tubbo THO so another one won’t hurt
sally is scared af but wilbur’s so supportive
she tells wilbur that she was cursed by a fox deity when she was younger
there was a treasure map that sally had found when he was a child but when she tried stealing it a fox deity was like “bitch how dare you steal my belongings now I will curse you that your first child will be a fox*
and sally was like “haha fuck you i’ll never fall in love” as young folk are
sally now is like “shit“
and wilbur’s like “i’ll love the child no matter what darling dw”
also wilbur and sally start referring to each other as “my dearest spouse” cuz it’s funny and confuses clingyduo
Anyway the child is born a girl!
(trans fundy trans fundy TRANS FUNDY-)
fundy was originally named after his Mom
Sally raises Fundy as best as she can while still trying to keep her human family secret from her shapeshifting kind
her family noticed she was absent a lot more and now restricted her much more
therefore Fundy doesn’t see his mom much
He would ask Wilbur ”does mom love me” so often that it worried wilbur
Sally snuck out once to visit fundy and wilbs
it was in the dead of night when she went
her family had found out her secret and her kind was threatening to straight up kill her for having a child with a human
she left a note for Wilbur, Tommy, tubbo, and fundy
it was a goodbye note
sadge- very sadge
fundy had recently come out and was now transitioning from ftm
it broke wilbur’s heart but he told fundy that ”mommy can’t come anymore”
fundy asked wilbur “Is It cuz I’m actually a boy”
cue wilbur reassuring fundy that wasn’t the reason
Wilbur started getting bored and needed a distraction from his grief over sally’s absence and decided to take the kids and leave and go to this place called Dream smp
all Wilbur had left of sally was the note she left behind and memories
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fandom-blackhole · 9 hours ago
Hey 💖
I'm a they/them 22 years old interested with a bucket boy ship please, I would like a man. Physically I'm average height, a little curvy and I have long red hair. I'm a rather calm person who need more attention than normal. I like to bake and to read and to take care of my partner. I'm not really confident and I'm rarely mad. Still I learned how to fight as as a teen and I would do it for the people I care about. I'm soft but I like to banter and I can be a bit of a brat. My favorite color is yellow. I think I would ship you with Paz because the way you write him makes me think your vibes are the same and also he's cute and intimidating like you ❤✨
Thank u very much for this and your blog!
Thank YOU for being here and participating!
I ship you with Boba Fett!
Tumblr media
First off I want to say that Boba loves giving you any and all of his attention whenever he can, much to the dismay of those around him. He loves having you sit on his lap while he's on the throne, or even just having you sitting on one of the arms of the throne as he wraps his hand around one of your legs that are thrown on his lap. Boba needs your calm personality with everything he has gone through and deals with your calmness always comes back as a breath of fresh air for him and never fails to make him relax for once. Boba has a secret sweet tooth so don't be surprised if your baked goodies start disappearing, especially if he has snuck into the kitchen while you are still baking. He always grins widely when you catch him stealing the goodies though, loving how you chastise him slightly before he leans down kisses you to quiet you before running out with even more treats that he had stolen while you were stunned. Boba likes that you know how to fight and can hold your own, because in the life he grew up in it is a skill that he believed every needs, and it helps calm his worries about someone hurting you when he isn't there to protect you. As for not being confident, Boba will do everything he can to show you that you are perfect to him in every way possible and that he could want no one more than he wants you. Now, when you are feeling sassy or bratty and start pushing Boba buttons he isn't one to think twice about putting you back in your place, but he  L O V E S  when you get like this. Boba also surprises you one night when the two of you walk into your shared room to find that Boba had gotten some of the servants to paint the room your favorite shade of yellow as a gift as well as a new holopad so you could read when he was busy with work.
Tumblr media
I love Paz with my whole heart, thank you for the ship!
Request a Ship (2/20)
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killugonficlibrary · 9 hours ago
Killugon: High School AU
"Growing up and falling in love with the teen assassin next door - multiple love stories." ~Anon
2 Series. 20 Works.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
[Series] The Afterschool Library Chronicle by DriftingGlass ( T | 49,641 | 5 works )
A high school AU mostly focusing on Gon, Killua, and the angst, drama and coming-of-age struggles of their lives. It all starts with Killua tutoring Gon, and the rest is told here.
1. Pedagogy [ 2/2 chapters total ] 2. Beleaguerment [ 2/2 chapters total ] 3. Punctilious [ 3/3 chapters total ] 4. Espial [ 3/3 chapters total ] 5. Safeguard [ 3/3 chapters total ]
[Graphic Depictions of Violence]
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
[Series] the hormonal high schooler’s guide to falling in love by perennials ( G & T | 7,907 | 4 Works )
Chasing your shadow in yesterday's harlequinades.
(i just needed a place to sort all of my high school au shit into, that's literally it; not in chronological order so you're free to pick the parts you're interested in to peruse)
1. like children [ 1/1 chapters ] 2. distraction [ 1/1 chapters ] 3. patience is a virtue [ 1/1 chapters ] 4. if you love him, let him go [ 1/1 chapters ]
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Brohemian Rhapsody by korns ( T | 65,490+ | 29/? )
When Alluka moves in with Miss Mito and her rag-tag family of three (four, if you count the neighbor kid Zushi), Killua gets ahold of Gon's number for emergency purposes. They end up talking far more frequently than expected.
A cute little slice-of-life summer suburbia texting fic feat. Delinquent Gon, Preppy Killua, and their ridiculous friends.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Ruin Our Friendship by xyliane ( T | 13,624 | 1/1 )
It's a master plan, really: they pretend to date for long enough that people forget the rumors that Killua's dating adults (he's not and the rumors are gross), and Gon convinces everyone he can hold a partner longer than a few weeks. It's a bet. A challenge. Neither Gon or Killua can resist.
What could go wrong?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Of White Lies and Chocolate Hearts by peachiinari ( T | 17,043 | 1/1 )
In two weeks, it’ll be Valentine’s Day. In two weeks, Gon plans to confess his feelings to his best friend of seven years. In two weeks, Gon Freecss will hand Killua Zoldyck a confession.
Except he wasn’t really expecting his best friend to walk in on him writing said letter—and demanding he help write it.
((or: Gon is trying his best to confess his feelings to Killua and Killua is just one dense idiot.))
[Minor Internalized Homophobia]
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Everything I Wanted by callmebyyourmango ( M | 72,840+ | 18/20 )
In which Gon Freecs shows Killua Zoldyck why it’s important to keep living.
[Implied/Referenced Abuse | Suicidal Thoughts]
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
butterflies, they come alive by DecemberCamie ( G | 12,151 | 1/1 )
The idea behind the whole system is pretty simple. You pay a dollar, answer some questions, and out pops a couple of names of people you’d be compatible with. Compatible as in, you know, dating-wise.
Gon, though. Gon never really knew why he signed up. And neither did anyone else.
It wasn’t like Gon was ever without friends. Just the opposite, in fact. Everyone liked Gon. He talked to people, made them open up in ways no one else could.
So, it was as big a surprise to Gon as to anyone when the high school's matching system paired him with the one person he had never uttered a single word to during his past three years at Hunter High.
(a fic in which social butterfly Gon Freecss is accidentally paired up with social outcast Killua Zoldyck through a matching personality test; as Gon is thrown head-first into Killua's world, he slowly becomes more and more drawn to Killua in ways he could have never expected)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Running Start by DecemberCamie ( G | 8,318 | 4/4 )
“Wanna try, Killua?” Gon asks, breathless and grinning despite being tossed to the dirt less than thirty seconds ago.
Killua tears his gaze away from Gon’s bright face to the open field in front of him. A crowd of students are scattered around in an uneven circle, all cheering loudly as a boy and girl take their places on opposite sides of the ring.
“I’d need to know what the hell is even going on before I agree to anything,” Killua says, exasperated, and Gon’s grin only grows. “Why are you all hurling yourselves at each other like that?! You’re lucky you didn’t get your front two teeth knocked out!”
Gon laughs. “Don’t be silly, Killua! It’d be impossible to hit each other; you'd have to be soulmates for that to happen!”
(In a universe where a person cannot physically kiss someone who isn’t their soulmate, a class of idiotic high schoolers spend their free period running towards each other to see who could get the closest before the universe repels them)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
thus, with a kiss, I die by DecemberCamie ( G | 3,587 | 1/1 )
“What were you thinking?! Your part is Tybalt, Killua! Tybalt, not Juliet! Tybalt can’t kiss Romeo; did you forget Tybalt is Juliet’s cousin?! Or the fact that Romeo and Juliet are already married at this point in the performance! What are we going to do now?!”
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Match Point by DecemberCamie ( T | 4,615 | 1/1 )
“Gon,” Killua grounded out. “That is not the problem, here.”
“What is the problem, then? You’re cold, right?”
“Listen, if you- if you let me w-wear your jacket, everyone will think that you and me are...”
Gon leaned in close to Killua’s face, close enough for their noses to touch. “You and me are...what, exactly?”
“Are dating,” Killua hissed. He refused to lean away, to back off from the fiery challenge in Gon’s eyes. He wouldn’t give in to Gon, despite the weakness in his own knees.
Gon hummed. He stared at Killua with a strange intensity, like Killua was a fascinating puzzle or the world’s eighth natural wonder. He said softly, “Well. That’s not exactly a lie, is it?”
((based on the prompt: 'you own this jacket i really like but you never even wear it so you let me borrow it but i forgot it has your last name embroidered on the back so now people look at me and think we’re dating'))
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Come to Me by DecemberCamie ( G | 1,201 | 1/1 )
“What the hell is wrong with you?!” Killua hissed and dragged Gon off his bedroom windowsill by his drenched shirt. “You can’t just- just serenade me in the middle of the night!”
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
between pages by DecemberCamie ( G | 3,770 | 1/1 )
He teased, “You know, you’re really cute when you’re all flustered like this, Killua.”
Blue eyes widened, enraged. “I am not cute, dammit!”
“Mmm, yeah. You are.” He kissed Killua’s scarlet cheek before Killua could duck out of the way.
“Oh my god.” Killua tried to hide his face in his hands but Gon caught his wrists and pulled them down. Killua had nowhere to run or hide now, trapped between Gon’s body and the table at his back.
Which was bad for Killua, but very, very good for Gon.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Ask Me by DecemberCamie ( G | 1,938 | 1/1 )
“Give it back.”
Gon pouted and Killua growled, “Gon. You promised.”
“But it's so cute!” Gon whined. He could feel the crumpled note curled against his fingers in the center of his fist. It was amazing that something so small could cause such an emotional reaction out of Killua.
“It is not cute,” Killua hissed. “And you’ve had it all afternoon already—now give it!”
“…fine. But you have to tell me what it means.”
((written for the prompt: “I accidentally passed you an embarrassing note that was meant for my best friend dON’T YOU DARE READ IT.”))
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I Want Something (Just Like This) by cheritsundere ( T | 35,823 | 4/4 )
"Look, Brother! They have a new action figure of you-R FAVORITE HUNTER," Alluka said, correcting her word choice when she remembered that they were out in public.
He looked into the store shop window. Situated among some of the most popular hunters was a tiny version of himself, striking a dynamic pose - his jacket flowing dramatically and little blue sparks decorating the base. It wasn't bad. Definitely an improvement over his 1st merch.
He heard a gasp to his left. "SilverShock is your favorite too?!"
With a quick turn, Killua was met with the biggest brown eyes he thought could exist and a smile even bigger. The kid couldn't be much older than him yet he had a feeling that Mr. Sunshine probably acted closer to a Kindergartner. He took a few steps closer to his sister to put some distance between them before answering. "He's more my sis's fave than mine, but yeah I think he's cool," Killua answered, internally patting himself on the back for his modesty. He was probably the best newcomer in the country if his stats were anything to go by, but still...
Mr. Sunshine was a fan of his?
(A Superhero AU where Gon and Killua work together often but don't know the other's secret identity.)
Series Part 3 of Say You’ll See Me Again
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Practice Match by killualovesgon ( T | 3,586 | 1/1 )
“Killua,” His name in Gon’s mouth plunged Killua leagues below the surface of the ocean. “Can I kiss you?”
(Or, Killua is a wealthy high schooler and Gon is his popular best friend who dreams up the best way to fund prom: a kissing booth.)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Report x Card by olivemeister ( M | 11,057 | 1/1 )
Based on some HxH high school nonsense I wrote on tumblr... but then it stopped being about high school so much.
Gon and Killua weren't normal. They were teenage boys, for fuck's sake.
[Graphic Depictions of Violence]
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
balter by sincerelysamedt ( T | 2,597 | 1/1 )
Gon looks up, wide-eyed and maybe a bit shocked being caught either doing a bad rain chant or a bad and inaccurate chimp impression. Either way, it's hilarious. He feels his mouth twitch.
"Killuaaaa." Gon whines. "Don't laugh!"
Of course, Killua laughs.
(Contrary to popular speculation, Gon is not graceful.)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Stupid by meruemsthighs ( G | 1,256 | 1/1 )
Killua absentmindedly does couple-ish things, and someone eventually points it out.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Air Jordans and Khakis by Naiesu ( E | 3,392 | 2/2 )
Killua wanted to be friends with Gon.
Well... maybe he just wanted to shove his tongue down Gon's throat, but it was all the same to him.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Cracked Stone by Espeones ( G | 8,612 | 1/1 )
Prompt (Source "Writing.prompt.s" on Instagram): "There's a beautiful statue in the middle of a large city, and the rumour surrounding the statue is when they touch hands with their soulmate, they become human. Naturally, it becomes a perfect photo and video opportunity to pose while holding its hand.
One cute selfie attempt results in an empty statue podium and you just barely catching a very confused person in your arms."
In this case, Gon and some friends go to a city during a field trip which is known to have a rumoured statue, becoming one of the most famous tourist attractions of that place.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
if I could begin to be half of what you think of me by Anonymous ( G | 8,916 | 1/1 )
When Killua opens his locker door he finds something unexpected. Something that was definitely not there before.
It’s a small strip of paper, only the size of a finger, and scribbled upon it are two words: Me encantas.
What is that? Italian?
(In which Killua has to deal with receiving love confessions in Spanish and his ever increasing feelings for Gon.)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
[Orphaned] knuckle tape ( T | 28,591 | 6/? )
"As Killua leans on the smudged bus window on his way home, watching road signs and cars blur by, he reflects on the elegant but firm pivot of Gon’s stance before a kick; the way every movement would pass through his entire body like a tidal wave; the way they would circle each other, hands raised and feet light, and thinks it was a little bit like a dance."
It's the beginning of senior year and Killua finally has a friend (or five) - just don't tell his family.
3 notes · View notes
d4rkpluto · 9 hours ago
I have Saturn in Pisces 7H with Neptune in 5H Capricorn
hello ❦
❦ make sure you feed back
❦ if you want paid in depth readings i suggest @jasmine419 she’s truly brilliant  
❦ pisces in the 7th house, your partner will be spiritual, they might even be highly intuitive or even psychic. your future spouse will love you unconditionally, they will be very emotional though, i have a feeling your partner will be a very good liar as well (don’t make this worry you). they will have soft skin and very pretty eyes.
❦ saturn in the 7th house, your spouse will be older than you, most likely 2-3 years older than you. idk why people think us saturn in the 7th house folks are going to marry the elderly. your spouse will be dominant, strict, (but not to the extreme) strict in a way that they worry over you, they might be slim and tall too.
❦ neptune in 5th house, their hobbies would most likely be spirituality, they might like tarot, astrology, things that live deep under the sea or things that live in space. you might be their ideal partner too, they will be very romantic and playful and you might marry them quite young too.
pluto ❦
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talkfastromance4 · 10 hours ago
putting a hand over the other’s mouth to shut them up w cal 🥺
Another continuation of Prince!Calum. Here is the masterlist to catch up!
You’re standing at the ballroom door’s entrance, that’s as far as you got upon arrival when your typical throes of admirers flocked towards you. You’re polite as ever just as you were taught, being demure and enchanting but all the while you were glancing at Calum. You noticed he’s surrounded by admirers as well and on fateful occasion, your eyes meet. 
And when your eyes meet you both smile at each other. You’re dressed to compliment each other in black and silver and yet you don’t get to dance with one another. You’re pulled from one dance partner to the next, smiling competently at each one but your eyes continue to search for Calum. 
When you finally have a moment for yourself to breathe, you escape to the balcony. Just as you reach the railing and you breathe in the cool spring air, the doors open behind you. With a sigh, you put on your happy face then give Calum a genuine smile relieved that it’s him. 
“The night is almost over and I haven’t danced with the one woman I’ve only wanted to dance with,” he steps towards you, his boots clicking on the marble stone. 
“We can meet at the fridge around 2 a.m,” you tease.
The set of doors open again and you see it’s Charles, a man you detest. He slurs your name drunkenly into the night air.
“Who’s this blo--”
You cover Calum’s mouth and drag him to the darkened corner of the balcony. His body slams against the wall and you slam against his. Charles continues to sing your name with some mumbling then lets out a rather unattractive belch; he loves his beer. 
“I don’t want him to find me,” you breathe at Calum. His breath is warm on your palm, along with the length of his body pressed against the length of yours. 
Calum’s eyes harden and he removes your hand from his mouth, he laces your fingers together.
“Has he harmed you in any way?”
“What? No! No, no, no he’s just very...brazen and speaks whatever is on his mind which is almost always inappropriate,” you explain.
“I’ve missed holding your body against mine, Princess! So tight and warm...where are you? Shall I come seek you?” Charles calls into the night and you wince at the timing but it proves your point. 
Calum peers over your head then looks down at you, conviction and promise in his eyes. “If I promise to walk you past him safely and that he will never bother you again, will you dance with me until the party ends?” 
“That’s a very tall promise to make,” you smile serenely at him. 
“Good thing I’m tall,” he grins then pushes off the wall securing his hold on your hand. “Stay close to me.”
You sidle closer to his side and follow him into the light, Charles smiles at you in a way that makes your skin crawl. It’s as if he doesn’t even see Calum in front of you. 
“Princess! Care to join me on the dancefloor and feel my dagger?” 
“She will be dancing with me for the rest of the evening,” Calum says evenly leading you towards the balcony doors. 
Charles finally looks at him as if he’s just appeared. Calum twists his arm, and you, behind his back towards the door so he can step closer to Charles. He speaks lowly but you can still hear the warning in his voice.
“And if I ever hear you disrespect my future wife and your future Queen again, you’ll have me to answer to. Understood?”
The look on Charles’ face is comical because he actually looks stricken and your heart blooms at Calum’s words. His defense for you is admirable and this is the first time he’s brought up you becoming his wife. It excites you. 
“Good. Now apologize to her.”
Charles looks at you timidly, “My apologies my Lady.”
Calum guides you back inside and you’re already in his arms gliding across the floor. There’s a welcomed hum from the guests at your new dance partner. 
“Now that we have more room, I can show you what I can really do on the dancefloor,” he says. 
While he spins and twirls you and even lifts you in the air a few times, your heart is left in somersaults with his words of ‘my future wife’ ringing in your ear. You never want to be a room apart from him again.
Taglist: @calpalirwin @myloverboyash @loveroflrh @cxddlyash @princesslrh @spicycal @notinthesameguey @itjustkindahappenedreally @calumance @thew0rldneedsmcreycghurt @sarcastically-defensive17 @another-lonely-heart @devilatmydoor @thatscooibaby @suchalonelysunflower @dead-and-golden @mymindwide​ @blackbutterfliescal​ @redrattlers​ @karajaynetoday​ @quasighost​ @i-like-5sos​ @creampiecashton​ @calpops​ @littledrummeraussie​ @sexgodashton​ @f-mu​ @mystic-232
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