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i was infodumping to lesbean about jean/scott again last night and got halfway through the dark phoenix saga before i realized that like… almost all of their Iconically Romantic Scenes™ are SUPER TRAGIC. scott freaking out after jean sacrifices herself to get the jet safely to earth? the entire dark phoenix saga, featuring that time she DIES IN FRONT OF HIM? that time she sacrificed herself to save the team in the movies? that time she killed him in the movies? jean coming back to life and living a completely normal-looking in the phoenix-egg-thing and scott STILL BEING THERE? when she left the phoenix-egg-thing and the phoenix brought scott back to life to convince her to stay alive and she killed him AGAIN? it just all hurts. like i know they have fluffy moments but also apparently i have a ship type and it’s Ships With High Tragedy Potential

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18 year-old Claire Beauchamp is a bored Kansas girl who wants more than anything to explore the world with her Uncle Lamb, but her parents insist she’s needed on the family farm. She spends her days dreaming of the far-off places her uncle describes in his letters, wishing she had the courage to run away.

The final straw is the day Frank Randall, neighbor and one of her only friends, proposes to her. As he describes the life they could lead together– him, history teacher at the high school, her gardening and raising their kids at home, Claire sees her dream disappear before her very eyes. She turns Frank down, but he’s insistent. And worse, her parents support the match!

Claire runs away, heedless of the tornado warnings on the radio, aiming to catch a train to the coast, where she’ll get on a plane somehow and join her uncle on his archaeological dig.

Only, Claire never gets that far. She meets a fortune teller on the road named Geillis who convinces her that she’s needed at home, urgently. The wind picks up as Claire runs back to the farm, and the house is picked up by a tornado with Claire inside!

The land she finds herself in when the storm is over contains all the freedom and adventure Claire could ever wish for– but through her journey she realizes that maybe there’s magic to be found everywhere, even places as mundane as rinky-dink old Kansas– as long as she’s willing to look for it.

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me, bored: i wanna read. wanna read a fic. *checks ao3 update emails* no not those ones. *checks 75 open tabs* not in the mood for that. *checks own bookmarks of favorite fics* eh… no i want… something Specific. That certain mood and genre, where the character interpretations are exactly how i think of them, and the plot is… wait…..

me, an absolute genius: i just want to read my own fic. which means i have to write it. gdi

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I was considering doing a post of my favorite Brian photos but they all didn’t line up well enough for how tumblr posts go so thank you for giving me the freedom to post some Brian pics with my unneeded commentary.


My absolute favorite photo. Concerts candids rarely look like a painting but look at the subject.


He has such a nice profile and he looked so good in white.


Casual fairytale prince look.


Literal Prince Charming.


Another fairytale prince look.


I said it once before but Brian looked so good when they played in Poland.


Dressed in full dandy attire with his recorder in one hand and a glass of wine in the other.


Vampire romance au.


The pose, the outfit, the giant sunflower. I love all of his at home photo shoots but I really love this pic.


And I just love the close up detail of his accessories here and the lace on his shirt.

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I just want to take a second to make my feelings on J*red clear for any of my followers who were wondering:

I do not hate J*red. I do not blame him for the horrendous SPN finale. I also do not blame him for deciding to continue his working relationship with the C/W on Wa/lker. He needs to make a living and if Wa/lker gave him a job that he was excited about on a network he is seemingly okay with…than fine. You do you, bruh.

But due to his seemingly unfaltering support of the offensive SPN finale and his continued silence and acceptance of Misha and Jensen’s sidelining/abuse, ultimately leads me to not respecting him as much as I used to prior.

I will never watch Wa/lker. I am not interested in that show’s premise and I really do not want to support the “network” that is producing/airing it. I am done with the C/W and if J*red wants to continue to align himself with homophobic, abelist, white-cracker assholery than so be it…I cannot control his personal decisions even if I disagree with them.

Good luck to you J*red…I guess.

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the biggest tell on why the reason many people dislike or dismiss kpop is simple racism/xenophobia was me playing double knot (by stray kids) korean version and having my friends tell me to change the song and “put that away” and then one song later double know english version came up they suddenly they liked the song… like bitch what’s the difference? the english? you’re spanish you don’t know english well enough to know what they’re rapping about anyway. shut up.

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Hey idk it’s 3:30AM right now and I’m very drunk and I just. Idk. I really hope everyone is okay right now. I just want everyone to be happy. I’m happy. I’m happy that I have friends who care about me as much as I care about them. I want everyone to feel happy and loved. No one should feel unloved ever. If you’re feeling unloved, please, please know that I love you with all my heart. You deserve to feel happy and safe like everyone else. I don’t want anyone to ever feel unloved. I don’t want anyone to feel like their life isn’t worth it.

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